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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 19, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaI _ phone today your Independent and Star news classified and can run tomorrow october 19 1961 trim value plus . 3 Good cur Willty aicui1 Hom in Cantril a bedroom. Baths m. Bliss Keeler Hunly Acton Fin Jurenc at 7-9625 Stetti hmm Hiu Sipe. Lovers mom in some. "2 in Jiromi. Baths Pfaul fully lot. Strictly Privatel near in. Oik Hlll ave. Terrific at eve. St 7-spm Parker Towle Thompson 3-Rk. J ba., my in oaf. Frelle. Carp., re rapes 4 eft., Home remodeler that make the . Hull Nylon or. I2.000 Doivan a 4-. Ha., or. All. Sis.750. Hoyt realty 3-43m the line .1 . Privily Furnace Hent. I Foo it. J21.mrj bet. Hull Nelcan or. A al. Re. Coward Ralty. At 9-5009 targe Beautiful Howe spat Ioji 11 v. Pm. Den. Rill in a hrs fat. Pm. I he Rev. A. 1 a Allai. Lovely gardens. Excel of Choli. Appoint nit it so 9-ml7.___ s2s.300 ski. Vino rm., Lari dining pm Lanai. So. Cd s6500 Nown John ha.yt3 co. Inc. By 5-516.1 Uejo. So 5-1s17 of Tdris. Sat Muiir in Laluh Rev. Reduced. to by s-_1139_ cle3jest_ by Rex Truk Sifleet of que Nelly rip heirs Grace. Or. Helen "si-3 lot. Choice Loc. We loss 2 a 9-117r rats. Rape of. I 2-hs Flo Pine. Olfer Uin son i under construction i. Hkdroom8 and fam i Foffi 00 in. Clip flank. It Flade your ii or Inchuk proper Elf a8 Down pasient. Mattson 1307 x. Altadena or. Liyi al upper Highlands beaut new ia., custom Home View. This property has All he features that one May expect to find in a Home priced at unbelievable terms. Under in. Will Trade smaller Lime or income property. Mil. svs-9jm Toudouze co. By 5-9958 Home Santa Anita Oaks Mother Roher injure Theli in 5-r-r. l s Baths. Fam. Pm. Kit Cairn. . Heat Rcw. Fenced beaut if nil v Ilij clerk front a r us Price 500. Al 5-9164 re s. Bawl real Este other cities Napier close in Arcadia to schools from harm Home a Conur Ihle Rien. Sec. Donl not pm. Liver. Pm. In a Cali Joc Allon. Property in Fine con.1 a. House Alum etl Rev Lar a Ltd it. .113.950 and sen Glass realty s. Finl Avenue. An it i me reduced Best 3 Bdrm. Buy n. Of Sierra Madre blvd Tampa Reseda t trans Terrell must Iell 3. A. Killing t loan s13.nno. Kha. 4 . Wal accent 7rd. 61fio 4 Aura m 5-5m. Owner san Gabriel Valley a heritage preserved a year of exec blur coup e pay Ltd Hulu by perfect Lonist. Nadom rooms Eirv Sipf re ii Allty . Iti top area or a r Jle real Price of Curtis go. Altor. Listing y 6-0295 Green abcs Dia t Eye Appeal u wonderful of the com. Estate is a. Rel in Chr 3 by. Nurco with Doub t carafe on quiet love Zelv Street. cd Jami. Only 115.950, 5 the Whu aws realty 15 e. I 7-si39 bedrooms 2 Baths Arcadia business Lous older District Kmil 3 a callous older Home just Kmil of 11-3 Ami t _ tool nil fireplace this a z n excellent condition. Alley t owner u Movnu nou ant must Nelll Sherbert Hawkins co. A Trade larger t absolutely adorable fwd by lilt Home. Fat Miloua Small card in so Israfil Hure Oaks. Badman ten n Fri. Outside Elvinp Are a Lohra Pivk Anderson exe Jush s 24-Jir. Service 6-g2j5_______________sy 2-203-1 a Krul Valur Duarte move in now do Vojt Imp. A tiv ?.br. Nto. Hiel Monte nothing Down to. Colwait of Trot covered or or. Torts. Rho old. In trip. old h jul evenings Bill Williams Santa Anita Oaks Pool new err the nor vol. Bedrooms . Ta1il s r and Bath. Imp top docs j57.mx1. Franz associates 20j5 Hun Lincton by 3-1 101 or. San Ilar no my 1-6709 a Delight to see Arcadia Rancho. 3, Rump is pm Hnata stir. Pm. 03x230. J40.300. Thomas company Horry k. Pod Dolc t4.% a. Arcadia i anytime 891 Corona door. Very owner Titia Pluit. Two bedroom with to isl not. Alia Clied to curare. to Carpel Keal smart. H. H. Goddard al 6-0121 must nothing Down Liui everything s Here 3 bus convert. 4 hid Pool let Baths frrlee., . Unsil. Cov nolo Becj. Small filly Orchard in rear. Clout to i hopping it. I cant Quick possess. Edith j. Franklin realtor i Send. Open House Sun. 1 to 5 1j-5s View be Rishi Arcadu or. Executive local look 1 . Den i1 highly not Okki Atli ool Aniu area Tiew of . A or Ceil imme in it location Loi Appi. Just completed 3 Bilms. A ally pm. Mkda1. J.1on Plotne All electric kiich., be Tui. Pant Letl family do j35.900. Choice Loc go Cam i tic Iteal to azure Way Lilly. W. In Rama Aniu k. To in a Santa anti Terrace. To ft-515 Jil a tix . 2 Bali . Blk Cor. Jul inent.1 Lesi than a Tel. Xit urk Frknk. Move n see to div or Tony zit i 3jo Chanel no is. Kazuji Azusa ave. 3 to Orch of Sierra Mvi Rej 3-Bdrm. 2-car carafe. Jewels in. Dusti. Fenced in Joule a. H ii Cha. It s-3105 under Market owner. Beautiful sar.Anita lit mails to vein j by i then 4 pm. F recce Arlon rm., 2 to. 2 Irple i. Walled id Crela drive Patton close every Thler Rood or. It. Of foothill. S3 z.500. At l a Baldwin Park Blider s Doft tread this no. You of Salt cd thru out. 2 of in Decamp realty Foo Hlll. Home Pool b Allen realty acres put in in p in Artmen f7. N. In a Tolu Owern Kii will to Kun Dan let l Zorni. Ppr Bej. Cladi 1 no Tondu Toa inilrt., Oul of. 12 yrs. 3 owner. 3-bt1. Ground level Nome. He link room. 4 2-onl excellent Condl do. Unit rents. Near major , Lineal income area . Or. Try Down income year owner Amnell or Parker Towle Thompson Green at Madison y 6-31h______________ilu_lr5is5 7 or. Old duplexes each 2 duplexes pm Uriol Nln in condition always 2 Mimi. To l Marr. will carry loan. Slurry i 7 Brand new units Beautiful muck mild inc. income t Terrill Cloie in rental location 16 units 8 duplexes . J20.ono in. Ai Vaya rented. Blood lakme area lit Iron err. Built in 1039. Condition. R. E. Johnson cd 4-3102 it even .-4 lot close n. S. Colo. By 5-5505. Bar Triplex 8y owner close in near civic Center. Bedroom. Rositi. Udall Sli River. I Rbt net. New roof. Kim Lent con Dillon. Cio and al. Of virile . Pick ecu. Income s2760 or try s2000 Call Kea. Only so i-f-078 Check fed run. Home h by is 1u3p. Hii never run Lex of i a atm Esch in a in expel . .dv . Location neat crts. Blvd. It Pasa. Chy College exceptionally flan Cunz. Owner Carrr Call our . Myers to .ihn.v, Davis Baker co. So s-43m Pasa. Even. 5y i ism Thomas units near al Ranerio. 1 2 by air cond. Pit t tra 1e Tor so 9 houses Wuhl Arcilla. Qua by 2 b units no rented. Qual to but Birch my. . Vay Trade submit Liuigi. 12 Pool hawaiian bit. Hit. Ins. L a of. Air Civ no Var. Income. Ji3i.500 will Thomas co. Harry k. Paddock 743 b. Cortez cd. I 6-7171 anytime up or be lot. Bbl a a or. It s the Best cd tilt drive Monc Velv Landivar lne it Uree Well Bull Ratish . Double Savaii a Hien fencing. Aural tit r. Lied room tote re i Lailey wills. Loti of Roomy closet Latke a mlle it narc. Lyle Kitchen opens to Lovely. Cloin fou title ecu Itterl by fencing . Fine location schools mid . Full prick no Down payment subject to a l the buyer s total closing costs Ark that s All ydi7 pay the i Anil kits on the Halans k jew Omi month. In Riar Nanc in inc i pal a in Terest. Delaney n. Ital tie Baldwin Pirk 4-7551 had Robt . By. 3 by 10 units plus Lovely Home Levi the rival o Uva Laimo inv al j Stro oot Beach Floaten Call Eva univ nerf the Fol Nihi unit. Choice Rorsi urfa Witti Blue Chip "9" 1939 2 houses on lot Il-3 122 p. 63 b or Una Lanilon manorial Hosell. N re Nils Arfa. Santa be by ii blk to Colorado. Birkl r to Bdrm 1 a lit in. Only so too submit Down a by 3 nulls. Cons so of 2 by. Hut i two i Tinct of dui Lexes. Ir.con-.e1 ?n23 to. I a Lotta . I n blk. Of Lake or. Colo. my. Born by so -7lts by owner Nec s Thurk Rar Cir Bee with Aniali attached lot 250 who ii sgt 16xts to bpm shot. S7 w. Flu Era or. Ludena. So 6-hs5. 8 units Clink a local Lori. So of Colorado by limn 1-- Bdrm. Oro ssi fio. I Frank fuck by r Raj a so. Units a a 3 2 inic Iio rpt5., n y Iichi pity trip 7 units so. Of Colorado old 1. 3 1 owner a Javk foothill car Froin Ime of a me r irs my 1-0727 by 0-6131 f be senior citizens 8moo Frknk Cau Ueba. In vilify. Lovdy 2- Jiu Cro. 2 Sci. Old. Only Ca Roii. . It Uriel Alki Fob. H-3 lot. California ally. In baled Between a. Laka or so Echo 3-0321 alter b . 34 in. Cdrpeti-Drapej-. Pasa. Ondie at. 9-4101 Ink 1656 Colorado Bull Llor need repair. H ulness fixtures und Iii ror 2170 e. Villa Nusl Neis Blue. By Lex. T. Lime in Arleen in. Boyce by 3-3092, so f. Stin by 4-7176 unusual Opportunity so an lure prominent Alir. St. Arrovo Parkway Fly. I. Or St zone. Inc Kate. 6wjo an. Al. By tic. Top a Venceil mull Arthur s. Bart co. Attention speculators in the n us trial Center in Jlon Rova 5 Tols. 250x160 a. Of 11-1 3500 i. Of Rildy. Heavily wired. Snark acc 553.0w la s-1.s59 Thorn in la in it by rep. A Sone r full lease Back. Pulci svs Aisi Stork. Or Plenc. Thler hit Arki Puust n Ahuj in Jar Lurler Trade a so a-n.t6 zone sult the Large family in room 24 Billhi hot Edwood Floon Cinor lol aim i room Jio Joe Center to to. Terms or will Tarti How. Revti. Large 2 by Den Sierra. Mad re. 2md 13. It. Or Loronia property. Call Paholk Shannon Mccann properties a 5-7277 my 1-Bsso Mobile Home on 60 Ford Ruck. Preis. Astern. Head. In in a Mobile 11 by s-3207 Jome nil it up. All 45 al kit. Ratut. 2 car port awol Nix cd. Use. Location. A i a Wek i Raller new. Lavalory. To Lam. Twin adj free 1 n. Own your on i of Apt. 01 Home or s3s.500. Go Hgt hade t of . Afta Nel Uxa 3-nn a fam. Pm. Loi Apt. Or s20. It plex ill b-3241 110.000 i 1u in Ltd tit try _ in Anaheim Saman Pasa Hnie cd could met heist y__aiop55 k r-8267 Fri Este walled of trades n. Loi Kobolej by 6-6117 waster Antei to 2 or Ixl buy in 8 Wal i Xterm House with sold out us jell yours Nienan ideally. 4-Fisi want Home in Arroyo seen Llardi Anna Lala us a al i Yoi Ira Tutti Xiv Multi put. By deeds Ici Sale a riinnti1. Inv moment co. I 7-s81 or. Frt Tway 10.000 we. Bid air Coix. Ideal i he birr. I 11 Avau. Ken her Arn Coni we Jam. Riles Etc. Ann Jay deeds i Ltd House ii Alciia al . 3tbe acres Teton Valley. De pot Alces. No Fol a. Erolyn i acreage scarce acreage in 2 a Orr new York or. Or. Sierra Madre Villa Cadilli i. S32.500. Terri or Rush Rel Couitt. Iso it Vine new m Ell love Stream he stay. I Comer. Slim. So. Wner. By s-2g.t. A lax to 3c in Hie ii. . alien. Boi 761. It. Dezeil he the Mon Akura Enverl mini mile Tae iric sweep or line View. Unh3. 2 tar turns. E ii Ullh View him Eclis. Sell your Trust deed part will by ii 1 r no am Call Large or smal re Reil elite Loans Loans Pacific mortgage company 880 e. Colorado by 5-0478 24 rates free estimates. Fast Servic Homes apts. Clayton r. Warne a Kart of , Raymond a. Dorn cosy Home Loans older property a special free fast . A Low Cost Chester co will Trade Nice turn Atn co limits. Etc i Asa. nil fix Small property. Or Horn so s-5m7 Opert al built in to. Race.? Jiva atone trim. Roni pleven . A Iii or i Price at open daily. Turn n by 1 St Loans Ca Vosu is 300 we buy Trust deeds erring i kicks talk Cash no 5-3903 lop income area 1 pm . Income approx so to. 1 Apt. new a Moilen by .-i-0111 k. K. John Fin c1j-3inj will Trade Nice ii nil i Mill Home shh Are. R or. Lorn. 151 in act Cost of 5760 sewers. Owner will finance Triplex ton . Trailer Park make Orier. Karly or n freeway v. Only hallmark vol Yon font mile of no name c an Vest of i cd g-2j10 h. Antelope Valley so above Rieschl j2mi acre. Small Lown Tracie or terms. Attr 7 a Sha Hok Trose new Homes be s-317 Bldr. Owner trans. Must Bufi. Conv. Den. By. Nat. Til. Many sin la . Aikler 545.000. Try 37.000 in. Howl anal raneho1 Oler it Baths. A faster Barf Rwm private Vine pm. Anal. By owner. "3j 500 of 7-09.19 Covina stir a Etil heal. f Shum really. S i 6-21s9, i 7-s732 Evri cd. Reduced s1000 Fot of Giejc Jat i by. Now Kwh 2 or. A 1 i a i i Rien a Dynin Vears old. 2 Story of. Rier Lul Kiev. Action. Open Sun. I to 4 1203 Glen to. Of Foo Hillh rally pm. 2 built in a oven intercom Earp Tler a drape5. . Lot j37. _ owner in Geihs. Family . Coveted Pitlo. Taliaa a Irr door to he. Fenced a urd cd. 2-car Sar Cornet ?.-15t pets. A idiom Hullt provincial chinese roof Brykk Irlam. 3 by. Pm. A. Ceram or til. Cover linoleum or did. A Brick t Palo. . Hulll-1ni Falor run. By m3. 12 to Call owner i 2-2 ii i. Floors. _ .j5 Venlora Irple i t c Kenoli 3 was. Terms. Fredda g. Myers a Lar. K. Lower Azmi re. . So hard to find Jint 3 blocks Iron Cristi. Harm Lar.i1, both. in Lovely pc run san and the Tite Eil on shepord Morgan "10 Hull Upton or. Ear. Day wes1 Covina t adj. No Low Down of the owner ire Dan inc pm . Modern 5 "fl.r., s13.w will Etall Counrel Ota i 6wner of Rineh. Lovely Tarrien. 342 x. Anim Youngf a of the Are a Bali f i to. Holli tin d up. Din. Pm. I a refit . I Vlad. I. In Liv. To. A Hall it rapt in inv a Din tin. softener it laundry . Do. Rar. R Khom Lra in f. Hill cot i no by Clib All school s min. Id p.1h re Nanlene Fry a9klnr s24.0m. Will . Submit your by 3-33-.1.____apent____sy 4-3t9j Texas . It. Lot Home veil or. Open 3 new Fultom 3 by. Family pm. N at. Birch Illch Tonj Edwd. Loon total Ristp Lutu. Do. Tars. Ss3s 13-ti Garish i. By on Ner St s-8hs__________iii 3 family pm. Sierra Madre needs paint Good 1-Slory Tuoro s bail room Baths Laryce Rtin Lnor. Tooti. In in room with fireplace. Pm Tolj heal , Pallo. A Brake. Harry a. Lange de 1-07pi al 5-7196 8 w Sierro Indre cozy cottage Puzzle of the Day Hai Ding Init 4 Stiim. M bt7. Harare. Our room. Highland Oaks. It by. . Carp. All but. In Small Ijo Fri. An Ato Strrm. 1 big. It s-5svs. Hlor. P.-3 lot 10 2. 5 unit sh.950. I 6 i i own by whom across 3 s . . Ii 15 Deesler. 16 seaport in Brazil. . a Lar It 0. Earll. Ai3m_w 9m-s39.000. A let. S ur.__s37.250. I 6-Dili a by Tarn pm. Blot uni. 2 Baths. I a Hill. 121.000. I 6-2711. A Lar. Tremendous value to fils . Newer hit nestles Baetz or. The a Lovely Renl-1 Frt. We Erin roof lines. A it Beim . Use of cell Norful a Eite a rth tilth red Interior reign mfr a to fam Clunet thru out. the with Central . Luxurious master Rath. Lodi of natural com Btu. with Wasli of natural in i Heil Birch colourful Formica Etc. Formal it Lynx room Oieni thru Tius to Fin Cej rear Yard 2-tar Ira rate. of Toora a Pool or project. Vacant now face Lar it Effort la j fold full or St m0.9m. Down on Vert a life rot t pm. 7 b1c 19 Mif . I in Ruby. 7ne Homi a Len Tion. 19 country in Pangborn al 5-0201 3h w. Sierra Madre blvd 3., 2 ba., Napur. Eliis . Asia. 20 halted. 22tajitaliini abbr. Dove Holtsc. 24 Organ of 25 recovered. I a-3q3-o7 v_______j30 unfolded Flower. Psi physician Alibi. Art. City new 3 d4drmi., in myths. . . A Jolt uni. N Hardwood Floon. In Arak. In. Low Down if you can substantial parc Nentz. Acacia fit. 1 Block West of Roif Meiji on Broi dirty. Than South 2 blocks to open hoarse on acacia open to Marx j. Bex , broker at be Sec 32 of win Trees. S3 auctions. 49 substances within. 53 edict. 54 operatic Solo. De 4-7851 38iv free of. 39 of Little depth. 401s k Brand 41 Spanish tulle. I i a alcohol Noti rope is Fonh in ii Juil Rrth 5-rm. Lucco. 8-ll24fj Kui a str cd at avg. Den. N. Or. 1it19 if. Pm. Din. Pm. Fenced. 2m w. Rothls. Glendora Rolf at 4-0171 45 Breve. .6 upon. 47 title of respect. 56 having greatest length. 61 in scout dlr Manl. 6.1 not on time. Cd Winlof Ponce. a Slege. 66 level. 67 shingles. 68 go into. 69 hardens. Down 1 exclamation of regret. 2 fruit of the 3 thought 4 merchants. 5 very thin. 6 pieces of Bofird. Greek nit Oral. R made finest. N walked lion ally. . 11 billiard shot. 12 speak. 13 grown dim. 21 Small 25 smooth by hand. 26 first Garden. 27 tavern Cou lors 28 doorway. 2n Orricer s Nissl stunt. 30 girl s Rishon. 33 Sun. 34 altered cloth. 35 image of worship. 36 free handout. 37 finishes. 33 single. 10 automobile. 43 turns around. 41 belonging to him. 45 bracelets. 47 stretch tight. Indian. 49 North american 50 Hunter Constellation. 51 the fist Scot. 5.1 nig mistake. M theater Kix. 57 of roof. M ii stand. Sol Ner Niles. 02 body of troops abbr by 6-5313 Louis m. Rubin co k. Anita mortgage co. 1st 2nd Trust a kids and . Loans i 6-4423 w1i s first Arcadia 21 years ?-3 private punds Kesslr Tunc Only. Fast by Vii by 8-4.225 or by i-6 loan s 6n h6mes investment ii Loans on Prand inv. Co. By 5-75 my vat. 1st . J heal Kutasie. He fifi Money to loan act. By 4-s Mot on or Home 1-Blt. Annulus. Cua Bull. Furn Lahod. Lou it. It spa. And Maul l Rian a Cpl n j ii veto. To a Lej i Liri ill blah mural num Tiik Ohop Tia if indent. Res Cratit two tick ctr at of fact Stanley a. Roust or. Pass Luna at in jelled artists tax Nore. East a blvd. I ask rift. 195? very 1101 it j in Tarpaulin a cover. 175. 1022 Morcall place. St Biuko Autro Vav Tuton. Nosk a Beautiful woos look look. Megna motors 3.1 Valley at parti k Access. A mfg. Kno. Low As j1h.v Auto r by Multi tin. A cond. Us. By -03lfi. Auto bes Trige paid clean cars make or Model Leon Kingsley 2161 e. Colorado Corner of Craig y 3-3123 my 1-6183 Yeara bomb lot Allori we need clean used cars Wegge motors serve or Viper Yean Colorado y 2-6115 open 1 want t-bird5 or is Only any Call my. Cd 3-Schfi Oft at top paid junk cars wanted in Joist Cash rail. 24 . 3im. we. Need cars badly will pay Iii Host mar Kerr Cash . Travis Motol Tju f Coler Trio by _ Hoyo 1958 Jivu ill i Nice to sell autos s i Jolt t vice ram. Is Parkin Obj Salton Wagon. Auto. Iran. Pm inc. E5ep. Rear Winner Ihan 4.ixm1 if y i by Ord 19m Foi inlay Ariun Oral. Or Aleer lne. Aulo. Sim. By can la Kin ear. Annir o r , Sill imported cars Bob Knapp motors end new k. by i-15m Aully nil or Mac 352 s. Covina. Up a soil St Renault per. Austin beaut Austin Healey factory authorized serve. Covina i out cars in b. Cotua ave. Cd Borgward Batsto new 62 Bluebird 60 . Full Siscro. Trans. Torsion Harsi spen Sion. I re vision . 4-dr. Sed. Wagons. I lockup. Fink Chi at Bob Knapp motors Fael Orv Palill rued i Arti Gerver. L_f._cnlorado______m1lj-0.37 Billman maleate. By -3m5 Karmann Chi a Woodbury. E buy All makes of cars Ken inn. I9ds k. Sys Gjefle Wincki the a1.amo" and pork chop Hill resrrve.1 the office Killuim c. Ogrince Grove to. It Tillert artist to Matte. Fi06 Colorado blvd. Pleas i Trine cell princ of sult top truck values i Fon pickup 5totor Over . To lots and paint. 58 Dodge ton pickup i Lesii. Kcal . Kraii View Ilu Stoks. Go to Wouk i 57 Dodge v8 6-pass. Town Wagon Pika kit. Trans. Onion al. Finish. Looks and Kuns l1kk i new 56 Dodge v8 72-ton pickup Heater origin. 1 , Molo recent la overhauled ready to k to work. Terms Ore no problem Jince we carry our own contracts Wegge motors and truck 1040 e. Colorado fit open sunday of Levy Irani i tool _ cola ifl1. Count. Imit ii a tuft Auto Wick uni t.1 Cudjo. Jue Neu Claremont r in. So 7-1 in of tour a .________8y 3ji5i3 hek8dk.beib a. Alta re us t sales parts to service Lloyd Pearson 2025 e. Colorado Ste rain us jes Benz -57. 22n. In pm rare Lei. Zeilan. Terr mechanical la. Clean. Full Prore 53mo ave. Al make by p sea my fac Larj authorized Covina spouts m2s. Callnn ave. Kn-l-82il a climb ml7 or while Lenihen __sni111 7-9ms. . At Reh int opel or Kir As. Peugeot 42 k. Co Lorn Renault rep 111 7-mfi7 139 motorcycle i bicycles big discounts year end Saie so is k. Colorado new motor scooters cum a. A puch up s o a unproved milk . I k. Co i or. A no re cent Chi Clian. Juil o Etuk Etc. 5y____ Usalj i cycles reconditioned. Johns bicycle shop 191 s. Roster by a Ann newly rebuilt Candy sell. To Siva Una. Amt. . For indent. S200. Fit Tirb Alamo till Ponic Ohop tilt Tjie . Star Newt Reserve iwo the Bot Mae k. Purr ill h13 . To. In Virtena. Aith unite re Colorado blvd. R04 i inv. 5s Pickud Rali or Trade f Hod. I a Tab. offer. By 1 Dat Sun by real Pic the. 35 Only Sim Bob Knapp motors ton Cal. Chov. Jil my 1-037. Bronze it pime al Bentas Wlllie inc t int or and. I c .1-72.17 plays or i 6-m1x 0 Che v1 Stind. Iran. 3 it. Hit. 10. Clean Low run. Pym. Willis al to til k. font al Niese Trueter haul t Oakland. Hindi by 5-29s2__________ v-3 be 2315 k. Foqihllj_______3vj5-Ogt Csc. 57 ton panel. V-8. Paint. Mr., new 6 p ures. 3ac. H7s 2-m custom al tart. In. Feet cond. 37.10. A y j.-57s9.__ 35 trucks to choo5k from Rill Colorado by o urto Rah new Fri in by wagons Mut 1c of Jinn Emilw 0 ii. Fire. al. 2 had 959t filter or in Interior. Ram. Soft inn Nemi a Over. T Tutu. Or. By Tell 71-1 soft lop. it fill. Next Hulti kit it. Car. A Comal. Frev. Smil. _ __3v Tfl-3 id is. Trs Flat to. Hater. S 8 a the of r pain tend. Dlr. Call my 1-2511 Volkswagen exc. Cond. Orie. Owner Are , 50 la look my trans. New rond. Im95. Ilia vol left al 5-2q37. Vow 60, Xan Roor perfect. Coll Loti. Al. Grill int Inird very in Lyle. By phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 Alfun Elfr Ford my t n. My Riund a Fork. Rord Auto. Trans. In if. Tow Lar. Ih1s no Only Aleain Iier Ford. 5011 Roa. High Urvi Park. Cd Ord 5? 4-dr. Ranch a Koi . Auto Tram., nor. She by ref Aetna. By 2-tt343. Sun. 3v Fly. 57 Fullon War w. Rah. Per itrfr., per Fri Fri Aulo. Exc. 3-99w run Approver in Urilt. Ssi i 527 to. And of _ carte it mar dlr. Sukk of. For in. It 17.75 we Call Cal my. Sta. Wiron. Power i Terr. Per. Brakes Auto Tram. Rah. So fond. 11 m. Pro. Pay. Ov_a-s4 Raisler Waron str. Itcy Tkv. 53 4 too. Bal. Fall or. Paul. Mercury m at. Wen. 4 str. F9 Slick. Air Ai Jume 9j1c? her Ford m 4-Hoor a jump min Irani Mil lion. Miss Lee will while your result packed real estate . Sale

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