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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 23, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaThl of. 11. School Ofiu nuts from one county for school purposes Cince 1954, Messer reminded the Board that at each step Oij negotiation the plan was ways to build a High school. The revolution said that the committee included after investigation hat a High school could be completed one year sooner than a Junior College the present Junior College Plant includes Many facilities of limited use to a High school and that recreation facilities at the Park would be better for a High school. Actually the old Board never decided that the new school at Victory Park should be a High school for All time. It ordered and approved preliminary plans last Spring for the first half of Pasa Dena High school at the Park to be designed for possible conversion to a Junior College. Messer Tod the Board that his committee studying All phases of rehabilitation and new building needs prior to the election was at a standstill on the problem. Need appraisal we recommend that an appraisal be made by the High school District of Junior College property it owns so we will know exactly How much Money we can count on from that Messer told the Board. He pointed out that the last appraisal was made in 1954. At present of Junior College District Bonds Are earmarked to buy out the High school which owns the Junior College Campus when pcs leaves for the new Vic tory Park Campus in 1959. It is estimated that will represent a 70% payment to the High school for the pc prop erty the decision yesterday was urged by Salisian who complained that this has been kick nor around too we should Clear this up right he said. Barratt was not anxious to take a vote claiming that not All the facts Are known about he said he was especially concerned that shifting the High school North to Vic tory Park might bring about a realignment of Junior High school districts causing racial segregation. He asked that minority re ports the two committee members not favouring the re solution be read. One by or. Clifford l. Bartlett charged that the Messer committee paid Little attention to the location of the new High school. Raps committee he said the entire time of the com Mittee had been spent on the problem of rehabilitation and this very important question of the location of the two institutions was brought up discussed and voted on in less than 40 Hamilton de Jong another member complained that school administrators did not produce answers to questions put to them on the problem that the High school principal was prevented from absences Rise sharply of schools no new leads found in woman s strangling absences mounted sharply in Pasadena s elementary Day and the Coroner s office said an autopsy was con schools yesterday and the ducted Yew verday to of try school physician said it was mine the cause of death. No apparent that influenza report on the results of the spreading to the younger Chil a autopsy had been made Dren As it eased off in the last night. The victim City s High school population. Death of a Pasadena youngster followed a Case of apparent influenza Moil Duarte acts to create plan Board no new leads were reported Friendly to everyone and a by Arcadia police last night speared to Jet alone Weil with in the death of a 48-year-old i her husband housewife who was found Albert w. Tracy also 48, strangled in her Home his wife s body Early morning. Morning in their son s neighbors of mrs. Marion i bedroom. A silk Necktie was Frances Tracy 1821 aha Oaks loosely knotted around her was Jimmy Bow Muni or Arcadia were questioned Throat son of . And mrs. Richard police yesterday and their j the son. Albert w. Tracy Bowman. 2s55 Monte Vista answers substantiated earlier jr., away in Berkeley at si., a student at Hale Lite j reports that she was very he time police reported. Centary school. It was not known whether the boy died of ensuing complications or som Elf Doc s minute lunch Small Nicis lie fat Loiis Doc a cult Dai minute a facials my St hum m r Cut mum 11m i. Pm Thill blk read classified shots scheduled teachers in the Alhambra City elementary school District will receive asian Duarte. An urgency Ordi flu immunization shots at a Nance creating a City planning Cost to the District of 55 commission was adopted last cents per teacher supt. M. Night by the City Council r. Stokesbary pointed out which indicated that it May to trustees that the District soon be ready to name the i i Miler United Rosemary shows off fifth Singer Rosie Clooney shows off her Gabriel who now weighs a healthy 10 pounds a 4-Pound weight at birth. The vocalist wife of Jose Ferrer is mama for two other children 2vi, and Maria county census to top 5.5 the population of los commission says about Geles county reached a persons have arrived or High of As of oct. Born in county territory county regional single Day during the Ning commission report and a half years. Sealed commission gave the the newest head population breakdown 1 represents a gain of san Gabriel Valley and since cities in the county As Ike Alhambra. 55.9 to Arcadia. Azusa is.699 Baldwin Claremont. Continued from h.950 Duarte. 13.078 Btl Monte. 11.493 Glendale. 11s.263 Glen orial award for his service 15.646 Irwin Lale 670 la Puente. 20.431 Verne 5967 Lone a Layman to the cause of 310.945 ims 2.34r451-Monrovia. 25.463 Montebello 30 099 Cal Park. 32.275 Pasadena. In calling for a even Pomona. 60.1s5 san Gabriel 22.-701 san Marino. 13.365 Sierra Madre. Contribution by private r so. Pasadena. 1h.s94 Covina. 42.7.m 33.205. Is to help overcome the deficits of the medical colleges in their Effort to meet the shortage of trained the president expressed his _ Lief in a reviving the 10th, Lith and 12lh in our kind of Economy Faith that it can generate eighth Bond Issue put and incomes and a rising Standard of living for All our voters since 1936, tolling was approved the Monrovia elementary with this resurgence District. Said the administration vote was 1312 yes to doing its part in reversing the trend which has no with 34% of the registered voters casting ballots. Power gravitating from the states to the Central Bond Issue is designed to finance the building needs the elementary school Dis i but he warned that for another two years on when the costs of defense pay As you go program. Of waging peace must be so great the risks of collecting Arger and larger will provide funds for completing the Clifton school and to finance Addi through taxation Are to the new Bro Doaks ally citing the National fund Bond Issue was medical education Effort As for the Duarte ele Good example of How the school District the in can help reduce Reading 1426 yes and on he pointed out hat since 1951 the fund a vote was cast with a 14-1 margin in favor of provided to medical Bonds. Hnnry Annm. Null Lio a curl pays substitute teachers be tween and a Day making the voluntary inoculation an Economy move. Commission members. The ordinance Calls for a 5 member Board to be appointed by mayor Walter Hendrix with the approval of the coun Otner cause his physician cl1 speculated that the cause of mayor Hendrix pointed out death might Nave been Neu. That the Council has spent Mionia. Savings Are Safe at investors savings lot of time interviewing Poten tial members since Duarte be came a City 2 months ago. Hendrix explained that the commission has not been appointed yet because the coun cil realizes How important a planning commission is and wants to give a lot of thought before naming the Syria continued from one Der anal accused the United absences up Al eleven of the City s 27 ele p Centary schools reported sence rates Over 10 per cent. Or. Paul Kinney school physician said school nurses reported pupils returning to school after bouts with the flu were definitely in a weakened condition. Their activities were being restricted somewhat by school authorities. A spokesman for the air states and pow pollution control District ers of trying to pit one Arab meantime took Issue with against the other. Turkey asked the Assembly to investigate the hidden goals of Russia and Syria in the Middle East. It charged ii that Syria is being changed an Arsenal far exceeding its own turkish ambassador sey Fullah Esin said minister of state Fatima Zulu was Al ready on Bis Way to saudi Arabia. Soviet foreign minister is no need for paper Drei Gromyko told the Assem handkerchiefs to accumulate. Bly that unless the in deals i nearly every Home has a Pasadena s acting health finer and said the ban on burning should not contribute to the flu epidemic. Or. Arthur j. Holmes act ing health officer said that unburned paper handkerchiefs May be a cause for the spread of the influenza virus. He criticized the aped for its com plete ban on Home incinerators. The aped spokesman said is no Yon be Mani of tie lately of Jon Naringi at Inre Ilori is tint in Pasadena and Clendora. In addition to the fact that each account ii in turd to by an Agency of the Federal co Ternent your Vinga Are protected by found Toni Ergative experienced management. Yon ran be allured of Penon Allied Perriee convenience and availability. Stop in today ind visit with one of oar experienced in not today with the Middle East crisis we will be faced with fright Ful he said that those who accuse the soviet Union of exaggeration forget the warnings when the world was last drawn into the holocaust of Gromyko blast Gromyko declared that any flush he pointed out. Weather Pasadena and Erable cloudiness today. Rain and cooler thursday. S o u t h 1 a n cloudiness today. Rain and cooler thursday. High today 72. You can have the luxurious 20-piece stainless steel set mailed to you without charge when you open your new account of or More. These four place settings pictured Here with four extra Teaspoon or salad Forks not shown Are in the Lovely Tropic Isle pattern so suitable for i any occasion. Get yours today. Offer limited one gift per family. Each account insured to All transactions by mail Are Postif e free. Account opened by the 10th earn from the Ito interest paid times a to throwing dust into eyes of the Peoples of world while the United and Turkey engage in business of aggression against new an Independent syrian foreign minister Salah to enter mediation talks a this stage unleashed a Sharp attack on the policy of the i states and other West Ern nations in the Middle East presenting vital and More than in Urc that the vote on the was made without key these he said included Impact on tax rate racial distribution and advisability of big High schools. Barratt s plan to finance a 5840-student Junior College a the Park leaving the High school at the pc Campus called for using st50.000 a year paid to the District by state for tit of District Stu dents now attending. By Law the to nov must Bei stricter funds. Same tree Nutmeg and Mace come but this he said Falls Faribel Cisle a school construct a from the same Type of Ever Lort of the need the nation s p c ass room on the fish Green tree in the East indies s3 medical schools require Sile and expand 000.000 More a year to balance Maxwell school their fiscal budgets and Many More dollars to meet their sex the academic deficits. The resources Are Avail be president a said. Rescue continued from Page ont Harmon sudds 36, of 78 hurl advertisement used for buildings. He m this amount recently voted it s the lightest in the world the Hermes rocket is the but St., to jump Clear of his flaming Anuj or sea this versatile it careened off Angeles kor Hermes is always ready to it Lay. Our incomes even after lest Highway and plunged 600jproduce the finest letters re taxes never totalled so great feet Down n Canyon. Ports compositions or shop la sum As they now do. The sudds said he was about two p is quickly and question is this will land one half Miles North ofile3iuly the state legislature Woisik be sufficient to amortize and citizens a corned become con saying that local state Ami pay interest on 20-year Bonds governments can and Are helping he warned that for government to take Over All responsibility in this critical Field would signal the on totalling is Shatford however said the High number of out of District students since other Junior col Leges arc contemplated Tor the san Gabriel Valley. Set of a grave infection of our the lightweight Hermes a 1 itt to a lit 1 l h l i i c i ill c 3 Angeles Crest Highway Whei rocket weighs less than eight the car started smoking. , yet is stronger than said he jumper Clear twice its weight watched As it burst into flames perfect. And rolled Over the Side of k be t Road. Perfect touch is designed the ultimate touch for speedy writing. It has a full sized he. Said he caught a ride keyboard. Platen and ribbon into town. Its half space Ratchet for mrs. Reed who Lay at the scientific and mathematical dad continue from Pace curved around 9 . Sunday nation s Eisenhower recalled while lie was president of Colum Bia University he joined with other citizens in organizing flip National fund for medi Cal education in 1948. He praised Sloan As one of when beavers was baht sitting those pioneers who believed while his wife. Margaret Back that corporations attending Church. America derive from our beavers told police he education to sooth the baby when institutions a Benefit which started crying. When the cry is ample to sustain if not ing continued he said. Contributions toward Shook the child and Flung it their continued and effective onto a Couch. Service to the american peo mrs. Beavers fold police the baby was still crying the president made an add feebly when she returned at 10 his in each As originally about 10 . She said she prepared for Advance District a was unable to Renth a phys by including at a late hour Cian and called the tire de the afternoon three Para Partheni when he baby on his forthcoming stopped breathing. The american people. Bottom of the Ravine in below formulas and its key Jam re freezing temperatures. Walc Asp ,1s a Boon for Typ j1 and of course below the about 11.30 . Yes of the machine there is terrify from the Highway by a the Swiss precision Workman division of highways officer ship which Means years of on routine patrol. Trouble free service without sheriff s deputies Forest the need of repairs. And Highway patrol Como Rescue and using a Stretcher on a Cable Chines and equipment co. 176 e. Colorado St. Or phone by 6-5311. Advertisement false Teeth that loosen need not Embarrass Enrera of Teeth buffered real acc Tufie their Plique dropped slipped or wobbled at Jnet the wrong a. Time. Do not live in or this just Sprinkle. Little Pas Teeth. 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