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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLyle w. Nash reds Okay court rulings for your diehard comm 5sis and friends held a rally in . City s Carnegie Hall the theme of the rally was abolish the House committee on in american activities. The red news Sheet in ., the daily worker. Friday will also pay Honor to the supreme court for its re Ewt decisions in favor of civil liberties and will hit out at attempts to undo the decl millions of Loyal Amer jeans bitterly disagree with of cent court hav fag american communist or sympathizers Telish the controversial Rul Ings does not Matte our land a happier one. Fact bakery. The Cost of producing bread la Bor became prohibitive. So one group of workers priced themselves out of work while mechanization took Over and turned out a less satisfactory product. Purely personal i can t imagine science Ever com ing remotely close to the perfection and taste of a Home made loaf of bread of All the Fine desserts i be enjoyed from san Diego to Salzburg and from new York to Tacoma children who Are proficient. Readers have a great Advant one were memorable age Over their less pm Bart. Finish salted butter and Over the week end Alta Dena citizens were treated to a rare sights Clear atmosphere and freshly laundered air via the slight lain i still think they can finish a Cumle Book before the super Market manager tells them to put it Down. One thing that our wonderful ranch Type Kouse did for us was to Elim Timte the unsightly clutter in Tjie mess is in the Carport. Altadena is a More wonderful spot to live in than the French recently Groucho Marx seen or Fia or any other singly snapps Arrhe hand that spot in the so handsomely feeds him i Don t watch to. Intellectually it s a joke. But unfortunately reflects the taste of the . Coffee is a Basic item in the Cost of living Index figure Well have a greater a Precia compiled regularly by the government. In april 1954, of one Pasadena Man believes that a preventive re May be a Welcome sight. He reasons if we let business slide where we have million folks out of work Tion of the Power and value of a Dollar. Even businessmen fee hit its All time High of will then have a better under Sec a Pound in . Markets standing of How much work sow it s around 53c a Pound it takes to earn and keep a the same City. Yet the Cost fifty cent Dollar " living continues to climb Why recently a Large Pasadena Narket Chain abandoned its sounds plausible but in t a recession or a depression slightly like chastity you Don t have it in degrees. Robert s. Allen Congress delegation Washington. The most important congressional relegation Ever to attend the nato parliamentary conference is shaping up for its meeting in Paris next month. Senate democratic Leader Lyndon Johnson will probably head the . Group. The texan is indicating that following is what his agent is in discussions with colleagues. Far significantly he has so designated Only two of the Fiur Senate democrats who will this annual nato meeting. That leaves tie Way open to life one of those members. Two selections Are senators Theodore Green r.i., chairman of the foreign re lations committee and Henry Fackson wash., head of a major joint atomic sub conv . The four republicans who five been named to go Are senators Leverett Salon stall mass., the party s senior member on the aimed services committee Thomas Cal. Roman Hrusko neb., and Jacob javits . Slated to attend Are representatives Thomas mor Gan and John. Vorys ranking members of the House foreign affairs committee. In Europe senator Johnson Vituld not limit himself to the Hato Parley. He also con looking for Well built two or three Story House in an impeccably respectable Section five bed rooms and at least four Baths Good sized Kitchen equipped Wuhr ances ample dining room spacious living room Large basement recreation room two car garage and a Gar Den but that is not Manda tory. Price is of no moment if the place suits Hoffa and his wife. Mrs. Hoffa s views it was emphasized will be decisive in the final selection. Teamster intimates say Hoffa is eagerly looking for Ward to residing in washing ton. They Are quoting him that s my kind of town. I like it. It s interesting and important. Living there will also be Good for my social whirl Queen visit to the capital accomplished one feat. It produced at one function the three leading society mrs. Visiting the major Perle Mesta mrs. Merriweath nato capitals for talks with government leaders and other Jon this unique occasion or Post and mrs. Gwen Cafritz. Halloween one year after Hungary says you keep pm Short finn brutality i feel so sorry for the finn twins. They served their country and saved their Money. Bought a plane in Good Faith years ago and still Laven Able to use it. Sent to nut houses forcibly de. How disgusting and shameful. Having tubes poked through the nose and into the Tomach for 49 Days after be no strapped to a bunk. I wonder if Moscow did t print it in every Magazine and Aily paper. What a Reward or two boys who want to be together in their work and make a living. Mrs. Ralph Hinkley Pasadena suspend school just completed Reading your d to taken car o by paper s Story on the flu wave someone else. The same people among our City s teachers. Can t help but wonder Why to the school a scout troop or give does t suspend classes for a blood to the blood Bank. Week to allow eachers and re cover from the epidemic. I would believe the school health officer should offer some suggestion to halt this siege in our schools. No use going to class and George m. Adams problems this world of ours is filled with problems. The various nations have them and so does every person. It is How we learn to solve them in a manner that adds to our happiness and Contentment that is so important. Too Many people make problems out of themselves Thoreau wrote and urged simplicity he practice it in his own life. Life is not in any Way complicated As we make it. I believe that one of the important problems is to learn How to get along with ourselves. We can be our Best or worst know thyself said soc rates. That covers a world of meaning. We know so comparatively Little take it All in All but i believe we know less about ourselves than anything else. I know those who find it More difficult to get along with themselves than with anyone else. I recall that when in College used to have Many difficult problems in mathematics to someone always solved them it is a Joy to look Back and recall the problems that we did solve. It s like that in life. The prob lems we set ourselves to solve and do Are ail in the past. We often think we have difficult problems but there Are others who have worse ones the Good lord has put Sparks of bravery in us All which can inspire us to handle any problem that May trouble us keep this thought in mind. We should exercise our Faith and give it a Chance to perform the miracles that it does every Day for multitudes of others. Why can t we take a suggestion from a popular phrase and get a Forward quotes training in a series of studies com paring the muscular fitness of american and european Chil Dren of similar backgrounds american boys and girls failed about 78% of the tests. The european children failed Only Why the difference Back from our 1937 oct. 31 Robert Coop 23, us student and son of fire chief e. F. Coop received a bruised left Shin while play ing football High school at Eliot Junior c. A. Eaton news note i have the nicest letter from the army. They want me in their missile pro bugs Boer Thuhoa. Octomi11, Russ Leadabrand More than a word for some strange reason when you bring up the word conservation in the course of Normal adult conservation you usually get the fishy Eye. It has the same effect As other words like socialism or psychology and things like it makes very Little sense conservation is something is the various that should concern every one j subjects like soil water grass of us. It is no More abstract than life insurance which provides in another Way for those who come after us. Yet for As Long As 1 can remember the mention of the word usually gets the kind of reception you d expect if you offered to bomb the Bank of England. Conservation i guess is one of those things that is sup spreading the school mates flu to your land forests wildlife fish Parks and wilderness written by experts in the individual Fields. It is an interestingly written Book designed for the Lay Reader brightened with history and anecdotes. Southern californians should find the Book published by the Ronald press co., new York at of particular interest. California has a major Case of natural resource trouble. The once Golden state is Short of who Volunteer to Jong on smog. It s Parks Are overworked and underdeveloped. It is plagued with soil erosion and floods. It has the last species of a couple of vanishing wild life the Condor and the sea Otter. California once the land of milk and Honey As far As Nat ural resources were concerned is looking Down into he empty barrel that might be labelled too Little conservation too Robert mar. Natural resources almost As bad As conservation in t those precious things that have been Given All of us. Yet there is a limit to this generous gift. For a Long time it was possible to think that there was no end to the passenger Pigeon the Bur Pasadena sonic sound this neighbourhood was startled twice this morning by loud sounds like an explosion. Look ing to theby each time i saw a tiny Silver Arrow like Mili tary air plane streaking Over head. had been startled by the sonic Boom. The sonic Boom is disconcerting and alarming to Many Falo the forests the Waters of the streams. Today the passenger Pigeon is extinct. The Buffalo is Al most a vanished animal. For ests Are disappearing. Water is polluted and in Short Supply in an endless list of communities. Even that commodity of which we seemed so amply seems to be limited in the face or growing air pollution. Natural resources Are limited. In the 200 years we have people quite naturally but occupied this continent we have run Clear through some of these. Others Are running out fast. It is time to think about the future. An excellent Book that expert meteor readers of the rarefied Gas companies say there is in bugs space vaccine to go around. The Moscovian sputnik is a Lubber s Moon to be looked at then so is a blatant Auto Horn or the sudden shriek of a Siren. These and similar Sharp sounds Are a growing part of our life in the mid twentieth Century and we soon get used to them even though they still make us jump. In a very positive Way How Ever the sonic Boom is our new sound of safety. When i hear it i am proud and pleased that our Usan or Navy is overhead practising for our Protection. I am proud of that highly trained and disciplined Pilot up there who is seriously dedicating his life to protect ing our Freedom in these difficult times. Certainly he should never be censured or criticized for his is the sound of safety. So next time you Are startled by a sonic Boom pause after you have settled Down a bit and thank our lord for the dedicated men who remind us Callison s Book if nothing else will give the Reader an idea of the enormous scope of the problem. It will neatly out line the colossal roadblocks the Book suggests a Broad that stand in the Way of an easy solution to the problem answer to the knotty problem. But it admits that any solutions will take years Many years. America s natural be sources will never he a Best seller. Chances Are certain aspects of conservation step on too Many businessmen s toes. But it is a provocative and timely Book. A Book to make you think. A great Mountain above is being done to hang on to our precious heritage these free things like wilderness areas tall Trees wild animals and tasty been published. The Book is called Ca s natural resources and is edited by Charles h. Calli son a qualified conservation Ameri presents the picture of what Altadena was once heavily wooded with Pine and Oak. A Man caused fire stripped it of Trees and Brush. A following flushed away every Grain of soil. Since that fire and from now on no tree will Ever grow on that Mountain. Conservation strikes sort of close to Home when you think of examples like this. With their thai we Are peace. Sound stir of safety Iree and at Robert Ruark smoke that cigarette Boardman c. Reed Pasadena Over your left shoulder. Mos i cow is swabbing Borsch out of tfoveler.s1 its flying dishes. Annapolis my. Up an Ogle spotted our first we Espadrille of Early Winter Comet whiskers. They beep beeped in the incubator of the finite in the homing song of the atomic pigeons. There is nothing to be eral persons for directions to the Capitol. She was sent to a theater a newspaper and a restaurant All of which had the word Cap Itol in their names. She finally located unaided the building our children walk less. They manager of the s. A. Scherer spend much of their free time co., local automobile things Back in watching to or movies. Euro furniture finance concern an-1m7 he Hari 1" scared about just one More known As fhe state thing to Margate on insurance diploma. If you Lave your hair parted by a sputnik your spit curls will rotate anti clockwise. We know the Moscow Micro Niks Are not beating our time. Believe it or not Ripley told Ati thormities. I ornately attired Trio apparently Pean children join in Redrea noun cell the Complete remodel Ion that makes far greater use ing and refurbishing of their in addition to being Senate had taken the precaution to majority Leader Johnson is also a senior member powerful appropriations com or Jitter and armed services committee. Both of these Corn ensure they would not be wearing anything resembling the others. But the hostess with the mos test outdid the other two in one respect. Mrs. Jato As they have jurisdiction Over All military and for eign Aid funds. Is also playing a leading role in the sen ate of their in it seems to me that old age is something that everybody else reaches before i quote. Mittens Are of key moment to Mesta had gone to the trouble to diet away 26 feat she made sure her rivals heard a lot about. Spain and rus a Sia do not have diplomatic re lations but strangely Spanish Uncle gives Fishersville a. Pasadena offices. 1047 oct. 31 m. Hines Pasadena s City manager for the past two years Steps out of office tonight leaving the City without a chief administrative officer for time in two decades Lomica. We May be in for some lunar Hill bullying from the mountains of the Moon but we re not worrying until the russians do something with the tides. Police results must be tabulated by a committee of disinter the first ested impartial strangers with no political aspirations. And probe of the controversial ambassador Motrico missiles and satellite the soviet embassy to his elaborate Columbus Day Celebration and astonishingly the Uncle Sam has Given 418 acres i chief Clarence Morris warns no relatives on the Moon of land and a big Hospital to residents to watch out for Ripley was right about the the state of Virginia and a a Bursars hiding in halloween gimmicks. The More it changes programs. Hunter team Boss James Hoffa is in the Market for a Washington Fateme. Reds accepted. Both parties seemed to enjoy the occasion county for use As an educational Center. It is the Woodrow Wilson army Gen Jeral Hospital of world War ii j which Cost the government i the More it s different. When i was a Nasty Little boy of nine i used to swipe grandma Adkins cube cigarettes which she smoked ostensibly for her asthma. I still think she was a secret cigarette fiend i also smoked cigarettes made of Corn silk and Rabbit tobacco and very pcs silly the newsprint in which in his teens. He works every they were wrapped had a dam aging effect As when a Goat digests an editorial. I smoked Corncob pipes in which the fuel was Coffee. Then i pro Gressed to three Kings and Piedmont and by the time i was 11 years old i was a con firmed user of nicotine. I would a mile for a Camel i reached for a Lucky instead of a Sweet and Chester Fields satisfied especially when i could steal s pack fitful Iny old Man since then i Day is altogether Chipper and looks about 50. If he had any hair he d look younger than me which Ain t difficult. Booth Tarkington the author smoked the most vicious cigarettes i Ever saw and he Hung around until he was nearly 90. Billy Rose lights one from another and he in t exactly a boy. Ber Nie Baruch did t Stop smok ing until he was 67. He s 87 now. But both my grandpas died of thoracic cancer and it was have As being by everything except opium abrasive rubbing of a pipe marijuana and i am t he Gulf with Tho clips use yet. But what May he the Down Ancl up Nei. Death of me is the boredom to the bust of my Knou-1 accumulate from All this a cigarette and con about whether their combined lives which ettes cause cancer and somewhere around 150 lofty attitude of people who 1 have sworn off entirely or 2 smoke Only filter tips. A lecture goes with both Cate Gories. Years. In. That included one of the most bounteous buffets the capital s his numerous Legal free loaders have enjoyed in cd other difficulties Hoffa is some time. At Long last h apparently convinced he will eventually ascend to the presi Dency of this scandal scarred Union and is preparing to take us residence in the capital. That s where the teamsters Oriate National Headquarters is located. The specifications for hot a s Home Are in line with his reputation As a family Man. Word a Day better health illness not a fun time has happened society is Tak ing up the american Indian. An imposing committee of socialites headed by mrs. Corne lius Vanderbilt Whitney is or j Gan lying a series of balls throughout the country raise funds for the Noble red the . Indian Bureau which this problem for Many decades is very enthusiastic about the ladies plan. Publisher Bernard j. Kiddie Gyeral Miniford. L. Nutter editor Lee m. Merriman associate editor w g Sumner managing editor Arnold Hiss Biel nest manager e. R. Williams wire scr Vicea United i i Minter National service pm Nisi. Ais rated Pren. Of wife. Cite Newi service advert sin rep dlr liar in heft inc., rth nto c 9ailonal Adver usin Dve 1 few Francisco Chicago Pito. Represent a Detroit Way. To trick Houston Tex if Bruce p. Greek has his own Way of catching up on his Reading while watching televisions. When the comme r c i a 1 s come on i open my Magazine or newspaper or greek said. You d be surprised How much Reading you get done sanctimonious hypocritically pious you d never think to look at him that he told a "3torv this after noon that broke up my _ brid6e v one of the most serious medical prob lems today is psychosomatic illness. Any thing we can do in its prevention is very worthwhile. As with most j problems the earlier it is attended to the better. In the Case of psychosomatic illness we must Start prevention from the time a person is born. Let s take for example the Case of a child who is ill. I think most parents will admit they Are us. Overly sympathetic with such a child. Ill Ness frequently pays big rewards in the form of too much attention gifts toys Etc. Many a Hydren Seldom get much warmth and affection until they Are sick. A child under these circumstances soon learns to turn to sickness when he is lonely Ancl in need of love. The child also does to realize Why he is getting these Tummy pains headaches itchy skin sore throats Etc. The fact that these complaints Are a result of the child s in c. A. Dean conscious desire to get affection Means they Are very difficult to treat. When a family doctor examines a child with psychosomatic complaints and finds no physical cause for them he is put on a spot. It is difficult sometimes to realize How an honest to goodness pain can Actu ally result from a mental cause. Let s change then our care of the sick child. Let s not be Overly sympathetic. Try to be kind to him and help him get Well As quickly As possible but Don t make sickness a big party each time. Give the child More love affection and gifts when he is Well. Make him want to get Well quickly and want no part of sickness. In this Way he will grow up with less Chance of develop ing psychosomatic illnesses. Question what is a Good and Success Ful Way to reduce my answer contrary o the claims of Many reducing salons there is no Success Ful Way to remove excess fat from one area except by surgery. I advise reducing to a Normal weight and forgetting about the size of your hips. Certainly a Crestful Tarmac from inhaling is not As salubrious As a steady diet of spinach any More than a daily right now i have a clip in quart of booze is easier on the front of me which says quote Oiiver than a Pound of mixed some filter tips More harm fruit. Ful. Expert and in but i have known vegetal Burly of the Story another sex rians to die of cirrhosis non says that lung cancer re smokers to succumb from sults from bad attacks and total a conditions not cigarettes at strainers to get run Over by All. Then another says a divinity students on by Fine and so is a Cigar. Hut any cycles. People still break their kind of cigarette is in bathtubs. That old filter tipped or not. And an a banana Peel beckons Ever to other says it s smog and grave. Haust from cars and buses. Phooey. My a is pushing 70 and he has been smoking three packs of Butts a Day since he was doodles Kinhow wearing Girdle to hold up its my idea is that every body s Roiff to die someday of , whether it s radioactive fallout or an an Gry husband with a pistol. In Between now and a per manent assignment to the feathered choir i Don t think it matters very much How you assault your own Frame if it. Makes the daily misery easier. A coffin Nail from time to time makes the idiocy easier to handle As v double Martini takes the pall off the state of the world. But i am getting awful sick of a Cine preached at and mor Ali Zed about nicotine Millered or untutored piped or i Garral. There is something positively patronizing about that crack no i Don t any or you very much i la have a

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