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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 14, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaMonday. Octomk14.1m7 Virginia Kay widow s woe dear miss Kay i am a widow of one year and i sat Down with myself this evening and thought now what am i going to do about it i have enough to live on and the children Are All on their own married or away at Good jobs. They were the seven from my Hus band s first marriage. I do not Lack friends i have complimented i was Digap several neighbors who Are the pointed at first when you kind to run in for a cup of Tea changed the column but now Ujj at any hour and i can go to think it is doing a very Good them any old time for the work. Name just to today s pattern same. I am not lonesome but mrs. M. I. i am bored and feel i am in an awful rut. Dear mrs. A you May my husband was not social be sure i feel complimented so we had no social life. Stepping up on your Hus thing was Cut and dried Reading pr0gram Al daily routine week in and week was Good 0 know Fiat the out i am 66 and have no wish to get out to work even if i could find a Job. My Church does not offer any Good times which Between you and me Virginia is what i seem to want now. My husband was dour in Loving with not a sense of fun in his body. The Only laugh Ter in our House was from the Young ones when he was n is True to Lite that 1 wish away As he would Tell us All to a copy would he on every pub. Men Are right in there with us. And Many thanks for the in formation. It should help Many others besides we Are not finished yet with that debate on camping dear Virginia i noticed in your column this one letter on a camping vacation shut up and let him read in peace when he was Home. Lie bulletin Board in the City. I was one of nine children. Suppose this is Why i would t had a wonder Mother who like to find some was of a like to find some Way of a Isang and smiled through re age. Would tons from anyone but please Virginia keep my identity to dear Ella Good for you some women would continue in a bogged Down mire of drab Ness and deepening Melan Choly. Not you you Are ready to take action. You have in fact taken one step by Send ing out an sos for help. You give very Little idea of your financial resources. If you have enough for travel by All Means Don t Overlook that. It widens horizons gives you new interests and a store House of memories if that is out of the ques Tion join local groups. In my mail just a few Days ago came this report of an organization which you May wish to look into dear miss Kay Here is news for those telling you they Are lonely. There has been a new Golden age club started in Pasadena. It takes in men and women 50 years and older. It meets in the foreign legion building at Walnut and Hudson ave. Parking is furnished free by Ralph s Gro Cery. The hours Are 11 . To . You take your own Sandwich and cup and spoon and Coffee is served. There dancing game playing. It is 75 cents a year membership fee and 25 cents each meeting with visit ors paying 50 cents it meets the second and third thursday each month. A Nice group of people have a lot of fun. Information can be had by a Call to cd 7-2376. Thought you May be sur prised miss Kay to know your column is a Man s column. My husband used to turn to the funnies first but now it s you first. Do you feel 9162 36-48 to sire so slender izing is this shirt vast style we be chosen i change even at myl Gardies papa in Vou who wac Lis Day s work then grumble sizes 36 to 48. Make our easy my my what a life All to sew printed pattern in Rayon mothers have who have Large families just like the article described. How do they stand it what do hey have to look Forward to tired tired always tired. While i have not had a Large family i have not had too much to live on and no Over for at least a week if the lome. Thanks for your col dear Reader the Rou Ine of which you and speak reminds me of or Cotton to Wear everywhere round the clock round the reasons. Printed pattern 9162 worn in s sizes 36, 38, 40. 42, 44, 46 48. Size 36 takes Yards 39 Inch. Printed directions on each pattern part. Easier accurate Send 35c in Coin no Stamps love. I have said that i please for pattern with name address style number and size. Address pattern Bureau Pasadena Independent Box 42, old Chelsea station new York 11, n. Y. Would like a Little hotel life my could t i enjoy it just to be a lady for a while in Stead of a Drudge. Nothing to look Forward to except the same old routine. Men think they have it Ter from a farm wife. It was hard but Don t i wish there a Long letter. It gave in detail was a Way for them to take almost a minute to minute account of that Day s activities the big farm breakfast getting children off to school milking churning butter etc., Way us match shoe to costume for Chic those Rich textures and Subtle colors which make leather unique Are not Only fresh and new in themselves they la make one pair of i shoes look Brand new with i each suit or dress you Wear above them. I the very names of the new leather colors suggest How different they Are from those of previous seasons. In the dark Gray Range for in stance there Are Graphite Pewter caviar and London sometimes called fog Gray and More popular in new j York than in Gray aniline finished leather pumps in any of these shades worn with a Gray Wool suit or dress will give you a look of impeccable sophistication. But try them with a silk print that has a Gray background and they la become fresh and Youthful. Yet you be Only just begun to realize their versatility. Put them with a Salt and Pepper Tweed they la take you on a country weekend. With a Feather weight Black Wool they la go to the theater and provide a delightful change of program from the usual appearance of the dress when Black leather has the supporting role. These Are Only a few of the countless possibilities for these new Grays. They re striking with certain shades of purple and mauve deep vivid blues and Rich and perfect blenders with just the right Browns and greens. Speaking of the Brown the new Brown leathers Are also Good fuel your Genii s lamp. Put them up against the Good old regulation Brown leather of two or three years ago and you la realize How leather has changed. Try them with the various cos Tumes in your blues and Blacks As Well As beige and Browns you la find out what this change can mean to your appearance. Beamed ceiling look extended to Walls Seattle. Wash. Ins contemporary Homes have advanced from the beamed Ceil ing to the sidewall with its he works with Douglas lir West coast Hemlock and West Ern red Cedar. Anyone who wishes a More Structure showing. I insulated Wall can add ply Paul Hayden Kirk futuristic Interior panelling Over attle an Hiowt has the solid on the outside the exposed Tongue and Groove with a slight a joint. This solid sidewall of two Inch thickness contains in it self All essential values of structural strength insulation safety and qualities of surface and texture for a variety of finishes and Beauty treat Kirk explains. Seattle the pattern of roof beam sex Xis re to Wall posts for a new look in Home design. He brings roof decking Lum her. In two by six Inch Dimen Sion with Tongue and Groove pattern Down to form the exterior Walls. On the Interior Side of the Wall posts two by Sixes Are in a tight Wall with smooth sur Centa Canada club at 7 . Handy chopsticks if you can find some Inex in naive Bamboo chop Sticks you can use them for impaling must morsels of food to be grilled Over charcoal. Soak the Sticks de veil in water before using to prevent their burning. Wall posts Are four to seven feet apart United at the top with overhanging roof beams. Best speech scheduled room at 2350 Honolulu st., Montross to hear mrs. Jose Fina Seiler Winner of the speech contest at the International convention repeat her winning speech Quality or outdoor Grill for pork chops Mich Llinda women to meet the Mich Llinda woman whose topic will be club will hold its regular meet ing in their clubhouse wednes Day beginning with a lunch Eon at . Mrs. Saul a. Joseph pro Gram chairman will introduce the speaker or. Floyd Corbin author lecturer and humorist to relax in a Bush for better hearing and service Ltd Teri 100 no. Pasadena or 2 0 you can Grill pork chops Over charcoal outdoors but you make absolutely sur hat they Are thoroughly Cook allow at least 45 minute or chops that Are about a Nch thick. Sale fall oct. 14 26 save 10% to 30% Oriental my. Tables 20% off shirts 20% off scrolls off 20% off Pasadena i largest selection of Oriental gifts House of i Tokyo Owen 36 e. Colorado imposts by 2-0163 being slender always wanted fabulous intone designed at a leading out of advanced modern knowledge of the. Body and How it works. To firm you Mold you give. You a wonderful lift. Repro or Tion your measurements to the. Exact dress size Ideal for you. You Are different and we know it we Lov. To work out special problems answer your every ques Tion with our wonderfully Complete visualized just for you and your very special needs. Free now or come in to your slender Ella love the car. The individual the charming so like a car ii. Per budget plan. Open 9 . To_9 . Phone today. Well keep our Promise. No disrobing no exercise no electricity Yew starvation diet International Paris new York Chicago Beverly Hills irid principal cities los Angeus-610 so. N 1 Roadway. 508 Storvik a jul los May or t i Lihr. I i-3zj4 Iouywood-6325 Hollywood 2-h7 1 1im 548 so. Job Beverly j win Hora Lakewood-5052 faculty or n 9111 Lakewood 0-4hi Crehshaw 4064 Victoria Avail it. Huntington Pacific 409 n. Brand blvd. Santa Monica-1244ttiha National City South 8ay Plara. 1129 Highland san Bernardino 457 m5m a m121 cd 44151 sex 5-3235 a 4-4575 to m744 for that priceless popularity. To be popular to have the poise and Confidence that bring you More dates parties and Good times. You must be a desirable dancing partner. Best Way to accomplish this is lessons at Arthur Murray s where your dreams of popularity and new friends can really come True. Thanks to Arthur Murray s exclusive teach ing methods. Plan now to get with the fun at Arthur Murray s. Come in today for a trial lesson. Faff counts Starling now o the evening when she could finally sit Down and darn end that Carrie Jacobs Bond used fast hotel reservations Call Sycamore 2-o266 top Frost fancy Frozen for a Quick dessert that cant be beat serve this delicious Mouth watering pie browned to a Crisp Golden Brown Ouk Mil Sik Vici give you fort room in 33 Coit to coot h lha . A. Ond in Canada Sheraton hotels Bau Moie pita Delphta fio Vidi acc Sfung Leio Ais any ioche5tb Twain Axon Findt Anadoul Monival fit Ench uck. Fact Toronto rapid o it. 5. D. Nag jaw Sioux City Iowa on prices effective october 14-15-16 monday tuesday wednesday we it Saiva the Tel of t food club chunk Flake tuna Beans soups Tomato vegetable Chicken Noodle Green pea be Puffin biscuits Hickory smoked ready to smoked picnics fresh Cream Topping 54c Alpha Beta Eastern pork powder room toilet tissue pork Steak Kitchen Charm puss n boots cat food waxed paper Pearson s trick or treat lollipops thin skin sweets Juicy Modess regular size 247 n. Los Robles Pasadena 20 w. Foothill Arcadia 11258 Oak 5935 n. Temple City Temple City . Tolo thank Arthur Murray 241 e. Colorado Pasadena

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