California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1961, Page 23

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 24, 1961, Pasadena, California a v by Johnny Hart Cra Dratt John in fit Irot of sort it a factory Daddo tire Imdan am i Zaeff Kutncy fit Torly Thriff Jiva boy your fairy god Folma Wyo rom Load of Hinam. when of Industry if Miflin to Argow my Idini or Fri Bujiro Eismen discussing my elicit Ivy plan on Cornyn in glided of applet so did f Fudy int o afoul to of aug till tic 01 if was inc nah Onali a thai very Woric Wos done work Wos my miss fast Doha Tuhoy oct. 14, it 41 i by this of tuition of yours to Kaboush school. 15 the Vost ripiculou5 thins i vib 6vcr seen school 0o4kd wll uw6h and lau6h Arp throw it in the waste Basket o Thi Wyatts Wash your sue winners Coati by it will be by the time they Eer a Khounp to washing Abbie and slats to Raeburn Van Buran keep away from they know judo win Yum by Gerard private eyes is a big noose Knop in Booty. Moot Teh Miles i Mlemch Aarow town i Road. 1 a think i cow a watch the recognize me rep remember. Wat Over keep on a customer. 00 Ferne c. Temporally the Berrys by Carl i Jeff Cobb by Peter Hoffman that s right Cobbs arranged a working Date Forvour tonight with. Colleen Jones Shell Gam Herthe Day off to . Preparations .cab29. P. dido get miss Jones at Pierre s Beauty 5tratsht 2 David cran1 by Creig Flessel Seamon on Bridge by Michael sea ton lire master Puy of slam is it stand no nonsense. North 0 aq3 z Oaks 0 a a 4 3 2 Weil 5 8 6 5. 0 j 87 086 ak87 East 07 .9 10 94 2 0 j 10 95 q j 10 9 South k j 104 q 63 a7 6543 bidding East 10 z h 4s so fill. Past pass pail North s bidding seems slightly unorthodox but it did serve one marked North with a Singleton club and that enabled South to contract for a slam with surety. North s original rebid o two hearts could have been made with a worse hand than North had As a matter of fact we feel that three hearts s much better. Of course a simple re bid of four Spades would have met requirements. For my part i have Only admiration for South s bid of Spades because he apparently knew that North had we must admit that we did no know that until we had seen North s cards. The of he Ilam is very simple but any nonsense on Declarer s part would have Een rewarded by his being ated in six Spades. West made Lis Normal Lead of the King of clubs and East signalled for switch to a major suit by growing the Queen. West to a part. Declarer von the heart in his hand with he Queen and led a second club which he ruffed in Dum my. A Diamond was cd to the Ace in the South hand and a Hird club was trumped in the Ace of Spades was cashed and the Queen of Spades was played from Dummy. Declarer overtook with his King and then pulled West s remain no Trumps As he threw Dum my s two Small diamonds. Dummy was now High and the defenders conceded. By the Way would All of you have arrived at six Spades North had Rabid four Spades Over your initial response of one Spade you should have Dver four Spades South should bid again and his Only Bic would be five diamonds. That bid in itself would entitle had North to Gamble out a Spade slam so if you bid five diam ends you Are did your duty. We a Mew that fay., and every thing is Goth id be i.-1. Did t what i was doing mp.cwe-. Orphan Annie by Harold Gray Well the a flyers Hwe Shirr up of about bloodstained up fisc . Pieces q notes i Ivd have made you great headlines them cracks was who would 1 Ever it sure knocked off the fort have been a pretty Cut pad Cape Wou Lont it specially in they Cal track them g notes to Vout Mutt and Ai Smith did you catch and fish mister Thev re not hungry what Vou feeding them Freddy by Rupe you see Cooley is nifty new of ticket ctn t wipe rivets by George six a Leam to play better Bridge. Send for the leaflet Tomor Row s enclose a stamped self addressed in with your request to Michael Seamon in care of this newspaper. Ril find to la Ltd to Luct Tyml Coli. I Jackie to leave these toys scattered All Over the floor they re not mine dad they re jimmies i dont care whose they something about them before aks their Marmaduke by Brad Andeson what can i do time for his afternoon Nail your birthday by Stella tuesday october 24 born on this first Day of the incoming sign Scorpio you Are ruled by Mars the god of War and action which brings you a dauntless acquisitive mind and a Strong courage of your own convictions. You have a shrewd sense for Busi Ness arid the ability to secure Power Over others. You have the patience and the determination to Stirk to your objective no matter the opposition and win what you want out of life. No one is going 1o stand in your Way. Once you have made up your Mir i to something. You Are Able to take the Long View of life. You like Toj among those born on this Date Are Queen Victoria Eugenie wife of Alfonso. Xiii of Spain Moss Hart playwright and librettist sir Douglas Evill chief of air bombed command British and French forces. . Ii Rafael Jillo dominican. Republic Dic Tator Joseph Rogers under Wood Kentucky Jurist and statesman. To find what the stars have in store for you tomorrow be i acct your birthday Star and read the corresponding Para graph. Lot your birthday Star be your daily guide. S wednesday october 25 make complicated plans for . Is a the future and then follow them out in every detail. There is a sense of Pride and a com i plish ment. Knowing that you have made a blueprint for your life and then have been Able to follow it through to the letter. There is a Strong spiritual Side to your nature and you must guard against becoming of fanatical on the subject. You speak Well in Public Rind might become a minister a lawyer or a lecturer., you women Are drawn to the stage since you have a feeling for the Pirn Nair tic arts and a Good mimic. I i ii d affairs involving other persons. Saxl Luram a Var. I consider til the Ulutu of Earrl mlle before apr Kern if it incl Unis tepid and for any . Then Al ii veil. Original Ted in your Chi you can win aul Ever did Rurert it Mir. H to xxx Yao no Ziy Thler m Shoutd to fairly with Slih re arh ill apr. M c for if Only Yogi know How to handle to Dirir Tilly apr. 11-.may so git lot dont thai morn unit Arm third you ran like Lime out for 11-jn.w Al Pau fat Hulne to non rom by for it now. It x much ten id lift for routine. Don i 100 far from Norm now. In in la s4-ant. J3 emf a a Ileal Nellc n Irp affair. Lit ii Urt . U in att fit o any ill my m Pond unit to vol cell

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