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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 23, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaRed Smith people Here like baseball they re talking in of fms of million Dollar damages it Tomt Tom Octh a. Pc owners in rough mood for major confab of Francisco. My Piini Ami _ icy us Luaco inc does t know where it is Drill hear something like this ing in the face of major league president Emil ski of _ 11 fit i ills i Tokyo. The boy behind the bar sucked in his no of major president Eroil suck of be happens Nett breath with a Hiss of a Happy Garter Snake the giants by owners Iii Mettle certainly would not to he said and Jerffey his head toward the ind Ball club Hwo own television screen where a Herd of Ball slavers gathered to w y f pounding the another league s territory ban i Cua Gnu Nereu table nov. 1 at a meeting in Tho. I. Port any nine r Down to three teams the great season we had. and million. We value is Over a million and until we find out what warily we would be having nothing below tripled half dollars. Next. We be stopped Vance season ticket sales now Ball and the majors Ean i of new Ball Park but instead we re waiting Tolford to let us television screen were a nerd of a i rna Varc oath arc i it i leu my me in aloft again and a Tain. The flannel of i Oie Minavor of an i of a in Iii uu1 aloft again and again. The Flann eled doll was or. No buys Mizuhara manager of the yom Iuri giants who Are the Only giants in the Days who win pennants. Or. Mizuhara s operatives had just polished of the Taiyo whales for their sixth title in eight seasons As champions of the Central league they will open the world series Oriental version in Fukuoka Satur Day against the in Shigetsu Lions the Yankees of the Pacific league. A to camera swept the Field and it was like the Day Bobby Thomson hit that Home run m the Polo grounds. Tens of thousands of the most passionately devoted baseball fans in the world catered and Cavor Ted and carried on. The boy behind the bar flicked the dial and Here was another Ball game with Meiji beating Rikuyo 2 to 1, in the Tokyo big six College league. Here was a Ruddy College game on a Chilly monday afternoon and there were customers m the stands. High school games have been known to draw when the last Rikuyo batsman was retired on a close play at first base a monstrous blizzard of confetti erupted from the Meiji stands. 41, f of both teams Drew up face to face along the first base line bowed stiffly from the Waist and departed. Then the interviews and the celebrating began and m the Meiji dugout the camera caught the winners Chubby coach beaming like a Harvest Moon. Desi san loves Lucy san in the East by the Way television is a source of inscrutable Delight. Technically it is much better than ours with far clearer picture definition but that sort of thing is the concern of reviewers like or John oppo site number in the Japan times is or. Gyo Hani. What fills the nonprofessional viewer with pure Joy is to watch an american Western wherein Wyatt Earp belts some Baddie heels Over Teakettle across the bar. All the while reviling the cad m faultless japanese. On to Here Desi murmurs Sweet nip ponese nothings to Lucy and Alfred hitch cock handles the language like a native. On to Here you see or. Christian and Disney and Superman and run tin tin. Who barks in japanese most a though you see baseball and when you walk the cannot pass a Are away As wide As a Geisha s the situation is very vague around president James Mulvaney which the pc wants now that it is scheduled to lose los an Jeles and san Francisco to the National league. Were representatives of both the into a position where we can t transplanted dodgers and play at least triple a Ball Well t0 s u damages. We Don t know with the pc brass at much yet the pc is a set us Back see what happens. And our president Fred Davis of Sac tips fils Boffl cussing All this with us by i Vii i in i any also franchise Sale to the giants Are riled because the giants until we see How much is of and dodgers have not acted feed in damages. Realign earlier to discuss indemnities ment whom can we realign which Cha put. In Etc 6 Jiuu uni j Ricu Vavia i oho go won f sup s Worth a lot we will vote on top of Al this sen. Rich anything less than triple than the s150.000 we paid for against approving the Sale Oriard l. Neuberger of Oregon believe me .1 the san Francisco franchise Torihas called for an investigation Lis of Tail i i Allyl div a vex an ill giants unless we get of giants dodgers shift on 7------- "-.7.1c i compensation. I it has All but Dij wont go Lor any thing less than believe something will be know How much we would ask stroked the Pacific coax Tuple a Ball either. This whole worked out but if not we damages if put out of i Insp no i i. Our City Nee president of i proper compensation of san Diego if we re put o us. Me our damages to he be less but our team s Market gentlemen be seated. The 3dy Derk Swatch of w3s Happi for Happi aies of Taurer the title Darling into such Gaies of laughter you d have thought Phil silvers was Gillman predicts ram comeback coach Sid Gillman said yesterday he believes his los Angeles rams Are about to get unt racked from free straight losses on the Road and should have things run ii right again by sunday when the opposition is the Tough Well be Home for one said the sober faced Gillman who has taken All the blame Lor the rams luckless showing thus far. But More than that we still feel we have a Good football team and have get better option Tubisz Pep boys Vikings need More players the san Gabriel Valley Vikings Semi pro football team hot hard by injuries in recent games Are in urgent need of players especially ends and Quarter backs. The Vikings who have six games remaining will Drill tomorrow night at 7 at Clifton Junior High. Anyone interested in try ing out can report to this practice session or Call coach Clyde Towles at Al. 9-2211. E younger than springtime Bice Sam Snead and Jimmy Demaret arrived for an Stoss there Arbeen a couple of Ori so restaurants local authorities Tell you the old style Geisha House is disappearing swiftly it is Beine real acid a Man said by Golf 8eislla does not sell springtime As the Happy euphemism has it Here. She is an entertainer who Waits on the visitor dances for him chats Tokyo sports writers had a Little dinner for visiting 2? across Sunbelt Evahl Lonn Lutat him fold. Hotovy a Tell. Get instant starts with. 1 a r Teaf a a f t Cadet batteries la hardware at Pep Boyi Low prices adj skit i month door Fantl fasteners push Drill with Drill pol i fatal automatic i for Hobbick. Nil ram 29 wire Brush 14" Long handle prep football log just 2 Western state games set this week Only two Western state con its Battle Terence games will be on tap College Lor this weekend when Glen Dale College travels to Ventura College this Friday night padres extend lease on Park san Diego. W the san Diego Pacific coast league baseball club yesterday was Given an Extension of its lease on Lane Field City owned bal Park. Action was by the Harbor commission and was in response to a request from the club which explained it Hac stopped construction of a new Park because of uncertainty Over the league s status. Douglas Giddings attorney for the club told the commission we arc work ing Dally o reorganize the league. The answer to whether we will play base Quill in 1058 will depend on whal happens at the United states minor leagues meet ing in Denver dec. 8-6. In no trying our Best to Sal Vage baseball for san he mentioned possible align ment with clubs now in the Texas league or America association. The lease was extended Doc. With a further ext Sion available if the club codes to play at the held 1958. Anti Itaf 3t tory Bell game. Glendale got Back on the Victory Road against Pierce last a feed while Ventura was dubbed by Cerritos College one of the nation s few unbeaten untied Jaysee teams. Cerritos will take time off from its conference leadership to meet Riverside in a non con Ference game Friday right. The Falcons will play at the Eastern conference school. A Tworg name for a Csc team this weekend Pierce will trek to Phoenix College m Arizona for an inter sectional Battle. Wingless Pasa Dena cd will be insured of pro dec tag that record this week end with a Bye. The twice postponed comp-1 on Cerritos clash Lias been re-1 scheduled by officials of both schools for nov. 12. The game Las undergone two changes because of the flu outbreak. Western state Ron Kenoe Pasadena 6 la Puente 12 Ros Cread 0 Compton 12 _ 0 Glendale 2 Glendale her. Burroughs Burbank Muir 30 opponents s Muir 34 Fontana. 26 Mission Bay. Leuzinger .1 on Rrt 3 25 Burroughs ii Burbank Glendale Flor. Pasadena 156 opponents 71 ajl Hamilka 7 Chaffey 2 in Glendale 20 Monrovia 21 Arcadia. What tier Mark Keppel Al Mont. 40 opponents 7 Arcadia 12 Santa Paula i 6 Al Ranerio. 13 0 whittier___32 Alhambra Mark Keppel Monte Ilon Rovia 33 opponents Arroyo 7 each undid Fil 6 i i 6 Azusa. F Sierra. San Gabriel. Rosemead Citrus 39 opponents 40 6 Calno r Artesla 12 6 Arroyo.26 a Tunis. Hoa Mead Sierra. Sao Gabriel. 30 opponents 46 Baldwin Park 6 Claremont i 6 Burbank 7 e. Bakers fld 1 13 Chattey 1 West Covina Pomona la Puentz Covina 3.2 opponents Citrus 0 0 Pacific 0 Bonita 12 Kos Mead Azusa Sierra san Gabriel. Arroyo. 12 opponents 93 Covina 0 be Flower 9 Monrovia 7 Monte Bolo 2 la Ponente Chaffey Covina Pomona Baldwin pm. S opponents. 149 Al Monte 2 Colton 1 California i 2 Fontana 2 Mark Keppel f Whittler Monrovia Arcadia. Alhambra 1 opponents 26 Pasadena 7 la Habra 0 1 a or Fin. I 9 covlha.12 Pomona Chaffey. Baldwin pm. West Covina 3 opponents 24 Mark Keppel 6 Glend Alft her. 3 30 san Gabriel. 3.1 Rosemead 6 Al Monte 1 Monrovia Arcadia. Alhambra Whf Tim 65 opponents i Monrovia 26 Pomona 30 Covina. I san Marino. 26 Alhambra Mark Keppel Whittier Al Monte Arcadia 58 opponents Rosemead 0 Pasadena 1 1 Mark Keppel 3 5 Citrus i san Gabriel. Citrus Arroyo. Sierra. 25 opponents 5 sax Gabriel 0 san Marino. 2 7 Mark Keppel 2 2 Sierra. Rosemead a Arroyo Citrus 19 opponents 44 san . Mission Bosco tech 2 Pius s Al Sef Nindo. 2 0 mater Dpi i . Cath. St. Francis St. John i Mary Star 8 opponents san Marlon 24 3an Gabriel 0 0 Monrovia i 26 Bell gardens 19 Artesia s. Pasadena. City. 50 opponents 25 so. 26 Bonita 0 25 Beverly Hills 6 20 3anta Paula. 33 i Claremont 20 Artesia. 6 san Marino. Bell gardens Temple Chy. 97 43 St. Francis 7 Bell gardens 19 26 Banning 6 39 Arroyo Gide. Ii Hart i j . Cath. 27 Mary Star s. G. Mission mater Del St. John s v4 opponents 53 Temple City 7 Lennox 30 7 Chino 341 12 Upland 7 Bell gardens Artesia san Marino. S. Pasadena. 3 opponents West co visa 0 aim los of Bonita i Lennox 6 Pomona 33 Baldwin pm. Covina Battey la 6 opponents 102 motor i Park Ilion built a fully Souron i tied for Long for clean ing grime and dirt from Mote i removing paint from Metal. 33 for a did , prof cola Yale padlock rust Rii Stan cadmium plotts steel. 1h" lock for Many Ute j Witt a a Tel 44 idol for heat repairs Wood glue ready to on won l if a in Woter Reinit of great strength hoi tie Squire lot Fly. 44 screwdriver set Adolv to doors pin Stripe decals custom Tript your car in 30 minutes it l to do Only wafer needed to Chuck Type Handl. Holds 2 Kre Driver Blades awl Ond Drill. Priced Low. I Lief ii for Mouy Sofai grinding wheels t with any tote tric Drill. Chou from big abort mint. I indent Roll wheels on a Shanks. 22 combination slim int pliers Hava 2 Long. Rrth 29 Holof floor mat hoi douol.1 fur. I i 7h Only tester flashlight Chick i port plug Ouriel appliances Titi by glow. I Metal i Flash in but lion part acc currant 29 4-Piici Handy Hammer set tinning claw 1 Ball inn and Upholt tiry. C Brake adjusting tool Utt militant urged St Tot. 2 major Lutt mint sanding blocks ild Tol Abr Oiivia Block for work on Wood or Tutol. Will not Eleo. 4" by 6" by Low spic lol Fruct annoy. "9 Only ii masking up tic i without no Gorki. Ideal for repairing painting ompus5ion gauge Init Fly mature i Marc Timon of cd Only Jutt re most i if g t. Insert and read gauge. -191 since 1922 Clay Chevrolet 2605 e Colorado St. By. 6-2605 6 year old Mellow Mash Yellowstone the no bite Bourbon 86 proof straight Bourbon whiskey 100 proof bottled in Bond distilled and bottled by Yellowstone. Inc. Kentucky Cheviet of aborted colors Rig kit reserved directional signal kits with switch converti pork 1169 w. Colorado open Friday evenings until 9 . Phone by 6-8794 prefects your Conn transparent plastic throw covers ing Light and Tail lights in to directional signals. Kit in Clutts switch plus necessary parti wiring. Stops annoy ing rattles. Repair kit Quick Cuan easy repair with tit on rim. Kit includes Leoler Cement 6 plugs Init Ter. Motor Oil 100% Pur Pennsylvania no but str of pric. Chan. Or Odd Vouri Elf and High Crad Cotton clothes line 30-Fiii Long 1-Hfci won t link or . High Glou Tricia a finish will Wilh stand Virt it other. Your old cloth it line. Easy to put on and take off made of Clear Vinyl Plas tic for most cars with solid or split Back seats. Folds compactly when not in use. Easy to clean. Anti rattlers a Aiila for am cart

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