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California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 24 1957, Page 5

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 24, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaHero Mars puffing sputnik into education by my of thl i ugh a Way in since the Days of the slate the one room one teacher schoolhouse for one thing our kids have Ball Point pens now Simon Ramo research associate at Cal tech and executive vice president of the Ramo Wooldridge corporation suggests that we go this one better f foresees an Era of push Button education student again aunt Toni. 96 today survived russian guns from we can blow up the whole he save be such a Premium is put on the use of our Hunter an Leaf thing but Educ Alettha seems that the new technical society is going to b y 3 w6akened Abi Uty t0 the new technical society according to Ramo i to be one a which the entire airline system from reservations to b ind Landing and take off is done a most automatically with the Pilot going along of the ride m which Money is used Only in the count and when we buy something in a Stor we simply put our thumbs up against a Little window Are scanned against of balance and the proper change is made in the respective accounts of the customer and the store school Days school Days and some of which Are spent with a f Tetty Ramo a Coul a Minim automated classrooms wit a minimum of time beg spent with a human teacher. Push at each chair and slots student puts has Sentif Catlon plate to Law Das Roora Ramo says i involve presentation of Basic concepts in trigonometry in the Sis St Short by special sound motion picture which uses some human actor crams Al mated geometrical Dia would respond to questions so presented pushing various keys. He would be asked by the u he understands what has been presented his electronic master machine individual handling by still another c0nstent boy is. Machine machine for the student s individual work in use animated film and a keyboard by s interested in the fellow s individual requirements go As rapidly or slowly As the student to s vhf Taen toed Over what and i m getting sick of teacher right now anyway of Pic Shaf Tion Between experts to Educato expert tears exerts minks it might eliminate Homework elevate the teacher to abilities and qualities he it s Good to be Ful Rul old Cate thank think that we Don t have to face such an education f High in Good old Day. Could put up somewhat of a front a Bluff of cover vist Ance or possibly faint when called on to recite a Grove knowing face on the part of a often produces the instantaneous response has strip this Quality of Lif Manship the machine from our schools. T0 happen to the kids can t push the right buttons simply because they Aren t Good Tel psf Home stir cant Tell the porch Light switch from the living Annm master switch and aside from this Litt flaw i to be a of fully reasonable intelligent person. My Ramo concludes has accustomed Rne the idea of being willing to allow imagination to roam i and top staff Mem freely and my associates in science attribute a quotation to jeers of his parly i remain to in., h la Here at least through monday continued from pact one Why you be never had a sick Long hide Home aunt Toni however disa greed mildly. She recalled boarding a railway train in Rochester n.y., All alone except for her baggage and breezing out to Pasadena to live. I m not Siire i d want to take that Long trip again said aunt Toni. Who is a widow with no children. I was Only 89 then. That s when i was Young. Now All my trips Are in a taxi. I like to sit up front with the cabbie. That Way i can see what s going White haired aunt Toni recalled coming from Ger Many at 18, and teaching German in St. Louis schools. Almost two thirds of a Cen Tury later at 84, she was teaching English in Stolp Poland. Somewhere in be tween she ran a boarding House in Brooklyn. To anyone who wonders whether she will be on the welcoming committee when the Brooklyn dodgers Are brought to los Angeles next Spring she said i they bring the Brooklyn it was in Poland that she stood off the russians. Yesterday she recalled my husband a physician had died 35 months before. I was living at the red Cross Mother House when the soviet army entered Stolp in March 1945. Of the City was destroyed. Three times i was strip Ped of my possessions. A red Soldier put a gun to my head. I looked him straight in the Eye. I said go ahead and he changed his aunt Toni said that cur rent conjecture about Satel Lite sputnik and space travel Are for younger minds than hers. But she did make one prediction we won t have another continued from ont name Iron the expectation signer who world head. Later rockets will be de Iines with his first dress. It great War for a Long time. Nor win any of the other big Powers. Not even rus crossword puzzles and Small rations of politics seemed More to aunt Toni s taste. She figured she has worked crosswords but admitted sometimes i get about politics she said i m a Democrat. Anna and she gestured in the direction of 20 Ike pictures grouped in a Corner of their living room Anna is a re publican. But we Don t argue. I maintain it does t mat Ter who s in office Republican or Democrat so Long As everything 1 s conducted aunt Toni picked up a Pencil opened her newspaper to a fresh crossword Puzzle then carefully took off her intermittently worn glasses. She said 1 can see bet Ter without rocket dior signed to escape the Earth s gravitational sphere and photograph the Distant Side of the Moon. Pay Load told was the one he was most famous for the new it came out in 1947 and com prised a collection of 94 revolutionary fashions that sent dodgers continued from Page one of headwinds coming West but said it would t be headwinds any More. We Hope to stir Hurricane in o Malley was officially Wel orned by councilwoman Rosa and Wyman and county supervisor Kenneth harm plus be unexpected guest who a eared at the plane s Steps. It Ras Senate minority Leader Villiard f. Knowland who an ounces he too was a dodger a and of any major league earn in my Home a shooting continued from Page one into the trunk that went in gun forgotten Graham said he had forgo Len Long ago that the gun a there. A neighbor Viola Graves 4530 n. Maine St., told o learn she heard a shot some Tim Between 7 and 8 . She Diu not know the exact time she added but could fix it approximately because she was eat ing breakfast when it happened. Graham heard no shot. I saw a Small stove out Side the lie said. It should have been inside. I thought there must have been a burglary and i looked inside and saw the boy s Graham called police immediately. It was then a physician who Examinee the boy pronounced him Dea at . He had been alive the doctor estimated less tha an hour earlier. Randy was the son of or and mrs. Robert George Perry the father is in the Navy in san Diego. There Are to other children a Hoy of and a girl of 8. 14 earn in my Home state Audi Mimura reference to the san i Ned for you i Isar t m wants. There were 30 Ward the dodger special in uding vice presidents e. J. Bussy Bavasi and Fresco Tompson. Publicist Arthur e. Red Patterson headed the St of the delegation that in used even ticket salesmen ind engineers. Only dodger Ayer aboard was Junior Gil am infielder who is joining e Willie Mays Winter tour. Uke on hand in the welcoming crowd was sorry and Mary persons Lou in recent years he had been Active in the operation of the restaurant Chain founded by his brother the late Mike by an. Funeral services will be held at noon Friday in the Church of the recessional Forest Lawn memorial Park Glen Dale. Storm alerts up Miami. In a spreading Semi Pic i Tofu wets Uke Snider who did t seem storm lashed the at mind that some of 50 Miles North of puerto Luvi Saiy Midi acin the pay Load of the rocket buyers scampering to the fit i weighed Only three and a half Ting rooms and husbands to pounds but this Small pack their Check books age contained instruments forum Gayac Empire counting cosmic rays deter Thi . Thu Soat. Octuk 14. Burglar escapes amid Bullet Hall Afel Monte Al Monte. A 21-year-old Al Monte Man Wai credited yesterday with foiling a burglary at his Home by peppering a fleeing burglar s Trail with bullets. Al in Al Monte police looted More than in from a local contractor made off with reported that burglars construction equipment dior s dress Empire in another theft stretches from Paris to Vene mining the number of meteoric instruments at the new altitudes. And measuring thei i Earth s magnetic Lieari stran2e y enough Youngl As rads wanted to be a tuesday surprised i that any of Habul an outboard lets nit the Tizuela Paul c. Gosnell told deputies he returned o his Home at 2663 it. View ave. Late Rad metering Uip ment for sending messages Back to Earth. The air Force said the metered messages will altitudes Aisa and i Diplomat he was born Jan. 21, 1905, in Granville Normandy. His father was a moderately wealthy seller of fertilizer. M thief ransacking the House. He said he grabbed a .32 Caliper pistol and chased the prowler through a construe o e. Cards misspelled his name last night with 40 Miles an Mir can Nlle he came up from s Fallbrook cal., Avocado farm for the arrival. Some of the placards in the own read "l.a. World series Welcome o Malley i and ads to a big Bureau issued a speral warn mgr to of and the Virgin islands. Speeds which the object reached. And the approximate place where it fell Back into the the data is being a Al Zed by the Aero Neu tronic division of the Ford motor co contractor for project far the tool that achieved the successful firing reached the. West coast yesterday morn no. A determination of the a etude is expected by noon to Day. The air Force said there is no Way of tracking so Small an object so great a height either visually or by radar and therefore the Dot dash messages it sends Back must be relied on. Unless the rocket sub Stan Ialy exceeded its designed per Romance the air Force said Here is no Chance that it conic have escaped from the Earth s gravitational sphere. Thi would require a Speed of Miles an hour. Very Delicati iming even at the Latte needs would be necessary i he object were to reach the Moon. At Cape canaveral Fla. The United states took a Long tride Forward in its efforts t match Russia s Earth satellite. Yesterday by successfully fir no a powerful "first-stage1 est Model of the Vanguard rocket. The slender 72-foot-Long pocket which will carry the first stage of America s Earth satellite on its flight into out space roared out Over the Atlantic Ocean at . The Navy later announced it reached an Altitude if 109 Miles at a Speed o 250 Miles per hour. The flame from the rocket general electric engine Isible Only for seconds by observers on nearby Cocoa Beach s the projectile Rose straight p into Low hanging Clouds. The test delayed since Las riday because of poor weather conditions and other difficulties was made despite inter ret East Florida coast test Range. The main purpose in yes s firing was to test he be first stare engine which sex muses its fuel mixture of Trosene and liquid oxygen n two minutes and 22 seconds in successful tests. The first stage Vanguard Trust is give the pocket a Speed of 3700 Mph and the second and third Stag s increase the velocity to the Mph necessary to place satellite in orbit. The latter two stages were tried in the firing but their propulsion elements were omit Ted. In its official Success an Lyman song Beverly Hills. Abely Man flip song writer and or Maue Vespue Loep Ynestra Leader died of cancer mittens showers at the top seat his Beverly Hills Home yes f erday. He was 59. Lyman wrote such hit tunes Ira Iury us Jennifer. H dior attended Paris famous Tion Yard next door. Blazing at Hool of political science As no ran he deputies diplomatic training. But when he graduated his interests drifted toward another direct arts. He set up Art galleries to exhibit the works of Little known artists. It was not until the age of he turned to the world of fashions. First the startled Loo Long Kewpie doll of a Man did illustrations for fashion worked As an Anonymous assistant de signer. Eleven years later he opened nothing was taken from the Home although a Side door had been pried open investigators said. Hard hit by burglars was contractor Frank l. Grimes lost in plastering equip ment from a Cucamonga housing tract under construction. Grimes told Temple City sheriff s deputies that two Power mixers scaffolding House jacks and miscellaneous men in France. The mild mannered Bald nor smoked. But he was highly superstitious and consulted a Fortune Teller before plunging into a new venture. Uneven Scaia Laid lie 11uum Jackb his own dress House with the House tools had been carried backing of one of the richest off from Stratford ave. And Turner St. During the night. An outboard motor Worth a Jug ilium fill Uriu Saiu Iii iut i rated designer neither drank s150 caught the fancy of a prowler who broke into a garage at 2628 Maxon re. The victim p. R. Mitchell 26, said nothing else was taken. Relax deluxe. Enjoy Bourbon de Lux ,.mi Wii in inner m its official Success an an hour squalls. The weather nou Cement from Washington Bureau issued a me which goes something like this propose a ridiculous idea. Though of weather Pasadena variable High cloudiness but mostly sunny today and tomorrow. Little change in temperatures. High flu Continuo a from out on the sick list a near nor Mal situation. Four of Pasadena s six Junior High schools reported absenteeism near 20tr. And me Kinley Junior High indicated _ that 27% of its students were Southland variable High on the sick list when the City planned a gala welcoming luncheon. Technical staff members will remain to begin working out details of setting up the dodger organization Here. One of the first problems confronting them was a Mound of thousands of ticket applications for next season. He s returned for a refill South Shields eng land an a juvenile court Here recently sent a 16 year old boy to a psychiatrist in an Effort to find but what made him steal s6.86 from a purse. The boy was Back in court yesterday charged with steal ing s2.80 from the psychiatrist. The Navy said the firing gives proof that difficulties with the first stage launching have been ironed out. Ken tuck straight Bourlon who Stu Kentucky s Best now costs less 2omes that wonderful moment of the Day when you relax. You re at ease that s he time for Bourbon de luxe. It s de luxe n every Way except in its Cost to you. Kentucky s Best Bourbon California s Best buy Bourbon de luxe co., Louisville ky., distributed by Mfd National distillers products co., Kentucky straight is Bourbon whiskey 86 proof Clouds but mostly sunny today and tomorrow. Slightly warmer most Inland sections today. Or or nor Gnu a 75 a 74 so raft 81 a lung m new Ort six to Omaha Jit Oklahoma City 75 Rittu Hutli n Portland. Ore. 5k St. 7k halt a Ltd san from Nebo 64 a rattle Iasi Nurton 74 Independent vol. 211 oct. 24, 1937 a morning Dally newspaper published at Pasadena Cam Home delivery a month 75c per month daily. Tl.75 per month in Advance Newa stand 5c Dally Ift sunday. Second class mall privileges authorized at Pasadena past office. Qualified to accept Legal Advertis ing by Superior court order Pasa Dena a no. C-1418. June i. 10.161. Pasadena offices 52s r. Colorado it. By s-8811 or by 1-818s. Suburban s. First ave. Arcadia Iii 6-4.g71. Pasadena Csc Mellary schoo absenteeism edged up a bit Over the previous Day with nine schools reporting from 12.1 to 18.4 out of school. Hardest hit was Jackson school with 121 children on the sick list. Mrs. Octavia Doyle Pasa Dena school personnel officer said teacher absenteeism in the system dropped from 50 on monday to 20 yesterday she indicated this was notes specially abnormal. Usual absenteeism runs from 10 to 30 teachers a Day. Elsewhere most school districts reported a steady drop off of absenteeism due to the asian flu other types of influenza and colds. Meanwhile the nation s flu death toll scared the 300 Mark yesterday and fresh epidemics broke out in crowded state institutions. Illinois banned visitors from All 25 state schools and hospitals in an unprecedented at tempt to keep asian flu and other respiratory ailments from spreading. Of her institutional Chi Demirs were reported in Pennsylvania and Oregon j historical Banks displayed the Creedmoor Bank an antique american Coin Bank from the collection of the Book of knowledge first Federal savings of Altadena is currently starting to display exact replicas of these Isth Century mechanical Coin Banks reproduced from the famous collection of the Book of knowledge. They will be displayed at the rate of one Bank each month for an entire year. Now on display in the lobby of the association. Annul latest dividend rate distribution of earnings jul times a year on All accounts Texal savings aiming or altar Cattia n. Love air Allodine Colin. Syc Mort i-116 i Yon 1-5691 Chat rold and super visit by the in Ltd states govern Mem while they last warehouse clearance White sewing machines choose from portables consoles and desk models. Here s your Chance to have a Brand new White at sew wonderful savings buy it now with no Money Down. Some models have slightly marred cabinets but All Are guaranteed new. Hurry limited quantities 79.50 portables 39.75 129.50 consoles 64.75 desk models 79.50 no Money Down monthly White sewing machines third floor Colorado at los Robles by 6-0411

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