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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 20, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaAs Adima . Friday oct. 38.1h1 Millie Simpson to radio editor us 1 has Day lip dirt and of the air class Hemingway College credit course conducted by or. Kennett Moritz of us. Kangaroo 4_today John Chancellor cartoons Pacific service film Africa Tel copier pole review Lalanne married Joan service film education love Lucy Holiday c Owens Valley 1 room Clooney gust Guy Mitchell Lor health Village is right c Milland. Court service film package cent rail on adventure guest Alfred Bloomingdale appears for second Day. Miss Brooks for you the cat Reasoner of life r consequences drama tile Senora service film Palmer for tomorrow could be you a Europe Geneva that Bob Del Moore Friday Light Ray Scherer 1 j Burns and Allen Murray c John i Public service film 2 As the world turns 4 Loretta Young show across the Maggie Hayes ladles the Continental make a intelligent Parent 2 password 4 Young or. Malone 5 news Tel copier Day in court 9 film first born Sweet talk me Jackson Topper Public service film movie news Alex drier House party 4 from these roots my Little Margie movie Ben Hunter guideposts education the millionaire 4 make room for daddy number please movie 13 Lloyd Thaxton show verdict is yours 4 Here s Hollywood guests David Hedi son chips and Quin tin Raf Luvly seven keys quiz 5 news Lel Copler 2, 4 news brighter Day 4 say when Dorothy Gardiner Queen for a Day Felix the cat 2 secret storm Edge o night play your Hunch c 5 skipper Frank 7_who do you Trust 11 Ben Hunter show Lime May vary As Ben hosts 1 30 . Movie find follows it his show yoga for you 2 Amos n Andy 4 movie american bandstand what s news three stooges life of Riley Carto Onsville 13-it s Choli Friday 2, 9, movie 5 Popeye cartoons Abbott and costello Superman soupy sales wild Bill Hickok news almanac 4-7-news Latham c 5 Bozo the Clown 7 news de Fleming 11 Highway patrol news Baxter Ward weather sports c Huntley Brinkley report news John Goodwin Knight 13 Harold Fishman . 2 the Bis news Curt Massy c 5, news 7 grand jury 9 cartoon express cartoon time waterfront news Latham c 11 news George Putnam Wyatt Earp beat the Odds Mike Stokey. Tombstone territory Deputy Dawg you asked for it news Doug Edwards 2 Rawhide International Showtime parisian ice no. 2, Don Ameche Host s High Road John Gunther hosts. Straightaway the Nobles oblige movie Best of Groucho Kassels in the air 5 main event Host Rocky Marc Iano the Hathaway so one step beyond Bride possessed route 66 Hall of Fame special color Maurice Evans Judith Anderson 5, movie the to a fury Story Vanessa Lee and the band of her majesty s Welsh guard join Man Tovani orchestra and dancer. Simiti Casl with radio a big 104.3 pm Sunset strip the lady has the answers 13-Tox Tex. And his band pre sent 60-Mimites of coun Western music. Of the Bride zone the stars Peter Falk sports the Corr plots the invisible government weather sports Martin Kline digest cily councilman and new Frank Mcgee with a report on army training methods the Duel Coates Morgan o clock report Latham c final sports patrol 2, Paar c news reported Fleming East pm West the East examines the kid almanac us this Day or 19go-c1. which stars Mau ice Evans in the title role and Ludith Anderson As lady Mac be a. Opens the 11th season of he hallmark dramas. Pcs 89.3 jibe Rai arts repeats the Spe Taoism by or. Linn matters key. Guests Are or. Let s see now Macbeth on of Fame by Ray Mcconnell Abc to s award winning hallmark Kail of fame1 urns to the network tonight from to on Channel 4 a repeat broadcast of the two hour color film hich won emmy awards m. Showtime cd. 4 a taped performance of tue Ico a clue in , France. Hugh forge Cann skater and Badminton expert on ice lived lies. 8 ., oni step be. Cli. 11 premiere for this Channel of tripod tales of Tho unknown. ., vol the 6fi, cd. 2 firs class Tajc Long Friendship of two men is to highlights ., 2 judgment at Hondo. Seco ., 77 sunsrh1 strip of 7 the lady has the an involving murder and a jewelry robbery. 110 ., Twilight zonk in. 2 the Peter stars As a latin american decl nor whose pledge to Over Usu tyranny is suddenly Jor pollen because of what he Hinks lie sees. 10 Tarcot the Cqrrie apters cd. 7i the pm Sable e i threatened by. The disc Oyer Bellamy in his first old their son and daughter n n period Western portrays Nave been seeing each other judge quince Jurist whose concept of Justice rigid hat he sentences his own brother to a minor of . Secretly and the Flirl is missing ., a Hall of fa31k, cd. 4l be peat of the filmed production of starring Maurice ., ixtehxat1ox and Jur till Anderson. Radio highlights stereo tune Xith am Anil pm or two san ions Sli Nul a Neoushy Kim a 100.3 Nile station stereo Multi 4 until 6 . Fac i330 am-92.3 7 ., damnation of Faust by Berlioz with Charles Mac Terras conducting the Phil Larmonie orchestra. 8 ., Chaikovsky Romeo and jul let fantasia philharmonic. Brahms sym 3 in f major Houston. Beethoven concert n d major Jascha Heifetz nympho orchestra. Prokofiev it. Verdure music with lilt weather . 1110 in Hollywood. Ralph Story time serenade music Dick Haynia 570 Robert q. Lewis ill Ballance Chapel. Or. Jurman Mcllvain 7j jews farm report jews. Bob Crane 10 v Evvs. Hlll Lemu 1 . 7 fish game report Catalina bandstand Host. Bob Gaft . I news take it easy emphasis s40 jews rack 930 John Edwards. News Elwell news matinee selected news Catalina bandstand 740 is news swinging emphasis . Club h-.10 . Year 640 Villu Nelll 710 3errv Allen news 1110 news world news 1070 news music Mac i records s Pat but 1070 matinee selected Jay Sims. Quincy Howe news 730 news. Roger Carroll 710 . Pamela Mason 7 . Your Man in Paris Pat Buttram 10 news Lake it easy emphasis al . Trews Pat Beltram 1070 i. Sims j. C. Swayze news Wendell Noble news. Maiu Dale Spanish station . Red mall Valenc 750 it the re. News Crane 1070 . news mall Valenc 750 news. Weather. Baiter Haynes 570 . 4ank Weaver news Tim . Houise . Tel to test . La Venn should be fun c. Fredericks 790 f. Carroll Newt Garry Moore 107o Jun o Neill. Newi 1110 Lelliott Field pan Crosby Cloone y 1070 Newi world Bible sports editorial Jav Sims Harvey 1130 news hit the Channel weather heal. Sports bandstand . Internal Revenue health. Or. Richardson 1230 740 1110 aviation weather bandstand , Wendell Noble red Mcivaine turn Back clock news Ash. Rot Elu Roll. New John Scall. Jar Sims. Kurt Mcllvain Lucky Pierre menus von in a five. Bill Hrat lev . music 930 Nancy Hansch Man l . Philip Norman . 1070 Here Are excerpts from Eisenhower s speech al the al Smith memorial dinner Here behind the turmoil of change Calm and Clear stand the High peaks of great truth principle eternal in their Worth and Validity. Freedom of conscience dig nity of Man self Reliance love of. Concepts and All their limitless Corol Laries Are As sharply Perti nent today As they were be fore nuclear fission or the harnessing of steam or the invention of Gunpowder to al Smith Man was the child of god and the master of the state. To the communist Man creature of the stain and the master of nothing in his own individual right. Pondering these things i become More and More con Vinced that the deepest Rea son for the world tensions of today and for the cold War is a commitment to spiritual values on one expressed Lojos news Mcl Lnch Channel weather Slanker than Frank Edwards Catalina handstand Host Pele Smith 740 news. Weather. Brira Ted Quillan farm Hepol 1 Calif. Air la. Cook . Moron j. Bennett news i a. Music news news feminine touch Lek of r. James. J. C. Swaze. 790 news. Johnny Grant 710 . Ory open line . Music emphasis news. Personal Story . Channel weather Jim 1070 730 640 1d70 740 790 bytes is our purpose larger our goal More rewarding our cause it s Universal Appeal. And since in his conviction is our unique strength we must capitalize on it. Because our objective is enduring Good for not tomorrow s propaganda must not be Dave red to an alien approach hat momentarily seems More effective. Whether or not the communist Way works for the moment is beside the Point. The value of a political system s measured by the ultimate destiny of those who live under it. I if it Enlis Man of his will of dignity of free Dom it Reinst whatever the immediate re Milt . In such an atheistic society he injunction love thy neigh Bor would never be heard. And ultimately such a system is self destructive and As this is True for the individual and for the family so for the nation. Enlightened self interest of course provides major incan live in our for to movies 9 we re on jury Victor Moore first. Why into Tokyo Tom Neal 5 Thind Erhma son of Roddy or Dawili ii i married in Angel Jan Octta Murdo Nim eighteen anxious Webster 4 song of Indle Subu 2 virginian Joel v 9 Pace that. Thrills Rill a Miami 13 Jet Walier sleek poor mlle Rich girl Shirley Temple 5 Diamond Jim cd Wail Arnold 11 Young Tom Edi son Mickey Rooney 9 crime of Pawl on Barbara Sun Wyck 5 Frankenstein Boris Karloff 2 my favorite Brunette Boh Hope 9 Best of the l Ryan own exec u Toner Burgess Meredith 3 Quicksand Mickey Rooney the window Hale 2 the Devil driving Edmund ulna of pimples i or to Pir plei ii to Tutu Torti Wom ind up. So sign of a apply a of Mph Phe Niquell this Jool Llinzy Misc Pic liquid fount ring of dec Iione. Found pimples to help ent Ink Maxmo Heniqui Down t Kiin the slim it pm applied Rihr Milt up. So dam l Nite us Jar Cluj ice 10 k St ring let Naf Urillar. Keep t bottle of Camcho on Lund Teidy for instant my. Get Sauwo Heniqui Todil watchmaker Akmand d. Bi5tor Hertel s 250 ia5t Colorado St 2-2111 to service Mercury to by 7-4920 use your Banka Mercado to quickly Ellen Udra them. M us Schotl i Zino Padi for to tent tart. At in of dipl 6-Io Stow. A Scholk Lino pads eign assistance but these programs began and continue with citizen support because those who pay. The Bill Are deeply moved also by moral the understanding that dig nity Are priceless values and should we neglect to help others sustain them we would risk their loss ourselves. Given time there can be no question which motivation will Vin the hearts and minds the loyalty of men. To be Strong spiritually costs nothing of itself Iris a matter of dedication to the precepts we Learned at a Mother s knee. And the assist Ance gladly Given to others by the spiritually Strong brings to an individual or to a nation that great inner satisfaction hat comes from an Active response to the divine injunction love thy Chicago blast probed up an Indus trial area on Chicago s North West Side remained partially yesterday from a High Rise pros cons heard at Pat meeting Allendale Pat yesterday emphasized. In a letter to the Independent and Star news that a recent meeting of the organization on the High-rise1 we fix or no pay we guarantee to fix set Only in Home i is sea Canuti we by 5-8021 Hun s to 24 or. Service read classified pizza pizza pizza pizza pizza save Ash 6.24 Birch 8.16 mahogany 4.96 mouldings at half Price Izza 433 Lail Wae Bury Toad . 1 Sycamore 8-6333 no. 2 0-5128 carry out Only Hardwood plywood by t-t231 my 1-6492 . 7jm sat. 7-jt-t my Lincoln ave. We give. S h Green Stamps having a party rent everything from Abbey folding Chlora bin butt Libler silverware Gli Sotie Linen hollow Are trays Colle Euras sus i cols i canopies Oance floors Lig Stirtz personalized service i by 5-7041 Colorado Pasadena phone for prompt delivery apartment question featured both pro and con speakers. Mrs. Alvin Maloit president Rich Ted 930 Quollin . 2m Pat but 980 . Heart to heart 570p de Hart p. S70 mysterious cosmetics stated Ord Crissman a member of i he which injured al cily Jan ring least 250 persons. No. Only a part of the 16-build commission spoke in Tavor of the a air bandstand Arthur Van Horn John b. Otto. Sports flair in news Story lint 1070 in piled weather Jujj Barkley . Carroll Jerdel Lutts. Charles Collim Wood 1070 to . I information Central i where an a x p 1 o s i a n Las adeans for vote no on 640 Allan Jackson 1370 sports Jim Brown 12.10 proof Concrete else spoke in opposition. Blew up wednesday Moderator Richard l. Davis was in operation. At the legislative chairman . News. Jerry Dexter 71o nil11 corp., across the speaking Ling Helene Curtis industries where an a s p 1 o s i a High Rise ordinance we file Richard Juncks chairman prefer Cosell. 790 10701 Broadway 790r pleas s Paul Harvey. News Tun Luht a weather 790jvai" Cle Narro Ewi "710 Cam Lowell Thorn 1070, . Opinion . James. News Bill Stern. Sports i . Bandstand 740 Gens Sherman Richfield reporter . Snorts. Phil Ciuuto . Pat Michaels reports c. Alcott Tom Harmon news. Dick Wesson finance news editorial bandstand re Jer Carroll pm. We. Winter. N Ewi . Karris. News 790 1570 . Hollywood palladium . Sec tit Kewa Ord 107t il3a a where scores of persons rebuttal time according to injured by flying Glass Only one Plant reopened. Serenity Threa persons re a i nerl hospitalized but none were in Crl Lical Condi Tion. A total of 206 buildings were damaged and loss was estimated at million. Snarls sports of the police Church Iii tews. Bandstand . Carol Burnett. Bichard of few. Emphasis music living should be Frederic al 1070 cavalcade news1 snorts Bill Slout. In eclat report . Moorti Book. San baiter put of Vine Gois we Winter news Robert 790 Edward p. Morgan. J pm o Neill news Lim news common 930, ism Rev Lam ranch al fun cite editor Ruh game report a ii p bandstand self Reo weather. Thu i a. Birney 570 . Soor Lslie bustnes Kewi c. Albeit sport 1110, news emphasis 10701 news . O. called bandstand Starll Ruht Salute 10 4 107olthts is prowess i record Cavan into the manufacture of i . Twi wheel Jamu. 1070 news. Sports City s top fire and investigative officials a meeting at the of the blast in Hopes they could discover what caused the ingredients which mrs. Maloit. Her letter to the editor was occasioned by an article in the paper quoting late ments made by Jencks the oct. 12 meeting. The article was based upon a release from Jenek s organization which neglected to mention that the Side favouring High Rise apartments was represented. The meeting was not covered by a reporter from the newspaper. I or 1510, . Go round . I like Brownl Nir so . Music til Dawn 641 . I Chani lne world e. Nightingale permanent wave1 lotions and shampoos to explode. The special gear failed to wednesday s explosion the second in nine years at the Plant but an. Alarm sys Yas credited with saving 1070 1070 750 1 tem live 7soiolher Side o the Day 710 Weed Carat an 1j30 James Leonard 1070 Ron Munc so John Frank Pella re and preventing serious injuries. William Day 22, of the few inside who escaped serious in Newi il1si-Lury we had been drilled drop everything and run lieu if we heard a Siren. Earl Mcdanlel in act atari we i. Burbank pc Annex vote set los Angeles cons county supervisors yesterday set Jan. 9 for an election on the proposed annexation of Bur More Bari to the i of Angeles Junior College District. The action came a few min utes after the los Angeles cily Board of education voted unanimously to allow the Bur Bank schools to join the Junior College to item. New Low Low priced feature packed automatic dishwasher at Roy Brace co. Wattling fully outs Malf cantral Vinyl Cuth Tonini new a turf unto ult pm Jtj can rat Doltl Cen Emlis Feir mid Foj Racki 26 s. Oak Knoll Paw. By 5-9116 or my 1-9194 Slort hours 8 to Mon. Thru sat

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