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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 12, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLyle w. Nash perpetual debt costly our social and economic values Are changing so fast that some of us cannot comprehend and appreciate the new order. I refer to the american Way of life known As perpetual debt policy. Thousands of Pasadena citizens Are old enough to recall when was considered slightly shame charges some places maybe Ful and at least poor manage even up to on some Frau rent to be Ever in Hock. There Bulent contracts but we never Are at least 10% of the present miss the extra Cost when it is City population that believes it Strung out Over 36 or 48 Wise to save and pay Cash for months. Consumer items. But that fickle minority is rapidly dam Pearine to the Delight of most modern merchants. I think it is a shame too. Thrift and personal Pride a vacation trip a new Home were rather worthy Virtues. The american Economy probably could not be run on ing increase in mental illness a Cash basis. Imagine what would happen to the vast Auto traced partially to a gnawing Industry for just one example at our subconscious mind Over our individual debt. Does not fear of los ing a Job or a Long illness or an Accident compound worry when we know hat monthly payments will come along As sure As the Southland smog i think we re paying a dear and terrible Price for our per if 50% of the Cost of a new car had to be in Cash. One Agency Survey says that five out of every six cars sold in tie nation today Are used. If Cash were required in Large amounts our Economy would shake and might even topple. Perpetual Deboli Jiow our Petal debt Way of american Way of life. The individual who life practices Thrift at least for con Sumer goods is a Freak and a Points to Ponder Arthur Brisbane was for Many years one of America s most widely read editorial Colum prove by stacks of statistics lists. He often predicted the that perpetual debt Means whims of America. In 1932 he parasite on society. Almost any economist can millions More jobs More fac More shops and More would live to see prohibition Happy products for All the repealed yet in 1933 the act world to consume. And it does came tumbling Down at the re riot Cost anything. Of yes perhaps a Little in Terest 5% and 10% carrying err. And in t a few dollars in interest per month Worth All the convenience of having a new car new furniture new appliances lots of Nice clothes and even for a new baby. Probably so. But i wonder if our alarm constant worry could not be said that no living person quest of the american people even the most Learned folks Robert s. Allen Little Rock broadcasts sen. Harry Byrd is getting those Broad least on Little Rock he demanded from . Information service. That s been decided at a White House conference. Present were president Eisenhower atty. Gen Herbert Brownell Gerald mor Gan special counsel to the and Arthur Larsen of Usis. The Agency s voice of Amer Ica broadcasts on the Arkan Sas school integration struggle examined at this meet ing. Larsen stated All these re ports were based on news accounts from regular press Way to stabilize the situation in this explosive area is to engage in an arms asserted Rountree. Furthermore Israel has very substantial military capabilities at pres senator Byrd criticized Usis handling of news about Tittle Rock and wants an investigation. The White House instructed to Send All the broadcasts to the powerful virginian with a Strong dip porting copies of both will also be transmitted to the foreign re lations committee which has jurisdiction Over Usis. And the armed services committee of which Byrd is second ranking member. Chairman of this influential committee is sen. Richard Russell a a. Byrd is chairman the equally potent finance com Mittee which handles tax legislation. This group ing a Sharp y critical probe administration fiscal and cred it policies. Us. Military Aid to Jor and saudi Arabia is Mak ing no change in tie policy of idiot Selling arms to asst Secretary of state Wil Liam Rountree made that Clear tinder Sharp questioning at a private meeting of the House foreign affairs committee. The head of the near Eastern desk held that providing is Rael with arms would con disturbing that has t got anything to do with the question of Why you Are providing Arab countries with arms and Are refusing to sell them caused How. The electrons Are acting up in the ionosphere one thing still remains pretty certain Mankind has to pot tie gear for this kind of hop period. To withstand tie pressures of Hurricane velocity several thousand Miles up and a con slant bombardment of Damag ing mesons travelling at rates of from to 000 Miles per hour makes even their theories on this score highly untenable. C. L. Skelley Pasadena when mat hews came a kind of a bomb explosion through with a big hit at a what Aid i Hope the gentleman Whol booked As subversives. Of the braves the underdogs Man to Overca Titus tries too hard or simply chokes up. For others it is a Challenge that Only a True Gambler can feel and meet is from these ranks that the likes of a Burdette or an Eddie Mathews or a Yogi at the Start of the series and Berra or a Hank Bauer. Back in Milwaukee and provided a shot in the for the game far and near. It will mean tens of thous ands of new fans for the 1958 season As people come out to see the Davids who slew the Goliath of the sport. The a p Yearance of these men in san Francisco and los Angeles to play against transplanted giants and dodgers will mean firmer Root in their new soil. At Home in Milwaukee per sons not attending next sea bugs Boer was so bitter about Anc state Aid has to live on it and try to keep his children a healthy socially acceptable i and Happy too for eternity. I i bet he d learn in much fess time than eternity that Al though Anc is far better than the lot of Many women with children and no support in other Days and places it s no bed of roses and indeed is barely adequate to provide necessities let alone luxuries or carousing around. . Altadena a world series that goes beyond four games has a time when the inning should have been Over Casey Stengel had to take Don Larsen out of the Box. Poor Kubek stood there in lonely silent with nothing to say that would1 suffice. Let him know that once upon a time 31 years ago another Young Yankee Tony Lazzeri Felt just about. The same Way when ancient Grover Cleveland Alexander that those two clubs can take fanned him with the bases filled in the final game of a other series the Yankees lost. But Lazzeri s soul wounds son s games May very Well be healed and he went on to erase that memory from his mind and that of the fans. So too will Young Kubek. There s Many a rejection slip a tween the synopsis and the scenario. That s Why the wis Consin vote is no More ultimate guarantee than a Bird dog pointing an egg. But straws show which Way the Broom went. Kem Emberl oct. 10 All the Way regarding this hideous smog problem. There s no percentage in do ing the Job just half Way. Either do it All the Way or it Robert Ruark on killing a wife this piece is not aimed at any wives i know in particular but it is interesting to report that in England the other Day an old Bailey jury let a Man off a murder Hook when he killed his wife. The charge was reduced from murder to manslaughter and he was Given Only keep smog Rollin i m with Betty m. Fester five years because she chronic Dagger. I kept telling mama that it is not my natural inclination to stove in her Little pointed head because i love her dear and would really rather use a from our files 1937 oct. Southern Cal for la school of design Spon bored by civic leaders Lias what Are we doing about those submarines the russians turned Over to demanded mrs. Kelly. There in t much we can replied Rountree. That s a matter for the United nations to but if those submarines Start a War in the Middle retorted mrs. Kelly will be a matter for the u. to handle. Have you Given any thought to when Rountree made no reply representative to lib As Gordon d-iii., chairman changed the subject. In Secretary general Hammarskjold is still trying to get Egypt and Israel to agree to a Security zone in the Gaza area. Under his proposal the in police Force would be considerably increased and be empowered to fire on infiltrators. Marshal Tito is planning More foreign time to pro soviet Arab coun tries. The yugoslav communist ruler has accepted invitations for state visits in Janu Ary to Egypt s dictator Nasser and the fellow travelling clique in control in Syria. From the Middle East Tito oct. Kellington Koiner former Pasadena City manager who died sept. 29 at the age of 77, left an estate valued in to his widow Katie and son when Ike got a bigger write in i at All. If not. It s Only except for the fear of out in Minnesota than an we set our trousers in that Well j Back. Known hot squat. Ess advertising for looking chauffeur a Good quotes i m going to a party with sergeant Whipple and i be heard he s a terrible Good time that was eight months be fore the 1952 election. We con cede the Straw in the wind is not Hay in the barn. This time we have to wait three years for the wheel to come full Brake. By that time Tho i e i Fields of Wisconsin could be left right and Center. That state is so nuts about baseball that dowager Wear shinguard under their evening gowns. Well have to switch the political prognostication around. As Maine goes Wisconsin has already went. All in favor of this mail this letter along with Betty s to Board of supervisors Atten Tion Warren Dorn. Keep the smog cart s. Haggerty Pasadena news note but this business in eng land puts another face on the matter. It seems this fellow that done in his Ever Loving was a Allegan Mich. To motorists with an urge to smash1 history tie importance of history is not to preserve our county fall for "25 by Lofio they May be drop and to guard maintain and transmit it to the future like a precious Fossil in a museum. What matters is the ability to reshape the elements into a new and living pattern the capacity to adapt the inherit Ance to new and Ever changing conditions otherwise it can Only become a Millstone round the e o f f r e y Barra Clough. To be popular yourself Youl must first learn to like other people. There is just no other w. Ettinger. Cars instead of Dodge the lining car further were Given their Chance at thai Schenectady. I you can hold the bets until Bug kept after him for a divorce. She kept waking him up night after night to ask him when he was going to file and one Nigil More in night is fun or that you really did t know it was arsenic you shoved into the Tea and they practically decorate you for what they used to hang you for. But got a fair Point on this nagging bit. There Are times in a Well trusted marital arrangement when either Side of the Loving pair would be justified in bashing the other. I do not really approve of murder As a solution to Dis agreement in the love Bower. Mild sort so mild that his love but a poke in snoot some. Times could be better than a million words. More people have talked tie Melves into divorce courts than those who de Mare than in anger he Jusli sort of kind of throttled her. The Argi Inni. I never did quite figure out it s a Lovely quote from How people who sincerely love cents they could rent a Sledge Hammer and take two swings at an old car. Then. The bookies pay off on i you and Columbus might think the Earth is round but the coming event and not the it happens to be an oblate Shadow. Better health leukaemia cure Hie widower she kept waking me up and asking me what i was going to do. I had no sleep it All that night was found she had her hand on my Throat. The next thing i re member i was sitting on the at least other can go on and on and on and on in mounting rhetoric know ing Doggone Well that they Are fueling the get Ting a kind of satisfaction out of it. Maybe martinis help but there is something deeper Side of the bed holding her to the nag business neck in my j said counsel for the some people say life is at it thinnest Edge. I submit this is a genuine Case of provocation which has driven this Man beyond the limits of Well now me and mama got a Long history of nag nag nag with her always at me to the cleaners constructs a j four alarm argument when the guilty party could Stop it All by saying simply i m sorry. I should have sent the pants to the but it never ends so simply. At 3 . A accuses a of having invented the atom russian brutalities and domination of Hungary has had no effect in hat ill tales satellite. Intelligence reports that so May hop to Indonesia where Viet control is tougher and neutralise president than Ever before. More is increasingly leaning towards than red troops and the communists. Pending this junket a yugoslav economic Mission is going to Egypt to establish closer that scathing Resolution adopted by tie in against 20.000 agents and other civil ians arc now in Hungary and have Complete Sway Over he government the Economy the police and what remains of the native Many of the drugs used in treating leu Kemia produce toxic Side effects. Frequently these cancel out any possible Good effects. The search has been for much less dras tic treatment. Either safer medicines must be found or a new method of treatment explored. This latter approach has been tried in recent months. Animal experiments have shown that trans planted hone marrow might be used in humans. Bone marrow mice were protected in in most instances against their particular Type of leukaemia. A problem arises however with the Large dose of a Ray Given the mire so the hone marrow graft would take. Human exposure to such Large doses of a Ruy for for More House Money a although he can to r y t Al a razor Blade without by or. C. A. Dean come i forgot to mail the let a thumb. Paters and Why Don t i get a this purpose Are not warranted. Other safer w. Ways to permit transplanted Bone marrow grafts to take in humans must be found. At present transplantation of Bone mar Row in humans is being done. It is Only advisable in selected cases. Experience is limited and no conclusions can be drawn. At least we Are hopeful this will prove of some help to leukaemia patients. Uni Gllnn could Yon Tell me some thing about wry neck my grandson now 15, had it at birth. He seemingly has out grown the physical irregularity. I would like to know if this deformity would have any effect on the alertness of the answer there is in direct association Between wry neck and brain alertness. If of Here and make her some Money like the other men do. Figures aloud that a not Only invented asian flu but is a typhoid Carrier As Well. And a it Ivy Muir a Luilly Well. Mini one time i tried to get Ricer All Tho mamas Lack of social there is sonic evidence of mental slowness Flo get away with nearly once with a Short left after taking off her glasses because i am a gentleman and glasses Are expensive and she countered with the rolling pin so i gave up trying to Reform her. But now i am not so sure that a Little trip to England to see some shows and an i m telling England is the Only place where a Man stands a Chance these Days. All you got to do Bernard j. Bidder d. U Nutter editor Lee m Mcinman associate editor w g Sumner Manau Ink editor Arnold him of manager k. To. Williams Only place wire services United Cirss inner oni photos. Associated press a wire photo. City news service National Adver film represents in your grandchild other causes should be sought. Thing is Sny you were pro or that homosexuality Lve san inc. An fian Cisro. 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