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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 20, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaInput Knott Zipay oct. It i . Stocks new York oct. Stock i Xii Niilre sulcs today Vrol Cilny lows Wocl ago Var ago 4? 10b1 Wiles to tall cd isu1 is 3? 10co sales to Date i so Effii is b Ilsel. 2 closing do stocks of i comp. Ban car Sluti 1jk33 inc "2 my i Basic in 4 a i Silti but al Ltd Low hit Chi. Crown Atli 19 1 19 Cruc ail Jyi 19 cub am s of 1 filth 9 i3t 13s u Jeff Lak s 12 is j7u n h h in Iun 6m. 63 u 4 a curl i j i7 4 2 37 u 37 i 13 of m i 16 _ a 1 Juht a i i John -9714 do by 1 t Jon 30 we Zhu i Hill be a 2s of c6 t. Iio x Josh luo1 Yoou n. 1 ilk 1cv. U al of 32 if Kaii lit 1 m j2 j2 a Tajo 7 c pal 2 m Tiki i Kan t Sun 1 is s3 i Imra al 11 1 is c i 6s it Kan j Ftp. Y 4v kill or it 74 i ital 1u Tosh Kuchan Uli n cd Lilii Kulij of i Loulli i Oil 3m i Oil co -1 i n jul in . Is t a t a us my nit Jiji -1 it i la be col la w Jelsi vl5 i do 1o i f do ,1u 1.40 1 l j of m a 71 in t t. A 3t 41 s Pullman la i Uit Ull Jj-., tonn Ricu astr Balu huh Ixia Lul Mart mixed n Trade Active new York Owci volume swelled to 3.s5 Neil Lanc by some Luil tips Andellon shares from 3.52 million Blue chips combined Willi wednesday. Sleep losses of air tilts and growth stocks in a scram bled Stock Nisi act yesterday. Trading was fairly Active. Advances Liy Pivotal issues pushed some Stock Market barometers to or near net Orri High ground hut the mar Ket was h two Way affair 11 rid losses actually gains in the Overall the Dow Jones made. A mod of at 70-1.s5. Equating its historic ten of the 15 most Active stocks fell Lour Rose one was unchanged. 1 races moved irregularly higher on the american Slock Exchange. Volume was 1.47 million she res com Parvis will 1.28 million wednesday. Corporate Bonds advanced . Government Bonds were firm. Volume advanced to Sti in Industrial a million value from al Cal gain Ormi Iii wednesday. Of ocl. Ii the associated press of crag of go stocks Rose to to 258.70. The industrials Rose 1.00, rails to and utilities 1.80 to a nem High Lor the year. An estimated billion was Prudential savings pays prud sulial savings and loan association main office 52ti West Las Tunas dr., san gab Riel made a record quarterly interest payment of to its savings Tor the third Quarter of 19c1. Rise in the a average. Of 12g9 declined new highs for Hie year 58 and new lows 27. Tie Quarter. Volume swelled to 3.s5 Mil. Lion shares from 3.52 million i9 issues traded savings is Collinu and -196 advanced. Who w f annual is for Hie year Tollard 1 310 of on savings Prudential has opened n lib Rary of 13fi College and uti Iver Sily Cata logs in i he lobby of its main office at 52g West Las Tunas drive san Gabriel. Pacific coast Stork Exchange Lafill 2i 0 huh Ulsan Mut ii no 1pi l Ilo of x .10 102 102h Loiti do it 3 .i6u hrs la 79.300 63.300 481.300. Market Dit jul re i p Iff l Norli. R 51 .117 2 .-10 -3 4w 2 a Stock averages 1 . Most Acilie shocks Malth i american Slock sales added to the quoted value of Ohni t m 575 57 Rohr arc -11 j3- i stocks listed Oil the new York or n j Rar act Stock Exchange based on the incs. 3jj.110 a i 3jv n Aoi i 1u is i 1i71 Isi l or nil 21 to jul in in ssi Affias Furj it kill Oil Tinl b7 Slit us no 4jt Sti Oie Uli 7 30 1 do 4 stl1 stari 17 t hta Ray 11 ill i c .10 i liens 4 meet 1c Nat Suk Jit 4 Tei ,1j v.1-. That 31 Nat v Fiu 10 Tele n Ami part a like so a Csc am m Wise s 21 b a i u in insurance sch Haj j2 37 4 Ninvi 1 42 h 4 1 i. a Ort i Imreh u ii f a v. Mutual funds new York. Oct. Ass. by afr did f4 2.1.1 a in Interj Raffl Lutfy cd Ani pus slips am m am Mut k j to atom Rny mrs a b a 1221 an 1 is. In kurd cd cd Ini Grifis ctr stirs to cd sign rat Rio six cd Cvine Bis it a fund com to col Cath cd of torn do of Lclive Rio Var run fund met i i p-2 a 10 1? 17 11.7.1 11 al can 12.72 Folk Kun-1 Pine it 12.77 Kunrt do Goth cd in if cd it to saw edit 1.1. M Ink 11.3? ii.01 12.73 10.15 l-5.4fi 1t.34 1? 71 7.7.1 13.7 10 i 11. B7 in or is sr-7ri Pir a i r 2t.vrst.irf do of ,2il Iii urn f in 11.41 12.75 a ran a 591, i .11 4fi1u 43j, i in Ford _ _ top 3 a my is i Cyrkin Kim i milk 2s Terro in 1s if i Fau-1 prot 3 s Pfeiffer by Flurr an Phalm a Fin Pella to x in is or in ?6 i Vul t l no 3 2t, i i it Iriart in it 72-, Vii k n f 31 i in i f n t i ?2f in l 17 is 1 2." .m1 42 cd 9.79 shr 3.49 inv 6.77 Stock Tiosich Irv 7.18 err 2s.59 Ufuti me fun i 12.311 10.73 so i jail to it inv 15 79 10 m 73 n cent fur a Neonie cd vat 17.2r nn.79 3.m is 47 7.77 1x42 do spa pit Vil Lam al 17.s.s 15.74 11 Gith 14.73 cd 7.c4 of it 11 me Iasi Iii Ojill is 13 16.31 in f air 110 3 2s i 2s 2i 17.11 Tel 3 o do or x a to 91 to s i pm Lar u t do of t .2c Rio of x in Rhi ii in 4s Phi h to -5 Rio of 4 .10 Jit Pip. Arc s 1 14 10.72 11.95 30h . 4is u a i i a. _ i. 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