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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 6, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaPasadina a oct. I bit crowded in Here Ain t another soviet swerve already there is a tendency to look beyond Berlin As if that problem were solved and to direct attention instead at such trouble spots As Laos where a new crisis of communist expansionism to use a polite term appears to be developing or even at larger hazier questions farther in the future International relations. For the present it suits the masters of the Kremlin in their infinite devious. Ness to take the pressure off the Berlin Issue and to indicate a willingness to negotiate and possibly even concede. Whether this indicates a Seri Ous acceptance of the United states Tough line and a consequent willing Ness to Back Down rather than risk Mutual destruction or whether it was the russian plan from the beginning to make another Sharp swerve in policy after having extracted All the mileage possible from International terrorism no one really knows. Again and again in the past the rus sians have pressed some Issue almost to the Point of no return Only to change their tune. The signs that an accommodation is Likely on the Berlin Issue were received by the world with a great sensation of Relief. And this if we Are to be candid was the reaction in the United states where an open clash is regarded with Abhorrence at the same time As a Retreat from principle is considered out of the question. We should be used to the russians gyrations of policy by this Lime. Nevertheless whenever they let up a Little on the crises they themselves have manufactured there is a Strong tend ency on our part to feel expansive and even grateful about it. The russians we May subconsciously feel forgetting who caused the trouble in the first place Are not such bad Fellows after All. And this kind of thing is Likely to place us at a psychological disadvantage when negotiations do begin. Chances for Young musicians complaints Are often heard that aspiring Young musicians no matter How talented have an extremely difficult time placing their wares before an audience. Events like the debut night presented annually by the Young musicians foundation and the los Angeles Junior chamber of com Merce and scheduled this year for this evening in the shrine auditorium arc doing something to Correct this Situa Tion. Debut night is an occasion at which three Young musicians Are presented As soloists and the work of a Young com Poser is performed. Gnyla Smith a cel list from Glendale who has played for Pasadena audiences is one of this year s soloists. A 110-Picce orchestra made up of Young musicians from communities throughout the area including Pasa Dena will play under the direction of Henry Lewis. Scholarships of each will be presented to the four Lead ing participants. Debut night is accomplishing the same sort thing As two activities closer to Home namely the annual auditions of the Coleman chamber music association and the recitals for Young artists that Are Given each Winter in the san Marino woman s club by the California artists series. All Are dedicated to the highest artistic standards and Merit tinted support. Marquis cd wilds shelters and then in a Twilight zone of uncertainty a great Many americans Are apparently Trou bled and confused Over the problem of fall out shelters and survival in a nuclear War president Kennedy in his United nations address spoke of such a War As making a funeral pyre of the world. On the other Imort both in and out of government some Are saying that shelters my save lives and that a Home Shchur pro Gram will strengthen lie nation s readiness to meet nuclear War if it should come. Furth est Oul in tills View Are those such As the physicist Kew Nicl Teller often called Falber of the a bomb who seems to suggest thai recovery from nuclear War would be relatively simple and nol too prolonged. The truth As the average individual must feel is hard to come by. That is Why a state ment the other Day by a scientist with competence to speak on the problem of the sur Vival of Mankind in the completely new environment created by nuclear fission should be Given proper weight. Or. John m. Wolfe is chief of the environmental sciences Branch and director of biology and Medicine of the atomic Energy commission. He took in symposium at Colorado state University on radio ecology. Ecology deals with the Way in which living creatures Man among them get along in their environment. The Basic thesis of the paper or. Wolfe delivered was that Man like other Organ isms must modify his Mode of living in order to persist changing environments. If his capacity to adapt is less than the magnitude of Ibe changes confronting him then he must Migrate or perish. This semis elemental enough As applied to die Way Man has messed up his Environ ment in one run Ali after another. Dust and deserts catastrophic wars and Barbaric invasions have overtaken proud Cly ill Lions thai wore supposed to inst forever once powerful societies have gone Down when the men who comprised them failed to adapt or Migrate. But it is when or. Wolfe applies this to the totally new equation of nuclear War that the result is startling. Given his specialization in the problem of Man s sur Vival his words cannot he lightly dismissed. The effects of nuclear War on Man and his environment Are awesome to Conte Plale. Thermal Ami blast effects and con radiation would create vast areas that would to useless to Hie survival of Man. Fallout shelters in Many areas seem Only a Means of delaying death and represent Only n part of a survival plan. With an Environ ment so completely modified the question is where docs Man go after his sojourn in shelters. What docs he do upon in other words supposing your shelter was far enough from the Center of the blast and beyond the area of fire storms spreading outward from the and you had made adequate preparation to stay in Del ground to escape the first massive lethal you survived. But you would come out loan All but uninhabitable desert. Even if some semblance of civil order had been preserved most unlikely in View of the appalling Means of existence Bent Light water food would be virtually none Lelent. Of the sense Lionel treatment of the after math of nuclear War perhaps the most spec Lacunar Anil also he most widely circulated was on the Linch by the late Nevlie shul hits pictured n world in which virtually All life was doomed Wlllie the inst survivors wait ing in Australia for Tho lethal fallout to Over take them. Scientists now generally reject the View of total destruction. The sequence would roughly As follows. Immediately follow ing the explosion of a number of megaton missiles a massive fallout consisting of about 50 per cent of the total radioactive material released in he atmosphere would fall on the Northern half of the Globe. Six weeks to two Mont Lis later Rains would bring Down another 30 to -10 per cent of the total again in the Northern part of the Globe. Those who escaped the first lethal dose would almost certainly be destroyed by the second unless extraordinary preparations had been made to live underground for an indefinite time. The remaining five to 10 per cent of the radioactive material released in the War would move into the upper atmosphere and gradually sift Down Over the entire Globe rut this would not be lethal and life South of the Equator would survive with some damaging effects such is a greater incidence of leukaemia and More birth the shelter talk May what re cent visitors to this country Fercl is n growing War combination of fear and uncertainty generating a let s get it Over with psychology. The Stark truth As exemplified in or. Wolfe s conclusions might also feed this psychosis. Yet on the other hand after the first Shock the truth from one who spoke with full authority could i ave a salutary effect and Casa the tensions that grow in a Twilight 7one. L a Ltd David Lawrence neutrals Wake up the so no ural governments Are waking up. They arc finding out that the people of the West Aren t Happy Over in. Stances of obvious by this same bloc of nations. In rebuttal explanations now Are being offered in their behalf. It is indicated for example that the neutrals know very Well that the West is right on issues As nuclear tests but the nonaligned nations As they Call themselves now fear Russia More than they do the United Stales. They claim they Don t want to offend Moscow. But something is happening inside this country which should not be overlooked by he american Public opinion is being offended. Sentiment is changing. Foreign Aid As such had hard sledding in the last session of Congress. It will have an even More difficult time in the future. Many members of Congress believe it is in the National in Ernst for this country to use its funds primarily to promote the securely of the Una cd Stales. The record shows that in recent years a total of More than billion has been provided by the United slates to the 24 so called Neutral nations in the form of eco nomic and technical As Well is military Aid. Money for military purposes amounts to less than 15 per cent of the total. What has the United states Gollen out of nil these funds what benefits can the american taxpayers count up As n result of this spending the answers usually Given Are vague. In a general Way it has been Money spent to prevent a turn to the soviet Union and the communist bloc countries who operate throughout the world in behalf of Moscow. The situation contains elements of Black mall and Hie Neutral governments know it. First they talked boldly about refusing Aid if there were any strings attached. This turned out to be difficult to define for no body knew when a diplomatic favor Here and Here could be called a and besides the soviet Union never attached any strings in Advance but merely went ahead to increase the si7e of its embassies and legation in the Neutral countries. It in t unusual to find a personnel o several Hundred where there had been Only n handful before. The soviet agents then make con act with local organizations and them and begin to influence International policies. Then comes the takeover of the National government by communist stooges. The United states on the other hand keeps hands off internal affairs and really tries to improve the economic status of the people through Loans and Grants that Are fully publicized. The nonaligned countries make a mis take in thinking that this form of Aid will continue indefinitely. The first hint that american policy was becoming More realistic was contained in president Kennedy s recent statement when he signed the authorization another year of foreign Aid it is my belief that in the administration of these funds we should give great at Tention and consideration to those nations who have our View of the world Tims was really More than a hint. It was piece of advice to the neutrals to Champion not the cause of any group of nations As such but to espouse the fundamental principles of Freedom. Why should they be afraid to come out for genuine ideals in a troubled world they would gain the respect of All Man kind if they spoke out forthrightly against tyranny and oppression wherever these appear and if they persistently argued for causes that would Advance world peace. Unfortunately some of the Nonsall Gnad Are not practising what icy preach. Their Public expressions seem to be directed to Ward winning or retaining the Good opinion of Moscow. India which has received from the United states nearly billion in economic and technical not a cent for military a puzzled to the american govern ment. Prime minister Nehru every now and Tfirn seems to succumb to the influence of his trusted Cabinet adviser Krishna Menon a known admirer of the communists and a confident of Moscow. Or. Nehru himself makes a Good impression on american officials who visit him but puts his foot in it from time to Lime with statements that take the communist Side in East West controversies. The conference at Belgrade of the nonaligned nations was intended of course to enhance the prestige of the Neutral bloc but it Boomerang cd. American Public opinion saw through the transparent hypocrisy of a group of nations which had All along Heen denouncing atomic tests and then did t have the courage in a formal Resolution to condemn the soviets for resuming such tests at the very moment they were meeting. Now there s trouble with Ghana whose president shows signs of trying to play the East off against the West. America had agreed to Helo Suslan tally in the big Volla River dam project the estimated local Cost of which is million. The american government is however having second thoughts and the Ghana government has had the Tom Fulty to Issue a kind of ultimatum to lit effect that Amer la must make up us mind by ocl. 13 h will do on the loan. This is hardly an auspicious beginning for one of the new african nations. Ethiopia incidentally is suggesting that this bloc should form a regional association Rhal s a Good idea but most important of All the african nations should first make up their minds whether they really favor West Ern forms of democracy or communist despotism. New Yotti Ike old inc. A Ralph Tufi Sorth red China question in the . Bernard j. Ridder publisher Gustaf a. Nonfat general j Hood a y Ray n. Soft Stoa pid dwt win u a i i i t Preh priv. A Lurt Exito. In null Caal Zwir Loti i Sci a Iuit. Sid Roj St Pirn. Rut Cuin Tup la r co Hirtio b rut Dou cil Aloiau nationalist China has decided that this session of the general Assembly is the time for a showdown on its member ship in the United nations. Well informed chinese sources said to Day that the Taiwan Formosa Republic w-01 rot Compromise its principles just to keep its membership for perhaps a year or president Chiang Kai Shek was reported to have decided to Gamble on in All or nothing policy in the belief that any other course would Lead to steady deterioration of the nationalist position. The immediate crisis for nationalist is the question of outer Mongolia s admission to the United nations. China vetoed outer Mongolia in 1d55 and is ready to do so again when the Security Council takes up the application in a few Days the United slates tried and failed to get China to abstain on outer Mongolia Russia has linked Oular Mongolia s admission with that of Mauritania a new african stale. The soviets say they will not arc car lain that outer Mongolia gels in Loo. A group of j2 new african members known As the group has put pressure on China to yield on outer Mon Golia so that Mauritania May be admitted. They have threatened to vote for seating China later if nationalist China indirectly blocks Mauritania s membership. Western sources take the threat seriously and concede that the loss of the Brazza Ville Voles result in communist China s seating in the general Assembly. Chinese nationalist sources say that a Compromise would at Best merely postpone a showdown for a year or two. They reason that any Retreat from principle would merely Lead to new demands for them to yield on other matters. They insist it is better to face the prob Lem now. There has been much speculation on what would happen if communist China wore scaled in the general Assembly while nationalist Culna the Security count full As one of i he five permanent Mem Bers. It has been argued that a . Vein could prevent communist China from Lakine it Council Seal. But the nationalist themselves appear to have resolved this problem. They have Iet it be known Here that if they Are voted out of the Assembly they will walk out of the Security Council and out of the United nations entirely. This would not mean the of the re Public of China. It could be expected to continue its existence on Taiwan with . Protection and support but with much greater isolation. Chinese sources Point out that in such an eventuality the United slates would find its own position in the far East weakened. They predict that Japan the Philippines Thailand and South Viet Nam would con Sider it expedient to build economic and political lies with help Long. Sources say that while the situation is critical it is not necessarily hopeless. If Oular Mongolia and consequently Mauritania failed to get into the United a Allynn the United states and us partners would still do their utmost to keep out communist China hut the task would be con Vici Orbly harder in Laid fun i. Editor s diary Lee Merriman be Back with editor s diary on monday. Malt Kenny Dominica suffers economic stress a major question in the Wake or Generalissimo Trujillo s assassination inst May 30 is Llic scope and effect of the economic and political sanctions vol cd against the dominican Republic in August i960. The government blames much of us economic ills on and says they must be lifted. The political opposition wants them maintained on the theory that the sanctions will do irreparable harm to president Joaquim Lial Agurs government bucked by Gen. Rafael Trujillo or. Both claims Are far from reality according to Relin Bia Ana impartial economic political and diplomatic sources me dominican Republic today is in bad economic perhaps it could be called n depress Lon these sources said. The main reason is n disappearance of Gold re serves in government Banks n shortage of foreign exc hangs and a corresponding cutback in both government and private business spending plus restrictions on imports imposed by the government. The nation is self sufficient in virtually nil no luxury foodstuffs with the exception of dried and salted fish and a few similar items these experts said. Food is running Oul of their ears they be got so much of one source said. Bui the problem is la is not run Ning into the Mouths of the poor people. There arc no food shortages but there is lots of hunger in this country today. The reason is simply that the people do not have the Money to buy what is right Here. The Pur chasing Power of the masses is completely insufficient to permit them to buy the food they should have for example the dominican Republic not Only produces sufficient for its own needs hut it exports it another source said. Rice is a Staple in the dominican diet As Are red Beans Imbi Huelas which it also produces. Meat production also is adequate Lor the nation s needs arc fruits vegetables and Coffee this Quali fied economic reports abroad of fuel shortages were discounted by these sources. Four major Petroleum companies which provide the country Wlllie its Petroleum imports Are Shell Texaco Esso and Sinclair. Sanctions imposed by the ., in accordance1 Wlllie the sanctions of the organization of american Stales covered Petroleum and Oil products from the , As Well As trucks and spare parts and planes and spare parts plus arms and ammunition. As far As the Oil companies were concerned this involved n paper switch in where the Petroleum was to come from according to these sources. It now comes from Europe and the Middle East Ulicy said instead of from nearby Aruba and . Ports. Although arum is a dutch Possession it cannot to brought from there As before because Vene Xuelan crude Oil is involved and own sanctions against the dominican Republic prohibited it. Gasoline prices Are perhaps a a higher. But the Price has been varying steadily in that amount for some time. There is no fuel shortage today these sources said. The Symbol of affluence almost every been replaced Here by the Mercedes i3cnz. The government the military and wealthy persons have what seem like fleets German Mercedes. Other european cars particularly Volkswagen which have become it Symbol of the secret police also Are seen in great numbers. But a Mark of the current economic crisis is the Sharp restriction on working Days for Public taxis. The govern ment has divided them into two groups. One uses a painted yellow Stripe the other a Black Stripe on to boil roofs. The two groups work on alternate Days to spread out a winding business. The Drivers complain about the Lack of Prosperity. Most of them claim they cannot make ends meet at present. With regard to sugar the United states until March Psi gave the dominican Republic a slice of the big Quola taken from Fidel Castro s Cuba. This occurred despite the imposition of sanctions because of a Peculiar quirk in the us. Sugar act As it then existed. The Best the . Could do Ems slap a tax on this former cuban quota slice but it still left the Price paid to dominicans slightly Over the world Price. Then in March 3d61 Congress amended the act to provide that none of the cuban Windfall could to assigned to any country with which the . Does not maintain diplomatic relations. Today the United states still is buying its regu Lar amount of to be confused with the cuban quota the dominican Republic. This usually runs in the neighbourhood of some tons. The dominicans biggest sugar Market is great Britain which takes about tons annually. But Britain pays the world Market Price which is below Uncle Sam s Price. Us. Trade with the dominican Republic continues in purchases of Coffee Cocoa and products such As Bauxite and other minerals. There is also no restriction on us. Invest ments which however have dropped badly because of the general uncertainty following he Generalissimo s death. Tourism of course has been killed. The dominican Republic was labelled a threat to the hemisphere in 1960 after the Oas decided that this govern ment was behind an attempted assassination of president Romulo Betancourt. That was Why sanctions were imposed. Whether they Are to be lifted rests on the findings of an Oas investigating commission which will have to decide if the current government is menace to the rest of the hemisphere. In Ltd porn International Friday oct. 6 today s almanac today is Friday oct. 6, the 279th Day of the year with 86 to follow. The Moon is approaching its new phase. The morning Star is Venus. The evening stars Are Jupiter and Saturn on this Day in history in 1955, 66 Persona were killed when a United airlines dc-4 hit Medicine Bow Peak in Southern Wyoming. In 1958, the nuclear submarine sea Wolf surfaced after spending 60 Days submerged thus beating the 31-Day record of the skate. While under water the sea Wolf logged 14500 Miles. In 1959, the House subcommittee on legislative Over sight opened hearings on rigging of television quiz shows. A thought for today greek philosopher Ari Stotla said anger can be cured by time but hatred

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