California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Oct 13 1961, Page 40

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 13, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaFast Cash for your car through an Independent and Star news classified and f-fx1day, october 13, 1961 fit Silt kit to Silt Fri to Best buys 60 Buick Buick i Ita to. L Power a that s 60 Buick Al Vertra i Safe nip it Brake. Re cult i j t seals aug Smilic. A j Iluf. Etc. Etc. Kro to a hate Tel error. Terr Erly 59 Titi in Lell Ihu 60 cad c of pm . Eve factory air Condi Limong the at Trattl car in litre s or to Hal i Loo i victa 4.11coh 59 to Bird factory air conditioning 2 to Eho oif from nil Interior. While one yellow. To out. Must see to 61 Ford club Victoria Mick. 7100 Dull Low Down payment. 60 Chev. Impala set. Coupe . Mercury Comet the better compact car St Cir in59 Chev. Impala set. Coupe you i 60 Mon Ikley Jile Franr. Ford Ranc Wogon is a overdrive. Kailo. File. Jow Milts. St Iowa tender. To Vlf. Care compact Piui tax License 62 Comet 2-dr.sed. Ull factory equipped a with not nil Down payment Tri City motors 420 w. Foothill blvd., Monrovia Al 8-0145 Olds with Bio. Trans. Radio or our. Power Sli Ertunc and dash for your Sakky. Kelly and mow a hit i to Lor. T with Beau Illus pay 2 Small payment and am Packard .51 cell per deluxe kit. Hiil ire a drive to aver Mcfetr. By it month pl.ym6uttl audio. I. Savoy. _ exc. . Itilio in r far Narlis. Cd i to Tom. Sport fury. Rimer it Erinc Brake. Tuu per. Call Ron Tia to put Mouti Plymouth 57 . Ii dti1. Auto. Radio. Heairt. Wnm padded Jiji Row and very Sharp pay 2 Small payments and Amin Erie Low balance oi.dss10uilk Moo n. Flu from cd. Elyj Ioctl s5. If 1vb a full. Bucht . Good bait. 31.450-______ toc Lutrille. Ire a. New by pontus 1 3t front 5d 2 or Hotd re. 270 n it Pont take for s3 i in. And we. Are 60 plym. V8 Belvedere door automatic transmission. 60 Ford v8 500 2-door factory air conditioning 59 bu1ck Idle. r. Chev. Ford Ali White Par anal Interior 11. Drive ii. Buy ii Price. Al Carnino 60 Ford pickup a a Custor cab. Radio. Miles. Bucl pm ii. 57 Chev. . 1 or. Pop lir Ritli aul Omatie . Radio a hear. 2 a White Ranic Tiina Interior. N me a aka. Set k to buy i. 57 Buick -4 spa Chat kiv1kua. With Liun mail Tiana 1 Mission healer timer fire Rinc Power wite Wai Wirf. All whiff Finch orly anal Lilter Interior Low my Lance. 1 careful owner Aryl 111 1095 e. Colorado Dodge 59 Buick in victa station Wagon. In nolo her. Automatic Privet a Solil a Eli Vicil the a can vouch Fri us coi Lulor. Ford 58 Power brakes is 595 reliable rambler i As Tunas blvd. r. Fact Over. Radio. Be Etc. Etc Coujil deny. 58 Buick Kwh Clyl or. Klem Ford Ford 1957 that Mirrop cps. Maj series is Willi audio. . Ileater. I emails. Kodl Whir Over sky Blue in color i he Otliss Blue mat Chine Liu site dior in every pay 2 anal Small payment Loir pm. Full 51 Capri a or. Jg9 a Over Lola. By 5-32si Mercury Mercury 61 . A Hicks foothill motors 1333 e. Greenest sy_a-06j5 . Auio7 tuck a Roll. I. Cd. A tar. Hardier Alil Shefl last ski Anil a. Shift. see Par. Inn Mauno Union after oldsmob1le Falcon Dix. 2-door Fokd Matiu. Bau1o. Ii Abb. W1i1tk . and j Rick to see. Ticomi this be no. Sxz573 59 Chev. 2-door Power Glide. A eater. W Chevrolet in town come i 59 Ford v8 2-door 300 Omar i e no. Ruc1m Olds 1959 Holiday factory air Condi i Wonku in Atli Rinius. Kadlu. L pow Kil it Cul lira Civ new Bill i it wit it in prior. Toll Llonel pay 2 Small payments r. I Kurt n. Fie l pack. Cd a i nor r r. k pm. To nth. J Rule parly. Cd run. 13 Loric k _ _ kill. Verv Clear. So 75 x. Clab cup. A si3fl. At h clean i make offer Falcon 60 Falcon Ranc Efio Wist a win Tiv Megna motors v. _ at hint Lixie Tim. Num. Iran. Rood con-1. Orneia stir Ovus Raa. Api 3. J Jet icon go j ii Lichti. St i Joanl Liefl. . L co Giitl sit it or by Tim or. _ Falcon Suc of. Pfc Over fax Monla. In new 1c. 00. 9 a icon 60 for i in. 5i9 a Inke Over . Ill. ? mul Gill Ford i Ord new to War. . Ijler seat rovers Hraf Ern Antni i. Bees. Avn Nii. Nir my von it a Lake Over Vail or. Croy by Ynve of _ ill to. of d air As. . She to. Air. Uffia. Dlr. _ syn Iio i j i Ftp. I _ at till it i ill. Prev Opp conv Black or rat of invt Pau ate Paity. Al i Uli Rede in Tolj i 0-1931 Clr nearby Eagie Rock 1826 Colorado blvd in Eagle 59 Imperial Calm. So. Hompton 2 or 1959 is Holiday put. . I.qca1. I Cak ti5adk by 7-8201 cd Lort of factory Aik conditioning. Vuu car Trausti Allen Cadilac i Sowbel St Krinic. Kat. Priv. I atty. Must cd custom "300" Var. Aulo trans. Rarallo. A fur. 3prci.1t full Kast main Alhambra by mm1 at b-s2lv1 Ford 57 Jaku e. Whiles All i. Power steer k main. My Fokje go Clib . I i family . We. No Jih Inry tin. To n Mun factory special cd 5-1u31. In for. To Miraku tit. Rwy. K. So in Crown It Skyner. Alho. Air Dayi a nil Wilny Sal Haritun Kosid Clr , to tire a 5h931. Ulm. Foueti 67 Vic 2 or. 5g.10 my. 3s35tl la of if cd 31-.00 01 Anlo Mylic. . All Uhlly. Niy tired t by axes. Exc. Cond. Nut. Tyrnn Avail 1375 n. Trans. R4-ii. Tjw. I1r. A. Bra. No Money Jown to a l is fnp., m Foru 5r door. Auto. Sim. Ren Iris. Ton bar. R1r ilrf5. By . O Lucli sail s650. 57 is 2 ill. Wac. 60 h x. Fine raft. . 9s nor. Kar. Kord 37 s Cyl. 31 2.1r trans. 6 Lincoln 1956 windows Antenna soon Carlu by drive. Car Rena like of or. Davis. Cd 1-mjs. We. No it Odiev in. To a b liver a aril it in 5y for. Jiva Mac is. Auto trans. 1vb. J1695. New Huellor. Inbuilt Henrlne. New by 66 Soj. Rih. Aulo to ob1 is. A Larne Al ill by ?-7041. Or. Do vols. Cd. Aulo mobiles Tor Ailo Mobili Fri to n Aak at 7-7c19 like new. So 3-20a. San i or. Full Tower. I san Gabriel Idle or. Jar. M 3640 full Price. By u-710s n a Itous Nir. So 5-3jm for Sale Anion macs for Sale "bustin1 out Al the seams with Fine used Trade ins on the new 1962 models. Kull. I la. Bask yet. Mercury Colony pork. S2995. .572 to. 59 Buick a Ftp. Air of Comet deluxe 2-dr. 895 Cadillac de Ville 59 Ford 6 2-dr., of. To. 58 Ford ranch 895. Used car 59 Renault 595. Of Foro 122 1 pickup. Monza 60 Pont. 59 thunderb1rd a Ftp. T Tmur. J it wat i. her. 57 my 4-door Sedan. S595.s20 Wilh will Bine Buchli r.i1ow 56 Ford h Victoria s26 to. 59 Ford galaxies for d Desoto 55 Chev. V-8 4-door. 395. . A i. And 60 Ford 8 6-p. Co. Sed. To. 58 Ford Victoria per. Chev. 60 Austin Healey s1595. American 2 Ixer. Lift or his a Trio and oven River. At 59 Ford v-8 2-dr 57 Ford 537 to. Chev. But for Chi 56 plym. I. 58 Chev. 8 4-dr. Wagn. S37 Ami Over rhe. Pec 61 to Bird i 58 rambler .s24 More to choose 56 Ford 6 Vij ton 526 no Money Down 100% 55 Chev. Ullh 5-Day trial of written no Cost Mac or Bank immediate delivery of approved credit free assistance w the payment san Gabriel Ford 600 e. Las 245 w. Colorado open every evening till 10 6-0167 my open Eves. Closed Clear decks making Way for Trade ins on new 1962 Dodge Dart Lancer convert. 60 Chevrolet Bel air 2 or. Hardtop healer. Wrapp t if ii i Cunill ton in every Ting Dilall see 60 Falcon Ranchero . Neater. Automatic transmission. to prior. new in eve a tall. 59 Mercury station Wagon bit 9 a a Ftp. Rower Nei intr wer Power some All in hate in 60 Falcon 4-door Sedan to. Ileater Auto mater like new de Oul. 58 Chrysler new yorker 4 or. ordinal Lix iks new in every single i Tail , Limiter. Power steer inn . Erlou person to tills win buy Only 57 Dodge custom 5ta. Wagon trans. Poitr mfr inc. Tone in Loti. Ilki Cunil Tenn. 61 Dart Phoenix Hardtop radio heeler aul Omalle Iran Power no Wei of acce Jorlei. Incl a Ilio Janh careful look new 59 Dodge hot Ilo. Heater. In Trana Musmon. Rover for. Clean original 59 Plymouth Belvedere Hardtop is i door a Natlo. Tyler. Unto to Alec pc off meet Trei. Up top 1 detail. 58 Buick super Hardtop Ridln dealer Power a Tern Power lira Heji. His Jar Ami mall Star her All original Ron Dulon Liki cd 56 plym. Wagon big t c 10 any. 57 plym. Hardtop Ullh Bush Tillon automatic trans Power to Clit St Ltd Al nil int Flor. Vijit Wail totes a Honey Lor Only Forno Matic. Radio. White re Dutiful. 2 tone Ohio anal finish. Company blk Oak Vou buy 1.icknse no. Slim 58. Mercury rower Sukk Rifi. Automatic transmission. Hai1io. Wiatr Tims Catl is As shia ii As you will Uno anew Heine. Co pahk no. Nxy336 58 plym. V8 station Wagon 4 dour. Air automatic tp.anrm1pr1on. Tiad10. Ii Katar. Wituk . Vou won t find a Buttri buy in town. Com Park irl Cense to. L-33162 Harlan g. Loud Ford Ford dealer since 1925" 1365 e. Colorado Corner of Hill Colorado by 3-3157 Eves. My 1-7615 no sunday Selling Pontiac reprocessed 1360. 4 door. A lilt. Take Over . Payt anti no 59.99 weekly. a Provet or lit. Air . Auto trans. Raj to heat. Power so str Anil Uraki. We trailer. More to from. Ask for credit mail. a storage a 8ai.ks. 263 k. Garry Ifo Nierfi i arc. Pontiac 1959 Home my Tolna hell p. Auto . Kirillo. Blue Ali to Jilie top. Cd 3-s016 or at 2-9673. Dlr. Pontiac of a Enverl. Clean. reverse bind in Iran Goth motor Lucea n i Iii atari or Etc. , r fiffer. Mfr to Shell Simlon. Corner in main her. T Aulter of Gilill n. Taik Oaks. If Call by Pontiac won i lest Lune Al 570ft. Pen Alix Miler n. I Kiero i. Hochl Sefl j Pont i a m Shl. Special Al s1w Hen 6011 x. Fiji Ieroni Atli cd 40 other equally Fine values terms Are no problem Smice we carry our own contracts Wegge motors 1040 e. Colorado by 2-6115 open eyes. Sunday Rambus Ramblers Call us come in cleanest used Ramblers anywhere Art Frost rambler 3911 n. Figush Roa j11gii. I Akk off 4 -3 is i Cyl. Near tires. Must . At u-57s3, 5107 Noab Auto. Kill its Ramler Fara. Z 51.009. A _ _ a find Eta. Ilish i Ark. Crisli Studebaker stud b s3, Tavani. H67.4 or j1s.30 in a payment of Simo 2159 x Faik Oaks or Call by or a mkt Stude. 5t 4-dr. Take o 531 in. S7 we. Cah d in thunderbird a to Bird 1960 Stanoak tiia.n3. Ovah a hive. I Ower steer info. 31adio. Sikat. Ii i t k or3g. Turq. Witk. Really Haupl Only Lees Plymouth valiant s5.rk k. Las Tunas Temple City at 7-9771 open sunday 59 to Bird convertible bark fun Salt Cotilla Sunb Vinyl upholstery. Full equipped. A buy today Lloyd Pearson 2025 e. Colorado Muiir it who

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