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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 24, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaEmf heft. Hick but Motily we but Sotojr Aad Oomrow. Tutto rfcs be to temperature. No care Fertte the. Yea Torday 7mt Toxcy. 76l More weather the i Independent Home edition harness racing at Hollywood Park Tofey following the crippling parimutuel employee s Latriko. Vol. 211 44 paces 6-0311 Deno by 5-6811 to. By miss i 6-4671 Zenith 2330 Pasadena cal., thursday of. 24, 1957 and old pistol fatal to boy 6 shades of 29 i off Coin registered by stocks by c. Noman Stabler v. I. Renu trim a news new York. The Stock Market yesterday gave us a performance that can be witnessed no three or four More times in Normal lifespan. The last one was on nov. 14, 1929. To Tell the Story it is necessary Only to relate the statistics. Stocks listed on the new York Stock Exchange regained an estimated billion of the loss they have taken since the demise of the longest Bull Market in history. Individual leaders advanced one to 10 Points. The Dow Jones industrials soared Nils were higher and utilities advanced the close was at the Best of the Day. Individual gains outnumbered losses by the wide score of 971 to 134, with 127 stocks closing unchanged. Beau the list has been at its Lowe in the last 2% years the num her of new 1957 lows far e needed the number of be highs the score being 80 two. Trading heavy trading of share on the big Board was head although under tuesday volume of which was the largest since sept the Day following the firs Eisenhower illness. The burst of strength Cam dodgers begin la. Honeymoon president Walter Omalley and his executive staff of the National league dodgers flew in to los Angeles Randolph last night officially bringing their Brooklyn franchise Perry an unlocked to their West coast admirers. The dodger owned con Vair Airliner carrying they billion turn to face 29 school crisis of flu hits instructors a state of emergency a declared yesterday in Al Monte schools resulting from High absenteeism among teachers due to asian flu. Supt. Byron e. Thompson said teacher drop out in the District s 13 schools has Jumpe As High As 20 a Day forcing principals and vice principals to take Over classrooms. The emergency he pointed out existed Only among teach ers. Student absenteeism was wavering Between 10 and 15% slightly above Normal. The superintendent asked anyone with a teaching credential or otherwise Quali fied As a substitute teacher to Contact the school District. Most seriously hit were la Gore and Wright schools where absenteeism created an instructional problem or. Thompson declared. No classes were doubled however since administrative personnel were called in to teach. Flu decreases in Pasadena however the strength of the influenza Bug teemed to be weakening. Pasadena and Muir High schools reported 11.5 and respectively of their students flu turn to Page 5 freshly painted insignia los Angeles dodgers rolled in rom new York at . 3st, to the rousing Welcome of a crowd estimated by police at several thousand persons. O Malley was crushed for almost 45 minutes in the Wel Oming throng before he met newsmen in a press Confer ence Back aboard the plane. He said he deeply appreciated All the support he had received and never saw newspapers go All out the Way los Angeles papers did to Tell a very complicated Story. For he said our ame will still be the dodgers. That has been the Predoti ate name in the National eague for the last ten years hat s talking pretty big but re still want to win More Ames than anyone he said the most important single thing facing the dodger organization immediately was to get that big stadium to referring to the 50 000-seat Ball Park he plans t erect in Chavez Ravine. 68 quake is he said Well play in the coliseum o at Wrigley Field. We have Al our front office people work ing on that decision and think we can work it out t play some games in the coh Seum. Sos for lost is card costs Star Cool Hollywood. New York television actress Liz re Fay spent on Tele phone Calls trying to find her misplaced social secur Ity card before finding the card could be duplicated free by the local govern ment Agency. Social Security officers said tuesday that miss re nay had landed a part in a Warner Brothers production but needed her is card to report her earnings be fore a pay Check could be issued. She placed 14 Long distance Calls to friends in the East before being tipped off that a local Call would serve the purpose. Lad found dead in old shed by Bill Mayer Baldwin Park. Three things combined yesterday to bring tragedy to six Gene door Well Bear in mind that we or one of the chief architects Don t want to change a won of the administration s school was t my gun. It belonged nerf us football stadium into a integration jul icy resigned baseball monstrosity.1 shortly before the plane arrived the crowd was momentarily awed by what someone reported was sput Nik s rocket launcher Streak no across the sky Over inter National Airport but the crowd barely noticed the Phe Memnon even if it was the russian satellite As the d Malley special taxied to the amp and the bands played tonight you belong to me and take me out to the Ball the latter Bongo style. O Malley told the crowd he immensely enjoyed the Welcome and he was sorry the plane was late because dodgers furn to Page 5 Ike accepts Brownell s bid to quit Washington. To actor curiosity and a loaded gun. Randy died on his Way to school of a Bullet wound in the right Center portion of his Chest just below the rib Cage. Police said death was Acci dental. The unlocked door was an old Chicken coup used for a tool shed and containing among sundry other articles an old trunk. Curiosity aroused the boy s curiosity was aroused when he passed the shed after having left his Home at 4534 Bogart St. Shortly after 8 . To go to school. The gun a .38 Caliper Nickel plated pistol had been left in a trunk in the shed when the owner s wife mrs. Clarence Graham died some two years ago. Sgt. J. F. O Leary of the Baldwin Park police depart ment said the Graham prop erty at 4520 Maine St offered a Short Cut to the Geddes school. Randy was there. The shed door was kept o Leary said. A pipe was propped against it. Nobody seems to have seen the boy go into the shed but obviously he became curious and went in and began rum mag Iny through the o Leary and officer h. E. Aunt Toni snubs time Randy gun victim. Syria slops peace bid assails us. By wire services Damascus. Syria kept Pupil the turkish Issue boiling yesterday giving a formal rejection to Harr found the gun in front of the turkish Frontier. The trunk not far from Randy s lifeless body. The gun was in the trunk 80-year-old Clarence Graham told the officers. I Ney general Herbert brow hell know it was loaded. I president Eisen Hower chose Deputy attorney general William p. Rogers to succeed him. Disavowing any political am lotions Brownell said he would his former Law firm of old Day and lord of new Ork City. He declared he definitely would not be a can governor of new Fork next year or for any ther Public office. Brownell an original Mem Jer of the Eisenhower know anything about did t did t it it King Saud s mediation offer and in effect accusing the . Navy of sending planes deep Over Syria. Maj. Gen. Afif Biry army chief of staff said reconnaissance planes Fly almost daily Over the City of horns mid Way Between Damascus and wife and when i threw her personal possessions we believe the planes Are not coming from tur key but from the us. 6th Fleet in the Mediterranean because this Fleet is work ing together with the mass ing of turkish troops on the syrian he told re porters. Biry charged Turkey began massing troops on the syrian by Mike Bird Antonio Luepke who lived under the butt of russian rifles during the european Campaign of 1945 and somehow sur Vived had her 96th birthday today. Last night she said to Morrow i la be up at 7, make raw potato pancakes and read my paper. I la work a crossword Puzzle maybe take a walk do House work by now it was As Plain As her High top shoes that 92 Pound aunt Toni was ignoring any and All burglary alarms warning that old Man time would be around today to steal another year from her. People gathered last Sun she said to wish me she smiled warmly As she watched traffic go by her window at 411 e. Villa St. There were four nieces Here. Everybody had Coffee and a piece of birthday cake. We laughed. We compared yes but interrupted Niece Anna Kranz with whom aunt Toni lives nobody can prove that you re not getting younger. Aunt turn to Page 5 Antonie Luepke likes her daily paper and Puzzle. New look creator Ike s i welcomes Macmillan shooting turn to Page 5 Border for offensive Pur Washington. Presi Dent Eisenhower and prime Ere former Treasury Secre Ary George m. Humphrey to returned to the steel Busi Ess and defense Secretary who filth invoked 24 times in degree Mill grind los Angeles. Up a Man convicted of buying and alter in a fake medical degree in oked the fifth amendment 4 times yesterday in refusing o answer questions of a state Assembly sub committee. Bernard Gordon of los an Eles brought from the county in to the hearings on diploma ills declined on Constitution grounds to say even if he Ere married. Gordon who said he was acting on the advice of an at of Mexico City. Earlier Joseph w. Hough president of Fremont col lege and Sequoia University Here invoked the fifth amendment 32 times in re fusing to answer any questions pertaining to a medical degree he might have received from the same mex ican institution. Hough had invoked the fifth amendment 12 times tuesday. Yesterday he declined to questions relating to his pos Hon n w a the now defunct Myers Lead de Libre Mexicana a nov answer questions about his outstretched Good to see you. Arney refused to answer medical qualifications. The sub committee has described fre de Mont College and Sequoia and Britain s foreign Secre University As one room homeopathic schools. Opened a three Day strategy conference on new moves to Check Russia s scientific Diplo Matic offensive. The two Western leaders u and closed doors at the White House from 5 . To with Only their foreign policy chiefs on hand to As Sist them in their sweeping review. The White House declined even to name the topics Dis cussed at the initial meet which began in the president s Oval study and then shifted to the dinner table. Macmillan s limousine sped out the South Entrance of the White House grounds after Ward with no word from him about the Progress of talks. Eisenhower walked out on the Steps of the North portico to Greet Macmillan personally when he arrived at the White House for the Start of Confer ence. Said Eisenhower hand poses after Loy Henderson of the . State department visited the Middle East. For further information and Biry said you May address questions to . Secretary of state Dulles be cause he is the Man who has More details than any other Man in the world. Rebuffs Saud the syrian government made Clear it had ruled out saudi Arabia s bid to mediate in the Border crisis. It stated Syria is determined to press its complaint in the in Gen eral Assembly and wants to eliminate anything that might restrict in action. In new York in diplomats predicted yesterday that rus Sia will fail in its Effort to convince the world the United states and Turkey Are plan Ning to invade Syria. With the Assembly in adjournment until Friday to await the mediation efforts of saudi Arabia s King Saud diplomats from All Corners of the Globe huddled in Small groups to re evaluate he newest Middle East crisis. Dior ing designer Dies in Italy Monte Catmint Italy. Thursday ins French fashion designer Christian dior who made headline with hemlines died in Monte Cantini Early today. He was 52. The Mode setting famous for his Valley ites see Shell of sputnik a Yellowish Shell of the russian Earth shaped woman s apparel style new look in feminine Fash in a hotel room o. The resort town where he had gone for a rest a few ago. Cause of his death was not immediately disclosed. During the last decade the fashion Oracle literally moved across the san Gabriel Laid raging controversy Over Valley sky late yesterday afternoon As Bright As an eve has revolutionary ideas. Ning How Are Secretary of state Dulles tary Selwyn Lloyd were also on hand to join their chiefs. Space rocket goes 4000 Miles Washington. Ins the air Force announced last night that a rocket designed to reach an Altitude of 4000 Miles was fired successfully from a balloon platform Over eniwetok islands in the Pacific monday. Although firmly convinced that the rocket had reached the All time record Al Frau Vanguard Piont Tri Way to future orbit. Titue of 4000 Miles and a Speed of Miles an hour the air Force said careful analysis of messages sent Bach by the object a Ftp be necessary to verify the achievement. The successful firing from a balloon at an Altitude of 000 feet was accomplished with the last of six rockets de signed to determine conditions at an Altitude far higher than any Man made object has Ever reached before. The greatest Altitude so far announced for a research rocket is Only 244 Miles. The army is known to have sent a missile to a height of about 50 Miles last year and the soviet sputnik in its elliptical orbit around the Earth has reached a maximum Alti tude of about 80 Miles. The air Force rocket was a four stage affair designed especially for project a research Effort that gets its Hocket turn to Page 6 Star say s Jayne Plain Jane Milan. Ins an ital Ian Starlet unzipped a Jayne Mansfield go Home Campaign yesterday in front of red faced news men. Blonde Angela Guy broke into Jayne s news Confer ence stripped and challenged the bosom Holly Wood Star to compare measurements. Angela standing in her underwear ignored entreat ies to get into the Mink coat she had just tossed off. There Are hundreds of Jayne mansfields in she told the 80 reporters and cameramen present. A tight Blue Blouse Cov ered Jayne s vital statistics and for a few moments while reporters and Camer amen held their breaths All was confusion. Gentlemen we Don t need any Jane Mansfield in Angela announced. To prove this i wish that our figures should be another appearance Over the los Angeles area is expected at . Today. Observers viewing the third stage rocket used to hurl the baby Moon sputnik said it sped in a Southwest to North East direction yesterday and was visible to the naked Eye from to . Sputnik itself was expected pass Over the Valley an Lour later and some of the Moo watch observers said they saw the Sec Ond spotting was not con firmed officially. Tuesday s sputnik rocket appeared in the same course at . And was de scribed by observers then As Well As last night As being As Bright As an eve Ning he took the feminine form Ami moulded it into such dross designs As the new string Tulip and letters of the Alpha he is probably the Only de disk turn to Page 5 Scott silent in death Kin testifies the brother of mrs. Evelyn t. Scott missing wealthy socialite said yesterday he once accused her husband of Mur Dering her and received no reply. The testimony was Given by 1 Raymond throsby at the los Angeles murder trial of Dapper l. Ewing Scott 61, sit re haired former stockbroker Ivhon says his wife is still alive. Throsby a prosecution wit Ness told of confronting Scott n november 1955, six months after mrs. Scott disappeared. I had made about 10 trips to the House trying to see Scott and he never came to the throsby testified. In Nam of q . Rests Abel Case so one morning at 8 o clock parked across from the House and when i saw the garage Oor open i drove in and locked the driveway. I asked him where my Sis or was and he said Sheskas it on a drunk. He said she and left him and if she did t ome Back soon he was going o get a divorce. I called him a liar and told him i thought he had done away with her and he did t Star news flooded for two hours was last night with Calls from people throughout the Valley who said they saw it clearly. Also watching with great in Terest were scientists of the smithsonian astrophysical of if Rrnald tribling news san new York. The govern ment rested its Case against col. Rudolf Ivanovich Abel accused top spy for Russia in the United states at . Yesterday after seven Days of testimony in the United states District court in Brooklyn. Minutes later the defense . Planes carry atomic depth charges Washington. Defense Secretary Neil h. Mcelroy Dis closed yesterday t h a t Navy planes equipped . With atomic depth charges Are patrolling the Mediterranean and the Atlantic As an answer to the russian submarine threat the defense chief announced i the dramatic move when he rested also without putting Airet Umed to Washington with single witness on the stand. Secretary Thomas Gates defense motions for new London conn., on each of three counts in anew acre the two top officials indictment handed up by a spent the night aboard the Servator in South Pasadena. I Federal grand jury on aug. Submarine sea Wolf. Were denied by Federal Vidgo the United states. If convicted he could be sentenced to death. About 40 photographs taken of the rocket at two second intervals with a giant hearing the Case w 10-foot camera one of 12 of nine men and the. Placed around the to study satellite activity. Stiff quake noted in Aleutian islands Berkeley. In the univer sity of California Seismograph tuesday night recorded a Strong two hour earthquake 2500 Miles Northwest of Berk Eley probably in the Aleutian islands. Seismologist Don Tocher said the quake had a Magni tude of 6.25 on the Richter scale and was first picked up at . Mortimer w. Byers who is Russ shift official communists plan Summit conference London. Up the Bosses of the communist world last night were reported planning a red Summit conference Early Lext month. A jury three women. London. Ins the soviet radio said yesterday that Dep Abel is accused of defense minister marshal ing knowingly to give mos Konstantin Rokos Sovsky tank cow information relating to expert and War hero has taken the military establishment of command of the trans Cauca Sian military area bordering on Turkey. Inside today s Independent a promising play to columnist Tom Wade says Tong try p playhouse 90" should make up for last week s poor presentation. Page 14. And nary a whistle two Young stewardesses returned from a flying trip to Antarctica and said the men at the South pole were Page 9. Ush Button education Bill Sumner elucidates on Moderi education trend. Column on 5. Page features 31 reporter s diary. -5 health 15 Shafer 17 business 23 Kay 6 sports 17 classified 25 Leadabrand .15 theater 12 Nash 15 to radio 14 obituaries 25 women 6 opinion 15 your stars Adams 15 Allen 15 comics 31 Connolly 12 Considine 15

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