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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 25, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLaugh Ana the world laughs with you the beit tvs my comic books had them for Ovek a but i m not through with them yet Vou la have to leave your gun for Deposit so i know Tou la return them will Yam i m going to think up a great invention Well How about loaning my some of yours til you Are something did t work out eight Tell me Why win a a Luato probe. Send Ymir question name address an to Tell me Why care of this paper. The Bri pc Mulca Junior. 15-volume encyclopedia for school and Home will be awarded for the letter selected. In the Case of duplicate questions the author of Tell a will select the Winner. Sam Hill Ever thing i invent keeps Pekin Lukea the guv who thought up that one was Lucky i was t around to beat him to it i it alts Ity George lets try . Justas Mokay Type Simbir turn the pad-1betcha he knows his Way Koump every Nook w cram of this House what is a calorie nowadays it seems every body is watching their Calo there Are even restau rants which print the number of calories each dish contains right on the menu to under stand what a calorie is and i the part it plays in our let s Start with the subject of nutrition in general. Today science is still not Able to explain exactly How a cell transforms food into Energy. We just know it happens. And we also can t explain Why the cell in the body needs cer Tain foods and not others in order to function properly. We do know that food is broken Down in our body by combining with oxygen. We might say it is burned up like fuel. Now the was we measure the work a fuel does is by Means of calories. A Gram calorie is the Amo Birtt of heat required to raise the temperature of one Gram of water 1 degree centigrade. The Large calorie is times As great. In measuring the Energy value of food we usually use the Large each Type of food As it Burns furnishes a cer Tain number of calories. For in stance one Gram of protein furnishes 4 calories but one Gram of fat furnishes 9 Cal ories. The body does t care which fuel is used for by As Long As it gets enough of that Energy from food to maintain life. The amount of Ufa mles the body needs Dejml Jite on the work the body 13. Doing. For example a Man weighs about 150.pounds needs Only calories per Day if in a state of absolute rests if he does moderate work such As desk work this jumps to calories Rie Day. And it he does a Caver Tvorik he May need As much As calories Day to keep the body fun who he not. Ace not deceived it works. But the. The Honor of being first woman x ride in or of by cat Allen Tat says she has ehrs Uke a Fox and eyes in the Back of her my cart 00 to school with Tad -27 your stars by Rita Delmar Swiss peach by Mell Start your birthday party now. Ira she Cave you Candy for thirty children Opin t she your Mother said it was Okay. Did t she he changed his mind. Promised did t you lace Warren Tufts mom Youcha Ngep s the furniture Puzzle of Fife Day by saj1ukl k. Fiegner _ properly. Children need More calories than adults since older peo ple can t Burn up the fuel As quickly. Interestingly enough Ive use up More calories in Winter than in summer. The Normal fuels of the body Are carbohydrates starch and sugar. Suppose however we take in More fuels than we need the body uses up what it needs and stores Someji of it away for future use. Therp body can store away one third of the amount it needs each Day. What Hap pens to the rest it becomes i fat and that s Why we watch our fun time the Riddle Box 1. What runs and runs but never walks has a Tongue but never talks 2. What roams through the streets during the Day and sits under your bed at night and gapes for your Bones 3. When is a Man like a Snake 4. When is a boy like Pony 5. What has a hand but can t scratch itself answers 1. A Wagon. 2. Your shoes. 3. When rattled. 4 when he is a Little hoarse. 5. A clock. Did you know did you know that the High est Waterfall is the world is in j Venezuela it is called Angel Falls and has a total drop of feet the highest water fall in the United Stales is the ribbon Falls in Yosemite Park. California. It has a drop of feet. When you add the lower part of Yosemite Falls to it the total drop is feel across 1 Island. Fli if. Naval 5 i Nark Nonio 8 in met 14 Bruin child 13 South american River Lyl composed in or rate 37 wins 10 21 sir Rewt 2ft unum 27 suf to is to russian or it is ill Hirant i Cut of or Ronnie 37 shr Wrt 48 Timil it Llor fit Grimord my Fullr Konsti in cult i Hal is .15 perforated in Ltd in s7 i Raml Cio lir moral nit b i rare Val work unit smooth lion. Fis Scot River fill Abl s in liar Pic v 1 Isle loss 2 sch Row in nah 3 Horny loan a s intr rest Llor .1 or Turr 6 tit jacks Sny. 7 i Lin h p remit solution to vim Cortny in Cullari Slanc manipulate though not in fart 28 Sharp 29 the grape r. C. To Ranf in author. Jim lonely 33 individual to i m is kurd cloth 411 i Lloil is Ruff 43 struck null Duole 45 iter hard Straim porm 4fl unman 47 ill Rmer 4ft Call for a Kiihr or try it i Lvir .1.% it mind so Mill stir ,1h kor. Vol Reno .1ft i no Rajih 03 Uulu note Senrt your tricks riddles or Puz to me Why give your name Ace anal address. A of two Brett Alful picture books Diot Lon Irv. Or Atlas Wii be rewarded for in Teri each week. Why we say ire let s Zee if to can Jeff Conn Peter Hoffman i Hope what i think about Russ 15 True Hope the police throw him in jail for funny Little Sal that Teddy Hawkins heh heh. I think she really likes me kiss a Cham j. Inifi Fofi Mortimer i want to prove slow if mix wire s get ecu to the Hospital fast curly Kaye Sam left i la put a Stop that Romance p d q i Tom. I see a want t Book Mike Mason for a bout Here in Chicago next week sure sure you re on Gimme a fistful of change pal. I gotta make a Lon i distance operator Gimme the Ajax Boxin club a in Chicago. Wow now vol busted w train of thought of us. Friday Lor everyone make Progress in connection with practical matters finances and belongings. This Day can be stimulating to action and accomplishment. Get an Early Start and maintain a steady Pace for Best results. Aries March 21 to april 19 slow in no business mat ters or affairs of the heart keep schedules flexible. Taurus april 20 to May 20 on joint matters. Try to Clear away your own and those owed you. Accept diplomacy. Gemini May 21 to june 20 be sympathetic rather than impatient. Make adjustments readily. Do your part. Cancer june 21 to july 22 interests involving work service health. Make gains in practical ways. Loo july 23 to aug. Seek to realize objectives to old evening. Get romantic mat ters on a More satisfactory basis. Virgo aug. 23 to sept. Active in connection with fundamental issues. Gain assistance from the Home folks. Libra sept. 23 to oct. 22 meet others Halfway to reach understandings. Listen to what they have to say. Scorpio oct. 23 to nov. 21 work to Advance timely monetary interests and in crease Worth of belongings. Sagittarius nov. 22 to dec. The support of folks nearby bring personality into play. Seek to overtake goals. Capricorn dec. 22 to Jan. Be off by yourself to real ize headway. An impersonal attitude will help. Aquarius Jan. 20 to feb. Make gains in ventures involving friends others to mid evening. Forward Hopes aspirations. Pisces feb. 19 to March 20 be in touch with superiors to fortify your standing. Ambitions should be forwarded. Planning Good for entertaining sociability Etc oct. 26, 27, 31 nov. 4, 7. Words wit Wisdom by William Morris Tongue puzzlers Here Are a couple of puzzlers among writes a Waterbury conn., Reader. If you pronounce de Cay As Deh Kay. Why Don t you pronounce decadence As sch Kay Dence it seems to me i always hear Dek evidence. Also if the word client is pronounced Kly unt Why is clientele said As Klee in Tel please Clear these up for it appears to me that your problem is largely regional for in new England and cer Tain parts of the South you May hear pronunciations that differ from those generally found in the rest of the coun try. That s because Many speakers deliberately or unconsciously affect what they believe to be a British pronunciation. Such pronunciations As Toh Mah Toh for to us Gayn for and Eye ther for either Are often heard in these areas though they Are virtually unknown in the rest of the land. Similarly most americans do say Kly in Tel when pronouncing clientele. And most americans do say Deh Kay dance rather than Dekuh dance. But the person who says Dekuh Denis for decadence is not wrong for quite a few americans do the same and most dictionaries enter it As an alternative pronunciation. And if the pronunciation Klee in Tel is still pretty much restricted to designers and peo ple in the High fashion trades just possibly it May in time sift Down to enough Ordinary Folk to warrant inclusion in future word books. It s my writes Ace Richman of Wheeling w. Va., that the word war1 s h n u i d be pronounced to rhyme with par1 and car is this pronunciation accept sorry or. Richman. Hut All authorities agree that War rhymes with for or in certain parts of the South a pronunciation somewhat Ilka woh us May be heard but for the country at Large the War rhymes with bore pro is Standard. Mutt not save our ship sos does not mean save our 1 the j Wir Clrk distress signal in i Mil in but i simply rollers Hixson i him Niino hey were on Long to transmit by Morse code. Pir a never gives up mrs. Hugh Taylor of Irv int ii n.j., has been Blind for seven years. With mag Gie her Boxer dog guide she does All her own housework lit and holds Down a full time Job As Secretary. In the latter Job she types stencils and transcribes dictation from a tape recorder. Red Heads Black mid while Are the usual colors of woodpeckers some have n red Mark on Jhc head

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