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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 20, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaI h la car Navy i Lor got Turnt Orrt worst Doc i Jinn up in it sport Sal i la pull _ him through run of Ted m Boyl aspirin of to Hart Crockett Jehnwn Al land an old iridion lab i and pm oxygen font opt a Cono plasma of Fiott Good Boob on Faith rifling All drugs. Miss Mach Madima Koimn Dent fill Day oct. 19, sold whom our 5taphm Onty Means you must 61v6 Back 650 dollars you spent it on what seats s5o Brookwood the Wyatts my pates Here sat the front poor col Alley All pressed and waiting forum 1 Khotim Abbie and slats by Raeburn Van my Mother and father Are out and the titter left would you like to talk to the will Yum by Ewoldt set Ting along with was he Sao by staying Seamon on Bridge by Michael Seamon life master i Declarer Vised Dummy 5 to Good advantage Here North South vulnerable. West deals. North to 4 a 6 5 4 v ak3 j 0 k7 6 9 a32 West East .0 k j 8 p q 9 5 08764 a j 84 0952 a a 10 9 8 7 6 5 South .Io 9 3 z 7 j 10 z 0 .Io 3 j that bidding North East South 1 2c 25 4 s opening Lead King of clubs. This is a Fine example of great Dummy pity. From All indications South must one club trick one Spade trick and two Diamond tricks. And he will lose them unless he plays the hand right on the nose. By the Way notice that West was not insulted when his. Opponents bid a game. Most players would double with the West hand because he. Lid have 16 Points in High cards. Well thought that he would Lake any profit in d pub Ltd. As it turned out he foot no profit but he did not add to the score his opponents by doubling. West led the Kiny of clubs and Declarer played Small from Dummy allowing the King to win. The Queen of clubs Fol Lowed and South won Dummy s Ace and played a Small club which he trumped in his hand Declarer now led the ten of icarus. West played Small As did Dummy and the ten holc the trick. The Queen of Spades was now played and West cover with the King As Dummy s Ace won the trick. A Spade was returned and South s ten was taken by West s Jack. Wes exited with his third Trump which Declarer won in his hand. Dummy s two Good hearts were cashed out Antl Declarer now played a Diamond from Dummy. East played Low he South knew who had the Jack remember West had 16 South played his Queen and West won the Ace but had no Safe return As a matter of fact he could Only return a Small Diamond. South let it ride to the Len in i hand and then claimed fou Spades. To understand the Basi principles of tomorrow you May wan to read Michael Scamon s Leal let of that title. You May obtain it by sending stamped self fld dressed envelope to m Chad Seamon in care of Thi newspaper Hole Tail by the Rulli or ic4 trl Buni and Lxi 1111 it was my slats is whim j the Berrys by Carl Gruber Jeff Cobb by Peter Hoffman gospel is the chief the overthrow displease you when their in then Why is the a a p c Gnu i re w because we botched an exclusive on this Story that s Why Are you looking More glum the fun usual1 and it la happen again unless i can keep Cobb and Scotty Heston David Crane by Creig fiend orphan Annie they la know a lot As Flut him in the ext four 1 been Aho iwo. Hot fifty seems know much bout our Cano Date John q. Jones not even his name by Harold Gray and they1l be glad they elected him hmm f in should t he is out Makieh speeches he s made a few they Courtl it takes More Thon sound trucks oho loud. Empty promises to win elections least is my town Annie 1 Mutt and jew you re y Yeh Saddle horse getting while i go in the Lead and see the in a to l producer. We be t by Al Smith 2 re Freddy by Rupe so mud can 1 yours rivets i told you he s a real jg-19 he puts his hand in my pocket and finos a piece of can dry by Okay Jimmie come Back Here with Marmaduke by Brad Anderson "zftfiii1, .io-1o you been watching that secret agent on to again your birthday by Stella Friday october 20 born today you have a Strong will and dislike being interfered with in any Type of work or in the carrying out of you Basic ideas. You can be wrong sometimes you rarely if Are willing to admit it. You will walk out. Rather than submit to frustrating conditions. In this regard Rou have the courage of your convictions. However As far As your co Lions Are concerned you arc often persuaded against your Dotter judgment to of those whom you love. You Are very Loyal to members of your own family group and no Kov n matter what happens your Kin Ein Iau Ivik ii can do no wrong. You will stand up and fight through thick or thin. If you Are in pub Lic office you May need to watch this tendency or it can cause you political trouble and headaches you Are willing to go All the Way out on a limb to prove a Point in which you firmly by late Are John Davis Lodge Connecticut legislator and administrator Gerard Delinck flemish portrait engraver Hugh Bolton Jones landscape artist Richard Lamb Allen Farmer and manufacturer of farm machinery or. Sara Jordan noted physician. To find what the stars have in store for you tomorrow select your birthday Star and read the corresponding Para graph. Let your birthday Star be your daily guide. Saturday october 21 Libra sept. Ami afternoon Art Fine for action tout be on Jimd in Peel Hill Ermenc. Sror Stoa 7i-nov. Do of in he most work fur Lair nine Houri. To routine in the Capricorn 23-Jan. 20 tax hours Are splendid for at your affairs. Avoid Lake or Liki. If plan Ninx a journey this Eood time to an Early Start Rush text by. 20-Uarch Flun any important before Lune Hulmn. Alter that a on your auard Piil. Cadamy under an Corot Tlona Vna you win reach a Rel her exceptional a Ceaf today. Tiaras benefits Irons previous ventures May Felt i Csc. You will take the Rispon Sibl Lity for it Ard Slick a striking personality which will carry you your chosen profession of music you will Fini Fine emotional release Slons. Among those born on this

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