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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 6, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaA widay oct. Shh fun Lslie of Lumli Oulu. Ayu Miili Mik Timu pc dryer a Colorado Prev. Entrance. N. Oarle Ekl Pau. 0 fun hed modern close in 1 Bdrm. Furnished or unfurnished afr-cond., carpeting drapes heated Pool child Welcome up 576 n. Marengo manager by House d oeuvre to will be served company Horn the Glen n. Monterey 2 blocks South of Hun .1-2 3 Bedr apartments Are up to in Noylor a Umbra i stat tru on a love Lar tree lined Tild it half my All Ion Khz Totri built in we Dratt. Panted 3 air con Diontra per Lair. Tool 7 8 i of Bedlion e economist Monterey St., Alhambra Ringlon or. Ooms Ftp it luxury balls uni local id it 1 in raft. Buni to a otomi of but full fut i ii la Fiji Lem a 3 bedroom anti. In Itear of Butch no Elfr court Bier Raveia Call at 9-11 u Blenx acct tid Loci Fulhart. a uie4, jjrct4l Block to ban Cia Boltl Valler Coon Iii Rumelli Fig pains its eos Kkt tals Berry Grassmueck 77 k. Colorado by 6-Jhht Pii hoj Lail yrs Model waiver a f c. Bervick Center t c h. Us. By 2-Ilff Ca i a lilt a or be r 7 used. Ouaranlee.1 c. Taylor Bervick Guemter 04 h. Lake. So 300 doors no holes lift flush. Save to up Birch mahogany is 10 25" a to a Lincoln a. Embr. Mill co. Koumou of vuhn1turk Bale act out a week. Group elec. Itric. V.1lh Freezer 0 Xet i bin Dir in incr. 2-pc pm. Tabla run a pad 2 bedroom Brand no Ultra deluxe 3gles. I 1 . S up ree util. No leases . 1030 w. Hunt Langton or. Uleatha i 8-9h5 10pp. Al Rancho shop plan 6932 Rose Mead blvd. 3 b1ks. 8. Hunt Leiloa or. 320 s. Sierra Madre blvd. Mesa. For. Colorado by by Whirlpool Iai bomb let. 3 Yri old. In ant. Eon Dillon at Al Low radio. Iron de very. 6ta41 fut Tiloute. So k. Hav mind. Pii Dena. Open Mon Frt. T11 9. To 6 . Opta Bun a 11 Jum to 5 . Maple fuhn1tuhe now in a of Luj Price. Rooms Maple includes 7-pc. American he Jar room. 9x12 Tweed Rux. Maple Dan Lar pm. 2 bedrooms. Frajt Dalre o Keef Range Many exl Rai. Oil. Price s10s2. Bros., Pasadena Del mar by s-q13j rent a new elec. Auto. Waller 8y Kex orb Auto Nate. Pump. By Auto Waahto. Uhe new. T by s-2ie5 alter to Mitt. At to. I Aulo. Sac. No Down. 3pen Tea. My j-w27 Al 0-8031 office your cast oif clothing discarded furniture will help our rehabilitation Center for handicapped Wen please Call by 5-7291 for our red shield truck the salvation army 31 n. Do Lacy open Mon. Fri. To . Other to it Weller. Ism Dion old taunt Mach. On Cau 300 More anal transcriber 1375 Vanlul Jirm Wajler dwt h Plaul i de Chain a. I Secretary of nature chair. Very. Star furniture 80 k. Raymond. Pasadena Man. Fri til 0 11 it . Open sunday in m to b con Tejw Pomart and appliances now on Sale at a fraction of its orig Nali Price 4 Beautiful Rooma Din so Lofa chair. 2 Walnut Alp Coffee table. Headquarters dffer8 the widest Misc. Seq if. Ill apart Amati Funi sked a ailments makes in most Snisher. Authorized Mono dealer for the san Gabriel Valley. Hammond of Pasadena 2499 e. Colo. By new used of. Furn. Rental value 3eaul. 1 Bdrm. Apis. Resort living inner. Do Cor. Of air cond. Heated Pool i i music snack bars the Zodiac apts. Up. 390 n. Rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt air conditioned private Patio Kilt count of Laurants a Road South Pasadena Indiana Alln partially fun Elihw. Convey event col 1 f Anil to. Laki show Ipin r. 745 e. California. 3ulet rummage Sale sat., oct. 7 29 e. Holly Pasa. By holy family adoption service club rent . Ceram i. Misc. O r s f. 8 boarded. Large new Batalu. 8. Arcarola. 10 Iralli. Hedjo Nablo Nice re Al s-1l5f of Lampi porn oui 5-pc. D Nelte set. Dishes Aryl Italy leis Fercl Dan Peru Ari. Beautiful Lopp. Dinush Walnut bedroom group inc 2 bound or urn i up Iowa. G. E. The Cirlic ref rec. Pis Ranee. Organs discounts up to location co ii. Single also 2 Apt. n if m 10 Ard 431 n. Lull by 6-53ia. Deluxe modern Apt. 2 Iii Roou. Kjol floor. Gir Ajie incl i eel. Etc Ellen location. Al in. Condolon coi Venlen to so. Cal Armistead co. 27 a Green St. Pasadena 5y 6-5321 my from for for Sale Al Pels backyard 11 10 b . Alpine St. Pasa. Single it double Beds. Up. Iclef boys Dren Cre. A up. I Oiver Awn Mower 5-10. 1 2 f 1 x 30" oceanic Pool. Jar. ventilating fans. To a up Many Oiher newest finest 1 bedroom apts. Sty Leil open fat line. All Woal cares. A bated Pool air . Music fact Kucej. Located in Row blown area. Just. 1 a huh from Byj Hocks. Adults. 267-275 s. Oak Knoll priced from. Or sinal 4950. Only lib a Par 15 weekly cart All our own Hancock music co. 3731 blvd. By pet shop Pacu keep up. 3 1 ale -j5.95 10-1. Discount in Cage purchased with Bird. Resort living singles j bedrooms no lease free utilities finance company or Bank to Dea with. No better Terma anywhere. Oul of town credit Fobb delivery free Ilonka until Niedes. 8 t a ii furniture co., so n. Riv mond ave. Pasadena s Only discount store. Open Ciaky 9 . To 5 . Open ten. Fri. Nor by 111 9 open sunday 11 . Ill 5 . Parking Al rear of apr meals in Lar. Neola Llemit. By 2-s64s invalid walkers folding Chrome j57.50 Hoyer lifter Howard steam Way to own a pal no is the Vray. Kent he piano of your Choice. A1e it Lei finishes available. Berry Grassmueck j27 k. Colorado. Para. E. A Ion by 4-7717 free to Good Home. Cats spayed part siamese slots. Hie. Broken. Cut 3-3200 aft. 3 Only. Us slam list Choc Frost do Lati. At automatic j aundry Pool Patio perfect shopping Arka closets Lott parking 820 blvd. K. Of Huntington Oasis 2 Bdrm., 2 Baths dining room fireplace. 2 car garage. Deluxe 1 Berra. From 1 both on ground floor. So Arcadia ave. Arcadia api. In. Rue a in real from Len to Good Home. House broken k1ttkns. 1cl or Elwne by child Welcome a by. Taut. Furn or of Lurn. Private Pallo 505 Buckeye at Al ugh. Apt 1 by 3-s2s3 75 no. Kobles us shop Center for. Apt 1 so. Jap he. Clipped Treef ii Akuei dealer at 9-513-1-2 for 1 Sale men i i hits. Judies Skirls. 7 for is. Hundred of 20c up. Children s Ctol lip All All hems two Tor the Price of one. Save 51 now vets store hours 9-8 25 e. Colorado Mischel Uneas Thomas Organ terms free Tessoni. Rep. Valley Pius to Supply 310 w. Hajn Tinston Del. Monrovia Al skiing. 4 mos. Old. Smells Rood. Misc. Supplies. 525, Al 7-2506 j6 Winter rates on Pool Brand now open luxurious a by Early american fit Uuie. Carpeting soundproof. D natural cabinets. Also . Bho o is 395 you la enjoy live no at 303 s. Alm Insor. Ideal for Empl. Couple girls or mer4 Kalv american uot1f Fern. Linens Lahea. Tit Lulles included washers dryer Gar. Pilck. Come site for your skip Shou Wall to heart of City Marklyn apts. Annex 97 8. Main co. Be Llor. Apt. Yet As roof Lam tomorrow 16 new 2-Br. 2-Balb Apt. Open daily 535-545 s. Los Robles Iva Cli Art his pvt. Ratios it. Linale. 2-Lon Carpelina throughout Stajl no we Home furnishing and merchandise classified advertising code and Advent tement which Eon Talna mall Tadloc copy u col acceptable. pitched by commercial adv Tell Era must la elude the firm Numi or word personal do stress cd alms and personal Ero Nouna Are not a Cep taboo Tram and Verssen. Lepou emd May used when Dearci can Iha Culm. Phrase or is or equity Are Noi from Corn Mercia pet shop under new management mixed Cocken. Bassetta Fox terriers beagles and dachshunds acc Kep. Poodles a Kijik Elart terriers. All of Lite Breeds Avail. Puppies proo Mlp our Sowda to. Open Fri. Ill 9 Sun. 1-0. 1615 e. Washington by 4-7717 a handsome male sprincer liver while. Free. So Artisan York Model 2 Mantle theater Organ. Size console used As demonstrator at Pomona fair Only. or ran Ruan tee. Reau tet Dice or j3.950 with Shaker Rab no. Jamel klectp.10 Organ arts. York blvd. , a2. Cl6-41s elapse console Plano. We stressed flt Iii. Save Gould music exp. 2 by fireside Manor new acts., air . 5iso i a Nils car eel a. Drape Pool. no lease Tea. Grocery Nan Rene pc Vicinity. Chem of. Hillvie few apts. To n Hill. By a loss Sierra Madre furnished or unfurnished up panoramic View is everything. Truly a luxury Apt. Al 5-8596 220 e. Sierra a ire blvd. Want piano. Will pay Cash. By 9-7225. . Mah Itano. Jean Lee. By lamplighter now open 1721 v1nk St. Am Tambria 1 bloc North of main is. J it i i05 3 pro Woods. 1-3-4 1 pro bag Wilson 515. By 1-1525 after 5 . 44 Fol Raillie for tiny toy while. Female. Acc Champ Slock. I 1 2 Bdrm. Apts. Built in Ovbie it rank carpets. Drapes air conditioned 1117-1110 w. Duarte re. It 7-g3w Iii fa1rvikav. Arcadia reasonable rates across Only per. Join Lee by acc. Be s-2bs1 tug puppies. Al s-621s 75a Shaie heated Pool Comal. Furn. . 1 Bdrm. Ants. 501.50 a up. All Tull. Litfy s. Sierra Indre blvd. He tween Colorado k Cam. Blvd. By Large single in court. S60 Uji Kellch eat. Separic Dan lip Exren. Walk in closets front ant Backen uan Cej. Parkins Anil laundry mom. Cell in of. Fvi3 n. Raymond by for better Quality used furniture see j. H. Biggar Trade in dept. 2030 e. Walnut 1 a 2 bus. Al kit ii ens carpets of newly 2 by Apt. A lard of floors Cool quiet a convenient. 1 . To Ireen a. . Urfi Loftt j125 or rent by 7-7-i78 cottage 1 to n run. Ail Orbly furnished Bash Gay . Run dry can wit. Pri. Yard it Pool. 5110. Lull. So 296 n. Oakland if Braut. Urn. A Borni. With a Awlern. Cut. Ajr Conil. Landry. Pool. Gar. Adult service Ultra deluxe quiet 1 t 2 br3. Film. Unfurl. Sim up. A enl. Toe. Cal tech t ill lock i. 1052 e. Del mar by living ii out at no extra Cost. You must soc to Pap l it 2-Br. Apu. To appreciate in Xiii they other. No pita please. Park y colonial apts c24-a Orange Grove Taw. 5110 must 62 Colok to very Liberal made in Lidral Trade ins on Cable Model radios f. Ibs on 5, 1237 by 7-1gq1 j3ehvice t rentals Wing co. ?45l e. Colorado by for 2 students or Ludlo Type Apt. 1312 Alc Hlson. 51 Day. By f-0257. Employed lady will share her Home i 6-3s52 so. Pasadena comb. Pm. Kit., Bali it St instr lulls. P.1. Lirty pref. 1516 or. Kit. Paltu attractively Iloco aled. In or Cuil of on spacious s pm i forested Coundi. Gas. Water paid. Garage modern i Rke or arb Grove area. 1-Br Apt. Jum, carpet drapes flin Postl. Carport it intr ase Calil Nel is. Julla. 631 so 9-j237 76 rooms for Garden Spario iia so Tietie Apt. Park Lar. Clou in. J90. 400 n. Mills pm. And 1. By redecorated 1 Bdrm. Carpets str Arrles. In exclusive cart in court. 2 elks. South of Colorado on Madison to titlist Colo in Madison. S12s to. For an Lei tenant. My fines. Value 2 by s110. Vlra inc. Khz. Jow of a Hines. Carn cts. Blt-1n Ratike. Re ten. I Kucis. In Smirl extra rec. If or. Fry. A Himl lne ton Itose. Al Al Hurlbut. By 0-5s10. Near san Gabriel country a Pirton deluxe car pc erf. Air . S31 e. Live . San Gabriel. De 2-1025 Alt. Hwy. Grounds Ven. Till us. Birch kit. Age. Re cure win., Gar., Nio Raee. Freo Imu Wilry. 62s Cornell Jar. Turn Wen Newman off paid Sloo with . Epting rare. Lap. Stove it Rutt a. Luh Shower Beau Louhy Deco rated. Q Lei court. In Mallion. Brand new air 1 by. Back Yard Sale 329 Arbolada or. Arcadia All Day sat. Oct. 7th r foot Mocina. Sofa plus pair of Lackl Thillen chairs ilk . Coffee table tile tool Stuart Formica lop Keilth to. Ebony Remote control deluxe automatic Washer a a layer. Nauga list stools. Antique console lilt plus Mirror me tilled Frame Tuce plus sectional foam rubber cushions. Comp Tele Beautiful Mahonjr bedroom suite. Set six lining chairs leather seals. Misc pictures Luggage and Many other is guaranteed. C. Taylor service Center 401 n. Lake by slug want was a lady the Star news reserved two it sets a.1 Ron office or Darrell d. Taylor. 1726 so pasn., no the Art Sis theatre. 606 k. Colot adn re vat. Rasa. Els. 2 . Las links Slinns. 370fl Sierra k. 8est rental Lee. "2 jut. A new furn. , hit ins. Acra or if Niederl. In free was it i Loop. 65 Hii robot. By Garfield so. Pasa. Ful in run Ftp Ash kit., Seel. At. Or a Loroi. Karlip Conn Yri. By 9-1237. Al Sierra Madre no stairs. 2-Nrtrm. Stove a ref lir. Cpts., Prev. Ratio. It Vel door. 420 w. Slorra Ila Drc blvd. Al 5. Sib by fi-20s9 divan Malcoln chair step tables Coffee table lamps. Pictures extra twin mrm Complete. Viscose carpet Dinette table six Wear into House . Gaffers Nuler Range Dasher dinner Ware silverware a Sajiv tills is the buy of your life. Or Leonal value 31091 pay Only you must see this to believe u. A Low As s5 cd weekly. Carry our own Ria de i Jive Chassis Lolly Walnut console. Coil 3700. Sell nearest after to desirable i by. . Laundry. Earl. Arly of net Freit. Ask a 173 s. Eucly. By to a prices a we. Reconditioned. Written Truar. Bar selection. Our or. Radio. 255 e. Colorado Mono my Kico . Ash pm tuner. 50 Watt amp., Blond. A 2 electro 3 Tweeter All ill Sands Bachelor Art., nicely Tutor. Util prt., heated Pool sft3 u. Duarte. Arcadia. I new 1 2 by Penthouse apartments All Molt in Feal Reff 9x30 Prev Ali Lanai carpets drat i Pool to Rafte sound pro fed Soo Stile bl., s. J Ai. By r 400 or. S. Air cond. A by fully car Peter me. A Arpee. my Lalea. 2 from main St. Alhambra. Brookmole hotel if Reaa rates Fri. Bath. A bulk Dally maid service. To n lob a. In Iso n. Apt. Lull. M. Or bus parking. For 2. 1705 . So pm. Prev. Ent. Nanri Benui. Gar., Patio Kitchen privileges or Home. Lady at Eood Chi racier. No. Al . By 1 by. Cupta Lap. Imri. Or. Liui i 375 e. Mountain. Is new a by Complete y turn. Go n. Auburn Avenue Sierra Pasadena a by to nne Story Hladk. Lap. My Algol Ltd 1 3 love in . Fre e delivery within 600 Miles. Cut of Staie credit . Superior furl Ture co., Fil n. . Pasadena. Park free in rear of open Ilalov Al . To c . Mondays a Friday us 9 . Open sundays a noon buy to sets up second. Like modern 1 by. If s6 s. San Marino or. Bus pc. Taim. By Call . Or Eves. So court Cut z to Lam. Apt. With private . Cant tie. Trad a tar come. Floc place. Star i isl parti or. 2 Block i in. N Colorado on mad lion. Suitable for mature tenants 51w to. My 1879 Woodlyn re. Paia or. Wash. Allen v estate Sale. C.1vf. Prices. Complete urn tags of 3 Bdrm. Liott inducing Tux o h Veeze for Merritt stove refrlg., Wash. Machine Misc. By 7-7372 by 4-7459 and Jtj Liet a sergeant was a lady the . Star news a to rates option to buy. Is. Service radio to. Alln. By or. Crown cafeteria in Rev. Bali. Salu serv. We. So a Slok by apartment l1kk a Phi vat Home 1 soap. Bill Fri. Living till. Run. . A dolls. Si45. 255 so. Oak Nikl by medallion luxe npti., 2 Beil rms. Air come poo carpels a tapes but uni. Pi1. Patios. 3120 up. W my. K. Of . S. Of Hunt ing ton 3n far View. Ill Pasadena i arge 2-Bejrm. Or. Herti school about 1mo ail. Cd. Kitchen Zielor. Elec. water Rel. Close to Bullocks. Ca tech. Pc. Ait Illus. S60. S 6-7313 2so s. Bachelor a hoc Ellvert Ona 1 Al to Mahotra. Turntable 555. My 1-31d6 by rooms a East Ifni. furniture 7-pc. Living room group bedroom Complete with bed up runs inner Spring Dinette Modem Ramige. Refrigerator All for matl Down out of state credit . Will consider weekly club. So 3-s161 housekeeping reasonable linens 1 by. Ledec. In. Adults. Al. I 25j a cites etl. By -1-4 4 n. Madison 3 pm. Modern upper nil ss5 also it Leru 3 pm. Cot a re j75. Both Erps. Relec by util. N. Al Molino 3 mrm. Cup tone re Raff. Prev. Adults a 7-2430 or now at s3 week. 1 Del. Ill old Lehl anywhere. No c red it Nee. To ._2-68 sell. J-852s 51 Home appliances Romanoff and Al House if Pool Ingle Apt. 6 elected 3v of face for cons g. 2563 or. Altadena i u Eun to Ert cartels theatre. 60fi e. Blvd., Pasadena. Pm. With sep. Ent. A. Heal. J3.v no a Mok tie or drink or. H30 n Bonila. So 731 foothill Iton is Low rent i also Bachelor. Utile. Pm. Ixe. 1st fir. Close in also Large room on 2n floor. Ii undid. Or unfurl. i Bdrm. Pool Prev. Patio cup. . . Near freeway. J35 re Frig. Carpeted 11 of. Tut Tull Carmi Lap. Above. Refer or adults by 1-s930 by 7-870j after 4 . Or House said All 7 rooms of furniture must be includes Knabe parlor grand no. Open . It . Null All fold. 210 Sierra ref. Smith of Golf club or. Sun Rafael shoo i Monrre 501 West Valley blvd., Alhambra Fine Liv. In. Me. Bar 6 server Complete. Coal to. Only 51.4 Complete 2170 e. Sat. Refrle., stove a Thor. In o Tus. Woman. By clean 1 by. Stove refer or. Karb. Dup. Offei Liv. A Criar. Fol scan phyfe Coffee table Churne kit. Lable Chalrs s or a Nii Sif a let cond. By meals Rar. To. Man. 465. Cd 7-61is. Los Robies n. Walnut . Sirle. Lulls text. At Larse 3 pm. Apt. Netcel furn. Part Intro. in. Of. N Cotora to Tull. Pm. Iloo so Welcome 2 bedrooms. Allen Detla reas by Dix. 1 . Up 263 grand Lew St., 1 Elk. N Wash Fitt. Gar Fkd a no pets by so. Pas. Ire. i-4-j tlrt., patios air ., parquet flu. 1512 hard son i. By t by. Of Toien galore contemporary Rirl Luff. A Tylel. Conven Lenl. By 9-5w1? a jilt. A let. . By vs17. Beautiful custom tested approved g Jap Bonnil Ai.rllamtj.lu4 e. Color service. By s-9867. Men. 13. M up. Sri., a. Fir meals 7 a n Euclid so clean Flynn. Under. S6 n _ lady t Llly. Rel. By 5-224 Itak e 1 pm. Cut. Drops. Refrat Carport. .3700 Flerra or Arkle r. I , air conditioned built in Kalcl. Corp Celnie if be liner in tvs wih no Jii. Jlove 6 rms. My m k. Cheap. Of ill 826 k. Boy Lilac fast. After 6 see Blond co fee table. 2 j Rench provincial antique Ivory Junior done let set. 2 yrs. by mrra Duncan 4 Chi Tarj at 1411 by Wal jiving Sac 51000 Cherry met. Vic. . It. A Sai or. Twin nutty Najj Box Kolisi frames to. Macel Ficenc Cherry Corn curb Wrd. Pediment too. Pin Chest. By 5-s3i Walnut Dron Leaf 1 leave a 2 tie Bottom platform Rocker table lamp. My 1-57m Antiques pitchers. Or Taftt collection. or 47 in Rifaie wanted far More Cash for . act of Lett. Ovental Row promo free div Verrice. Bill it want Cash my Roar Uwi furn a Aputi Lar a Beltie patois j10s. . P l. C. Taylor service Center 404 a Lave , used terms j2 Homes Casa de Las Flores bed or ambulatory patients Lee. A Bah most Jirs in Rondo table cues Home. Am of Story or , by 4-60u new deluxe Home Lor Senlo est Lieari Prev. Pm. A fool a wry Ltd. Located 1 he Uhul to lunar. Til 8-413 3 Pasa. Guest Home moderate Sutej. By 2-4560 i beat a 50" cd 3-mjl, Alna Man. Ambulatory 1 by. Or. St. Andrews. ,13 Hairr Nonorl or Call 5ty 7-730 f3smjfts7 Tandio uitus "p3 31 3-Immjt. Cd i o a j55 1 by Cadott. Car con Impi n. Tow Robles. 130 a Stfan. Us Elf. Pm. Nova c5ht5. St. By eve 3 fa3a. S35 Utju. A by. To Monterey re. By 9-7s1 2-nn. Upper Fra adults. newly Large 1-Bdrm. Comolot Tell adults ?c2 n. By ?-397 attractive ire. 1 mrm. Or 1 am Stova a of ref car. 292 s. , Call or Gordon. By 3-om4. Tift 2-bp. A or cond. Vitca Adulis. 103 k. Hillston. To items t mrm. Apt. Col 5 preferred. By Sjo cheery upper a Ucli 1m9a Locust or. Pc. Cai of 3-Br 3 Baths s. Orant or. At s550 to. Dec kaon. By 5-505 1 Brand new 3 lira a 110 so. Greenwood. By cd rep dr1vf . A by Apt. Furn. O unfurl a Rolf. A rapt. Al 7 Delux new 1 5 mar Condl loom 130 n. Ulc Koan Pool heated i up. Una. 1 4 2-Br. Clip f 731 foothill by. A for Glass doors to deck 1130. Aua Hent. Dur Alful or Nev 2-Br Apt. Aduis 8t -50w Arcadia. H blur. S. Of tuna. Up ss5 v 21r.2 can. 1 sewer. Upper 8y a i 5 2 to Jim. 117. I or stove a . 4v, n Hudson. By 7-31s5. After Anil if attractive 1-Bedrm. . Mykl Arcadia by 3-3z.13 to. 2 by. Lower. Air Enort. Lower 2 rim. A Bath. Vioti try dlr. To Rev. Park left. 33a a 8t 2-1wl h5 1 bedroom. Mexican tenancy 3 room Apt. Or. Bua totes. Julet newer Zouri. B. Daliy. By 8-873n fur . 1 . Lower re. Lull. N. Oakland Aih Altila Spiel Obj Kutsi. I -16v to Xiv Bettoli woo. Rwjr Jelm rare to. By 4-s625. Bunk exc. Cond. By r-997p he Elf Cost lout site ire. Each. By 0-m4 t to Csc hed. So of Deco pm. A 4 . My 2-311 n rom Lett by Fly Are. Mahor win Throp _ by . Cd a rant. Brana Apfl fance by s-515i Vul l-sr253 is Lark table. My 3-3753 bet. 7 a 4 b Flat 170 ban Lecordia 1110. By 6-Osis. Finn a Tom exc. Eon. Cost sell a. 3y 9-120 near new accordion. A Iii re Baas. 8y 4-3rt 130 bus it cordon. Jtj5 skiis .tar.3 like new. St. At 8-4m Banjo exc. Cond. Case Tenor con do Tola 1125. Cd 1 Awro tid Brand Anolla Neef my e. Colorado but Kerr air. Ins 6v 8-Iii 9 Ahe Iiara Pali fief to lol. Cond. 14c 2su bios Date. D Jarte. 13h cd. T Doo r St Rake. Take Trade Al 5-603 la cd. N. Exc. Emit ass. Uarino. My 5-101 Twink machines j sai.e3 repair port . J1s consoles a Pasa. Ik1vinc Mac iring to Colo by u oiled s3 i in a. Lake Eric. Eare. Best food. By 5-5925 a Row for i foe Al 9-149 Cater to Mealli 4125 Lff tried. By 4-911 Home for . Good food r Lent eare a location. By 3-527 79 bums housekeeping kit theft us. Pm. On bus. Uati by 4-201 room Civ au-1 5 a pantry tit. Coox Ine. S3 Btl Bach Filofy. Lull. Part. 332 n Taymond or Catl by 7-7305. R Pasa. 1-Bdrm. Modern. P.55t kerb. A lid. Canart. By Mph la ice. By 6-sooo. L 3 rms it Elf Ivl. 307 a d sir. A by 6-4116. I too toe. Clean pm. M 3 Mermah up. Cd 6-230 s util to Apt Ilu 2-3737 560 n. Raymoni e. Pasa. A by. Upper. Gar. Tulli pm. 3y 3-h3s j56. Inv Jirm. Soaib. So fat few . A. At 1 Apt. Pro. No. Arm Pajti. By 4-2s81 i t tin pot Calth. Tote e of Kolni j pm s y 3-m cozy 3 room Apt. With fireplace p 3v s-i7c jew la Canaan. Garden Apt. Of i Man. A tells. Of by 0-1827 eve. A 5iw 3 str a. Dore tramp. A Ralius. By 15 w. Cost 4 j50. By Withum. Down n adn tit Only. N. 3-rm. Dwt. Adult. 391 5 by 7-773 St 6-5s1 2 nicest 4 rms. In town i 1c5, c f a Robles s y 4-337 its. Cof 0 Rui. Lawful of. N. Crisp. . 1to Kiet 3 in 7 633 to. My duo. 2 by. A Farr n 701 Elm pm. By 7-7s1s. To. Free rent by 5-274 5 la Canada Tetra a. Room 2 b. 1-Bk. Re Frlj. Or. Pm pfc in n. Sent Bob t r 1-Bro Stavft a it Frler. In 3 Cornea or. I 7-3m Chapman 1 by. L a Der 2-Br., 3 Bas. At 6-5i37 i c-544 clean Aduis t so Pasa. 87 q n a Gjert t 1 . Moxley n court Apio slant a refer or. By 3-s5e 3 r to k. 7 or. In ha., Filiip. A Ruhr you n. Iii win. At a War. Pm. Adult 4 per. Alove Refl. Fott . Anlu. Hot two i js5. Ride Corall Tower. 2 Batni r Fco. . 15x30. Part Furo Matura St bit Loi Adoll i Only. 115 Kurl exit 3t 9-85j i 2 by. Al garb duo Carport. Or. Mau tramp. 213 a a Ilion api. 3paci6us 2 2 Jin. Pm . Air con3., Rar Mij. Fri 231 so. Annandale i a by. Api. St 8-2b1 1 mrm. In build r. Or. Dill Ricl. Adult. 0 to. Up. 2 . Upper duplex Lull do til h. Omaha jul my 2-2s53 Arcadia 1 4b 2 by. Heated Pool air end. Puff Rashir. No. Will Lorn. Or. Hub. I deluxe Loe. 1-Br. Air Codd. Poas. 72fj Sohmitt ave. Of 2-3101 Bdrm. Gar. Apt. 727 St. 3t it cilia. L by. . Slove. If dlr. Lac. By 6-5101. So. Pasa. 105 new 2 firt 7 150. Iraq. . K. Wath Leaton. Act. O. By h-i9m Tor 1 fully furn. . W 9 Mph. E. Wait Leno. Call for. Aft. Of 1 by. Dip. 148. In fsr House 1 Suomi. 0 i t-6217 t . 1 Irani. It v to Attu staff 1

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