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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 31, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaThe amt. Jef Potris twice or perhaps it is Folly to bring it up at this time but halloween certainly in t what it used to be. Twenty years ago it was t what it used to be 20 years before that. And so on. Sierra air hero wife disclose reconciliation Bridgeport. Conn. Ins and her husband now Lieut. David a. Steeves who air Force leave were together came out of the rugged Sierra again. Rebook Magazine Nevada mountains last is publishing Steeves 54 Days after bailing out of his Story of his a Day experience disabled Jet plane Only to face in the mountains quoted the marital and other troubles a air Force lieutenant s wife As patently Snow entirely out saying of the marriage and a family sleeves blonde Young the couple has a 19 months Rita who left him Short Lynold daughter Are too import after his return from the re ant to be jeopardized by cling ported dead disclosed yester ing to Small mistakes. David Day they have reconciled to and i Hope to be Happy to adding left alone to live our lives the Rita and i have others our marriage and for me this Steeves whose emergence makes everything worthwhile from the Sierra nevadas at this is what i have nationwide attention hoping and praying for Over had his Story of survival Chal the last few Ilen ged by a Magazine writer. Cause of the couple s air Force however an n1188 inf. Fin Sti. Him suit till fit. Litt Lul pm. Ration never was revealed Byl bounced it had no reason either of them. Doubt the lieutenant s version mrs. Rita Steeves told the of How he survived the hard things have gone to pot and it s because of a habit which Steeves was quoted Algether and we Hope we will be boys have of growing into daddies and getting mean and crabby. We did t have trick or treating. Just tricking. When we were Little kids we used to put on cos Tumes and March in the halloween Parade. For two straight years t wore a Yama Yama suit finally re belled and went As a ghost. They would line the kids up in a roped off Street and walk us round and round while judges picked win Ning costumes. Each circuit took 20 minutes to a . An hour and it was a Case of parents looking for their press Only that it was True ships of the wilds. Own and thinking they were cute and should win and the children waving and giggling each time they came along to the family. But you know How it is. Realization dawns. And finally one halloween a group of us boys wondered what we were doing in this kid Parade. It was time for a spot of fun. Devilish ways beckoned. Bad but not lost we did Many bad things not out of meanness but out of fun. We did t beat up anybody or steal or anything like that but caught today we would be interviewed seriously by juvenile officers. The worst thing we Ever i still recoil in painful. Memory while guff awing a water bagging Ife loves a Vodka Collins Cellini at dil Cigut bit. To la specify Smirnoff Vodka of Vodka read Independent Star news classified tto of Titwood cow my milk is so Good even adults drink it. Guard Reuf Hillh with Cool delicious Driftwood milk Dairy fresh end delivered. Gilbert 4-9591 Cumb Eilund 3 incident me Man of the House had threatened to shoot us when we rattled and soaped his windows so we returnee with a paper sack and filled it with water. The bravest was sent to ring the door Bell then run there was silence. The bag was full and dripping. It was the moment of truth. The door opened. Off flew the bag. Splat it was not the Man of the House. It not even the right House. Onee again i recoil in shame. But none of the things we did amounted to a Hill of Beans when compared with what had gone on a generation before. My father laughs loudly when he recalls his halloween. It was the sport then to run wild Over the country overturn ing privies. If there was an occupant it was All to the Good. Halloween then As i am Given to understand was filled with the sound of crashing privies and the booming shotguns of enraged Farmers. Grover Smith our Bowling writer was of this generation. He was a privy Man. He roars with laughter that transcends All decency when he recalls his halloween exploits. Shocking perhaps but americana. Efto vests leaning Tower Graver s Best halloween was a two pronged affair aimed at both school and privy. The first part of the evening was aimed at the out House. Then they went to work on the school. They poured molten Lead in All of the locks going into the building. Then they constructed their own version of the leaning Tower by stacking about. Too sacks of Concrete against the front door of school. The huge pile was capped somewhat jauntily by a Wagon which had been pilfered and then reconstructed on top of the when Day dawned there was fear upon the Countryside. Deeds done in a night of excitement have a Way of Dawn ing horribly. Young men found themselves being questioned at length. It was an a Tarball traps were Laid and snapped shut upon the unwary. There was suffer ing and misery. And the up shot of it was that the Small Illinois town decided possibly by a unanimous vote that youth was on the Road to it took three Days to re open the school. From this began its steady descent toward blandness. Year for example some Little goblins came to the door and squealed trick or show me a i said. They knew none. They were bewildered. I could have told them a thing or two but i did t. I gave them Candy in Stead. For better the better paste read classified fresh dressed 43 la. Ideal for barbecuing broiling and roasting. Poultry farm Arroyo 1160 Lincoln ave., Pasadena phone by 7-9511 by 4-s356 by 1-5894 savings ire the Best savings open sundays i prices effective thursday Friday saturday and sunday . "choice1 cider full Gal. Jug 69 7 h genuine Pilgrim Brand Hen wort More candies Jelly Beans 1 la. Candy Corn 1 la. Candy magic 14 o your Choice .90 a mtg turkeys Eastern Grain fed pork roast 33 . Choice Jane Parker fruit cakes Light glub steaks 83 29 43 All Good Brand meaty lean Short bibs Eastern Grain fed pork Butts waste to t free fifa ii i Luiis sliced Bagon 55i own pure Pokk sausage 39 fully cooked super right Bolf Eless Ham 79 la. C la. Del Monte round up values Del Monte fancy Tomato juice Del Monte Garden peas Del Monte fancy prune juice Del Monte Golden Cream Corn Del Monte stewed tomatoes Del Monte Tomato Catsup Del Pickle relish 4 5 3 6 5 6 4 46 of. Cans 17 of. Cans it. Not. 17 of. Cans 16 of. Cans 14 of. Not. 12 of. Jar 89 89 89 89 89 89 89 fresh frosts vegetables extra fancy Jonathan apples 4 25c Large fancy Crisp head lettuce 2 25 Sweet fancy red velvet yams 2 15c asst colors 4 for c.vjuidbd1 Jelly or pickles 3 29c Everest Pic Sweet Harvest hoedown Orange juice 6 of. Peas _ 10 of. Spinach 10 of. Squash 12 of. Peas carrots 10 of. Your Choice 19 White House canned milk 2 25c Ann Page sparkle pudding 3 20c Zee toilet 4 open j sundays j Scotkin paper 50 it. Pkg. Age. Pkg. Rinso 35 giant pkg. Off liken of the sea tuna fish chunk style 614 of. Can Fri sexes cat 2 5clniz 27 huskies meal la. 34c r 370 Woodbury re. Corner lit Rohlma 4 Wood Bury rd., Alt Diu effective thuri., frl., sat. I oct. 31, nov. I 2 1 3, in All Loi county All Aap stores Are open sunday taxable items subject to tax Ami Tkal pot Moit itt Atin Ithai Ood my Tum a tunic 4 a Siwic a Waht

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