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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 22, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaA tuesday october 22, Salt to i n split of 11-lmit.eili i time it Illihi Llull wok Wulw vim Mischel Luwmas pm specials i i ninja 4 3 7 do. A 1. Is Niue set. J35 7 pc. May 3 Dud. Dining 8 k. Manof. Dun. Vhf. Me Wrt. To s pc. Madera set. S pc. It Toj. St. J125 10 pc i Walnut . Set. Oval Bulc f j j. H. Biggar dept. 11 to service prompt of All Witlin n of Home Calls s2.50 a1, Sun. A Bol Days incl. All Trp Miu Une Oil Gur. 7 Mosy 7-7977 to . To 10 Kun. Air wave to Servick 13s purple Saje Lane. A Chicago us a Duel 1c jul Rango flu Independent. T two tickets at the b vie. For c. A. Palmqu 7 4-u Nonh a the United arts is Thust Hast Colorado to Likiar third 1 Voung mile talk Veri Tell Wencl. By completed ,23 wow oui Ledinic. Tow Lur Oit of netted Wall to Wall c St elevator Sliver were dts a Uriu. No rat. I or not. I. A Sorri Azul i-3 Only fireside Manor 1653 Amberwood or. S. By deluxe 2 Bdrm a Dell Gotful with 2 Batts nil inv a Otto a nil Moln Pool. To Solf 10 Man. To . A Ove. 16 of. L 372 Monterey r my South Independent Star Nev rental and code protects readers read Tri of Climi Adi Boot Ted from Diu pol Dimont and no Clesi by rental and or conditioned offices 2800 i 2000 so. It excellent locations a Ltd parking. In Walter w. Gerlach co. In Converse i by 8-0178 Clown City of. Sefl general. Leg i. Repo dictation. A whup St 55 fable Young Theao. Shorthand. C voice. By 2-ti Hospital trained. Day or x so King pipe 58 a Sass a water Heaters t n plumb1.sq modern offices 131 , Pasadena of air Tibu. Be attn or janitor a routed it Earl Mossbr. St 2 Seal Point for better health walk to worn bus lines my s. Broadway 1 bedroom Apt i swimming Pool a 4 Patio 195 month townhouse 865 s. Code Ute Independent St will oot accept adverts from any individual rent my or Antnet we ten a Tonua from a ten with but Cua Rautini la writ Tutaj Anfor Miloa a a Hundred it refund u tenant not readers urged to port any violation of this Peru. Tion to lotto rodent ing or receptionist half Days or s 6-6sis. Mon Orji Fier 6 p reas by 7 was a co Signe you t. My Best Fri 12l Oil vet pack East a Titt me insure Equit or. A week Tui deliver to Jih 19il. Or fit television ser. Eise s of ii ill it a budget appliance Corn 1-0534 or by 2-78 certified to Home Calls 6 i or no fit by id Lor children. Ioc by 3536 e. Colo. By Kitten i. Ava ii alter 0 Washer or Jar. I Tel. Re. Clia railing a co Loktu l stores offices. Two a Iskot rear pts -ku3 wa1i Al Knitl Kkt Inci Dunk to ii Joie room Srouy. 5 a room 9i most truss. Sefrie. A a 9a the and Saft yourself of 1 can have my Etui to Krak t my Dav ments of to. Una ii balance is o is Sims. The the Sion Section Jiant i Pasa if a 60 s. Raymond ror of does aka p Alkul. Ala. One to once tence adults re by tvs. A dishes. 7o grand a 1 Park Lynn arts 100 buries a of cot accept any vending Etline or distributorship skied advert Lilli Befort Ippen. Hospital trained. Hip of. By 6-s721 timing 4 Een enu clerical to Rumo Niblet rates. I water Heater. M pipe. 13c it. V Nus tries Chili we service it install George s n pipe plumbing Supply 721 s. Oat. Risy or by 4-s5 cd bal till bomb pleasant refined atmosphere heated Sac. J . A a Pix. It. I di3p. Pullman a . Wardrobe s. Of walk to Lake cot 254 s. Madison open to Ilgra. Apt. 5 Wallins to furnish on 2 or. Also l Bac Difior excelled care for so. Chi of fined i o by 5-1ti 00. Child Over Yea . Altadena by 2-bedroom Apt furnished swimming Pool Pat r j135 month k 3 1-Hfdroom duplex newly Redee third Wood floors. 1 n f. To markets a bus. Adu to. J pets. P by 7-1m30 sundays from tto los Angeles better Reader of thai Loving for tiny Tot Days. .11 i j lie. Borne. In. Alia. By 4-3tfla 41 Brocatello. Cocoa a so 1 slip cover "1 Duncan phyfe Walnut drop. Leaf use. Lit. And 5 chairs uphold. Smi j i drum to table lop. J Idaho san l Maple to Reiser Ard Mirror. 1 Mitte to Al to Tiest. 1 it Rawers. Mirr Tir Mac lied 1 ii amid wins distr. J hint a ant in Rienti crib free. By 3-60 consult Feu limited so or cads info. Free. Ca 1-9663 cute Lutle male Doc. 9 Mca. Of mixed terrier. By store used clothing frs Couie i jewelry. What to waa Drouk 14 s. Pair Oaks by slating a Nat until Mink stole. Perfect cond. P sell Lor in like to Arcadia just completed Large Garden House. Unusual Gross to s90.000. _ Good neighbourhood. 117.560 i inv. Cash principals Only. Boi no sow Jude. V 21" Ria mahogany console special s Arrow to Good Home on mixed Rocker Collie oui male. Nile. Mun inc s y . Syj2-i295.l Kruhe cute comic id in t spayed also Nice Young Nin 731 Linen by 3-Tio Carmax Shepherd silo 1st shot. Reg. Acc at 7-37 magnificent afghan acc. Al i-m05. 6 10 9 300 n. Al Moi no a Bdrm. Brand 1 Bik rooms tots of to e most to today. Jsu month by 2-16a7 so storage space dispose a attached car., water Yard. Retired couple ferret. Ill it s delightful beautifully furn lined. New s bedroom not. Swim Flat Pool if inv a Pudo. 372 Monterey re 1 South tasty Frknk Ftp i ice or Taal As . Busy Corner. City tax Cement Eitran links. Can or purchased larger store. J try 50 terms. Squ1rk it Alt . Foothill. I i-4 jul 2-. Fireplace. Natural Wood Cariie Edwd. Firs. Ilium try r water for Apt. Size 6 Keefe a Mitt j Liko . Chrome t was Range snark Ilka grand Pas ran fl-5. Gray platform Rocker 3 legged Iron pot is col re Frog. J35. Api. Size sen Pas ref rip. Nice re Rig. Wiit Cross top Many other items. Kasy moving at lower rates Art. Republic Van lines Sycamore shop a sell of t of storage 4 . Furniture Empl liver Kroup bedroom Din in Iove Ami re Frig. P s l. 00 deliver and inst Iree. See at Superior furn ii to. 61 n. Raymond. Pas arten monday and Friday nirl to 9 o clock. Sunday noon 10 credit radio 8, Hill sales it run tals prompt. Expert service Wing co. B. Colorado St Pool l 2 Bdrm. Dismo Ashers Ca 10 nun. Arcadia. Adults. No in ill Kim by Hention Madre older 6 room Home. New on Side. Lot with fruit Trees n to. Chr Peiin. New in n newly decorated. 1 b to bus chopping. Salesmen. Krvin Lution by nov them to add your present Hue. Small Call by the 5 following garage equipment used no dealers please 2 had. Floor jacks 1 had. Bumper Jack 1 Wudel Auto trans. Jac 2 4 Post electric hoists 1 5 he air compressor 1 hard seat grinder 1 valve machine 1 a he Bench grinder 1 bearing press tune up equipment spark plug cleaner a Frame Chain Falls bushing hone con Rod Aligner 3 vises set of torches car stands Buchanan bros., inc. 127 a. Egton or. Monrovia. Al Snow White beautify not Small Standard Champion slue up . Al heated Pool j t 2 Bdrm. To Bant disposals. 10 Tii. Ronto rum. Int two . Anita Oaks apts. Colorado. Arcadi . Santa Anita Oaks apts. R 243 w. Colorado Arad inf Sann Anita Rac track Ciu Cago confidential and go n a Ojei. In Durango the Independent. Star no we h l reserved two at the b office for Edward a. Pavso 1537 Sand fur. Dunne at t r. United Srilata theatre. 606 a Colorado Bullock s Pasadena 17" Admiral to a Blond Cabinet to 169.50 second. Guaranteed use our own term Way. By pups 10 was . At 6-s730 n boons for 96 s. Los humbles. Stina 15. for Cpl. To handle. Exc. Of july. Canada will lease for 8 to 12 months twin size Bdrm. Convert de Lovely enclosed Yard. Qui Street. To. 6 months re in Advance. So or Call o or. Siw so 3-5129 or sts-2wo n Ilo feh n 3 Sli of charcoal Sale 40 la. Delivered excellent Quality Hardwood Char Coal. Phone Oxford 4-mos if toll Call furniture returned direct from mod Homes in Covina Park la p Ente. Glendora. Azusa. Blonde Walnut divan Chat 1 end Coffee table. 2 table lamp floor boudoir lamps Dinette it free Deriv is holds. We car our own contracts Star furniture son ave. Unable to of furniture must dispose of 3 room Cost 1496. Pick up payment balance x275. Pay St weekly n Cash needed. See at sup Eric furniture co. 61 n Raymunn ave. Pasadena. Open Londi and Friday night to 9 o clock sunday noon to 5 out of Ata credit Okay. Park also Are vict repair. Rates Rej radio t to j1 1657 e. Colorado by 3-7. Or 20" Hoffman i a hog. Console coaster c by Ryan i an v rent a to. Option to buy Lokk Kali sales Survick by 1-13 of Julany s Cream St Ih-f1 no Down payment b 21-month fix a Sci no Bolton s 55 s. Carfield by to week beaut . Priv. Bath turn. Switchboard conv Loc Brookmole hotel n1. Marenco by 6-710 room for employed Woma All Home . Near Linda Vista Branch Libra a by 6-ey9s u Alta. Near uni a oath priv. Entrance. Irn lows sides. Furnace. Plate. 513 hot of Upner duplex 2 Bdrm. Ralpha Beta mkt. Gar. In with Siab Lishco it clientele ample free parking Cellenti location 4 exceptionally Low rent. Contact by Texaco in Pasa 3 Bav. Master lease o on he Shway neighbourhood. 4, Money maker. Syr a .m2 practically All Stock Sac Rin fice Stock. Fixtures fret. 904 k prove. By 1. A for 4 wine. Stab. 30 via. . Pitsa Parkview 8-57fi2 after . Wine for inventory6 plus quires. Beaut. Furn. New Ultra 00. Modem. in. Jul 416 n oar Leld by 3-s6 5 air conditioned m n Lely furn. 1-ddrm. Apt. Clea j . Altadena. Ava immediately. J6ft. By 7-79 Beautiful Sierra Madre Milvern single newly dec. Sui Lor Empl. Person. Central located. 550. Util. Incl. By nicely furn. A Bdrm near transportation. Off Stre Park lab children Welcome. _s35 n. Oakland by s-173 Huntington arms Apt no cell furn. Ice. 1 Bdrm. Mot err. Ger ample parking. Adult Hunt Lincton or. So. Large de luxe Apt. 5 brim. A insets. Bar cry k Chen air conditioned dispose 0 Patio quiet scrape. 1.100 so Jho. Lease jail Cults. 215 s 5 Baldwin. Arcadia. Cd 7-10s3. T heated Pool it Elup 0 bedrms., near Rancho Market 5105. 1131 Ril. A read York dr., Lovely 2 Bdrm. House. Comply. R modelled. Enclosed lunar. Ca Pel. Drapea. Beau walled cd. By by 8-4354 . By s-30s4 after newly decorated Pruc. New 2-Bdrm. Home 511 a tilts references. ?i03 a Pasa or. Altadena. By ii ill chair Lulik Kun Liziie Koop crib Man i All Good. 520. Or separa Macic Chei Gas stove. Table i Model Hall runners. 9 31i it., Iwar Rose. I s tank vacuum Good. Sti. Coir. S3. Tohet seat. Is. Trike. 16 s6. Others. So 3-74 gun Durango the Star news h reserved two tickets at the b office for a. J. Palmer. 5s Kauai Naii. Temple City at c l Nuvert artists theater. 606 a color Mlo Street. Viking tape deck r a custom record la Vunck j Cost sell Al 6-ml Rufos repaired while bring pm to. Eco to. 167 Lake. By 5-5931. Mon. Uli h rent to share my Bow with employed single lady. References. I 6-3-Sa age. Clean 1 Nace heat. Prev. Ent. Parking a u Elk Lar distance. By 2-5lmv to. . Vilione bus Stop or Kajj. Gentleman. L j32 n. 1.03 Ilo Les by s-h5." 7 priv. Entrant i i Bath. Man preferred. So 2w_no. Madison cozy bed sit int Roo Rii deluxe Noo up. 2 Bdrm. Pelva patios adults. Or. Hoppin quiet it. 759 Fairview. A read 5 at Lake. No. Of Altadena Delv modern 3 room Apt. A rape at rear. Single adv o couple. J75. Houses pc duplexes so. 1 Oei irm. Rear House a furn., quiet clean. Adults. Nen Colorado Santa Anita. S 2-1690. Bdrm. House child Welcome Jax rentals by lease Richfield station no Luke. Altai. Inventory Only. 253 Colo. By 5-7267 s Beauty Salon son Marino French Hen on nes All Misc. Reduced. By 3-3ti4 Fura Tiue full As i 5 modern radio e. Hill Colorado lower single studio by for easy a Skeg . 6 ims. 3 Bdrm. 3 Baths r round level priv. Tile enter v. Sin Clous living pm. Dining pm. Markets bus Nice Nelpi boyhood. Wiil Phi. Mum in. After 6 . Beauty Sulon. Deluxe i int 1.a 1 i Model professional Simp portable 35 my sound on Fil projectors fun film son decl Mccolor spare parts tube umps extras. Make reas. O Ler also r. C. Allen adding m Chine. 9s5 n. Allen ave. By Rome son. 540 s. Marengo. By j7 we. J2s to. Nice room Glendon George Hawkins in 5-311.1 Cash prices paid for Good used furniture Bric a Brac silverware single piece or Complete calf0sy2u-tl34 for our appraiser Lyon Van storage co. 51 s. Marengo warehouse appliance distributor is Pasadena s left late cos plus distributor located i warehouse with Alt appliances in on uial crates. Quote out Low. Low prices p example warehouse appliance distr Lutor famous Kako cd it. R Trig. 60 la. Freezer shelves s y 5-5475i 133 n. Santa Anita Pasa Loc. In Lyon warehouse no 13 Man on duty Mon thru Fri. 9-5 saturday by appointment privileges. S i so 526 Ino. A Piaf. Lady. No Smo k in or drink inc f n. Los Robles by Bdrm. Conv. Loc. New Furr switchboard. I Brookmole islander luxurious. Tropical. 1 Pool. Ruin ins Etc. Etc. Etc Sis la Cadena. W. Rentals by 3-322 570 big 2-. Nice furn Tot. Budget rentals. By Beer Best spot in Temple City by 2-5-2k foe Sale or Loci trash cans City approved 2200 n. Rosemead Al maid serv. By 5-5926 close in. Meals too. To. We carpet paint furn. Etc or everything. Util. And. Priv Pukk lot 129 s. Michigan 603 n. 4 upper. Util. Auto decor. Tull. Pm 2 children of. Up Rwy Rinex. 2155 Buena Nellh turrets it tooled. Also vertical horizontal Mill. Accurate. Box 3019 ind. Star news living 2 close in. Upper 2 Bdrm. Unfurl Apt. Retric. A s70. Park no. Adults. By Luke Hospital. Empi Man 1177 Del Rev. By 8-1 Bdrm. Home or schools Jax rentals by 5-322 Prouxl floor 2 . Furn. Not. Bills Rel. Silo Mosy s-119i St 2-s316 Bdrm. Salon Best Pasadena Green St. Loca Magog. Pedestal table trl mattress. Cond. Mis Man s Navy Serge by. Herring hone suits size 40. Reas. Gre gabardine coat zipped in Previl. No smoking i drink feb. By 3-7739 Eves. Emp coloured gentleman. Close in reas. Privileges. By Madison. By 9-42 modern 1 by. Fireplace Auto Nirula Washer. Carport Avail Abl nov. Stock materials great in reduced prices by retired jew. Eler. Box 9011 into. Star Kiwi cleaning Plant. Complete. Hady s to. By 9-ss3 books from our Library. Mys teries 390 each other f Ichio each. Excel condition. Har Ilea 567 live Oaks ave., Pasadena. Blk. North of Colorado St. On Orange Grove ave. Closed Mon. Kit car. By 7-472 for lad y. Or. J6hn" Mui High. By 7-7134 evening hotel Pasadena sfi5. 2 pm Apt. Sierra Madre Al Len. By 1-. Apr. Up mod. Facil. Latin. Carport. 262 Grandview St. Blk. N. Of was. Between Marenco a of Jax rentals by 5-322-j65 l-Bdrm., la Duplx. Mociers Teri. Tile. 1 child 4 meat. J6500 h Stock opportunities wanted accounting practice used shop compare lowest prices n so. Calif on name Brand relrik., washers to s we Ark Nevek undo sold l. C. Taylor co. 143 n. Lake by clean Aulet land re Facil. On bus line. By after 6. To Arlt Trike . Bath upper Prev. Ent. Park g. Adults 97 n. Marengo by adults. 2 master bedrooms maid s room hath. Living pm. Dining rm., real fireplace. 1 Bdrm. Front House. Close in water pm. Garage. Adults so s-37m or by historical picture lady u Ash ton s reception exquisitely Liand coloured also Chart of 65 famous persons in picture framed in Walnut wide. 5150. 171 so Daisv St. Living room Seta for Sta Scheks in Northern California. Arizona and Tiv Ada. Will allow from j25 to for older overstuffed furniture on Purchase of furniture to fill Nalera on file from ranchers. Your bet will make the Down payment. Balance at s1.75 per week. Trade in your old today. Also need bedroom Seta radios breakfast ets. Refrigerators washers a Amide room furniture. See Superior furniture co. 61 North Taymond ave., Pasadena. Open londay and Friday nights to 9 clock. Sunday noon to 5. Out of Statt credit Okay. Park 97 s. Santa Anita. By upstairs Apt. Overlook in Valley. Living bedroom. Laj be Kitchen Bath. Util. Ixl. Sis. N. Lima Al 5-6327 170 n. Al lovely1 1 . Corner Apt upstairs. Bus stops at door. Pe-frfg., stove furn. Optional. Car. Enquire Apt. 331 Pasadena ave., so. Pasadena. At la. 3-. 2-Ba. Cd. Tots pet. Budget rentals by 3-61s4 Altadena .1 bedrooms per to. By wants to buy prac in san Gabriel Valley. Boi 901b Index. Star news. Pasadena Homes paid used Silver Wasli romans Silver shop 51 hint Affton or. By kit. Priv. Gar by 9-3d2s. J7 to k. A up. Nicely Fern. Ipe. Clean sleeping . 375 n. Furs restyled capes stoles from your coat Gas Range Complete porch swing tables uphold. Dining chairs Davenport. Pipe e. Anaheim. Long Beach our windows or. English prints s25 Sele Ion col spot for a real Home found floor rooms. By you can t find it we have it tots . 3udget rentals so bus. Executive alone desire s sri group lit Iron torches Sio or. Curtis inc. 33 s. Zefi is try. Elderly free place ment. Anytime. By Apt. Or. Huntington or. Or Apt. Unfurl. By nov. Is. Arc Ilia. So. Pasa. Or Pasa 9 Dena to 495. Days at 9-3s91 at 4-7911 Eves. Tilv Ertling manager wants clean. Modern 3 Bdrm. House Altadena preferred. Compaq 00 Check in court by owner must sell today-1559 so. It. 2 Den in a. Insulated dishwasher Patio bbl. Heated rumpus pm. 1 itched Pool 16i35. S3500 on. Ask leu 521.500. At 6-5013 used lumber Brick cast to gain. Pipe cabinets. 1 30j Lincoln daily sat. Bargains mod. Harm. Set Simmons bed Rii Van with ipe. Ami chair. So in our shoo a Refl nihed n 1 plea mine White guaranteed i serving Pasadena 2s nurses 1-1260 ease 4 by. 2 disc. E. Acceptable. To loft ils e. Glen Lynn or. Azusa. De Rug 9 x12never e. Col Ornon by or Conval. 1st fir. Close in. Yard Patio. S12o. By 2-25 11 . To 3 Bdrm. Home children of a rentals so s100. By solid oversized desk. 1 Walnut chairs. See Ai Jos Stevenson bide m n Nav Mon l St. By 3-or51 by 0-2209. 13 it isl Tat bed Simmons i Crank Nadji Estment. Kames mattress ctr. Like . Best offer. St 0-1r4 Motel owners phyfe sofa i fit Brown Elk 4 Linen dam Itok Sqq of Down Cusoli. Lahoe. Of for 100 i reconditioned ref rigs up delivered installed fully guar j a. S. Greene co. B3 e. Colorado so 6-sh3 Mann fret we Freezer. Chambers Pas Range s w in chronic top. At refer in 6 cd. Ft., like _ . Bargain s50. St 2-5797 Lor elderly Lailius. In Dis b lire. Good men is. By 1 2 to Perm. J 220 wiring disc priv Par. Laundry pm. Adults. Keys fast free t select 9 easiness 720 e. Orange or. A dorm. Ant. In duplex. A lev Norm. Ill inc area. Garage 1s54 e. Mountain co Morta Bla family Home with Lehmann by 1-j753 aft. 6 . Rooms housekeeping u in f is. Dink or weekly rates us. Alosi Al 9034 e. Huntington. Al 57 6-Uoj j. Apartments unfurnished Apt., carafe s65 3-room partially famished Apt. P Kink. Adults. No pet. P 7-30s9 Hirkman 1. 1-k.m. New y decorated. Tji Ermo heat insula cd. Adults. 1304 n. Los j Robles. Al 5-0.101 Wjt Drobes. Heels. Alrh Cham strollers Teeter babes Buk pies Gas. Wood kerosene Heaters. Gas. Steam radiators. Apt. Die Sis Meiai cabinets a Wani roses. By furniture Bdrm. Home child of a rentals so offices bldg. 325 n. Lake 2000 a 650 so. It. Ground 10c 2jc Coin radios. Sacrifice. D so la Fie plywood re part it Ion with floors with studding molding s36. Rearic to d 7s Speed. Serval in mahogany Secretary js5. Two 5x6 orientals. Dozar a lil Linghan. Farley storage 663 so. I air Oaks. Ens of pitchers household apply arrs. Rups. Beds Etc 10 . To 1 pm. I no i s 2 p yes All Price ranges Are available. C yes we Are open Friday evening til 9. P yes we will meet with n you any evening by appointment. Phone us first. Berry Grassmueck l k. Colorado by 6-2-121. 3ianos-organs Complete selection All the Best makes m f imported do Lestie pianos Espy electronic or it ans. Band orchestra instr anti. All styles Woods 35 months to put of the i Asadena music co. L e. Colorado Pasadena som Karl. A Lent. That. Sun. 3-3949 by 1-5843 open monday till 9 i highest pah for pianos music co Al is tit mahogany Cranert Altadena. 3-room Apt., Heater utilities paid near everything reasonable. After to very Verv spacious to n size approx. 1200 so. It. Carpeted to. 9-2377 Kves by 9-30bii wired for was or electric Range. No. Of foothill. Monrovia. Avail. Nov. 15. I 6-57r1 newly decorated 2-Brirm. House. Quiet St. New Voik a Allen area. So s-742b Bullocks Cal tech by 5-2889. Is 9-1032 Lake Colorado 45 s. Catalina. Pasa. For Rase entire 100 so. T. Or More. Ideal for Agency studio. Laboratory . Eur. Parking. Owner by 7-s024 acts. By 3.im34 2 on 1 lot 50x200 s51 t s5i n. Raymond front 2 . Rear 3 irame Homes. Just decorated in Vasant a mediate pos neat clean trans i Grove by 4 . Court wonderful Loc drive by n. Lake to 1 Bdrm. Apt. With garage Call after . By e-if-4 i under Woore me. Ericc. Of tied 16. A. Sierra Clarire by. By i table. 10 jux gift. In och or Tirmizi suite limn pc. Pct Una soon. Or. Of Lamsis . Rms sop after 6 37 barns. Ooh Rafe. Occasion a f 11 k in Fri View. Sierra Mylre. Eves. V Dinine St in Necly san Nithil. Echt Wewt. Solid a it univ. Jl2i n Lear turn Heater. By t-fi07i machines ,-7 k run Homek Rohovie with attachments. V o Pood it washers Dimeis so washers so guaranty Bill Good used noice. 1 k. Is Benet la a a3 a Benedict Benedict g n k Colorado by n Moisik. Bolt Tower Neitli Niamir r t35- by so n Man Tosh re Apt. With rime. In ill Mhina. Call evenly Psola or weekends. By Large 2-Bdrm. S90 my mar Vista so 7.5013 _ Apt. Rule t. And Kilts. 95. 1531 Laurel. So. Pasa by children 3 a darn. Nov. 1 ps4 eur Petrk rear after 4. 5 1 3 Bdrm. Home children Welcome vex so for lease Vior Tern. Nearly store 25xsu ill a Large windows parking in ear. I747 k. Color Nao. Owner Hlll i i 7-273s to ice protes Lonai tourneys. Stocks. Life ins. Sols. Or us ten. Low As per office. 1st or 2nd firs. Heart of . Sect on. See 24 n. Ilar Enro by 3-4108 on Huntington drive. Low rents of per to. No Landes maintenance it utilities Al 0-5341 if office space if pubic Ilono available share w Ali realtor a contractor 0 n. Rorls syst. Elizabeth he f Pine Den. Full Lin. Pm. Clean As a pin. Only jio.50 1 k. Weber by apartments Robles by 6-3. 106. 9-5 s Cylka n. Util pm. Laurid re 20 Facil. Paved pkg. Or. Mats. On bus line after 6 . By of kick desh.1 a Meinl i j 2 i Zrnic j tables a wooden Fol Frinc 11j1 Avon s. So Villa. Inn. 209.1 e. And Span 4-hoo.m rear House. Adults. By Sale or rent . 6 Bath Alp conditioned Home. 2i6 s. Madison Pasadena. Early cos session sj018 by 7-.w12 Cash today Tor your Trust Queed 10 Salb expense to you by 1-9.-.6h Light hauling moving snorts. By furniture repair or Artsy Ril 01 0 Metal Hoshall Hupfl with removable Side _ Heicht. By 9 t pop. Combination bedroom male in Kitchen Bath of by pa5ta. 310 in to Lorn. Heated Livim Niino Pool. -1-17 13 i lev. Pm. Bdrm comb 4-_ both. Or. Gratis. I shops. Of Ilia Raymond s7u up. . My. By 2-fibm. R i v sol. Sex quite to furn. Cited Pool Patio. 214 w Maple. I luxe. Or. Cal tech. 1 Gar. Avail. By fi.9tl.ll j70 s. Sierra Madre by 3-3123 s j Gle apts Rede. Parking. B Mph. preferred. 304 1 Corner of Del mar. F r Ose in Lovely front k it. Fireplace. Enclosed Tiv sinn. Adult of. By 9-Fissrt a p. Person. Oti Iet wet newly Fror 31" .3nf. In ii ant. I or parser. W a. Hol Pion by.-7fic2 in Era 1 Sulci adults Only. 1c Lee 5-7196 tin Sirmin apart nent Homes. Free brochure cd 5-4si6 or. Chech. "2 or. 570. Adults. Re 6.995 or s. . By 3-312.1 nor Harp carafe adult 1 w. Highland e if 5-1221 Olric i m. Front love Al Iet St. Convenient. In is Al e. By Bdrm. House d tits Welcome x rentals by 5-3227 la. 3-r. Conv. Cd. Tot. Budget rentals. So la. 5-rm. In Gar. Sri rentals. A Pasadena modern Vroom slur co near look. in o. Cole Uhl Polo by 2 yrs once per to Pasadena newly rec. .5 . By 9-7sr5 . In court. Disposal inc. -ar., fenced. Sis e. Sacramento. Trash cans and up fort. Of pm. G. Brach Wear for the entire fam ill All Sirrs. 4 manufacturing a zone approx 90n so. It. 21x4.1. Centrally local ii. by 2-6177 top grading j re 7-7. Ir3 Ujj imy Iofi if ghost Market prices for crap Iron Copf r. Brass. _ lotteries by. 4-0x77 so i t k Colorado Mart Iona a nip port. "2 automatic. It condition by cheerful 1-Sdrrh. Apt. For Tove Retric. Garage. N r. Hill is. Adults. No pets. By 6-7616 rapt. Deal for Niple. Stove Retric. Lev. Pm. 2 m-1 stucco buildings o it. Near Arcadia. 2-2914 de 9-3610 t blk. To Lake Wash. Bdrm. Sep. Dining pm. Service porch Askler sll.s8o. 12500 in a fled so b Al. 1 Pas Ranee. By -244-1 after equip men t e Ter lie cabinets. Dec tatic machines Trapino Tnp a o once Iri Perint machine p i at Enany. Sy5.73m. It m4s . Morll inti Keepin a f we. Buy consider terms if "sena6 5 e bedrooms Den or e. Claremont by 9-5529 after 6 air Ronda cloned offices for lease. Prof or business. Or. Oakland a Union. Reasonable Obert. So or so 6-4h37 t. Mountain 3 size Hollywood Bari 1 nip Unity Cal Rurh platform Rock r. Floor lamps by f hotter it. Wal Tiriro s17 .10 c ont ave. S. By 0-7s11 am Small bedroom Tull is paid. Conv. Location. Home newly Deco ated. East a Sartena. No Chol Ren. By 5-sos3. After a Rel ifs , Cean i r sell disc Carport big 2-Bdrm. Pc. Rot. Budget rentals. By 3-61s4 modern Sarden court u Ype professional offices for ease. East i. F i. M is inti Lumrer. Sonie Fri Wiio a posts by m i let. I 1 or s to raft store. 2r k. Dbl. Frame a act Ovid. By or out Iron dining a Etc it 6 charcoal color mid Sis. He Bikol add i Mici find or ibid ten column direct 1 act on yrs. Old. Silo. By l i Staie it div lease in wanted. By . A a bum. Apts nt1noton Cohoe at7-19fl7prl furn. Cottage. Couple Only. M7 r. Villa and ten 900 _ 7-115.1 who pole by f justs j70. Near or Obles a Washington. M rape water pm. 5fi5 a. Lovely older Iod terms. By im.1m by Ful Price on easy Termi Ancock Murk co., 3t3i k Olarndo . K Home use of Franb. And. Ruiter with lessons 51 ecu we also Shi and Kent Mullen. n Hill by grand piano in Call by i Iri Rifi Ifni to aupry on Nurr Nase Foj. By Rush. Cd c s d Purl kit ski Aith. and Ron Dillon. By n j Plavo iffy Flam Havn m cond. Owner. Ii Ulm

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