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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 12, 1961, Pasadena, California Independent and Star news classified ads get More readership faster results a thursday oct. 12, 1961 willed Mea Green Brothers Trees removed. Rubbish hauling. Lois cleared. Removed. Top soil Del. Free estimates. By 8-8948 West coast Yard cleaners cleaning our nubble a Haulter. Jhmhberj1 or moved Wredia Cul com Rutten clean up. Lota Tea nerf. Free esl. Removed a pruning. By 4-6269 5 Yard service j car Denler by monthly contract. Zarfi cleaned. Launi Calr cd a haul. Free esl. By 1-5913 by. is a Ptah. Chauffur full or part work. In 7-114 7. Wanted couples ener-hciilfe7 chambermaid no rat a. Perm Only by 3-5231 Apt. Hii Eirv k 25 y is. 7 san pasqual. Pasa. So wanted women scandinavian domestics Avail for positions scandal placement Agency 332 k. Lake by Houseman All around capable charge Cook. Item. By fi-7611. Expert Kroner your Home. While. Fir. J car fare. By 7-191x3 or by Dihope an hold work. Pasadena area. Call Ca 6-s _ 5.ousework. Tor site pipe Lull water Heaters new i rkuu1lt George s pipe 4 plu11b1no supplies 721 so. Fair fial j. By 2-5547 while they last s once a we size Lincoln a. Mill co 1461 ave. Pasadena by 1-123 my 1-6492 Bull i Bux Sutlif or twin or full. Buy Mauressa Box Spring Kvuei. Moo. Thur5. Nil 9 Boston shop 1649 e. Washington blvd. My 1-4720 your cast off clothing discarded furniture will help our. Rehabilitation Center Fok handicapped Man please Call by 5-7291 Fop. shield truck the salvation army 31 k. De Lacy St. Water Heaters to in. Guar. Us work. Good Cook a the Bull l-yj1. A rear 5 j5 a we. Live in. S150 to 1 or h 13c to. Galvanized i7c it. 3536 e. Colo. By 3-993j save men s Deji Iii ill j3.45 up Tartlet suits q5c up a rests. Loister. a Etc -bvms2s rummage Sale Kleg Louft s it inc own transport Atlon Day work s Day i of of As Tranton. Coo _sy.5-9ps7 51.w while. 7-s623. Joni no n , re a Pulci up a Deth to. H y s-2h1 Al ironing by div. Btl offs. Wasted women professional bookkeeper or acct. 20 lilt per week. Of any very hts refer Engeli. Eve. By 5-26zs Secretary bookkeeper exper feared 1n nil office procedure. Excellent red _ so _ exp fort Mujic Lone n my with Earwin ribbon machine Ita an portable from selection Ever. All a owl . By i-3307 Park R.R 3 310 k. Colorado ship Cony Excel till Arti. Cata logs. In Xis brochures fait. Ren. Kves. Or vie wih re i to Kajj bookkeeper part _ Al. 5-s512 . By apr. All phases by 6.s.m1 Bker. F.c., Becy. Excl. Exp. 7-3313 private. Of tilt duty own trans by 4-51m child care portrait of a most Kkt the. . Star news in a reserved Hoo tickets it the Box of ire. For a Titan Atrock 213 so. Curls. Al round Dan inc room 1 min Wea 1 ins House Cater. Gaffer i Battler rare and my Emaj. Buy All or Oarl. Kek it orate Iii this Keal . slc9i you Only jb50. Pav 56.55 Der week. We carry our own can Racli. Don t miss this one. Sec at Superior co. Cd n. Jet to Aye. Oul of in of store. Daur 9 . Finn. A Fri. My 9 . Private mail Ell All Lurn lure this weekend. . Kaylor incl Mph Mattreis. Waln til Dan inc room Delsh Walnut bedroom let. . 24" to set. Barker oct Aalona re tors. Pm torn sectional. Outdoor furn Rabiee. Lamps a Lerois. Boy s Annm a Rien furniture. Italian Marhl Elop tables. Washer. Exer d Many other items Pur Srorn Harper s just 2 yen. I Nui a move in it Days. ret. To Cellier on or Lara 235 tropical ave ranch Cycle Rosa de i bargains galore e furniture appliances rugs lamps new used and man7 Otken House. Hold items by Lyon Van 6toraoe 51 5. Marengo Pasadena grand opening special 5-pc. Maple Liv. Pm. Group line . Chair. "2 Aoud Tahlea and cocktail to hic a Huy at j1m.95, a Star value at Star furniture s House of Maple 60 North Raymond Cor of union_________sv6-Sim _ 5 Victoria sacrifice Sale will sell i Hill. Or . Solid Rock Maple Salem finish Early american furn 2 Bdrm. Set 1 ski. I Ahl. 2 Daven poria t Isdr 3 Early american it liked Rufus 1 1 uni. Set Hutch a Hilra. T wine cd. Early american print. 2 Tamea 1 Roffee Tah Plizia 1 Frie Mylre refer or. I Frog Dalre 1dgo i Wertch Wood love. 1 it. Rose belie far Tepi for Beuer Quality used furniture j. Trade in dept. 2030 e. Colnul Pasa. Taut incl new furniture 7-pc. La Vanir room Arnup. Bedroom Complete bed i print a dlr Etle Littfe Norca refer Lerator All or . Tit o state cred i . Lull consider weekly nun Al . Al1 0t West Kambei basement bargains n Roo i to sell nut wkly of teds All types. Up Mahora Riv in. Tatle 4 Chalrs. J21.60. Llano other store hours 5" e. Colorado liw. Free pick up on he water we Niilow. Steel Frame French Llvine room chair Coits to dresses. Site 12 to it. At rummage Sale Karl 5 .-9 . Sat 9 . 3 . Curl Julun Chi Rich Cor colors Flo Santa an la. Arc. For 17. Fine Colin Lluann. Sift 0 n i n a s it f o r a Fine fondly Lon. By s. Severn Jones a 1 p. Buy sell used car 1portra it of a most the . A reserved two Al the to office for Edw. D. Fox 25s Santa Anita. Aha. Al the uglier a Lajta theatre. 60ft East Colo Rado blvd. Pasadena. Plea bring of adj Jahoda n y console it Fri Oldake Washer Cas l breached a Misc. A Hozan Ura Dpn. Flke Plack Heaters. Ran . Wood Al re., or Tel cab., bookshelves. Way Heht tiled hath Croli or. Or Rou Earl Narni millinery fans expert dream making f Toni. Flat. Reas. Kaat r Caioni Wale. In Endlar. Exp. . So t-1103 for Sale c63iet radial 2 _ Blades 78 it. Cord. T350. By 7-s1s, str . Mall a pets. Tilt Arbor saw John mfr 9" of saw 3h9 eng 770 k. To Alnut by safety Belt special Antig a 4-01 by 5-9400 a Alrui pc Tifano Auto s6 w. Live . Arc. I 7-5s4j Byron Eddy carpets 1577 Kay Rock cd. 19 to. table. One Tec talc inn 1 i i cd e n . K. Wil n Lurje ski turn. Antique Hole Coll Din. Pm. it tear Hujsa. Law. Pm cuties. Tables anal re ten cart. Vinc Jal Couch. La Rich moylri.7. Rump Potkan. 6 octaves. Or it Cen Stampi. Barker. For newcomers to California credit for you in Day. Intel Abs i in com Pleier Burnla Hync Homei and Al any Price from 5459 Inci Ulni nil on Illy known Lare Eit elect on in Juad tax , Provin Cial modern. Contemporary. Minimum Down payment terms to tit your budget a carry our own Tio to. Involved Kree de Jive re arts . Faction Kin ranted. Open week Jiayi til 0 . Open monday Friday Nike to. Open Sun Cay 11 to 6 p. M. Krea Parkler 1n rear of tort. Star a urn Turk in k. Raymond. J aaa Deni Turk. Vow on Sale at l fraction or in Price. 4 Beautiful rooms Ines ice 7-ik. Dan lib ruler pm. Or a. Tell Nunt pm. 10-oc. Walnut bed room Olanle chef Kun Ranee Par Sta j5 a Vej v Silver. 59m, Kew a week. Free delivery. Star furn lure. 50 n. Raymond. Paa Arfer a. Open Mem a t i. Til 9. Wrex slavs 111 6 . Own sunday 11 appliances Portia it of a mob Styli independen a Star Neu a Reserve two be Kali a Uio lox office for dial in a. 72 Sunah Arcadia. At the United Art theatre. 606 Fuji Colo Rado .Idf i i of ast cuppa no of ranges re frogs. Roger w. Brigham j 3-amp am. New. I lust m a p l k f u 1 t u r e now on Nale at a fraction or i original Price. S Kocim Maple includes 7-pr.eiit.v Amer ican ill or room. 9x1? Tweed Rue. Dining in. 2 Mil rooms. Fri eld a rear or. O Keefe Rante it Many Price j10s5. Not Only Pav we. Frei delivery. Star turn sure. So n. K a y m o t. D. Open . Fri. I 9. Week Mil q . Open sunday 11 to 5 . It rooms of Kuhn Turk and appliances balance due pay a Wryk. Group include tit of to free. With Cross ton Freezer Ranee. Waiver. 2-pc. He inc pm. Set. Tables lamps. Ides pal. I bedroom Smi. Din Lair room vacuum . Radio. Iron Toaale. Free delivery. Star kor name. In n. A Imonti. Own Fon 4r Fri. Ill 9. Ire Elf Dynya til it . Open sunday 11 to 5 . A. Guaranteed. K-7, Trina i c. Taylor sek Voct g a nth Lake Kange in k j 5bo. Also title it 2 Chul Hepplewhite card Tab pm by s-h73 Beautt fear. Antiq in 01.gan. Make Oiler. At 4-gi2s Fornito a wanted far More Cash firn arts Leancu. Brulc a Brae it objects Oriental Rui i ervice. Rill. A. Prompt 1.3193 _ want Cash i la tour u5ec. Furn. K All inns a let a rats. Nil by Cash for Alft Model elect rat so 1 Flat wanted Apt. Elect p. 1c Range. By d-739 we but u3kd Oriental re pcs my 1-0233 so 6-7sss instr rents band instruments a Coriloni kist its. New j m ii Bree Valley. Conn Hblair s lessons is Berry Grassmueck j u27 k. Jjo Orario soft Yhvh 1ivol1 ladles male. Red to while c Shin. New. By k a r new no cordon s j-32tfl g k co 70 Exiaa must cd yrs. Ohl St r. S o Span Lah Jufiar Whf rite. Olfer. Al Fenor sax Excel Kadlo. To i n 8ale3. Flesh vice Ite Talb Wing co. 2151 k. Cohort do by 61- a2 color to sets Trade in Felt Oware i Model 1237 n. Jike but Ikel Safe sets up recon a. . Tv________725 k Walnut to i Low i Alces i i a we. Willien jus rub e 32nd or. A j o b Vil. Pia Adena pita i e Brica Colp plur it Robles disc. Neely furn he a phone to Bui a Iho Pelni. Choli in lady prefer Rel. By eve. Sun. By 5.2811 Deal Bachelor living to. Rijk Bath 21-Hoiir Pasadena club. By Brookmole hotel air lose nut on air a. Appel. 813 file Paia. In cos n. Ref. A Lon 1-hp Xart . Sac. My by Iro Oser. Good cond. Freezers kkig1dawk Poa Seg Eil. On g dive. J 2 Cut. I Rost free. 420 Iba. Pay balance a a co Caa to once cond. So. 14s30 k. Clark St. de Ifft Effi a Dix. Auto. Like new 177c n. Alton. So 7-773i k Tefilo a Fortsas rat Nix broiler and Jarl Tydle. S60. 113 Marathon. Aita Den a tested approved. Pijar. Brand Appiar Cej. Film k. In Lara left appear. Niri of r con. Al lobby. Coji in. _1.s8. N. Marengo cd Ukiu us room in ii Rev. Home neat clean. Khz. . Allett wait. Tollit. By cafeteria Rev. Bali. Mild serv. S12 so g-310s so 3-1m3 big fax. Kar Den. Walk acc. H blk by. T each i i Udenia Empl. Fly business girls Home All Home Privily Rochl by 2-073s or by housekeeping reasonable mrcos suit pulled. So. Mau Enqu us Der new management Monarch Pas a. Rooms by or Mission St. Room Board to lady or Karl emn Loi Fri Days. No work. i 7-s313 employed Miille upper Corner 2 k. Pasadena. Or. Nil. Lee. Love Board Young men so. 1.03 roles cowl fowl. Real Home to pm by a fit Butlet. .1 meal Day. 4m s. Or Emp. Men plenty r food. J a Kink Llyn Jinn cd atom i no a Nacous fit v it Xor. Sep. Ent. Exc cent 35 to m. By rare diet nurses priv. Home. Ujj ref. 2bi s. Of. Single. V. Retired ladies 2m s. Himl on by 6-flr53 Bath. Iep. Ene. Meala. Gar., to Man. Syl Odril. Rent House for retled its of ii Pishl Vert 7 a 3s2 n Euc Jil rest Homes Casa de Las Flores a. A in. Re Mke new condition c. Taylor service can tar n. Lake i Okah ouse Santee k c. Taylor Survick Center enl n. Lake a 1c " 510.95 delivered Sci led approved . C of a Cifrik. Like new. Used new Kelv Nalor he 1lso._ by 2-7673 h cd. It. Done Ijuro Al s-s031 _ Cut. I Hilco with Kotte. 12 cd. It. By 9-Mh _ a sewing machines i rent . Is i Asa. Sowing repairs Consols is machine co. Acin 3-r.113mj washers dryer a Rokk. Guaran teed a. A. Gee Kwh co. J a it . Elec. A Cas. C. Taylor service Cen Akk .sy_2-ri_, bomb. Kiseil grrr Little at 7-u331 21-Hmir . Sypen Slon. Up Clil Riley level v so. Pasat Leni location. Al o d or rate s Glenhaven Manor new Home now open . Rooms. Rome Prev Jat in. Nice Patio. Fenced Yard. Elsil r in comfor Lime client Home am Lula Inry or . _syi-6f" Caitak for one amb la torn Man in quiet Centre rival cuff it Hume. So 4-9511 guest it Wmk ambulatory idles. List Al . Precis. 601 cd 3-5e21, Alha Mara. Psi Carl food for . Eli 9-149 Home for . Good food at Ti-125 Pas a t Eldetta a Home int care to Kwat Levi. By s-s226 housekeeping up Inisher bedroom Apt. Modern Kitchen. 1-arpe Liv. Rn., tklrm., lath Iun furn. Or it adult 74 n. Manao. Paw by u-4010 comb Ted Saltine pm. Kit Tiei both. I or the. Prev. Entman new in decor Neil. Elee. Do. Ii Adulla. 230 s. Caulina. 2-rm. Apts. Sm.30-sm a ss7.50. A pm n. Marengo by a Cellenti 15 pianos of Gas bros., Pasadena Laks at Mak by 6-0133 rent a new piano 3 to. Mis. At to. H drayage choose Rora Many Ttyler. Vow. Children u Oner. . Oarks Apt. Or. New furn. I a. Jar Arti by. Par and 05 n. Mivllson______ltli.1 440-h13 Organ buyers enjoy the convenience of Eliop shop Altir. Come to Organ . Try compare All under one Bird. Greater Indian Hill priced from j595 to s095 Ouy for a rat s2a Down. Hammond of Pasadena e. Colo. By 5-4263 slam a _ _ Frost. Of Akk. Main 56 dogs used organs discounts up to 30% Conn Nul Ransen Hancock music co. 3731 co Forano blvd. By 3.jl27fi _ rental returns and Home show models save up to Lovely Garden deluxe modern 1- adult i supplies the Best for less Superb . Supply. Cal Llorna at fair Cam. So 5.soi. 5iu supplies rms. Util pm. Ivr Hui Ilo Rea a pc Parkler. 51" by 2-6101 Utilis. Pm. 5 jims. Bath. Adult no nicely furn. If studio a 1-most 397 s. Siena Madre Olvil Andy s pet shop puppies a our scr us in. All Breeds open re. Ill 0 n Sun. A . Icis r. _-sv_1-7717 co Tara. Huml 5e syt.m7.v Black toy poodles cock a Spaniel inc. Champ s in Altadena. Pup Lei. A clump so real. Fawn unit mask. "1 4-4" 0-2073 n. Garfield 2-Bli ipod Paw. Civic Center. By 6-fot2___________ new deluxe Bach. Patto St a mag attract. A by. Or. Pc. Adults. Ison Sierra Bon Eta. Vej 1 by slept. We n. Sea advil n. Or. 4 Carport water so a. Of. 7-chs._____________ 3 Jwj. Carport. After 4r30 toe. Sift. I b. San Rinh Rirl a tort. A is kit few in Alec. Joidy def , Call eve s. 131 i j. Pm fall. Pared Protr. Near Trutt. On b i line. 3y_4-9i.e6 a modest 2 by. Close in _ by 5-l is 2 Titra a cent it Rerisi Colorado. "11 line Valler a in ppr Al 319 w. Human ton or. Uble Odds. I 3615 trav Hirn. Loots. Var Ely. Tust ii. To of cd . . K t. H6sp1tal extra hint. 3 Al. Jitoras. Priced or on Jav _ in Antawn clean on. Def Lumc. Com ova. Ret Lily s150. M your 5t. 3trtt Remington typewriter Eye. Goal to Crim time on v. St urn Lani rvs to s Etsy 9-2619._ by be mtg port. Contr turn is. So Caa i e Foj Nojd cd Terr mrm. Jei. _ i for or k Raat Tutsi i rent a raid recent my of ends Elc cecta1 drape. Mile. The to. ,ca9 1 a rcilllll6r 1610 e. Colorado. By j-5si2i a Otth. Rimnac. 1 til Ridill in. Pir Klyr no credit . To Clr. 1 in dry. 110 we. 135 to. Chi uses _ ant. From Venlen Loca is 5. Fly at your 2 Best beautifully furnished unfurnished 1-bedroom apartments by was Cait Potino Manor 260 n. Oak ave. By 5-8304 Isit blk w. Of v or foothill Olvil. Vehicle Lureau luxury extras Orange Manor 707 e. Orange Grove 1 blk. o a at. By 8-7330 frisked Brand nu.-., Ultra deluxe sales. . S 10 up free util. No leases had. Pool Fira Ishad 1030 w. Huntington or. Ircadia i t natural Maui Neu also bbl is you la enjoy lev Lar 30j s. Allram. Exp. 2 by fireside Manor. Ants., draws Luh Terra. Race. Louir do roofed in Rea. Ice ten Mondale or. S Pas by 9-1c39 or 1soo state St South pan Nirna White Silver modern charms no new 1 or a Norm. Apis. Fuu.v1shki. Or unburnt Sifen r. Of co. 1 month of Akk Kent by 2-5j1h so. Lake area spacious sol. By. Secluded Pool . Furn. To serviced at to. . Sni. To. Liar dec. Tails. Oar. . No rrt5? 20 3. L-2js6 Pasadena Best rental 2 or. A new urn. Car Ritj. Drappi bit ins. Extra pee. If Nedeil. Or. Llull Hoar. Is tit rebut. _____________3y.9 -58j 0____________ clean quiet 0 refined nicely turn . Spine. Lev. To. Until Alt kit. Garbage i a Rio nil. Iju tidy. Par Tinc. On cum 1401 n Robla. Ideal Kok Chi l. . Oft Ilen Early a.mk1uoan a Elk. N r. Ship it Musket come Seji Fojt Volf self Shott walk to Liepart of City. Marklyn apts. Annex s. Apt. Luil weekly monthly Mobil Pool url Vale . Sun Iteck. Paid nth Lei. Disco lies. . New and Modem build Jenna. Come Leteth furnished. 307.50 up Oakland hotel apts. N. I Llanil by 5-7q1m up. Comp Early a Milf to Ratel. New carpets linoleum furl lure. Close to Almon pc . Lull. 3cc so. Al Rasa so attractive close in. Kyle. Full Kllc Lien Holh Shower. Comple Tilv . A tells in. Lovely Garden . Ut1i Oakland children Welcome . . Tomfor Lime. Can Petely Relec 2-hk Apt. Bunin. Roi Iri. Or. Aelion la a cd Marche n Sierra. Madr Jel 6-1525________ huge living room Landry Pool priv. Cloae to mkt. 1q3a x Guymond by 7-jc3s newer 1 Bdrm. Modern. Patio. Pool. Bbl. located. -3553 3y by 2 a Dijt Arloua new 1-Br. Furn. Co n. Auburn Avenue Sierra very age. Beaut. 2-air cond. Carpet. A rely firn. Or transp 310 s. Sierra Alandre blvd. By 5-7s22. S35 to. 3 rms. Bath for lady alone nicely furn. Clean upper front. 07 win Ora by 2-1861 up. Dbl. Secure. Come Orialise living fills. J rec. Or. Bulloch. _ modern Ahr Active single. Smail Lull w _ _ a i. Clean. Lir fit. My. La Vlnar i mod. Hilchen util. Pm i hot. 1 j Entzi wins pm hut by 7-oi2.v Bachelor Pool heated s100 up. Fum j 2-Br. Cut. Juapll._731 foothill. Monr. 285 n. Los Robles Paic Idena special i by s75 up. Firm or unfurl. Is e. Ivalu Helnn 37 so. Pasa. Pool palio a 2-R.R. Air court. Hoo1 up . So ?-72q to. Double Apt. Rooms Bath to. 1 blk. From Syo fim at Tractive i for Inwer. Civ. Oar Van weektnd5 it Tvett 4 civic Mil. Conv. . _ Cocolla by of Takt. Tie Ergui Bach. Apt amp. Man. 170. Lei pm. St like ii All null if. 170 by 2-7003 3m no. s6. Modern Jan. Fiance in Al. Launderette. By 9-2j. Lovely Ige i by. Child put. 373 by room buil Fig lady. By 2-55 dec. Com no Peh. 8y 7-81q3. Nice i Bdrm Phr. A pc. Stert. Lai ctn Fuu. Sporea. A Como. St. Inn Wash Lytton. 3y inv Bendim col Calif. So 5-3233. Adoti. 513 no Naim orms. Or Call it t-7305 1m comb. 3 w. Once by t Tim South Franet Xot. Shower it hair. Tull. M. Our. Or Pinr. By 1-0401 student. quiet is deluxe modern Apt. Axe included. Oca , in Beati Luzj con Tuton. Armistead co. 2r k. Green 61. I Fiadini by 6-5321 my 1-6765 new child Welcome deluxe 1-Nrt. I us or san Gabriel s finest country club apts. Spacious new 1-2 Bath All electric Kil Chuni carpels drapes soundproofed a Frig. Air cond., private patios Pool adults Kiriou 131 6268 n. San Gobriel by. At the lamplighter now open 1721 Vink St. Alhambra l Stock Xoanh of Mala Al. H5 j120 Ilc luit Palla Vii. Air ton 1 a . I. Ali Klich ens us but pm. Carpela Mounil Lirma. At gracious living extra Cost. Tou Mim ice theae i 4 . Apt. To the a luxury Otter. To pets . Park y colonial apts her. E3l-a Onanow Hove ave. South i a Sancta Regency House Pool my. 1.03 hobi.e3 Moh. Pasadena s newest Firth so 1 bedroom apts. Urn Millr Ozien Tail Nark no fall Lei. Located in . Jim i 1 lock irom bul Leht. Ail ult. 267-275 s. Oak Knoll i Ripon from 1125 by to Akk i lion 3-7679 Pasadena s newest finest 1 bedroom apts. Tjw Jimoh Acyl cd open Parkine mall Lylei. To Calm in Titzl Arfa. Just 1 mock Iram Bullocks. 267-275 s. Oak Knoll Rill Kil from rally or Ulione so ?-j7r7t1 new building singles it 1 free Rufil lies in cond. Automatic Pool Patio Park act Llori ing. Arka parking 820 s. Rosemead blvd. N. Of Muntin con Imhuf studio Apt. Private stove. . Tulip. Uie of Iva Aher. No sets to a Lamb. Carport. Quiet Toful. A a mind ask Pailo. We in car Reu. . To Oduca e. of Zlomke. Larce Carport. 900 St. Alai . At 0-7373 Rufil. Pm. Deluxe i7s a to. Ohanc1k a hot iw., 2 a. 1x x26 Llvine pm Ops Ray Furnis led Model Altenor. See demo i Lul Loii award All flee Illchen. Hunt Linkton k you Sec it. Yon will want 1t. Kijac of a . Kree litdry., far. W. Of Mininan. Nil Santa Alln. Or. Set my modern spacious 2 by students attn ont up. Is Niles to 1-nn Ftp la. A Lilliea a Cjase to . A Tarem acc Viln Ltd Cullif Hillview apts. M9 n. Hill. 1 Br., 595 up cond. Ill i snack . Buiwit is i . Barb. A tsp. Extras 85 n. Mar Vista to just completed Beautiful new 1-pk Interior a try but. Resort live or. Air Nikl Ilij Pool Anick liar Zodiac ant Stio up. bet. To Villa _ a Juks. N. Of City . Iti f a Borni to. 0 j r i n to. double or. Sarto at Colorado i for single woman 1-Bedrm, Apt. Tile Bath rilsp., Arr cooled. 575. Nic free indy b m i i Sierra Madra blvd. Y fi-6105 even by heated Pool ii s. Michigan up elegant no canines Kats on pm air Cynd. Built in hit., Pool Annond Villa. To w. White Silver modern 1 or 2 . 1 aeon i . A. Of into Krak Hunt Pasadena finest value Lee. 2 he. 5110. Extra be. Kit. Lois o cab Frieis. Cam la. In Carea. 11 i in risp it or toil ill in. blur Lii t. By 9-5siot Orovet. Can re 3.7mq_ Evcic. Apt. Tiff rec. I Toff. I Ahur. In. Retired or Tuia. Woman. By g-3i2.rj 2 was. Free 1 by next do jj7.50. Re Elk. Opt. To n. 2. Or. Villa modern 1 . Api convenient Attar fan rotation ref rep Hlor i . Clean 1 6wv ref rec. Part. Llop. Car. Port. Boo 8. Oas Knoll. Mod. Dix. 1 . Up Ornich Teyv St., i be Marf Jivco 1-Rll Art turn or Copti. K a tapes. Me Roomy Valcor . Is hrs err 120 or so 0-1ci16 Flores. Kink Hin Karake. Ass. 1055 ii Anciso by at 0-1s37 1 by Garden Apt. Ratio. Cam lir 1231 b. Lake Colo. 1-nr. Free Washer dryer Carport. To k. Willann. So i Sjol 2 . Lower modern baby of. Carpets. Disposal 1.4s state. So. Pasa. By 0-sq34 Spac. 6 pm. Apt. Of Pasat us i St. 575 by 3-7u6. Nak for u l. Or. New 1 Bdrm. 175. Stove. 300 n. Cobol. Urn. Bach. A t Tucei 3. Madre blvd. Be n Colorado Calif. Buda. N. Oakland beaut Fum or term. Than modern. Cpl. Air cond. . Pool. Gar. Advil la. So. Carpet. Or. By studio Type attractive combo Rahlf a Tirle 475. Ittah. P.1. Del mar or. A Lorenjo Cut Yttri after s . 2 in Ike. La Silnes Esi r Able cd towels. Frencl. or roti Nile per Ferrell ask Al refrlr., Tain disposal. At 7-s-Iol after 6, a do title i a Enlet. Tool. Children o a close in. Age. Dix. Attractive 1-Bedrm. Knok Patio. Arcadia by spa jolts 2lr. 2 Baths. Imn. Pm t ional. Air Ennd. Fralc firoved. A it Tacl Ink l mrm on or. Bulner a District. . A attn in. a Arttns n. 3rd 1 or 2 a Patio. Jarry. Str. Just ilk e Home w. Ulf. Pass i. Joe decorated lower or. I cd. Lev Dan. 1ax30. Part adult sy7-sq27 aft. Single ladies 1 pm. Anh. Him 117.50. Ytafl_______3y_5. Z.j1j Down lain it Vinje Apt. Lull. Pm. Or. Hus. For 2. "392. Oar. 2s2 Bdrm. Gar. Apt. 7j7 is. By 9-.m9i Low r ent n. 1108 e. Villa St. I in. I Rhetor Apt. a Jinx Kane flares. 1 bedroom Apt Twil t Shower. A Mer Edlah ave., i in. Rool. Winter 7-7h.s i Bdrm. Apt to Bullocks

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