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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 25, 1957, Pasadena, California1s-Thi Ink Nunt. Huday. Otoki to raw from Las vegas joining Ann Sothern and Sammy Davis or. On the first of Abc specials from Las family affair Pat Covay Star of Abc s new Tombstone territory series is a grandson of fran vegas nov. 16 will be Jaynel Cis x. Bushman one of the Mansfield Tony Randall and movies first great matinee Mickey Hargitay. Idols. To i it Hay channels and stations knit 5 Kola 8 .kfm8 11 a Tiv Krca 7 Kab 9 Khz to 13 cop note o indicates color program. Daytime report Dave Garroway us this Day farm report Pacific cosmopolitan tac dough of life for tomorrow could be you am Light miss Brooks Jinx show to reduce Milani Cronkite news the world turns Miller show c the. Clock cartoons Linkletter s House party Groom big payoff theater out of the frying pan room hero shoppers verdict is yours woman s diary John brighter Day hate afternoon for a Day storm the Law -1280 of night romances at 1 movie private Secretary Gardiner movie Wheeler dramas or consequences Moore Francis show and police Calls Jarvis Florian Zabac Hunt Laine v Little Margie wanted Price is right movie bandstand Martin 2-strike it Rich John bar Rymare or. 00 the Black Paul Kelly 4 girl of my Donald Woods. Marguerite Chapman Jeff Donnell press the clergy Tom Wade those cosmic rays too hot to handle that s the name of the movie co starring Clark Gable and Myrna toy which will be televised tonight on a Tiv 11 at 8. The adventure Story also features Leo Carrillo Walter Pidgeon Marjorie main and Virginia Medler there s plenty of action in this Story of newsreel camera men and their daredevil exploits around the world. Movie j. Bennett you Trust your wife Rogers Whitting Hafl serials c movie Stout Gil Stratton Clete Roberts news. Gale Kerwin is. Johnny Busso Oakley. Express Ward news Edwards news lizards it to Beaver Hugh Beaumont Barbara Billingsley Tony Dow Jerry Mathers the haircut Martyn news court the Wolf rider gunpoint Barber baiter sports Purman news crackdown Easton Texas Latham news. Sergeant flight to eternity re run focus rascals Story. Sinclair paint co., la. Hank Weaver and sports Daly Grey theater proud woman Jack Mcelroy and 7 seas Brave Nomad 7-Rin tin tin silent service starfish came Home Adams and eve suspension of last resort you had a million Bowie House divided 11-movie of stars bitter parting of Riley we. Bendix assign Mcnol Gautier Castle time Legarde twins mouse club of the atom Ted Meyers Latham news Brundige Fidler nighttime Munsel show of Century Nate Champion lineup Warner an Derson Tom Tully Missin crime Case Case of the cosmic Ray Garde twins show Sinatra show that Hogan Man movie to person Edward r. Murrow visits Joey Adams Chas h. Goren with the Angels Box jury Fairbanks or. Presents a train to the sea 4n a time to die Putnam news Coates Roberts news perilous crossing Duggan news 9--news sports Coates hit movie Latham news Amsterdam Pat Mcguinness Ward news show find my murderer coast Jamboree Hearn sports Duggan Jack Paar movie movie 4-Swine shift widow makes big Chi Wfong a and show us thu Day John Crosby humor with a punch just when i was beginning to give Way to Despai at the Way television has abandoned itself to blandness Steve Allen opened his show last sunday with a Wile and wicked thrust at the Mike Todd shenanigans a Madison Square Garden. Without bothering with credits or Billing Allen simply launched into what he called the run around in 90 min the guests Are really hav ing at each Jie shouted. And then there were pictures of charioteer racing around trying to kill each other. After that came live scenes of revel lers shoving each other around. There s Lovely Ginger Rog said a Stooge. Are you enjoying the Well i think said miss Rogers and was instantly Cut off. A More shots of revellers shoving each other about stealing food from each other. A shot of a Little cake with one Candle on it. That s a great big cake. A family of six is Liv ing in said or. Allen. S it went for six minutes. Rea rough raucous mean Low Down contemporary Humola and i loved it. Not necessarily because of the subject Matte or. Todd got his lumps from All sides and now can be let u for because ther is so Little of this form of so Cial comment on the air any More. The Allen show was full o it. The next item on the. Agenda was a rather Savag kidding of the introduction o a new car. A pointed thrust a the Navy Edsel i guess. Part o this was a satire on All Ca commercials which dwelt extensively on those terrible civil defense notice to be informed when sirens sound tune the radio dial to 640 or 1240 kilo cycles. Radio Friday networks Abc Kab lbs Knox mss Khi Nic Kif Lac 570 Khz 930 Kef a 1230 Ger kf1 40 a feb 980 a pc 1240 Kau 1430 710 pop 1030 Gil 1260 Zurit lit. Kibo 740 Knox .1070 Fox 1280 Kab 790 Ixia 1110 Kwiw 1300 pol 1s40 Kiev Erkd 1150 fac 1330 Dat 1510 Anu. Whittin Ghyll news. Mccoy Hemingway Pat Bishop Fred Beck 15 daytime Kmic Knox Khz Kif Kab news. Eng. breakfast gang hit the Road 30 . Fred Beck Kab Khz Kif n news Frank Gobi 49 . Harry Babbitt Kif Knox Knox news. B. Greene Khz Pat Bishop . Bob Crane Cliff Engle news u5 . Fred Beck hit the Road 15 . Knox Khz Kif. Kab Kab news Khz. Knox business Newt Kmic 25 sports sport Lutea 30 . News Kab. Kif Kmic Khz Rose. Clooney Bible 35 . Garden Bob Grant 15 . Howard Miller Andy. Virginia news Kab . Wendy Warren Knox break fast club Kab learning ways Khz 05 . Virginia Kif George Crowell Khz 15 backstage Wile earning ways ill Lelen Trent Norma Vounce ladles Day Knox Khz Kab Knox Knox Kif Knox Khz Knox Khz Kif . Out Gal sunday Knox . News Ira Cook Kmic Herb Anderson Kab Nora Frakt Kif Khz Knox 11kj3 . A Perkins . Or. Malone George Crowell . Road of life i . Khz Knox Knox Khz news news . Beat record my True Story Yahnel Heatter Khz Kif Kif right happiness Knox . George Crowell Khz . 2nd mrs. Burton Knox Queen for a Day Khz . Art Baker strike it Rich . Pat Buttram Knox news Pat Bishop Kif noon news Khz Kab Kif Knox Bill Kenneally farm report . Cedric Foster n. Mcninch Paul Harvey Calif. Agric. mild. Younger Art pm Letler local de Hart . Record album . News. Ira Cook Kmic Arthur Godfrey Knox Khz Knox Kif Khz Knox Kab Kif Kab Knox Kif Khz Kif Jim Beeves news . George Crowell Kab Kif George Crowell Khz five Star matinee Kif woman in House Kif Kif Kab Khz . Pepper Young Jim Backus . News p.j1. Jim Backus Kab Bob tree Khz news Kif . George Crowell Khz feminine touch Kif news Crowell Ruth Ashton Khz Knox one Man s family Kif or Gentry . Kif Kab radio l. A. . Philip Norman Knox news. J. Grant Kmic Gabriel meaner Khz news Kif Hank Weaver Kab . George Crowell Khz Dick Sinclair so. Kif . Matinee Knox Lyn Hollywood Khz Khz . Here s answer pah. Fulton Lewis or. Khz Dave Shaw news Kif . Burnt Wheeler Cpl. Hemingway Khz Knox shakespearean authority or. Frank Baxter shares top Billing with actor Richard Carlson tonight when they appear in the strange Case of the cosmic rays on Krca 4 at 9. The production is another one of those scientific educational stories that Frank Capra so adeptly directs. Or. Baxter plays or. Re search and Carlson is fic Tion and the two re late scientists investigations of the cosmic Ray mystery to a Board of judges who Are try ins to select the Best Detec Tive Story of the Century. The three judges Are Edgar Allen Poe Charles Dickens and Feedor Dostoevski a presen de by puppets designed by by and Cora Baird. These Pup pets listen to the cosmic a Story and give their decision at the program s end. The remainder of the show is comprised of animated cartoons documentary films and still pictures used by the two humans to Tell the cosmic Story. All this sounds reasonable interesting except for Thos blasted puppets. Keep the Little monsters on daytime kids shows and i think most adult would be very grateful. Frank Sinatra s show his evening is a half hour drama that Hogan on Point of Law Feilo test Khz . Arthur Godfrey the surface Khz ests they put cars through in front of our very eyes. It was pretty crude Tough humor but it had Point. It had a reason for existing. It had immediacy a word i Haven t heard Tor some time now. Following this miss Ginger lovers did a Fine parody of Al the popular chanteuse your Ever saw. While this was quite a immedi Tefas the Edse or the Todd party it was Rea mean and i liked it. Too much Moor today sounds As if i iad been cleared with All the arties involved to be sure no Jne s feelings get Hurt. After lies get through laundering tall vitality Point and Wil Las disappeared. Politeness is All very Well in drawing room but it has lit be place in a joke. Jokes Are y nature impolite. Freshness dds a great Defel of Potency of. I Haven t quite worked out mathematics of the thing Utas a rough equation the St sputnik joke was about eighteen times funnier than Leone last night. One of British television s of stars the Duke of Edin urge passed through town ils week and in Honor of the occasion Abc to ran the restless an hour Long documentary on the Geo phys Al year narrated by his Gness. This particular ast was a smash in England and for very Good reason. For one thing Philip is he very Model of a Public Ervant handsome authoritative suave knowledge Able. He talked about the geophysical year As if he d Leen lecturing on the sub act All his life. The language without los g any scientific precision As matter of fact and earthy. And 93 million Miles away e Sun shines and everything he said at one Point. There was a sweeping Sim icily about everything he Aid. Speaking of the Earth he blared i think it s Best that e Start inside and work out first seismology science of of Kab to 7 at 9. Frank por trays the title role in the Story of a Bachelor taxi Driver who attempts to bring up two adopted French kids. Patrice Munsel s show which precedes Sinatra s at on Kab to will have Cyril Ritchard As her guest to night. The two do a take off on a visit to a planet the current Broadway play in which Ritchard stars. Douglas Fairbanks or. Re turns this evening with the first local run of his series on knit at 10. First program Story is a train to movies today 12 noon 5 big Otto Kruger. Pm 7 the Sidney Toler. Pm 2 lady mid Richard Den Ning Frances bad ferry. Pm 5 trial of the Broderick f Crawford Andy Devine. Pin 9 once upon m Ginger Rogers Gary Grant. Pm 2 Cain and Clark Gable Marion Davies. Pm 4 Jeffrey Lynn Angelica Hart. Pm 13 the Devil and Daniel Walter Huston Edward Arnold James Craig. Pm 9 my favorite Irene Dunne Cary Grant. Pm 11 too hot to Clark Gable Myrna Loy Walter Pidgeon. Pm 9 Mary of Scot Katharine Hep Burn Frederic March. 13 the Ray Milland Rita Gam. Pm Devil dogs of the James Cagney Pat o Brien Margaret in Nosey. Pm 11 Good june Allyson Peter Lawford. Pm 2 margin for Milton Berle Joan Bennett. Pm 7 music Freddie Stewart. Am 5 underground am 2 they came by will Fyffe Phyllis Calvert. Am 11 Good 2nd to he sentimental account of couple s second honeymoon. and professional gunman to work on her father s ranch. Edward r. Murrow visits Nora Swinburne Are the comic Joey a dams and his wife tends while the the Host. Hedy Lamarr stars in a Western drama on Dick pow Goren. Ell s Zane Grey theater at tonight on knit the teleplay u proud with Hedy As an Independent Gal who unknowingly hires a Cindy on person to person at . On knit plus Bridge expert Charles h. Advertisement want to get Back to sleep counting sheep is useless. So Are most of the by experts. But in november Reader s digest you la learn one 3 a. M. Method which works every time or this author. How to play a Little game called a minister s you la find there s More than one Way to skin it get the november Reader s digest at Newsstands today 33 stimulating articles to in sure livelier Best from leading magazines and books condensed to save you time. Film mum rms 12 colors 27 tuts n it my half. Easily installed with Ordinary tools. Coma in or Complete installation instructions and details. By 7-1159 free Sheffield carving set with Steak knives with the Purchase of any new or used to from. 29 Jaycee St 945 e. Colorado by 6-9871 Sam Hayes . Local Bob Greene Kif Khz nighttime " . . News j. Grant Kmic sports. Weather Kab s news Kab Sam Hayes Khz i serenade . Khz Ter a bit of seismology sol much for the inside. Now for he said crisply. Electric dryer close out Price formerly 229.95 of Pasadena by 3-3179 Pasadena s oldest and largest Maytag shop 509 e. Walnut Corner of Oakland obviously. We re waiting for our new 1958 Lincoln tonight Channel 4, . A say with news. Weather news palladium in these places were he jumped easily from outer space to the Antarctic to Vesuvius in Italy to the top of the Alps in Switzerland kanc acting As if the science he was Knox Khz h Murrow Bill Brundies 15 . News h rho Max Kkt Paul Harvey Karl news pc Khz Cargill Alcott Knox Weaver sports Kab . Pat Bishop Sid Fuller Tom Harmon Cliff Engle . Traffic tunes Shaw. News people in news Kab tune table . Pm. A. Vanryt Elcook Bill Haworth news Knox _ Kif Kab Knox Khz Khz Kif Anderson. News Karc Frank Goss Knox Meliv 9 masters . News Khz sports sports cavalcade Kif sports Kim t Bill Kemp ecly Morgan news 05 Queen s men sports report Merv Griffin . Baseball counterspy Robt. Q. Lewis Man on the go . Art Baker . News . Kofl Khz Knox Kif . News Kif Kab Knox Jack Wagner Khz Joy forever Kif Sav with music Kab Hanlon. Sports Knox . Music Khz dance time Kmic Thini ailed use Kif Bill Brunt Lue Khz behind Story Khz news beat Kab Lowell 1 Home Knox . Bill Stewart Kmic sports report Kif Hickman. Sports Knox William Winter Kab Virgil Pinkley . Amos v Andy Khz news Rusty Draper Morgan Beatty . Luc pc world Kif Khz Phlaf Norman Kab . Kif i Al Poska show . Knox Knox Kif nets. Music Melody Lime world tonight . 6th army band Kif . Eric seen read Knox Khz Kif Knox news Khz. Knox news. Sports Kif . Merry go round Knox . Music till Down Knox Al Post show Kif dance time Kmic pah. Jack Rourke Hen Side of Day Knox part of the intellectual equip Khz ziment of any educated Man. He it All seem marvellously and interest . I m afraid i can t say the same for the platform style of i his wife. Her majesty has Gotzl bad notices in Britain in this of department and i m for Good reason. The message and the prose style both work i of someone else Are so hopelessly without _ distinction that i doubt that in Jany actress could do much Kif i with them. The delivery which is ice cold might thaw out bit if Hep majesty got a new writer. Milt Laudeman Mon Agar Fine used cads trucks in heals service All makes. Etc truck Dot. Truck Insp citation Engin his Orrin w. Fox East Colorado by 3 reduce and relax stauffer Home reducing machines for rent per Day Call Normandy 5.8745 edit Wood 8.36411 Kif Hihl enc stations Biol ills kits sll.3. a cow Aii in . . Thurs Al us . Mori. In kvc1 l Lamri ,.1-Ri . Lalov kkim.113.6. A . In k . Almly Al l in i Lilly. Krill pm .tl.l. Miri in Mil Nizni Kilm a. To i 11.m Dally ka1jc i m noon to run Nikki Khaki tally Kwiec pm lib 7. Ii . In Iii . Sun. To p 24 hours Hilly h7.ft. . Ilon. Sal . To 12 .Dally Kfhii-ns.7. . To u dully 7-10 . Holly 8 to Mann Lam Jilly 1-9 pm. Really 2 noun dully 2 lion 03 of 7 . It m . To old Liht diff Dally k to 10 . Old night 3-11 . Dller t Otto Kbma-.105.9. 2i Houri it by. Five new shows for a 10-week period Start ing oct. 28, Abc s educational 6 to . Mondays through fridays will present five new program series the International Geo physical Yii year. Mathematics with Clif ton Parliman Art As inspired Why the greek myths the Story of Man resources and Civili and a study of the executive Branch of the Federal government. To service prompt expert service within the hour Call by 7-4920 Home service Call includes All labor in tha Home six month on All parti replaced. Complete serv Lre on All Makei and Mandeli. Every tube checked in your Home Mercury to service by 7-4920 open from. 8 . To it . Alio open Sal 8un. A Holiday the strange Case of the cosmic rays a fascinating scientific detective Story As you read this dozens of cosmic rays from outer space Are striking this Page. Where do cosmic rays come from How did we find out about them see the strange Case of the cosmic rays tonight starring or. Frank Baxter and Richard Carlson. Produced by Frank Capra. Third in the widely acclaimed series that brought you our or. And Hemo the in full color and Black and White Pacific Telephone

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