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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 30, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaTo monday this Day report Newi of air classroom c to John Chancellor cartoons service film Svi i to Pacific service film Runge Africa prof. Eugene Dvorin Tel copier monday daytime pole n evlewfc1 la Lanne married Joan Story telling service film education love Lucy holidays c foothill tour room Clooney. Guest Casar Romero for health Village is right c Milland court service film package adventure countries Syria Leba non Jordan Israel. Film lands of the part 1. Guest Joseph Dusty Mahon photographer and world traveler. Miss Brooks for you the cat Harry Reasoner of life j or. Consequences the lonely ones texan arts the forms of Man i Palmer debut Coates j for tomorrow could be you c Europe i that Bob let s see now Pasadina inf dint monday de moors a Lysis 2-Guldbig Light Ray sheier and Allen Murray show c la sheriff John service Flim Theav orld Turin Young show the Merle Oberon the Continental a a face reporter american report from i or. Malone Tel copier in court dramas Tangier Marriageable male Lor living House party these roots Little Margie Bon Hunter hosts room for daddy please Thaxton show is yours. Hollywood. Guests Oledda Hopper Mel Torme keys quiz Tel copier Day when Gardiner show for a Day the cat cartoons storm Of night. Your Hunch c Frank cartoons do you Trust n Andy bandstand news quiz Frank Carroll hosts stooges of Riley Chris Hennesey and mrs. G. Pool talents by Mcconnell editor some hybridization is going on this week involving a couple of lbs shows. Berg in the character of Sarah Green of the mrs. G. Goes to College appears tonight As a guest Star in an aunt Sarah episode of the often Nosey show 10 cd. Star Jackie Cooper will return the compliment by appearing show. Whether the Exchange helps either show or merely weak ens whatever sense of dra Matic illusion they see. Sarah tonight is a sea Man s who visits the Navy base to make sure her Nephew is getting proper med ical attention and to let or. Hennesey. In on a secret. The most show tonight co Silil Well Bokus assault on tie Anbarc the expedition tire lit 7 on Channel 7, Ullh films Fil Wing the establish ment of the. First russian Supply in Antarctica us an International geophysical year undertaking. As the films record immediately after the first landings a Polar blizzard drove men am machines off the ice. To a Sec Ond the entire Shel idea in Pic youth s mind., Rifleman cd. 7 the journey gels a part time Job As a plow boy with a neighbouring rancher and defends his new Friend. ., precinct cd 4 occupation an immigrant Locksmith Farl us of turning in a wanted killer gels a lesson in citizenship from the police. 8 ., Surfside 6, cd. 7 laugh for a a mar ital Triangle involves 1 a night club comedienne her. Husband and the woman who works for her. 10 ., Hon Nysky cd. Z in publishing movies and vision with a variety Cla Llsms in Tho Field. O Flaherty has some Multi millionaires explain their Golden and what Texas has to do with it. Pm radio cd Road was built and. Five Imes it was destroyed with he ice breaking up and crash no Down near the1 ships moored in the water below tonight s to highlights t ., expedition cd. 7 the russian assault on Tho a film account 01 the setting up a Supply base during the recent International geophysical year. ., Cheyenne cd 7 Day s Story of a Man s escape from a Lynch Nib and his efforts to find the persons responsible for the robbery with which he is charged. ., window on main Street cd. 2 Gaso line station operator Earl Greenough play Cal by los Damon can t understand Why his son wants to go to College and he blames novelist Cam monday Friday fac 92.3 news sports viewpoint news playhouse world music masters news evening concert Crossroads v out of the night 7 Rhone show Evans show from Dixie the world Hill of music is Steve Allen what is a 4 local news Silver masterworks in the Ante Meridies news to the Bible Chapel Biola hour Fellowship of the Orient mori., wed., Fri time music gave Way. Five times a new Eron Brooks for instilling the monday evening1 1 2, cartoons i costello Gordon sales i Bill Hickok Malone j almanac j i Latham c the Clown i de Fleming patrol i h spurts c re i Willis Fishman i big news so xxv c weather sports funnies express time Latham c i George Putnam Decoy the Odds Mike Stokey i Russia j assault on the Antarctic a Quick draw Mcgraw adventure Man of the Mountain Doug Edwards Tell the truth greed of the Glades court basketball special . Jets is. Chicago majors search for adventure with Williamson beneath the sea and Gladys velvet the world so High tomorrow air Force Academy on main Street is right the patrol random Thomas precinct occupation citizen service deported g laugh for the lady Griffith and his Heel Tom Poston Elizabeth Montgomery v hosts weather sports Casey an expensive Glass of weather sports Fishman digest. District attorney we. B. Mckesson got a secret two Days to kill Coates Morgan o clock report Latham m final sports patrol Paar c news reported Fleming West 13-Rnews almanac wrap us this Day to movies today 9 Anglo. Oakley Barbars Slang yrs 0 the hard Way Lupino 5 they All kissed the Bride another thin Man William Powell 9 adventure in Robert Young 4 Are you with Donald o Connor 2 Trail of the time some Pine Sylvia Sidney Boodle Errol Flynn 9 escape in the Sui Lohn Bently plunder of the Sun Glenn t Ord 2 Loxle Hart Ginger Rogers 9 bandits of Corsica Richard Greene 7 crime doctor s Gamble Warner Baxter 9 the Book Eleanor Parker 2 cadets William Gargan radio monday 1110 . Farm hour . Operation Daybreak farm report weather summary 640 . Overture music with a lilt weather time 10 world news James baiter sports 750 spirituals curls than Chapel or Jarman networks air Kain Cis Knox Nic-kf1 ill Khz of Ijo Koto 1240 Kyzr 1jm Kif a feb a pc 12u Kali pm Kmic 111 Kobs 1029 Koji Rizw Kiwi 1ui big to Knox Fox Foi Kab 1m Karla 1110 Kwiw 1160 Dat 11m Kiev 110 Erkd 1150 fac 1311 a vow daytime1 Carroll news news Bob Crane 1230 James Nichols Bennett news. Weather Bradley . Ladles Day emphasis . In Earl Nightingale 1110 100 a. Jackson Mac s record rack 1220 Como Tun. News 930 matinee Ricl cited matter drama literature Hooks Etc. Children s programs commen tary drama music 24 hours on air Invin morning magic John Hart morning magic rhapsody Lew Invin Cloud nine commuters Carousel Lew Invin music a la carte concert Lewis or. Voices in the night string shift show 5 hours of fabulous music sketches living for living news hour music Kobca 105.1 . Til 7 May Field in Kmax 107.1 Bird show music and news Ellen show women time news aunt apr Ludo As Sarah Green visits the Navy base to make sure her Nephew is getting Good med ical attention. 10 cd. 4 a humorous about a Vam Pire infested haunted House. Co stars Elizabeth Montgom Ery Torii Piston and John carradlne.1 10 bin Casey cd. 7 an expensive Glass of business tycoon Waier Morrisen tors the Hospital Ingon Ito be cause lie fears his Empire Wil conic if Lear i he May undergo a Seri Ous brain Vanrij or. Casey Vincent chromosome is a microscopic clash had Bri after Tyson Carrier of the genes or units of tries to convert his Hospital heredity. Room into a business office. In u ., pm study of genes chromosome West Chytil Mike someday Lead to the doubling or tripling 01 our life s Span. It is important that we develop scientists to pursue the study of heredity and tha other natural sciences. Unfortunately Many potential scientists May never go on to higher learning because there May not be room for them in College. Already Many colleges Are overcrowded and in 10 years applications will double. We will need More and better College laboratories discusses the horror Industry awful Wink Mart Landau Balla 1070 Halo news Cook Bill Ballance news Whittl Nelll 710 Cleasant music 1020 1230 inc or n res news. Dick Haynes 570 news 1070 John Edwards 7so hit the woj homemaker s news fish and game Calalina report Catalina Starl bandstand Boh news swing n yrs albums 11t James Howe 790 Birj news Oultram 1070 510 news take it Fatsy i cup lists 640 news. Roger Carroll 710 Pamela Mason 750 i 1 10 m 790 your Man in David Schoenbrun 1070 710 i 140 Michaels Anderson Shadel Hemingway 111 what Kinchill news Martindale Jib i hour world 710 emphasis . Club .m. 130 i Arthur Godfrey 110 . Pat Buttram. News 1070 Reach in sirs Jay Sims j. C. Swayze news Wendell Noble 790 930 1230 1070 1330 7so sets music 870 news. Laynes 570 ocal Crane Gors . Or. Rich Ardson news Anderson Lodge . Crane . Cliff Engle Jim Healy sports band stand world Bible parents report 1230 or we sports Bob Crane 1070 Flynn uus Newi Ressler sri ref in news Cliff Engle. Jay Sims. Paul news breakfast club . Al Nicl Schram Hank Weaver. News 7i news in Washing Hansch Man 1070 1070 Philip Norman i news 1070 1 Job opportunities Catalina band stand 740 Emphasis news 640 790 t inn Linkletter House parly 1070 7m Hank Weaver news a 1070 news emphasis Uhlott Field news 640 Carroll no . Turn v Nril 1230 Tello test 750 Ralph James c. . Swayze news sneer. _ r70 news Lem. Touch 1070 930 1110 Ivins should be fim Hickox music 790 emphasis 1070 news. Johnny Grant 1 . C. Fredericks Garry Moore . Crosby Clooney show noon Paul Harvey James Rollson Anderson 790 1070 Harvey Allen Harvey Ander son baiter 790 . Sports special Bob Crane 1070 . Internal Revenue or. Richardson 1230 Richfield reporter news 640 Newt. Weather Stout Laynes Winter Boi or Wendell Noble Wall Street to birr Daiev image door i music from Browy a howl in2a Ralph James news 790 ask Mavor Yorty dwell Thomas 1070. M session Harvey Newi Michaels -t.camcronysway2. Lfv., p v scope _ 1070 news. Music weather Bill Stern. Sports Channel weather o Leary 1110 Story line flair Stewart. New Personal Story Channel weather Bob Gage err High nexus Story line news Ray brr or. 570 soundtrack Birru Isle bits san a. Van Horn news 640 710 1070 790 740 1070 from movies. To news. Mcninch Pat Buttram Frank Edwards stranger than Etc John b. Old. Sports and Subtle with a beat sentimental sons for dining a la Mode in i i interlude sound sacred music station or. Prophecy voice rest have. Or. Theo. Epp for living wed music news Dale Smith time Beach weather report. Look m. Hem. Serenade songs Wietzel christians life line Vav. Poucher. Dinner music. Pipe Organ l. Whitney Songe by choirs. Desk Kev. 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Credits 5th Grade on monday wednesday and Friday. 6th Grade Span ish at this time on tues Days and thursdays. Music hour Mon Days ., Liberal arts Fri Days pkg j Sunnyside Bright strings and standards but of How g i i ic1ulji Goliji Ito fill ii Louii it f 6 Bis Sands More of the highest qual pity professors. Help the College of your Choice now burping feels so Good because it sets rid of Gas that boats your stomach. But Why wait for nature to acc its course burp yourself with Pfunder a plunders tablets quickly relieve that Gassi Noss Stop More inns Frem form ing plunder s foaming action in your stomach Smoth ers fiery acid Burn learn How you can help. Wfite1 of the free Booklet open wide the College Box 36, times Square Lalion naw York 36, . For competent professional television service this Seal air Tommy Dee with music and news and music called Bead s to an Feria service 17 w. 61., s. Mad. Martel 5-1560 to we recommend Sylvania tubes Tulve world s finest to service met fury to by 7-4920 use your Beautiful Wood panelling a Groove mahogany st.25 mouldings at i Price 1151 Lincoln ave Pasadena by 1-1231 he . Oif Kat. Parkin 730.4 . Ssh Green Stamps Scully. Sports Ralph James Newt pm. F Hurrl. News throughout Day and evening a pc 88.3 Fri Claremont to Midnight with classical for dreaming Jia , Catalina bandstand to 640, 790 Richfield reporter music. Sports. 1070 Pat much Ali reports Alcott Point of Law Harmon. Sports Goss. News headline Newi Bill Stout special report cavalcade news Sport Book Sam c Atalina bandstand Roger Carroll news 110 Financial review emphasis Gene Weed 790 790 1070 640 880 1230 98.3 We. Winter. Twi Harris news 750 Winter Casell snorts Walton news. Geo. Cd urch Iii news 10-pin topics bandstand 1070 pm. 790 Carol Burnett Rich Ard Hayes 1070 1070 640 news Crest. 79o new5 mime Urdi 1333 570 news Church i q Ralph James news 640 news emphasis 610 music jazz local news current event discus Sions and drama. 111 Koffee Klub Frank Rutherford 570 640 We. Winter. News Robert citric news 7m ton 57c 133c 1 Sun World news music 640 record caravan James news night line Browning 7m news. Jerry Dexler 110 Opinion please 1070 a 12 n Brunch Bob Lee Bob Wellman entree Dave George presents a musical variety Bill Scott Blanche Kasy listening sound of music on music feature albums. And Crys Tal soft relaxing music world of music strings and standards Pomona College s pm Sta Tion broadcasts To Midnight monday through saturday and from 10 . To Midnight on sunday. Advertisement 131 pm. Geo. Church. News k7n Newi analysis 1070 fun c. Fredericks 735 pow. Port of Call Reed Browning spore Aston 790 1070 Starlight Salute 1070 St rest Nea a rank he Newi Man Way come inn news hews. Barkley news music m try Recti Edward p. Morgan 190 news Emp hails Hunter Hancock 1230 music news. I C. Alcott 1070 porn basketball jets Keller s sports 7101 is. Chicago. Preempts candid 1070 session 1 and . Rirl tonight Vaj Cunard Newi loll follow the Fame than it called life bandstand 700 Newa .1 news. Sports news. James i Nonh Tollne lilt Merr7 go round 930 1070 Siulc till Dawn 7so i Lull re i To Earl Nightingale music a ref. Follek other Side of Day Ron Mccoy us Beni 790 Earl me Tan Lei 640 8m 640 790 1070 James show 12 jazz for today Hall meditations of song Local news 1110 concert to 110 concert 8m caravan Slop pain instantly cuts Burns scratches even minor injuries pm painful become infected and take a Long Lime to Heil. That s Why any time you get a Cut scratch or minor Quick apply Campo poem quiz it s soothing Cooling stainless liquid inti epic that 1. 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