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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 27, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaRenters find rentals through the Independent and Star news classified ads id Lyt Tomti 1 hum it Dillem 1 a Tinct t a Plum s Octoba 27, outrigger and a minis Pilj Ataii Vico wet j 890 so. Mow up to tub ii Lia height of Comfort cow Eniece Huntington Heights 1 Ileal. A Tirol Lane at Rahu of. Tannin. Or Averyt Ninx real live or Mclin Iliili to Culora to Tutti and 2 j1j3.i1j5 1724 Meridian South Pasadena Between a charming Glendora 2 bedroom apts. 1 Story tiled Kitchen built in oven Range vent garbage disposal Beautiful cabinets drapes Wall to Wall carpets conditioned Holly thermostat heat tiled showers Pullman Cabinet Bath closets galore built in dressing table desk Patio Well insulated for sound no Back Loback plumbing carports l room Buill in to antennas .1 Block from no pets a month refrigerator optional i inquire at Apt. 123, 123 w. Bennett Telephone de 5-3960 de 5-851 Smitti 2 . Uple Anil Ipin. Yard. 2 fall ran Lucurs j175 nor Yter. Or option to of cur. We. E. Doud co. Is 18. It Robati. Tui Luna 3 e. O Arrojo Parkway v a-9131 my Pas Ueka Hoomer 2 in and out. Outta it tit octet tits porch car lot completely equipped 100 it. On Hunton ton month. On lease. Avail. Be . W. T. Beckwith a Ltd. 10t w. Blun Lyntton. 6-611 my deluxe from Madre Vytlas compact ear Sra to. Incr Lblanc by Hoot a in Mac. Condition i Brumit cat Lurler Tluck. Formica a Altril Lelih t Maple boxes a Clotet be in tar pull Taa Jit a Fth but. The spa clout covered pit o. Kill or. Id kit clan Over Loxi the. Rear Yard try a 150 fenced of a Jaboc. Dan is to to Andersen 4 Glass Ralty. 00 so. Hot ave. Arcadia.1 i 6-3194 Knob of Hook att. I lip Numi. Dea. Pallo. 330 y j-s111 set trn rhe William Wilson co. 0 Oakf1kld and Michigan or. Jeff Tyson school. 2-Br. A Ivr. Run. Tus 1 lie. Cd. 2 or 3 Ehll darn of. It Ferente required. X35. A lao Zmajj Youit 1-bh, Meil Lor. In rec employed or Mother talk a t by Vinado l i. School area i . I dining pm. By or All for Rich shop to Etc 20x50. Ipac. 1000 it. Cost cd Rool with Crane. 24x57 a 10.soo i Sis a san lib Lri. At berms. 4 a corms conditioned 3 Bathi Lamaj Caird we pies Echt ii 2775 e. Beautiful Home i in Alta pen a. Berra j it i. Mountain liw by 2 Berra. Bones fenced Yazidi from 70 to div Jilou of or. So. It. Ground floor Tau Usiri luxe bwe. Or Rand. Pirkins. Utu Ute pc Dally scr Vcra. No lib b so 2-5 daily Sun. 81. K. Lake of i he deluxe sales. 1 . S up free utile. No leases had. Pool Lush tropical Patio Fuhn. By Cut Rou pkcoiiat01is i Jio Tiok locations 1030 w. Huntington or. Arcadia 11 n-0441 1.1 320 s. Sierra Madre blvd. Tar. Color Arle by i. By. Conv. 1 Baths 1iomk f i7a to. Nil. Holliston a ilk Vocino. I Champlin Ralty. By 8-6776 to buy 7-Rni. Hou5c 4 Stihl ant. H. Sierra bow1ta Warsi Iau of Mutlu cond. All or part heart or . For lease and writ Covina area. At 7-st2j .00 business in. Upper Hastings 3 Budro Otic. Is 10 additional loom can by Ardeil minimum will tropical of this Bestul fully Lind reaped Slih minimum per to. Mattson 130t Altamesa Diu t 1-1931 Al 8-101s by 1000 Hasting ranch re. Ctr Road and j my. Is of calms. Bra Krait Irta screened Isnoal. Lovely jowl Ift in Palla Only s27.350 1050 Medford Swan Tina a jilt Lee. Vance still or Merit try Sierra Madre Villa you la ador. Usu a by. It irn. Plus liter dorm Orr pm. Dell Hatrul ii. T Perrow properties 30 k. Hlll. By Oaks san Gabriel s luxury apts. 2 ., 2 ba., fireplace. Pebble entry. Uto All in All Hal rec kill Chuni it . Air w Phi Board 401 k. Live saw a Brill to. To buy Reid Alful luxury 3-bedroom a Den Home. On Parji uhf prime Wal two. 411 e. So 7-h073 Oil rent or file Hio Anita girl. Home. Local on. J32.% Hue caves Naker co. V6hsw Ken. I 2 a it By s-3601. After a sat. A Hun 1 to 121 so. cd after 4 . All Oil corp. Service stations for it pita Tea area. Excellent location partial financing dealer training for information Call by St vacuous Root i. 2 by. Din. Sep. Cir Iku Norr Era. I blk. Shop pm Center. Gabriel 2-Br. Home us. A do Nln rms. Fenced Yani. 1115. Al s-si62, i just completed Best rental value beaut. New 1 . Apis. Resort living inter. Decor. If Cord. Healed Pool i i snack the Zodiac apts. Up 390 Garfield Between Walnut Good Ilia a Roony or. 175. E. Longdon 2 Berra. Blumka weal re Ean Cal Irrl Elrd. I Block of Monterey 623 Monterey St., Alhambra 2 blocks South of Huntington or. 1-2 3 bedrooms apartments Are up to 1500 so. It. allium Era b Flat truly t on Lovely Tkac lined Fol Lute Mart Nihon built in a tire a oven Bull in Wood Ortr t Kraut Ful Lathi 1 Anerd pen eve item 1 at Condol Tonieri or 2 it 3 ii Are to rms of ruled Lnor court Sutej Raijean up Klinc rental from for information Call at 2-7285 . Now of Nee live o by quirk on 2 . Blk lot Only i 12. 900. Small Down. Modern t Den. 2 Bathi. , make Oifer. I Are 6 . 3 Batha -ws1-Rale 3-rm. Aim it Make ofter. . Tall bring your Cherub nov ukr Jan is by Whipple St 8-0527 k. Alladina ranch area j 3 by or 2 Den 52950 is 9 500 3 . Llv.-tm., 2 farm Kitchen by i-7277 1 Arcadia a Obj Tovey time 6 Lii j Jio in court js5 Lee. 2-. On Lal alone .1125 Hull realty Rue a. From it Bank of Tarli Slih Kix he Hin. Elln Tonii All lha Charm of fit worlr1 modern Ai in 2-bh., 2-Bilh and. Open daily 535-545 s. Los Robles Kieh hit Rios Wjk 2-Ioi Lennox Earp ionic . Bulu in hoi poll pc inn Lattro . Or Clearm of Are in with 5l 25 to. Nice 190. 2-newly Lod. Gar. Adults. 774 2-tdrm. Lower girl the or. Acc. Cal let of. 56 Berra Holta by Allan Coluard o area. 599.50 per to. I it Rhow. By extra pan Elert room off Carpel inc. Modern Kyle Hen Ullh Copper Hood Over Lance. Lulli Nail Sirj Var t a Prepuce. Strtt lot wonderful 472 r. Walnut St 2-5h teenage the Independent Star news has two tickets at the Box of net for 71. J. Dietrich. Ims k i Ortua aut or. Aua Dena. No the United Artl Sll theater cd k. Colorio Olvil. Inn hit Elia. Bruns clipping of til. Vitrac. 2 by. Pro Jie 1320 i Raym of . Rental Lac. For Una. up 8-01so. Eve. 110 no fail Oaks Well local no or Ini off. Or rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air conditioned private Patio or. Tolf Coursi. Monterey Road South Pasadena Neah Indiana is Kapai Memi 3-. Of Den. 2 sen. At. Pm. Cpl. A rpm. Bbl Hawkins Ralty. By Berkshire Colorado it Lake it Lake Duih by wants to 17 in . Zooa while Nile it How a. Nice a Roll. 415.000 blown. 520c tent on r or. . 52s 2rv . Cd 2-26c6. Vej. Cd saturday to 1030 no. Michigan g Bertrom i Milf . Duvini Roon. Separate room. New Force a almost roof. Fun place. In Good con Dillon Taro Urbont. Mar re ill Nyrl High school a Akler j15.wo. Low Down men hurry on this one. Hester riddles 3-flr. 2 fireplace yd., View. 4110 Canyon l re. By House. Alladina. Homes duplexes the stars with or without a Pool adorable 5-yr.-old 3 . Family pm. Nool 2 Beautiful tile , coloured Illchen urn link but los. Wide shallow. 51s5 . Or 3185 to. Try Al Trade. Anderson 24 or. Maker fat fit 25 at shop in Accad a. Always buy . 3fooo Cali Hinr. Cal tech Ciryl part. 16 3 Greenwood Fly 135 location for a jct Hawkins Ralty. By 60 Al. Lev. Do. Charming decor. In loner Axilla Rancilio. J my. Coin laundromat Down owner moved North a. Price. De 2-bedroom eng Dua Ptg. 4150. Best location in Arcadia. So Jlse. S21 Arcadia ave. Al. Renaissance Charm or Romance com Blued with i tomorrow 2 or. 1 priv veranda prion by Appl . Apt. 1 1163 i Murtof. Dr., to. By 8y Rede 1 . Rear Gir. 141 So a-. I fam. Err Lowkins rally. By store or. Or. S2co to 10 clean Cash Bui Lorai. Cable. . T b1v. A Timble Chy. Water trash Tki adult Only. Cd 5-6s43 at e. Wmk Lenton blvd. Ea1.tors so e.1u5 apart Renli flail Ranh court Roomy. Titan. Carport Yard or. . By sunts a same owner s years. Good lease i san on bile Lent Lon. Pittl for Quick sole Thi a Honey need master by. Down with an aristocratic address Grill our Spac Cui Spanish stucco. carpet to Marxt Skinny Hving pm. Is filler bn., 2 bit in Mam a pm. Down 2 Laree Burma. L hath up. Charming Fiji Den 65x160. Cheur Tysra. On Marine 3 bedrooms plus 12x20 room ital Loert Home expo no Fly Iseji Fly to Trio. In Bill your terms. Mattson y Sferra Madre Mauna Loa apts. 110 Unit is. 2 i Perm. Mar arms l-b.h., 5110. Air Conn Moh cd. Carpet. Pika Ted room. A took it no Vino. Or freeway a 11arkkts. 275 so. Capri apts 810 Fairview ave. Wiest Arcadia adults. Close or Wor scinic couple. J95. 2-. Newer Attl Lahla nov. 1. Adulla. So station for . So. Fasti. Only. Low Del a Coop monthly. My 2-1158, 9 am. To 5 Carneler. , rerlee., or. New bldg., come. Pool. Jerrmi shop 4 pan bin. E. Locust near Lake a Walnut t 2 by. Unfurl. Apts. Near fou carpet Lair Sansei. Fre Frlic of ther or i a buy. R furn Home fenced. 9123 Glen Ilmi Way. To Wisd. Refa. Req. At 5-0556. Io6e to Sanlon a. Lionie Den 22x21." j fireplaces nicely furn. A this. for immediate Bale. L 8-0195 Al. 9-330s 2 . Deluxe anti. In . A Rand . A Eslari included. Gondi tool part. Call after w w. Lemon i 7-9452 w. Ahcad1a. Annc 2 sek Jinn. Apt. Pulsa. 10-stl. Ctr. I Tubac Din pm. 7 to 3. 5 Riata. Clean. Wen Equill. Good Leate. Is. 600. F. P. N. a will locked it Ciiab. Over 7 Sac. La nor tether inter uts Blu 2 by. Upper Duplx. Close to Library end downtown. St. 8v 2-3549 for Sale j _ 5p Jar Brand conditioned Crisp Cool Bon afre Apps. . 2 had Rev sheltered Hal Rony. Wool Carpel. At Bull in rant h clip Oral. 2 to Bullocks unfurl feed. 231 s. -1 by a. 2 . Nip. . Frn cart cd. Awkins Ruy. By off try a Trade. Lorraine 2i hour service by 6-w75 so just completed 1-Br., 4m ski Moll no. Pool Vasfi rut co. Air end. My in kit. Pm. Impei from by to Vale priv. . 5 301 Gar or lil. S. Past. But in Ranee Ash kit., . Ill Itwala. Entire far be invt-1y , Clim Nice 2 to 3 by. St 3-4 10s my Portem deluxe 1 by. I closed. 15 min. 46ai Castle re. La Canada. Cd Plant. Cash carry. J25.000 robs yearly. S. San area. Owner. De 5-Msc 03 income pm r Al it e e o 3 1 Mise in front vacant for owner. comb., Etc Alt Chen Harbace break full n Rea water Flea Ter. New Plus two 2-Br. Newet 1170 Lois Jordan by a too King Robenco. 1300 By for investment Tou can reims or rent for come. 311 so. Madron in tone. Vol. Nice Interior. Will Eiurby your until incl too 11. Lot is for a Worth a Holt offt Ranj. Cull our in. The Psi 3avis-Bakerco. H i__7-_ Rel spacious 3-. Rich. With Opelc or. Schools a Call at 1-1lj76 or de 4-677? after 5 2-b.k . Krulc. Patio. Got nicest of Allrn 2 car pc to drapes bit ins. I Balha act Laullon award All eke Kellch. 1100 .2iur.tlr.cton or. I 1 2 . Apts. Built in it Range Cah Peth. Dranks conditioned 1117-1110 w. Duain e re. Til 7-sms i 6-2ftr.r. W. Pair jew Acapia of reasonable Brand if pal Iii 1 it 2 or Anlo. Lulu in dunh Washer oven Al coloured with Lile Kitchen tub enclosed a Marble Aultman Nelly a Drapun of Adulla Only. To Law 2115. 720 so. Sierra Ai Tamhra. 83 horses dip Lezes 1ncl. . Small cot ape. Patio incr. Store., Svall. 633 Highland i Asa. Al. Ellya Hein i s v 4 64 pm by 3-Flcns, by a a ios Waters 1 Choice Apt. a or. ready to deat 1000 Cordova St. Model open e-5 daily 2 rom Bullocks. By 104 a sad pm 62-b so. Vine do 1 . Vin. . A love. R it race 65 for 1. J70 for 2. Open. Fiat it Sim. So. School. Child Ron of. 1g69 so a i by Tond floor apts. Let. 1-bh it it 2-hr. Nut. Wocky kill. Hot in Range pan let. Inc. Rool. 2 a King a ices Conil. Or Arne. Erpg. It. 1 icon. Centers. Wail k Roll. Of 1ho w. It i. I 6-rm. Cottage carrels. Ilrape.1, Furnace. Runic. Oar. Ratio adults. Not into Kane or Iarj Nkang. 3y 5-445s inc i Yard Gar. A Gilldren it Hawkins Ralty. By 1 . Haubt. Nicely urn. Lift at uits so Brand 1 2 . At 2-7951. 601 w. New 1 2 by. Penthouse apartments a modern feb Urci i Civile Lajus carpet. A Trupti. transferred must sell fairly 3-Hrdrnnm 2-B.H.provincial. Family to with fireplace overlooks poo Cabana a Atli a Taiin Mak Beach Orient is 1 bed room. Hath with Pool. Elegant decorated and a terrific buy . S57.000 eve. Al. S-78z5 Parker weeks to sell Coio Ilal. Over 25gq 11. It. On 75x200 Al Rrt rms. Mald i pm. Dan. Bilyj 12000 with of be Aulffo to nor. 10 Day Usaj Tilon. Ten. 139 to. Or leu an do per to. Taxes Only j2m. Isakk try a Trade Anderson exclusive 74 or. By fit 2 by. I Billi. Carpel. Cond. Nat. Vii. Fan. Wired 720. Clip anal. Chm run n., Euclid heated p60l 1-. Apt. A up. Kuhn a in baud fill room Star schools ii water cd. 114 a. Al Llamzon co. By 400 Jay mandate or. So. A 60 dr., s. Yer clean vie w Arcalia i by. House Ito t uu1. Ixl no Usta. By mod. Duplx. Adults. Aria. By 3-643? s. 3-u7ll. Madre ii Kildale or. 7-Br. House. Screened Palo. 6. 1 . In cart. 15tth Celia . Water pal. Sierra Madre 1 or. Air condition. . . Built in Iwanok. Chili to Colorado. Sierra Madre Gold or Dalton 2 . Ajr conj., nil elec. Crepes i erupt is furn Lihtz Laurel View apts. So k. Laurel. Al 5-s248 All. 1200 n Altadena 3 by. Home like apts. Filc. Din. Pm. Is. Reaa. Ring it d my Alta school. 05 Oion 2022 amp rein. Cd 6-6as7 Ain Active 1-stove 1973 Al Bereno Musy my 1o3g9. U1tv 2 . Home i v of. Or . Area 3-2-Halh. Elec is. Nylon carpet. 13100 Down. Yunck by 6-3114 my Orange Grove Lake area duplex White cum cod with upper am lower Unlue. Living room on firs floor is 3ft it loan Wuh Tau Tiff covered 8m til lol with Choli . 21.500. Garn5ey 2 by. Fam. Pm. Din. Pm. Com Zleit work shoo. Utterly Elia i inn inside. Low Down. Only ill Nio. So of Del mar e. Of a this will be lie Len Thompson by to Haj f civic Center Brand 1-Bk apis. J ool All Fife theft Forsu 285 Of Kan 2 by s for families Btl. Cd. Kit. Ider do. San Marino ave. or. Orang prov to by. Rear cottage 302 k. Volta so by kit. House Pallo. Rar Wist a rape or. Schools. Water pm. Small re Rel. Near Humen ton it its Mead Jho at mod. 2 Br., tile Bath. In Cater. Ul1l Ixl. . Marc blvd. Area s7c. Lovely 1 . Front. Tranes euro diin., e1t3rc. 31 k. Tulit far 1 by. 2 . Entrances. A try. Radii. 1a Ali him Tault . Single 1 . Air w1 hot in oar ratios Cpl. 244 so. Al children of _ 2 car ear. Avail not 1st. Refs. Req. At Altadena by. New Jav dec. By 9-770s iatujfin1 . Ave. G1 or. 1 us. Ss5. Arfi Illa. No Pels. By aha. By 4-324s after b. Ac1ikt.or psf. Lull. Pm. So. Pat i 7-1151 by Summit maybe i.e53 set flown re put. Only a Nice 4-ii of in. Ludlo in Lee. Mullio Ift Lex Tler so 4-7169 East Pasadena spot pm 2-Br. Or. a Woolf. R-1 Iju. Rooni for another unit. In. Soft Filli my co. So s-4iji realtor so by West Pasadena r2 3 Br., 2 extra Nice properly. Valura Wood Kitchen. Can be used a la Home by 7-im r. Jack Redford so realtor from Coli Lille Church. Venetian self tits. Fluorescent splits. Ilent. Pasadena or. High Benoto about 1000 Al. Lire Kitchen Atli tue Neal Cleao. By. Garden Apt. 5so. Knack Louif n n Lei ave. Ref after cd it a Den a it rina., 2 b.k., par., Frol. Cd. Job a. By on Lex. 1 by. Nur airy. 2 tots of. In did. Tale. I blk. Duplex near Newt Cuiffi of. I67.m 685-6s7 Santa is. By 5-4x77. By Beich mt., desert 1955 Fox Ridge or. If Host for tour Mon i if open 2 5 i sat. realty co. By by Al so. Orange Grove svxs3.msb heated up. Una. I t a Rcpt Islip f. 731 foothill blvd. 6-rm. Apt. By. Paia Tinb by Yurn. Or unfurl. S125. No . Win Lei Lovy 3 Rorr a a. Sort furn Turt. ,169 Hudson 1 . Pm. It ill the. A . Ranee of. Pasadena 2 be Al. Garitt. Or. Chu rhex. Or hoopla it Florin. By fi-3521 1 2 and will Caj Vel Levit Whipple or 8-0557 92s e. or. Freo 1 by. New cnt., Unith a.1r tile a no. 2, Villa and Alta or. Al 2-b.k. Tor. Fenced Yard. A or sea pm i i of. Cd Mark. 2 House. Walmir i child of. Iss. I 7-30s7 or Al. Let us sell rent or manage lease or Corr your property we screen tenants eare Fitler Hawkins realty business Industrial try open til sold 950 k. Kirra Ronita Ilaff Ufali. Beautiful Tiro Nihoul must of of Beautiful Laker it or i by draft. Small Den fireplace. Carpet Lnor pcs. Lisle. Assumption. Inter 0 a. Lulf face. Btl Buoi a terrific 1 to. Free rent deum Are Adan 1 . J90. By allowance. Arcadia ooh medallion de lust aps. 2 bctlrmi., a Orr Hap poo carrots Pii. Up 4 my. E. Of Oil email . H of he Nilor Lon. Ill b-os1 Tot Orfil preferred. Modern Al so Naples or 1 it 2 btrlrmj., to Slove a ref ref. N. Orange by 1-512 rival e Piatra. Sta e. Pels drapes inn nor Sto Taice car nirl. Adults 009 so. 2ni el., 3-rm. Rear Housa a cd. Part mils. Part rent Foyd. Work. By s-521 san Clotil 2-Br. A Den. 2 Haloj 2 Sci. J200. By mar san Gabriel Small i in cottage Alove or trip. Elsp. Nis Lojia Ai 3 collies on premises. S75 by Rafte 2 in k. Sierra Madre. . Late my Fern a High. Pro Volc mild of. Al. I27.10 so i Arriener trash pm. Garb disc. Arc Artu. I it 296 Oakland in carpet. Ennd. Ronve re Folk. Clip uni try. Oar. Pool adults. By Home or. Ilia tunes Keir. No pet s. At nov. Lit. By Down . Oak Knoll District in be built on covered total prick j69.500 my i-01so Day so in. Vacant owner wants action so Davidson so 4-om jt7000 i school 3 ., Den 2 a fireplace. Covered a buy at 119. So. Pooh terms Champlin rally. By 8-6776 clean 1 . Duplex. 2 Bolha or. Schoo s by for m1sa Cona found yet Carpel drop. In put 01. Bale. 410 5 run. Rear Home on Small lot or p if Oaks tool. Loc. By 12-4 Yacant-800 Rio Grande from Lake near trans 2 Maik Tatj. 3 . Good con Tell ton. Best if ref. By 3-.ss50 j. Cook re r-5s6 Lombaroo Pasadena open 1-4 fenced. My. Bus. Syst. M com l space aval Ubu. In rial chop s. . Your Down instalments 1428 Adults Proval Patio. Carpet. Draft mar. 12ji e. Brand 2 by apts pro. Pallor. Or. 2 p from for. Rear Louic. Carpool. Us Pri. J75. Temple City. At . Mod. Al Van Din 2 by. A last ice use. Gar. Close to a Hooli Shoppe nor. At 37h per Uashti Coli ice 1 . Ellis. 2 caul Lichtlen on following Page f place your and at the front counter a jul. Stove. Refer mfr. Orit. S50 to Central. Mourn run or. Everything. Al. 8-8337 by. Apt. 2. Lower Fonh. Ire closets. 413 . Al by h-20b4--3y by. Hie. Newly Rise Pralel. 2540 e. Colo. Stolfi blk. 31cw in. It. For set in a 2.6s1s a. A Rnlu-1n . Adults in Mentor 3y 4-rm. It Ortr fill Rat Allna. 8y to. Includes my t water. . By 2-35fi Miry a ca5it 35. An 2-25h 2 i by owner spen thur., sit. Sun 2 Baths Inlet in kill Anthony Pool. estate acre in the cily 3 bus fall pm. A Wpm Pool i Lar fee. Pfay grounds s5 500. Co. By 2-419 2 1 by Sierra Madre 2-Br end garbage clip. Oven in l a 2- 490 a s75, Hill offices 4500 so. F 35c includes Veryln in will this you must see of pole. 1 2 Bil j Grove Apt. Enhance to d re kill Avail soon mrs. Amos i til Tor. 3y 2 by upper duplex Tull by. N. Oakland . 2 Foft i con temp. J7s to what you lose carrying a vacancy rent rent rent rent rent Ren or live no ii vote at 263 h b. Rose Mead. Pasa. A cond. Steaki. A Slot. Of rooms. 2 Den. Pool of Civ Warden. Dead end steel. 147.509. For vacant a Saav terms convenient to Trana a 1 by. Mio Myrtlen aft. Mint in Range. W w Carpel. Hrapla. Lisp. To. 3y i we j7s7" att Isact it Rorr pd., . or. Lake Colo 1-bit. Ret we her. Dryer Carper to k. Ellaan. S-83p modern contemporary 1 Bertrm ant. 170. 727 Kariam St. By 1 stores or office up to Al. Of War a fat ilf3 by Mil by 3-20s French Normandy Rutx Law had scared once fit Rakarr. In f. St 5-1111 r. K. s Cutie 1926 Summit 1 Rita to Plocke 2 . If Rutht for Rounitz. Small o Cav to maintain. Phil Sov by Rithma i tiper am. Of Colorado do top. Int in r. 1-Br., ept. Modern office bldg. Left from 300-1200 f Ilo it ocl. My. 1 broker to of Toi wish to 6y owner 1 by. Larrt lev. Pm. So. Pasa. 2 by. A enl. Ioc. Artl Llu. By Ija att Rae. Room a 1 hr., Picu 8t 3 . Sorrie or. To. Barsc. Kill answer inc to Tiv. I ass ritr3. A 1 by by 7-531 l my 5.000 or 10 jew f l pow r Loc. By 5-s3i7 my. 1iobn n loss Roth of a is or. . S-si80. T. Hullit . 3 a lint in. Sep. Pm. by rms refer or. Dato. By i n ropers a rum. Since nil Penn. In. Pry. Of. 2 bile of to 1 tfoom., pm Reva . 2-up. Syah. To s . It . M 1. Rrt Riu Hurtjr Dollci 11 non sour Dir dial by 6-031 for my Ith. Paid tajik it by St s-sm7. Al. I 4 u or him Willit Law. Ii 6-431 0 live Janet for so i inc . Bulk uni. Atus e. Al la. ,108-a

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