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Independent, The (Newspaper) - September 2, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLyle. Nash to teaching polhut news about new things the air Force has developed and is perfecting an optical tracking device so powerful that it can detect and photograph a from four Miles in the sky working women in the greater Pasadena area take Home about one fifth of the total paid in this area if you be always Felt that cockroaches served no useful. Purpose better change your ideas. Urcla scientists now make the bugs radioactive and then use them to study insect heredity. About year from Hagerstown. Maryland will have completed live years of televised teaching. The eight Hagerstown schools began their to project in 1953 and expect students participate in direct and supplementary programs i wonder when Pasadena will a elopement includes the of have a program. Would not a to series for extended Day people be the Ideal Way to your adult years presently attendance at night school Here is Jam packed with travel and parking a growing problem. To teaching would be popu Lar Here. A Bright Engineer and meteor that will and automatically measure the size of raindrops i la Urcla physiologist chemist says that Toma toes May reveal the cause of certain problems of High blood you know that or. Hugo Benioff of the Cal tech earthquake measuring project has come up with a linear seismometer that might forecast earthquakes in Advance the instrument May be tested in South America cortisone like dogs May veto int effective checks against Nephi oils geologists and mineralogists believe that a develop ment and process of Pasadena s Hyson Aerial Survey firm May be one of the big inventions of our Era. The process is a form of Aerial prospecting via color film pictures of the High Speed color ground on film taken from the air reveal to trained valuable minerals or. Just worthless Rock. The new infrared photography and three dimensional photographs. A Short to yourself May indicate Superior intelligence so believes professor of psychology at Urcla if you be moved since we ii Don t think you re the exception. More than 50 million people around the Globe in Case. You Haye found new Homes since 1945 tattooing is becoming Logist have devised a machine very popular system of identification for dogs. Tattoo Marks often placed inside the. Ear or on a dog s lip usually last for the life of the dog. Dog nose prints acc also Means of Fer of Yang dogs now you can buy plastic and Nylon Industrial loves that Are even thinner than those used. By surgeons in Case you re inclined to Jurld your own burglar alarm you la be Happy Tol know you can buy a Complete photo electronic kit of the need parts. Robert s. Allen courting Goodwill n. Vice Nixon his Eye on another foreign Goodwill Asia Ica. Was in. Preparation last year but outbreak tip fighting Between Israel to stain France and Egypt to friends Nixon is ing his going to Europe As Pri Marily to improve relations with our nato allies especially Britain and been admittedly severely strained in the last few years. Because of this it has been proposed from time to Dine that president Eisenhower make a state visit to these Long time allies. But is Doc tors have firmly filled against it Nixon s intent is to substitute for the president in Restor negations with Brit Ain and France. Also on Nixon s Agenda for particular attention is Spain. It is. Not a nato member but is a crucial segment of Europe s anti aggression defences. The u. S. Is spending approximately in modernizing one naval and four air bases in Spain. Note the vice president and his wife have had series of at Homes to display their handsome new Home to reporters and members of Congress. The spacious House was once the residence of president Roosevelt s first attorney general the late Homer. Cummings. Family secret to paraphrase an old saying it s a Wise father who knows his own the inquirer admitted he that Dis Senate colleagues of Howland saying he will make his gubernatorial announcement Early in septem Ber. Into f he air Force is again going after the world Speed record. It proposes that with an -f-101a interceptor Early -.v, v the committee on aircraft performance is considering the matter. The f-101a has exceeded 1500 Mph in test flights. The world Speed record for aircraft is now held by the British. They won it earlier this year with an experimental Jet that attained 1132 Mph. The Navy holds the . Rec Ord 1015 Mph by commander a f8u-1. Noti the chances Are Strong Congress next year will require graduates of the three that s the feeling these Days of the father of Senate Republican Leader William know Lind. Joseph r. Land calif., Knowland newspaper Oak pub Lisher frankly admits he has no idea whether his noted son will or won t run for governor. When this evoked Surprise the elder Knowland smilingly explained it this Way you have a he asked. Have you a Well you know what he is going to j. Ridder Kana or a. L. Nutter of. C. Runyon g. Sumner dullness manager e. R. Will Ami wre services United press inter National in fax photo Ain coisted Prew. A wire Hoto City Newi service National genre Yenta lot an new York Mann Rapolla. St Hwte Jimi t san Francsica Detroit Man . Military academies to serve five or More years on Active duty. This is almost certain to if a pay raise is voted the armed forces As is Likely. Representative h. R. Gross. La already has a Bill pending making it Manda Academy graduates a minimum of 10 on the Hill unique idea for members of Congress was unfurled in the filial Days of the session by rep. John j. Allen introduced a measure to provide a special Flag for the Legisla tors As other branches of the tory for to serve years. George m. Whitlo read Many people write and ask Nie to suggest some Good books to read. I habitually mention books to read in this Brief column. I have mentioned hundreds and not a single one that would worthwhile. There Are so Many great books that i could Only Sug Gest a few that might have Universal a peal so my Best suggestion is to visit a store and browse a around until you find soviet Hong that would interest you. Once you get in the habit of buying and Reading books you will wonder Why you did t by Gin to love them Long Xio adv fic Kiri books biographies poetry history and in spa rational books. Of a Jat a multitude of books read and at a Costi Small books can change your life. They a it to Lothers. To be perfection that is what books they get inside you that s and then you find that you have created a Friend. Books Are friends and when you get fully acquainted with them they invite you into their Home. A Reader of substantial books be welcomed anywhere and a love of books enriches life As few other things can or . Without a continual procession of new books this would be a strange world indeed. What a vacuum of Hope would be otherwise created. Read the books that give pleasure and intellectual stimulus. Read the ones that give peace of mind and inspire you to read More books. Back government have.1 Elizabeth captions Kee her rep. D., w. A weekly news letter to constituents with an ingenious play on her own name keynotes. Sen. Alien Ellender d., on his to rus Sia in As Many years is taking with him a Supply of ingredients for empty in Olden Imes it was not uncommon for legislative bodies to drag on Congress did his year. Commenting on that pro rated session rep. Stewart l. Tidal d., Ariz tells of a similar experience Queen Eliza Beth i had with parliament after Long and Stormy Delibera Ion the House of commons still had not enacted the Mea lure she wanted. Meeting the speaker1 of the chamber the Queen demanded what has passed in the com it it please your replied the speaker three from our 1987 sept. Night patrol has Een established by the Pasa Dena humane society in and Ort to keep All dogs on their own premises. A dangerous in Irease in rabies in the District has been reported. 1947 sept. Than members of organized labor Lave been invited to the Laboray picnic scheduled by the Asadena san Gabriel Valley labor Council at Brookside Park. German comeback new Ulm Minn f the German language is staging1 a comeback in new Ulm founded by immigrants from Ulm Germany in 1854. A teacher has been hired to teach a course in German at new Ulm High school next year. The language has been dead in the schools for Many although Many of the older residents still speak Ger Nan and one Church still has a German service. arduous a o t us Xuwu sleep and lofty hard to climb difficult laborious i understand who built this or tract of Vlf service smiles Fokay so the president says you re All ambassadors. We still want to see your quotes where Union peo ple get the idea labor Means a 40-hour bugs Boer a sprig in the herring boned Tri s been taken oftener than eggs for breakfast. It switches the three branches f government from legislative in to u Docial and executive to Vestiga Tive Tel Vistic and quiz native. The 1957 panels Haven t Cap used projected Glamour of Tobey Halley and Kelai Iver. My Tobey did t care who oiled the snowballs so Long As he threw them. Televised assizes Date to Neie it hearings in camera. W they use six cameras. They re not the morning soap operas Ather but there s plenty of taking the fifth is the oath if induction for the Birds whose hats Are their offices. Just like Lew Dockstader when a drinking pal asked bout his health. Lew said my is gone and i m iving on my says you Justice for gis several thousand of our sol Diers Are now being held in for eign prisons with no Hope of reprieve or Pardon. The allot ment that goes to their wives is automatically Cut off. Shall our gis continue to be tried by the kinds of jus ice of foreign courts or As for Merly by military court mar tial shall the accused have the right guaranteed to american citizens by our Constitution the right to trial by jury to have has accusers face to face in court and the right of coun Sel recent treaties and ments have these rights. Apologists status of forces robbed them of say other nations agree that their soldiers if stationed Here shall be tried in american courts then Why should not our soldiers be tried Over there there Are holes in this argument. First there is no Chance that any foreign troops shall Ever be stationed Here. The idea is ridiculous. Second our courts seek to stationed theft is punished by cutting off the right hand Early Van Deventer Glendora rights for All Skelley who is this Guy Skelley he sounds like a lit be Hitler or Mussolini to Nie. Why is he All worked up about i Russ Leadabrand Highway and vow ways most highways in California Are built to get you from Here to there in the shortest possible time. If you should see some scenery while taking the trip it is highly coincidental. An example of the two extremes can be found in three North South highways in California. There s Highway 99. With Days about new highways. These Are planned mainly to the exception of the Ridge get people across the country route area Highway 99 super freeways through some of the dullest landscape in the state. Much of the landscape is and uninteresting its Charm is distracted even More by the frequent piles of rotting tires j agree old junked automobiles. Highway 99 is nothing if Vou want scenery. But it is the Best Way to get from Southern Cali fornia to Northern California if you Are in a big hurry. Then there is Highway 101. It is not As fast but the scenery is better. There a few stretches like Between san Luis Obispo and Brad Ley that Are deadly Dull. But there Are Scenic values to the drive. Justice. Many of the foreign Hoot about Speed. In fact much ground is slow winding and courts Only seek to convict of its lengths Are impossible from France Down the Pris Oner is deemed guilty until he has proved himself innocent. In All islamic Justice where the Pacific Ocean interrupted Mojave. There Are others. To drive on if you Are in a hurry. Highway 1 offers you Many of our soldiers Are now and. There from Las Princess Margaret. Becoming univ. Picturesque communities. It s wonderful for scenery an old. Maid and what does it matter to us if he wants to sound off Why does t he look to some of he shortcomings in our own and As the trouble in the South where the govern ment can conscript Black and White alike into the army to ight for Freedom then deny the negro from voting and an education. He is like some of the Diplo Mats in foreign countries try no to shove something Down heir throats they Don t want to Swallow. Syria for instance where we were told to get out let s keep Pur country free y speaking up for the rights of. All citizens and keep our Constitution intact with Liberty arid Justice for All " e.b.-, Pasadena Lunatic a tests when he said nuclear tests Are doing some damage. The pubic was hoodwinked into be Ieving that our scientists had perfected a clean Here is no thing As a clean i have personally Felt for Ess since nothing More can e Learned. President Eisen Ower s statement that nuclear ests must continue for Rea 6ns of even if it titans radioactive danger to he population is illogical. The ?64 question now re Mains will Russia comply with Eiseri Hewer s wishes to is continue these tests in the meantime the Public Ringes while the Lunatic trend continues. When and where will it end s. Alfieri Pasadena country to fort Bragg in the Northern part of the state. Along it s narrow length Highway one gives you vistas of mountains and Ocean mis Sions and mansions fishing harbours and swimming spots. Ifs slow narrow c6nstantly being repaired blanketed with fog a Good portion of the time winding interrupted lip themselves on the who Are in a hurry. How about a aerie of vie ways too a series of roads Deal feed entirely to provide ice majr to the up Mac. The Vale ways Steep and narrow and As winding As you please. They should be designed in a Way Ai to interrupt the natural setting As Little As possible. There should be frequent View turnouts there should be picnic areas Well policed with litter cans water faucets and toilets. There Are several roads dirt some better some worse. Offhand i can think of a couple in this area. The Glendora Mountain Road Highway 1 does t give. A while it has a utilitarian Back offers wonderful vistas. So does the narrow Switchback ing dirt Road that crawls up to pretty scenery. It runs along the piste mountains North of vie ways could be toll roads crude in the Gaviota pass i suppose. I would help limit the traffic to people interested Only in Rubbe necking. I would imagine thai come areas hitherto kept wild because of the ugly scars a superhighway might make could be opened up on an in obtrusive a leeway. We could then take the Back country lovers off the there is much talk these Worth roads that explorers prefer anyway. It s an idea for whatever it s Bob Considine sport shorts new York. Ins Bob Hazle the deaf who made. Milwaukee famous was t quite the bum he s been tured As being while playing earlier in the year Jbf Wichita. The sensational hitter whose Tat was like a Masie id waved Over the what uninspired braves hit dozen pros with As Many Dif .279, games with the v Kansas minor 7ti was Down to 1230 As late june t in. Month before i was brought up to Milwaukee hit .361. With the. Professor Pauling was right boys Hurricane Hazle hit .525 through july 28-August 6. Cincinnati owned him one upon a time but yielded him in the Deal that brought George Crowe to the Redlegs. He has a medical dossier As thick As Mantle s. It begins with ome time that continued tests goes f nuclear weapons was use wrenched left knee last year All ankle bin chips up from there. And a doodles adventure the function of play is to Alance life in relation to work o afford a refreshing contrast o responsibility and routine o keep alive that spirit of adventure and that sense of pro portion which prevents taking oneself and one s Job too Biggs. To Stop smoking go on vacation go to jail go to the South seas move to a new Louse change jobs or have a baby but change your pattern of James Mosell. Insult to injury Denver Colo. You la never convince Geary l. Schade 57, he Honing never strikes twice in the same place. Schade missed from his Topcoat pocket As it left a bar. As he returned to the tavern two men told Schade they knew who had the Money. The two men drove Schade to a residential area stopped the car and told Schade to put his hands up. Then they relieved him of another bulls Are forced in a recent letter it was stated that prize fighters Are As cruel As Bull fighters. I agree they Are brutal at animals am sure the bulls never touch the times but the difference be Yankees have spies out try tween them and bullfighter is in to Piot ways and Means that no one is forced to enter the Canvas ring. Nobody can make a Man a prize fighter if he does t want to be one. I hate any form of cruelty to Demaret was the Only golfer n the Vicinity of Plum hollow Cage for a tall Canary and horses would not care to take part in bullfights if they weren t forced to it. It hate to think of horses the during the Western open who iwas not practising. Strung c. E. Down the Range were a couple ing gored. Pasadena Hemje fortunately for us we have an Auto Matic nervous system. If we did t our vital functions would go to pot. This system very efficiently governs our heartbeat blood pres sure bowels bladder regu lates body heat and Respi our being conscious of its function ing. The sleeping state is a Good example of How the automatic nervous system functions. While we metabolism urine forma Tion digestion respiration and All other vital functions continue. They so in an orderly fashion. When awake we can influence some of these. Of example we can breathe Fastert or slower if we like. However if the pattern of respiration is a Only things they had in com Mon were determination Effort. And sweat. Demaret was loaf ing a Safe distance away so he would t be affected by the fall out he gave critical Eye to Sev eral of the Brothers who were trying to Grove their swings a Little deeper or a Little finer for the tournament. I wonder How much Good it s doing Demaret mused. You know swipe thing Hinny Byron Nelson never practice so when he was winning All the time most golfers did Little prac then along came Ben to Jan who practices four or five hours a Day. Suddenly every one else feels he should be _ or Harry h. Briggs col lege professor and Long Dis Tance swimmer is the first per son to swim the 32 mile Width of Lake Erie from Sandusky 0., to Point Pelec ont. Brig is is a 36-year old for Mer Marine who teaches his Ory at the University of Alaska when he s not search no about the Globe for in swum stretches of water to conquer. He was first to swim from Corsica to Sardinia five Marine pals in Johnson outboards guided their buddy across the Choppy Lake while he munched Candy and Wor ried about the temperature of he Lake water. It was 70 Grees during most of the ordeal not bad for Erie not Good for Long Range dunking. Most people Don t seem to Olf club s Long practice tee realize that a human being can die of exposure in water As farm As 90 the pro lessor says. Water is a con Ductor and after due time Low ers the temperature of the body rom its Normal 98.5 to what Ever temperature the water Oppens to last year Riggs was pulled out in a Tate of Shock after swimming 20 minutes. His body tempera ure had fallen to 86 degrees. He scorns All thought of swimming the English Chan Nel. It s been done More than 90 is says. I like to try swimming from Provincetown to Plymouth or from Nantucket to Capo cod. No one has made that. It s sitting there waiting for but ended his career but at the same time it scared off several teams which might have Fin gered him in the draft to which he was subject. During the off season he did so Well in the real estate business in Colum Bia s.c., he All but concluded that this was the time to hang up his Glove for keeps. But or. Nice Brewer the noted orthopaedic surgeon who naturally hangs out his Shingle in Milwaukee brought new life into the bad knee and haul agreed to give the game one More Chance. When he Sank to .230 in june the South Carolina real estate Job looked More enticing than Ever before. Then suddenly he caught fire. Nobody s been Able to put out the Blaze. The Jimmy Demaret quoted in the professional says practice me practice i vital functions or. C. A. Dean upset too much the body rebels. It does so by making us faint or lightheaded. In this Way it protects us from exerting too much voluntary control Over things with which we should t be concerned. Many of the symptoms of. Tension or anxiety Are due to unconscious influences on the automatic nervous system. Nervousness can upset the balance producing in some people excessive sweating or increased respiration or increased heartbeat the functions or systems involved depend mostly on the Basic personality of the individual. He Hopes someday to write question you know if there has in the manner of Richard Halll been a decrease in the number of polio cases Burton and has followed Halll this Burton s footsteps up int tar answer the total number of reported Horn. Somebody asked him cases is less than in previous Scarsi it cer Why he did t continue and mainly appears As if the vaccine is very swim the Hellespont to was a but indignant

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