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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 16, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaI Aisha i m9nmy, Jahnny Hart in this. Would. Miss peach y melt Barnaby Crockett Johnie Dodor if Imol retd Jit jaw a Litt Man in d Star Bremem j h Tri f at officer my in t that awful the Wyatts by cat Alky help me think Messy Tritsis a Good this Kin maybe if you slipped in some commercials you would t have to pass the Platel will Yum by Dave Gerard Abbie and slats by Raeburn Van Buren Ive changed Mindi i Dent want to Soi Why did t a Tell me i got All dressed sea non on Bridge a Michael master a about 2-Cluh convention dear or. Seamon i have n question about the two club convention Over an opening bid of one no Trump. I notice that you refer to it As the Stayman convention but i is the same bidding sequence nevertheless. Having played Bridge for some years i am aware of tb6 advantages of this convention because it allows a pair to play n a major suit game with four Trumps facing four Trumps just recently a band came up where i opened the bidding with one no Trump and my partner responded with two clubs. Having a four card Spade suit i rebid two Spades and my partner raised me to four Spades. A most unusual thing of my partner had Lour Spades and three in every other suit and so did i. The result was we had nine Cash tricks in Spades or no Trump but had no Chance for h tenth trick arid were set four Spades while a game at no Trump required n6 play Etall. Gelling Back id my ques Tion did we hid wrong or is it that the convention is some times in John b. D. Dear thanks for a very intelligent question. I am glad to see that you recon inc the advantages Chaco o the Slayman convention be cause there arc Many hands that will produce 30 tricks in a major suit but Only seven or eight in no Trump. The Rea son of course is that the and Ili Lionel tricks Are Shade by losers in one hand or another. As you pose your question the answer is that your part Ner erred. Besides having four cards in one or both major suits there is another require mint that is generally Over looked five n irl books. Two clubs should never be Bic with a Flat hand cell strip the reason Shovald be distribution of no ruffing value at. All and it should play at no in urfi How Vel with any other distribution the two club bid should be employed and it Wil generally the anticipated results. Don t be when you bid correctly Anc end up in an inferior contract unfortunately no system has Betti or. Will be devised to take care 61 100 per cent 61 the hands. Try for 90 per cent and you la be Toft Good for anyone in set you will 6ver play against to understand the Basic principles of tomorrow s Bridge today you May want to read Michael so Amon s of that title. You May obtain it by sending stamped self addressed envelope to my in Cire of this stick close to a fils Jeff Cobb Paha chutes into the Jungle b by Peter Hof Fredn hell be an easier you la be target when he hits the ground As for me David Crane Why not she s after our boat by Creig Flesse i Shoty to didst wet she Doug to left the with hhj3cchch. Orphan Annle to it Hal Mot jul w the mope Rve o1n isome Huj q we a ounce id look for Raith mt1 Yanol Foo Tell squad should sorry 1 of it Tell it a a. I dicwse6 the the i know is they disappeared right in hire the e a full 1h Toffi another ten grand in singles to pack the Oam War Lou debt bums we coul6 round up by Harold Gray Well on th1 that meet Irv we first couple toss tq1t headlines got used Van to Ftp m away th1 Ruto Mitnow 1t big August Speaks a real. Americans thirteen words that and Jeff at Smith that bk5 Bull he always clobf3ers at on the head i Freddy s1fj, mores Fop a Man with a Grey toupee.1 by Rupe hey Lett Rae Wear Jet Good of Rivas by George Simla the Berrys by Carl Grubor Wharfe the matter. Dear. You look beat Tou re too soft you. Let him run All Over i la show you How to handle him jimm1e was a Little i Demon got into Marmaduke by Brad Anderson Boyle Oren t to ploy if dolls your by Stella monday get. 16 Rorn to i author Frederick Huntington Day you arc More interested in Gill Cut. Massachusetts legislate creative aits than you Are Tor Horace Sam Der a Tittor in business life. You Are Rte i editor publisher Oscar Wilde Nitoly Bookish and you enjoy learning. The stars have Given you Talent in the natural sciences As Well and you would do Well in the Laboratory since you have the patience Lorex per mentation. In this resp eco you Are something of a vision Ary for j of Are always hoping that the hex Experiment will poet author and dramatist. To find what the stars have in store for Yon tomorrow select your birthday Star and read the corresponding paragraph. Let your birthday Star be your daily guide. To Shay. Nit Ahkii 17 i.1rha at Oci. Import com Luck Moi pm your flute Fitt ertl a Tiv Contala or met be the one to break things open and bring the world Ai Ripon important new basis for operations. You must learn to . Is-rxt.-211 a Little More self Confidence. You know you arc Good. That Way and see if other.4 it Nyimi and Proi not respond to this Point Oft Sci Ion a View. Magnetic and charming you have a personality which draws others to you wherever you go. Although there will be count less acquaintances and Friend ships in your life there will probably be but one deep love. Once you have found it marriage will prove very Happy and Contentment will follow. In this follow your intuitions completely. They trusted. To jux Ricinak Ard Jun will thai they 111 in a locks 20-March a yours it Lay. But careful of to avoid decl Dentt Attr on. Aries Al april tiv1 Lull Ait Akitake Ofia new Opportunity Farl shh Fattori Ilner. Bike Lul can among those bom on this Date Are Eugene o Neill Pulit Zer prize winning playwright Linda Darnell him Star Henry Clapp Sheet Nan chemist and r so of Etlor in yer favor Jel mar 51 t in3 irn Honit Omni temels in your i. T your Ntuli in 51-sin. Adf Tillon. Iron ic5mrlilit.lmi. I Nolti it. Lac

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