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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 24, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaSunny mild Here today weather news on Page 18. Asi Abena stocks decline Trade Active. Page 16. 10 cents Telephone aut 4871 Pasadena caiif., tuesday oct. 24 a deadly accurate defense Jolt Sale attack has been announced by soviet defense a Lliter Rodlon mall Nevsky who also hinted imperialist Powers Are preparing Surprise attack. Page 9. Start of Alhambra i riot trials has been delayed again As the trials Lor three youths who pleaded guilty of failure to disperse and participating in riots. Page 32. Top of the news inside Lollar 16 year old san Marino High school student has been named miss Junior Rose bowl of 1961-Over three other Semi finalists. The game is dec. 9. Page 14. Oslo the 1961 Nobel has been awarded posthumously to Dag Hammarskjold and the 1960 award Given belatedly to John Luthuli a Zulu Christian Leader. Page 12. Los Silva 53, reputed former. Political Boss of Irwindale has gone on trial in los golds Superior court on charges of violating election Laws. The jury is being selected. Page 13. Hildegard Lamfrom Cal tech biologist recently returned from a tour of Russia says that the people Are questioning the accuracy of their Dally propaganda diet. Page 17. Panacea or plague High Rise brew boils 2 years before erupting general plan studies Lead to current Wrangle this is the first in a series of Jour articles ing the history of Pasadena s High Rise apartment controversy and exploring the issues in. The nov. 14 referendum election on ordinance editor. By Leonard Kreidt on nov. 14 Pasadena voters will go to the polls to cast their ballots for or against City ordinance 4549, otherwise known As the a or restricted High Rise apartment ordinance. Their decision whatever it is will Climax a controversy that has raged unabated Ever since oct. 31, i960, the Day variance applications for two pro posed High Rise apartment projects on Orange Grove Boulevard were filed with the City planning commission. But High Rise As it became known familiarly had been brewing beneath the surface at least two years before that As the planning commission for a method of. Coping with two problems that cropped up in f heir studies on the City s general plan. One was that Pasadena no longer had any ground space. For residential construction. Yet All projections pointed to an eventual population of people. Where would these extra persons the other problem involved symptoms of decline East of Orange Grove Boulevard of Green Street to Colorado Boulevard and on both sides of Orange Grove from Holly Street to Prospect Boulevard. General outlines and work on a High Rise ordinance had been accomplished by the commission with the Aid of the local chapter of the american Institute of architects when the Orange Grove variances brought the matter to the Public s attention. V opposition cropped up in rhe lately particularly in the area South of Colorado Boulevard and West Grove november 1960, it resulted in the formation of Trie West Pasadena residents association headed by attorney Richard w. Jencks of 295 Palmetto or. As. Chairman. He has continued to be the Leader and main spokesman for the opposition to High Rise the association was Active and vocal during planning Board of City directors on the variances and again when Public hearings were held on ordinance 4549 and the area to which the a or zone was finally applied by a 4-2 vote of the City directors on april 28, 1961. The commission had recommended it unanimously. The association immediately went to work obtaining signatures on petitions to Force a referendum vote on the a or ordinance. They were successful obtaining a reported signatures and the election was set by the City Board for nov. 14. In the meantime the variance for a 14-Story apart ment building s. Orange Grove blvd., applied for by Sanford Weiss of the Kalyan development corp., had been recommended for approval by the. City planning commission the City Board Heird arguments pro and Eon and had it under advisement when it was withdrawn by Weiss however the directors vote on the proposal any Way and denied it. The other variance at 175-n. Orange Grove blvd., for a 9 Story apartment development designed for senior persons never got out of Trie planning commission where it is still held under advisement. Weiss was the applicant in this Case As Well. These preliminary skirmishes were largely confined to the West Pasadena reside nos association and the City planning . Its. Staff. The Pasadena Board of realtors the american Institute of architects chapter the chamber of Commerce and individuals came out in support of the planning commission but there was no organized citizen backing for the planners. Last summer the Pasadena Forward committee was organized for the express purpose of fighting for High Rise with building contractor . Earl or. As its chair has opened Campaign Headquarters in suite 4696 e. Colorado blvd. The West Pasadena residents association and other Allied groups opened an office at 38 s. Lot Robles ave. Under the organization name Pasadena is for vote no on tomorrow what is the a or zone what is it de signed to do and How does it set out to accomplish gunmen loot bar of ninth Holdup in Valley area estimated less than 50 Megatons Russia fires biggest a cafe with ils eating area in Pasadena and the bar in Shadena was robbed yesterday of by two gunmen who pistol whipped the bartender shot at an other Man and broke the ankle of a third person. The Al Dorado cafe 2727 new York dr., was held up by two tall men about 1 . It was the ninth in a series of bar and store robberies in the san Gabriel Valley in the last month which have netted some Hurt in the latest Holdup were bartender Keith Landon 48, and George c. Miedma 60, of 2374 grandeur dr., Alta Dena. Landon was treated at St. Luke Hospital for a possible Skull fracture. Miedema was kicked after being shot at by the pair. Nine other persons in the cafe were unharmed. The gunmen were described As one dark haired Man and one Blond the dark Man was wearing Horn rimmed glasses. The two stood on chairs they had been occupying for More than an hour and announced is a Holdup get Down on the floor. Put your hands behind your head. Keep your eyes the two enforced their de mands by firing two shots from a .38 Caliper revolver into the ceiling. Lucille Silverstone 49, the cafe s piano player and nine others complied hastily. After the bartender was forced into the Back room he was slugged when he fumbled with the combination of the Safe he was ordered to open. The bandits also demanded that the customers put their personal belongings on the bar. When Miedema failed to comply one of the gunmen fired a shot which narrowly missed him and the other kicked him in the ing it. After obtaining about the bandits ripped out the House Telephone wires and left Locking the door with a key obtained from the bartender. The other Holdup victims were Arthur Tweedel 59, of 718 w. Alegria St., Sierra Madre Anita h. To Creel John g. Small 41, of 2099 n. Shadena dr., Shadena Verne f. An on in Spain. Trim did. Rope to safety to waiting Rescue Craft the burning italian liner Bianca c. Abandoned by 669 person ism St. George s were photo by rid to from two crewmen were killed and 12 others injured when explosions and fire swept the tourist Steamer As it was entering the Harbor. Temple City Pilot l1ght triggers trages grandma sentenced dope seller gets Fine 7-year term mrs Betty Caroline grandma Taylor 72, was fined 000 and sentenced to seven Hony 57, of 2232 Oakwood years in prison for peddling another perfect Day Here St., Shadena Betty Wool Ridge 34, of 1721 Conlin St., West Covina Oliver e. Floyd 40, of 1460 Daverick dr., Alta Dena John Pettay 50, and his wife Mary Jean 43, of 406 n. Ave., Pasadena. Investigators said the ban dits resemble two of the three gunmen who last week robbed Arcadia s Western hotel and Woody and Eddy s cafe where they obtained More than split on Thailand prom penh cambodian govern ment broke off diplomatic re lations with Thailand last night and parliament Emprow Days in october can be rare too. Take yesterday in Pasadena for instance. There was Sun Shine in just about the right with a temperature top of 76 at 1 . There was no smog. The Mercury climbed from an overnight Low of 46 to 58 at 8 and 75 at noon. It slipped Back Down to 68 at 4 . Ered it to Call on the communist bloc for Aid in event of War with Thailand. Narcotics late yesterday. . Judge Leon r. Yank wich sentenced the widow of onetime los Angeles detective chief Josephs Taylor to seven years on four counts of . The terms will run concurrently. The Jurist denied a motion for a new trial before imposing the sentence. Mrs. Taylor 5-133 Rosemead Temple was arrested after she sold Worth of heroin to a federa undercover agent last May 3. A Federal court jury o seven women and five men i los Angeles found her guilty and produces Lovely renters inside the Independent Bridge 23 Merriman Day to two Lovely. Girls and i could have rented several More. Fine response to my Independent and Star news classified reports mrs. Agnes Haahr 286 n. Madison ave. The people who read Independent and. Star news classified ads Are just As Nice As the people who place them arc smart. To join this select Circle phone Sycamore 6-0311 or toll free Zenith 2330 arid ask for comics 23 Ruark Robert c. .11 crossword .21 Samuelsen editorial Steincrohn or f Nouril 10 to. Radio , Russ .11 suit Stew of the charges sept. 14. She was prosecuted by Ai Distant . Attorney John a de Kamp by a Torney James p. Cantillon we contended during the trial the undercover agent was an a fitted addict who offered i change his testimony for bribe. 2 Duarte youngsters die in blazing garage by. Jim myhers mrs. Deborah Merlo of Duarte always feared for the safely of her two Little daughters. A neighbor remembered that characteristic As she stood n her front Yard and recalled a real tragic Berlin police Swap tear Gas grenades Berlin a tear Gas attle broke Cut Between communist and West Berlin police ast night shortly after West Ern Border patrolmen were supplied with tear Gas Gre Nades from Western Allied stockpiles. West Berlin police Headquarters said Western police offi cers retaliated against communist Border guards by hurl ing six tear Gas grenades after the communists threw five grenades into West Berlin the Western action was de scribed by a police spokesman As very the tear Gas action flared As the United states protested to the soviets against sunday night s Border incident. Armed american soldiers for the firs time went into East be Lii sunday night to free an Amer lean held by communist to to at an East West Berlin Borde checkpoint. Mrs. Merlo was always careful to watch her children and keep them out of the the neighbor said. A fire Captain confirmed her observation. Capt. Normanel rth of the county fire depart nent said neighbors told Hin 5rs. Merlo yesterday cd eclied in her children who were laying in the backyard and a turned to her Job of vacuum no the House at 1812 Broad and St. Moments later Melisse Ann Lerlo who would have been killed free years old tomorrow and 3amela Lee 23 months enter the garage connected to thide of the House. One of the children knocked incr a can of gasoline sitting on a shelf. It was an act that de directly to their deaths fire department officials said. It was one of those Fluke Elarth said. The red painted can which had a capacity of one gallon had no Cap on it he said. The gasoline splashed Over the Sisters and on a Couch a life searing fire was cause when fumes from the spilled gasoline were ignited by a turn to Page 4, column 1 boy 12, says driving easy people runaway borrows family car Money Covina alien 12-Yeav ocl Kenneth Brown decided to in away he disguised himself As a girl one who knew How o drive. Nobody saw through either disguise. Police said Kenneth of 1127 outside reaction Swift underwater test Follo ivs Washington e the soviet Union set off yesterday the biggest explosion in history the e atomic Energy commission reported but it probably was less powerful than the 50-megaton blast w h i Premier Khrushchev had announced was Forth a pm ing. Statement from the dec preliminary analysis indicated the nuclear detonation possibly was As High As 50 Megatons but probably was on the order of 3d the Agency also revealed that the russians had set off a Low yield blast under water about two hours after the Mammoth explosion. The largest previous soviet test was estimated at about 10 Megatons. The biggest United states Mic Lear test has been 15 to 20 Megatons a megaton bomb unleashes Energy equivalent to 50 million tons of int and would be times As Power Ful As the american bomb which destroyed Hiroshima in world War ii. Hours before the dec is sued its announcement in late afternoon scientists in swe Den Japan and France had detected the explosion and re ported that it probably was he 50-megaton detonation which Khrushchev had said would Climax the present series of soviet nuclear tests. The reports brought imme Diate reaction from countries bordering the soviet Union. The norwegian parliament was debating a Resolution pro testing soviet atmospheric tests when the news came and the Resolution was passed. Queen Side dr., who had never the Only argument was Over driven before wheeled the family car through los an Geles and several suburban cities before he was traced to an Alhambra Motel. Driving was easy he said adding those people on the free Way Are crazy. They drive like mad. Somebody s going to get killed out there one of these Kenneth was gone three Days spending of Money police said he had taken from sept. I. Whether the Resolution should be redrafted in stronger Lan Guage. Japan was reported ready to file another Strong protest with the soviet Union. Both of yesterday s soviet tests were in the Novara pc Maya area in the Arctic re Gion. The explosions were the 22nd and 23rd which have been reported by dec during the soviet series that began on ils father s drawer. Then the Motel not icel his address on the registration was he same As that of a missing boy described in the papers. The owner called officers. Facts about vac How violent hostility marked the growth of the House in american activities committee Hupac is told today in the third of a series by Edward j. Mowery. Turn to Page 2 for the facts about however president Kenne y has indicated that the so Viet Union has conducted other ests which have not been announced. There was no comment from Kennedy although the White Louse was reported sceptical that the soviet bomb was in turn to Page 4, column 2 it. Wilson Tramway May be built in 1962 construction on an amuse men Type Tramway up the front Side of the san Gabriel mountains from Shadena to Independent Learned yesterday originated arid planned by Pasadena insurance Man Dud Kennedy the Pasadena Scenic the it. Wilson area will prob lift would operate out of the and would climb to a Mountain Point near it. Wilson. At the top a picnic area and Reseau rant Are planned. Two to four person cars ably Start during 1962, the Eaton Canyon nature Park the incline. Tentative Engineer no plans indicate that the ride would take Abri t 15 to 20 min utes. A parking area has been planned on the South Side of 1 would transport passengers up new York drive opposite the Riding Cal tech fails to record blast the delicate instruments at Cal tech s seismological lab. Oratory failed to Register the explosion of Russia s huge bomb yesterday. Or. C. F. Richter Labora Ory director said there was no unusual Reading at the time the bomb was reported. Detonated . Dena time there were to Earth shocks registered after the blast he said

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