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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 21, 1957, Pasadena, California Carolyn Clicks shortly before Dawn on a Damp september in 1955 a 51 Plymouth Sedan pulled up ii front of the Pasadena playhouse. A 5 6" blonde Youn woman of 18 slowly sauntered up the Patio Steps so paused a Long moment returned to the car and Soe away. This was the of a successful dream of Hap piness. Actress to be Carolyn Kearney late of colourful Orleans along with her Par cats had arrived in Pasadena in the nearly 800 Day and wonderful nights tha have gone by Carolyn has graduated from the play House played in two movies made several to appearances played in two main stage productions and Laid the foundation for a promising future. Over luncheon at the Brown Derby actress Kearney who has critics talking to themselves Over her Fine work in the current Man on a stick playhouse hit told us that she first wanted to be a doctor then nun cast her in a school play the acting Bloom grew and grew. Out of a graduating class of 200 girls she is the Only single girl today. But i la marry smile the spic and Span looking Pale blonde told me. Momentarily i have no Romance going. I m pretty Busy with the stage movies and miss Kearney lacks sophistication. In place of this dubious social Grace she has Sweet Charm a fascinating freshness and personality projection that is almost bewitch ing. Her skin is Clear her eyes a Happy Hazel Shade and Gen eral features soft and classic. , she s like a typical teen Ager. Speech sewing and Spanish were her favorite subjects at school. At Best she s Only a fair Cook but loves clothes size 9 and 10 but spends Only a minimum amount on her wardrobe. "it1 she smiled Over a non fatten ing salad. The 1951 Plymouth still in her transport but so Hopes to get a glistening Nev. 58 station Wagon before Long for a miss who has yet t cast her first vote she s an accomplished Young Star to be she s played at the famous be Petit theater de Vieux Carr and with the new Orlean opera association the la to la playhouse and will be see shortly in Damn citizen of Universal International. I Lions of americans have enjoyed her roles on to mat Nee theater cavalcade o America the Burns Alle show and now on the William Bendix to production of the life of Riley. Edward Everett Horton takes Money to make Fine actress. Wants her for a part in i new stage production. She under consideration of another film part. Carolyn was one of six Lucky dramatic students to read for famed director Elia Kazan on a recen Isit. He was impressed wit ice Sweet expression and indicated she might be cast in i mud on the stars film begin Ling production next january Carolyn does not study Ier lines at Home. She learn est when on her feet ant Vith folks around. She d Liki o attend the Anthony Quinn dramatic school. Bette Davis and Barbara Stanwyck have ways been film favourites of ers. We had to leave just then but columnists Leo Guild and Mike Connolly stopped by to say hello. I d like repeat this col in in 10 years when cd is a in Star. I can t think of any Eason Why she won t be a Robert s. Allen diabetes control Inbert s. Aunt u 01 vacation. Tile Rel urn today lion the Klinl Cleant work being tone in the Grant re Farch drive to fathom the Yauae at Illah Elci and to unit a cure Lor Uili to Deroui Letlon of millions of by the staff National Institute of arthritis and metabolic diseases . Public health services can be controlled with varying degrees of Success in individual cases. This ability is in itself an example of research Progress but still we know comparatively Little about the cause and nature of this disease. Even though it May be the under lying process continues and Learned that 72 per cent of the complications sometimes fatal often incapacitating de the group appeared after ten Zelop. The Basic Factor in Dia betes is not an excessively High level of blood sugar but something much More fundamental and As yet in completely understood. Fundamental questions As to the cause nature and develop ment of the disease must be answered and Only through probing research into the Many metabolic problems involved will those answers be obtained. Extensive clinical tests of two new anti diabetic drugs have been conducted during the past year tests which have been watched hopefully by diabetics and the medical profession in particular. Results of the tests and at Western Reserve University other investigators have turned up evidence Lead ing them to believe that the High blood sugar Levels of diabetes although associated Are not directly responsible Tor Cataract formation. They believe that Cataract formation results from impaired glucose utilization by the Lens of the Eye. Insulin or the Lack of it has an enzyme glucose-6 not responsible for the last step in the generation of glucose blood sugar by the liver has been shown conclusive and not particularly encouraging findings so far. Arc that these drugs 1 lowered the blood sugar Levels and urinary loss of sugar in relatively mild recently acquired diabetes in older persons 2 obtained poor if any response in severely diabetic persons 3 were relatively ineffective Harvard University to diabetics and 4 Are of no use in the treatment of Keto acidosis or in the control of diabetes during surgical stress. Cataracts leading to Blind Ness Are one of the complications of diabetes. Studies of this complication have recently revealed new information at the University of Iowa investigators have found that cataracts May be related to the same factors As other forms of degeneration found in diabetes. In a study of 132 diabetic patients the scientists Independent publisher Tmara j. Bidder general manager p. L. Nutler editor Lee m. Merman associate editor w o. Sumner Manas in editor Arnold Huss business manager e. R Williams wire scr Lei United first inter National news service. Photos. Allocated press a wire photo. City service National advertising representative bidder Johns inc., los an Feln san Francisco new Vork Cal info Detroit Minneapolis fit Paul. Cataracts which developed in years of disease. Duration of the building a Little prestige in the Arab world George m. Adams influence every one of us to a lesser or greater degree radiates influence. And that influence is what translates each one of us into an Agency of usefulness. People with no apparent influence Are often ignored but this is a mistake. The most influential human beings have always been those who exercised their influence quietly and without boast. People of character Are the most influential and useful. The one who is most use Ful in his town has the greater influence. There is no one who does not have some sort of influence but whether Good or bad there it is and it is forever at work. Our influence does not end with death. Take a Fine and inspiring author of books. His influence May live for Ever other people influence us More than we realize. And that is probably True of us As regards our influence upon others. The influence of a great Book lives Down the Ages. And often a Book becomes More influential years after its author s death than before. Influence counts for so much that we should never for it we Are being watched by those easily influenced by us. Mone of us can measure the influence we have because it takes so Many different roads when it leaves us. It May Well be said that our influence increases at every Cross Road. People in Public life have a wonderful Opportunity to be influential and useful and it should fill them with Pride hat this is True. Many a Book in my Library had had a Asting influence upon my life. In a sense a great Book May be said to be immortal. Back when from our filth 1937 oct. Handshaking postmaster general Jim Arley is in Pasadena today n official business. He will be it by head greeter m. Vilas Ubbard introduced by . In. William Gibbs Mcadoo Many effects some of them on Janet inned with a Rose by he enzyme architecture of assistant Secre. Ary of the tournament of the study of these effects roses Assn. 1947 Washington on enzymes constitutes a fair y new area of Effort. At be markedly increased in activity As a consequence of diabetes. Similarly certain types of enzymes concerned with the transformation of the amino acid tryptophan into the Vitamin niacin a Normal oct. Theater had this Eyebrow Raiser on its marquee wonder who s kissing pier technicolor Bruce a. Dixon was elected president of the Pasadena vie chants Assn., to succeed Harold s. Jorgensen. In the treatment of juvenile process in most animal species service smiles Aren t you working in a Little close of quotes discovery he s going crazy. He can t find a synonym for june that rhymes with bugs Boer newspaper Rison. Important political news has been held Back like a Barber s sneeze. That s the solidified old South is going to splinter off into Triplicate again. Dixie is a ratting around the old Home Lead and there la a third Narty sure As you re a Yarc wide. The original Dixie rats baled More umbrage than Cotton. At that time we said anybody could Cut out paper dolls but no Man could make pm Salute. Trouble with third parties is hey never have a sensible Honnicker. The Loco focus the Iran burners the know nothings and the Bull Mooers. Third parries Start when n individual politician has reached his pique. That was Rue when Teddy Roosevelt tarted the Bull Mooers Way Jack when. It was Teddy s argument and rockets hat his filling of Mckinley Slu setting. If says you Shaft under Glass v. A. Bennett should be Inder Glass in a museum Cata aged Homo americans reactionary. F. D. R. Has sustained More vicious personal attack than any other great president. In this he joins our presidents of greatest stature Washington Jefferson Lincoln. They were vilified during and for some time after their administrations. Truman whatever his Politi Cal beginnings was an honest and courageous president his executive ability astonished Lis adherents and blabber lasted his opponents. And or. Eisenhower suffers from the act that he was the people Choice but not his party s. The party leaders attempt o shove sen. Taft Down Thoples throats persisting t the Point of Absurdity. He a received Little of the support he executive office need rom the party in Power. V. A. Bennett is right i saying our perilous situation is our own fault. Val Glass Asadena flying saucers Russ Leadabrand raised a Ood question the other a when he asked the reaction o lying Saucer folks to the rus Ian satellite. Russ gives credence to the act that there May be some Hing else in space other than he sputnik from the sight nos of ufos s in the san gab Iel Valley area recently. There has been a report on he radio that flying sauce people from Venus have been n Contact with a Man in Fieri a. The Venus ans informed him they know about the sput Nik which is orbiting arum he Earth and that they a observing it with interest. They assured him however hat sputnik does riot carry a Hydrogen warhead and a lot too concerned about it be was also told they Are try no to slow it Down. I wonder s. Alfieri Pasadena Only one race i think it s time some facts vere known. 1. There is Only one the human race. 2. Negroes Are not afraid of note marriages. There Are Lenty of towns in the Good old . Where they can inter Narry but you can count on be hand the ones who do am ave fingers left. They can tin . Monday. Oct Ctm 11. Ii Russ Leadabrand no cake to eat something i be always wondered about happened Jast week. Some 75 Hunters went Duck gunning in the Satton sea area and were stranded when a Dike washed out cutting off the escape route for their 35 automobiles. So the stranded were forced to eat the ducks they had killed. It must have brought out the Best of the outdoors Man in each individual. Cooking Duck Gabriel mountains. Ink nes. They Are there. Your Ore fathers saw to that. 3. There is no need to talk Iff the cuff to any Law enforce nent officer to find out wha he Superior race is doing not Only to the negro but to his in race. Just pick up any administration was not a com Ilene term at Bat. So he flipped the party Anc Vas she lacked like Rabbit fur n Danbury. Third parties get no further Tian dropped eggs. The Tail lever grows a new Lizard. Arc strikingly altered in the diabetic state As work by Institute scientists has demonstrated. Severe diabetes might be controlled with less insulin and mild diabetes possibly con trolled with very Little or none f scientists now searching for Means to retard or halt the destruction of insulin in the body Are successful. Insulin is destroyed in the body apparently by a fairly specific enzyme known As in sul Inase. Scientists at several institutions supported by Grants from this Institute Are studying Insul Inase and its a ton searching Lor some Means to Block or slow Down to destructive activity. A num Ber of agents which inhibit in sul Inase in test systems have Een discovered and arc being vesti gated in intact animals. Research in this area is be no fostered since the possibility exists that findings May be it significant Aid in control of diabetes. On the red sea was founded a 285 . Word a Day puissant v up. Having Power authority or Mastery pm text mighty most High flowered sales Man i Ever that s toe third set open cyclopedia he s sold me this continuous View British railways have de misting heat units in their americans Are beginning to new passenger coaches so that the View of passing scenery discover that a person is not not be Starr of. Red sea port Berenice an egyptian port automatically educated of windows. Yes the negro has rights a built this country with the sweat of his brow while the Superior race sat on the front orches and drank mint juleps. Mrs. . Asadena i Spike Ike i m a taxpaying god fearing a abiding Republican but the ate of affairs in the world get now leads to wonder if be been duped. War brewing the Middle East the Stock Larket hitting an time Low he snafu with the satellite it is most there is any peaceful news in the world to Day i be been unable to find it. Perhaps after these years i should vote a straight democratic ticket in 1960. V. H. Jones. South Pasadena. Ode to sputnik As i gazed out on horizon i saw a vision to Bendizen it sent my heart fair to fluttering but twas Only sputnik sputtering. C. L. Skelley Pasadena under those conditions could have a real Challenge. A lot of hikers and Moun Tain users have been wonder ing Why the Angeles National Forest did not lift the fire closure following the recent rain. There was a Good reason. The Angeles National Forest is in the Peculiar position of lying directly in the path of the Santana winds that come boiling in off the desert each Winter. These winds hot and dry can reduce a rain soaked Forest to dry tinder in a matter of hours. Because the Santana winds Are still to come we even have them in late december the Forest officials thought it Best if the Forest remained closed for a few More weeks. It is easier to reopen the Forest once than to reopen it then close it then reopen it again at the dictates of unfavourable weather. Among the other advances the Forest service is making in the direction of curbing Forest fires is experimentation with a strange fire retarding Plant called the Cist us. The Cist us a kind of Rock Rose is native to the Israel country at the far end of the Mediterranean. The strange Plant grows about two foot High seems suited to the Little water dry heat of the san the amazing Quality of the Cist us is that it won t Burn. If each Southern Cali fornia Highway was flanked by the Cist us cigarettes tossed from passing can would never cause Forest fires. It will be a while unfortunately before the local Forest experimentation station has enough of the plants to protect every Moun Tain crossing Road. But Little by Little the plants will be used. Some will go along heavy use highways. Some will be tried along firebreaks in the mountains. Someday maybe the strange Little fire resisting Plant from Israel May play a major role in the unending Battle to Stop Forest fires and to save our watershed. Dutton has a new Book out entitled it deals with the u. S. Space satellite and is highly interest ing Reading. And timely. Correction we erred when we said last week that the new treasure unlimited show would be on tuesday night. It s be on tonight Mon Day on Channel 5 at 7 . Bob Considine aunt Addie bless her Washington. Ins mrs. Clark Griffith a formidable looking matriarch died Here the other Day at the age of 86. She was the Hel meet of the fiery old gentleman who came to Washington in 1912 and Nur tured Good bad and indifferent major league baseball a the capital until he passed on two years ago. Together they spanned More baseball history perhaps than any other couple including the Mcgraws and the Mcgillicudy Dys. Aunt As mrs. And choose from their Griffith was called by her to ones Ligh of and Nephew three generations of base a Fri tors covering the club an the people around the Callyar was a lady of Strong likes an dislikes. She reserved the la Ter emotion for any writer we lad the temerity to that the Washington Ball Clu visit any jail or might be improved Here an there. But she was Quick to Foi give too. Years ago while testily covering the team of the old Washington Herald m confreres assigned me to Ca on aunt Addie and ask he that the writers could give Griff in the Way of a proposed birthday present. Clark needs a new Eling aunt addle said. Put his name on it in big Block letters so nobody la steal it like they usually i promised and was bowing it when she stopped me. That s real Nice of the boy o do this for she said and As for you or. Constan be i be never believed any o he terrible things they a bout set me up for weeks. Then there was her warm parted approach to Zeke Bonura. Griff bought Zeke be cause the Man could hit. The old owner had had two of the most gifted Fielding first base men who Ever judge and Joe Kuhel. Bonura s Field ing but sent him to a much earlier grave. One Day a hitter bounced one past Bonura and the Ball he graduates from College. I education is a process not a package and its goal is not the acquisition of a specific set of skills or body of knowl Edge but a maturity of mind and emotions that enables one to be a better person As Well As a better Engineer lawyer or t. James. A diet is what you keep put Ting off while you Are putting Magazine. Better health drugs can harm you too much realism Toledo Ohio. To two youths who tried to create a suspicious appearing scene succeeded too Well. While John Mclntyre 18, drove an Auto Mobile William Whitton 19, Rode in the trunk with his Catsup smeared right leg stick ing out. They were arrested and fined each under Toledo s suspicious person charge. I would like to discuss a Case concern ing a rather common mistake. The other Day i was talking to a patient who mentioned her sister s illness. For several months she had been hav ing vague troubles with the circulation of her toes and fingers. Apparently on Immer Sion in cold water they would suddenly turn very Pale almost White. It appeared As though the circulation d suddenly stopped. Or. Dean when these episodes became More fre quent she visited her doctor. Complete examination at that time revealed no obvious cause for her complaint. The doctor questioned her several times concerning any drugs she might be taking. After originally saying no she finally remembered a certain liver Pill she had been taking every Day for almost 10 years. By or. C. A. Dean she had been so used to taking this Pill she almost forgot about it. Investigation of the pills revealed they contained a very potent drug but in a very Small amount. Accumulation of this drug Over the years had finally poisoned her system. If she had neglected to remember about those pills she might still be suffer ing from their effect. To make matters worse the ingredients of the Pill were practically worthless and were not doing her any Good. Over the years she had spend hundreds of dollars on a Medicine she really did t need. The moral of this Story is not to take Medicine of any kind for any length of time without first knowing it is Safe and useful. Check with your family doctor if there is any question. Question i have heard that Oleo mar Garine is less fattening than butter. Is this answer no this is not True. Oleo mar Garine and butter have the same number of calories. Rolled into right Field for a sin Gle. Either judge or Kuhel or William Bendix would have caught it like a beanbag. Griff s groan could be heard As far As swamp poodle. Sparks flew out of his Cigar like a roman Candle. The hitter rounded first a hit too ambitiously so the Washington tight fielder threw the Ball to Zeke hoping to pick off the runner. Zeke put it on him too late and the Man was Safe. Suddenly aunt Addie sit Ting next to Griff broke into a brisk applause. Addie have you lost your Griff thundered. What the Heck is there to applaud about with that plumber out there Messing things up aunt Addie soothed her Man. Now now she said. After Zeke caught it com no god bless her incidentally though 01 d Riff passed along two years ago a favorite admonition of his still has its hand on the american league. During the recent world series the . Oled not if never to enlarge self to ten an of Ort to counteract the jump of Fie National league into the Ich West coast Market. Griff used to say we just an t have a 10-club league t s crazy. I should know be no in the second division so much. With ten clubs you d ave too Many losing Tail end is. You d have five or six horrible attractions in the ague. The schedule would be Lang cd so much that you d ave 17 less Home is the remarkable part about Ank Greenberg s release As Noral manager of Cleveland that managers usually fire people not get red and is the second rest stockholder in the am. But something drastic had of e done at Cleveland one sup of getting a bet t Ball club of course. The us seems to have lost to customers. At least at dance figures Are off almost lat much from the dizzy High when the indians set time Mark of Aid. In summation i think Hank Ould still he there in Clevend if Gil Mcdougald had not i dentally knocked Herb Core out of the season with line drive to his Eye. During the series a Cleve nil Bashall writer asked the in s n re Enberg appointed manager Bobhy Bragan what arc your Short term plans for the n a s m u c h As you re Only going to be with us one

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