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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - October 3, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaFast Cash for your car through an Independent and Star news classified and 3, 1961 Muic Aclei to Meir it 7.r monday octoui7. Ii owe mt., motor scooters Cushman. Lamb Cerii a 1 Uch if up if to Money do non on credit Ifill the 60 y ton pickup to Tiu. Radio and Heater. Cua ii with win re Toi Krell Buick ii k. by 2.711 it Van. Rear door. Del Van Mallrs motor Nood ures. Body m pc cond. Mill the Tow Tanir in Ulm Van or Rinde for car. Will Mil body. 215 go Host mad. Pas. My 1-73j4 come to wec3ge 60 Falcon Tedoor Sedan Zidlo. Heiler to Lomita. De use Irlam. What Wall . My Airt out. 60. Dart 4-Ilogr is by Titi. Sexier Trifi Lenl Trou Eliout. 59. Mercury station Wagon blk ii Pisi. Power stir Rinir und Brikei Power inti Poui Rhi Pate Fiand Jottie Jan a orly Lintl a . 59vchev. Impala convertible bin in Flat. Stick. Power steel or radio. Heater am Twili. Walls. 59 Dodge Hardtop Heater Pushbutton mission., Power Jet Trine clean. Or in in it one owner56. Pont. 4 door Sedan Auto Mill radio fail Raj. A Good clean car see a. Drive. Terms no problem since we carry our own contracts Wegle motors Dodge truck 1 040 Colorado St 7-Rllfi open . In Only 20 units filiom1 us any other he oct Loc Mion Conj Iupe of 20 one by of no Cash Down Ideal or inv let Kraal or lax or Tor 5eevlnc to Worce rub lashed n irk care wooer by Only q Vafi of Uli Liichi ind kitchens Hardwood Floon Furnis lied. But Bjork Unlue. But Moke Tor your Monet firm inc. Cash Down even by acre lot View of Ojai it Auy to i1u1i.u to Call Flora m broker real Este old 3 by rm., b Dill ii. Troia ten . Undt caped Yang. 5 Lor cd Lutren. S room Anil no room i like to make a Deal or owner of new or fic Luj be country i Trade up on Jik Ott real Valley Piuck Ccann y 5-7277 exch Nee turn Rutin Ith Home in a air con Epa rate Pla Parale inv Jar c Koukl w Hil Ellder up to 3 year my vol Swaun Guarante e you get a icon writ. Ten Quanan teb on a Jio Neucall. Our 31-Tcnr Nas ctn Buuri w Sorrem of Pur Koch used cars. 61 Monza Ali ski. Her. A White in tier ctr. Bat hit been driven 60 4-dr. Standard Irani. Ear in showroom condition t Obj Lucily t been 60 Renault car tin l Ivill re ally you Chi a few cents of Cas. 59 Chev.58 sed. A at 7-0266 v. A in. Imply 5-3iot 57 Ford v-8 cys Lom 300 a door Ford Outle Ira my til Ion Zidlo and i tatar. Ernie port 245 w. Colon open Eves a if specials 61 Corvair i Lakewood station Wagon near Irani. Radio a titty try Deluski Chron it ado Pasadena y my 1-49x4. Kartt. I juju time. La caul Inch 2 by mkt new Phrouk Hjul. J2to. Call kid 0-1181 Aftin 0 All models iux1kimatk cd or Kkt it 80nb at. K. Oan eur. Morita rest Park win. To talk Excel. Corny. For 55 i a frence. 10 to 3 to b-053a, to Tojim Al 5-72s Square 4. Runs Rood Jow. A 53 w. Highland. Mad re. N aft mod. Of extra i. i Alt us Lncoln. 1959 1 Noil Hardtop . Rattle. Heater. Nulle Walls. Put kit Storant an by Jival and pad pad Ilasov pm White in color. Aiagn1fickn Coni Letlon pay 2 Small payments and assume Ixo Balanca 5100 s9, u Ion Dick i1d Hilt Nilal tool Box Rolv. Hartr. Family 3 Onweyi Lime hone. Fired at room wired u bedroom a. E in trip cute in rear 2 pm male stall roof Ejli by. Crop cart tvs t israe Svenk r 720 a tent conduct or. S23.000 bicycles Johns bicycle shop 391 s. Rom Catl by trucks to choose from Good rubber. J123. Or heat. It. No Money Down to a area e new Cash. Sve pm i Jed i Mac. Conil. 5soo. Call Jack. I lud5 after i. Per. Bulck 5i Rev. It allot roots. Heal. I Ower after lab. 53.49 no Money in. To a qual Iriti outer. I. Garage Sulev re. 3-dr. A Ftp Auto per. Tilv Oij .4-ilr. Help. Agio item. Full nor. Col. Sirw.1, fs7 Ford s sit. Wagon. Prenup in come. Wj3 56 Kord Al Elb. Led. A full. 6.3 5.% Llull 2-dr. . Auto. Per air. Axce clonal 51 Ford s itchy. Finl. Mail .131.1 a Jerk. 4 it. Cd Toni pm t mip t need Llue Hork. La too. 3650. Al Kalvi f Rix a t by a Kascel. Come. 4273. At t-a928 exp 140 boats lures. J3ii. At Talmod Corner Lincoln 1960 factory am Bruce Crafty Lincoln Mercury ijs.1v at civic renter Elf no con Deilnn rare Apt. Part. Account Turk exec Hulti Krone financial tale Manl. Will Pav your or or. No t n. Or in in comm. Or Morrow charges. Bojc 9sjo in. And 3t.45 . Cry or. Miller i 4-m7h or. Or. Wanli to c or a area. Or in Price try Down sch. Income or. Eve or 6-0076 Afler . Parker Towle Thompson Green at Madison or Alta. Properly can be Jav Iclal bar 3y Mercury in service it parts l boats a 1959 t save Lees Plymouth valiant a Tunas the milk City at 7-9771 of in f61 60 special Fleetwood factory air.condit10ninc Nooft pot tit Etsul Penl. Tunis Belga finish Ruh mulch Toni or. Cad Lluc s most luxurious 4 door Dan. Showroom trash. Insole and out. Uon ills outstand is Lily Jack Symes. Your authorized Cadillac dealer wt6 e. Colorado by i-ft3i6 Cix sen 4-door Hajt top 59 rambler col thy Raneo htr., Auto mall it o present that mint con Rill Ion a Axon Hal you fully equipped t in a fact Oil air worry it endorsement Are voir m Allaf action a Aleju 56 Ford country Khan so Stem Wacon radio healer a Anil Omally. Wow look at that a kick Orrin Fox a Ambler. Metropolitan and Bic truck aka leu terms t Thade 2345 e. Colorado by 5-8851 my 1-4241 open Arron sy_s-9231. So for 2 or 3-Br Lious huddle ten realty , service Mercury Tims Pasadena Marine 1e6 n. sym 2.clr. In ill. J.-ui1 Power. Exe j775. 1959 Kear Lott Bewley Allen Cadillac Sot East main so at 9-b203 surfboards t special at up to Iwon trailer. . Site per so. It. Zoa . Sun Carrel 1 blk. . Of Las on offers 000 soft. Of privacy live. Bent. 4 by. 3 a. Motl. Call . Cd 3-m74 business Indus at lot in bal 129 Trust on a n cd 4-4s01 or 56 Bel air a ill. .9 passe Nynier with Iran-j., radio .heat., Pou Kil Ile Reinje. Whit Kelly Green in Czojor Mac mar inter or. Must pay 2 Small payments Lowda Hall s 5100 Al Ruero cd 5-5 161 station wagons our specially Washington motors hib e. Las Tunas sax Gabriel at it. Inboard Klimt a plywood Elas a Hul offer. La 5-0004 1710 no. Santa Anita. 1959 is 1iolidat Coupe Totory Aih. Conditioned Almha Whin in with nearly new red match inc Lyle Flor. pay 2 Small and Ai aunt Isitt Blanci Hall s 5100-n, Hub Era cd Poltie 19so Calt Llna intr. Oti a pay Minli of 39.95 it wkly Fon enl. It Aulo t Ritat. Power altering Nurl afr it Tidei More or choose from. for mar Monterey a 253 17. Curty j Ark. At 0-34s1 2nd . Nice Pasa. Home to in. 5 yrs. Ills by 5-bs67. Al i my kits. 11avk 6r, first on 130.000 prop Tny. Dos to Joi. By 57 factory at conditioned 60s Aulo. Trans radio Heater White Power steering electric anti .6 Way Leal. Dual crap with invite Hlaj Interior. A super Oit car pay a Ixia Hall h plywood boat oars. Filth 1 Meliv or tuck can Ca tried on ear too. 550. Gift. Sailboat i a Alfkin rom tilter s200. By 3-ke1d. Shell Servi r i car parts Corne Yron Tafik t Choice los a Tion. Skirvi leased for Wash pah. Opeka Kij u Able. Priced de value. Bob Jones station s 4 Auto i with 23.% t of cond. Inv Falmer co. Or 7-s61 disc at "3-ils Trast deed us or 15.0w my in . Stove e met. Cost mkt . Priv. 1921 Monterey . So 9-s200. Station 10 its. Ca1 now own i Sykes at appraise 75.000. Y 5-75 13 your Trust reprocessed oms. Hill div Auto trims la Itilio Ite it. Power Aleer inc and we take trades Many More to choose from. Up 9322 k Valley blvd. At 0-20ot fond. Hew urea to. 252 b. It oxen excellent local on. By clearance Sale Model 61 s 1959 2-Woor Hardtop Gil Axle u Ltd Lenni. Mil o. Healer. Oille aus. Power i Adden for your safety. Kelly Given a Kodak in color Ullh 1mmacu- talk match link in Lertor. Very clean pay 2 smolt payme nos and Low Moo n. I 85 uni Milc so. Imp my. Tor 11993. By sacrifice attention new Fum. Air end a sales. 561 e Garvey. Mont Cdr Park. At was u 1 r. Uke so 1-20w m spartan 35-ft., a sleeps 4 Conn. Best offer. 3131 e. Colo to. Space o-4. Eves it pit it the tie Day the exploded Trie Terer Ved Tun at Arrix office for j. K. Madden 741 Madison. Past., at the Una text artists theater. 605 East Colorado civil. Pas if Era. Pc note on. . Hlr., aul Omsler. You Clon t need a Pun to Iteal this at j1vj5. Harner 1ialdkman West Colorado. 3y 60 Cah. Convertible fully in upped. Soon actual Miles. So Coupe. Uke new Many to choose fi10m Cadillac Headquarters Howard Monroe la 5 Lais. Soj full my 0500 is. It. Of bide head lev we Tel. Sacrifice Al Irrell a Thompsonel. Home Loans older property a specially Frky. Inspection fast skrv1ck a Low Cost Chester co. Since 19m custom i like . Full Imper Woolf hairy Alia. Ramblers if Cau Usi come Ini circa Nilst used anywhere Art Frost rambler1 when Figueroa High. Panic of Aye. Co cd kit Sute Ner trailer 10 3t50 a extras it Railo. E. Dr., Monrovia. Up acc 8-4x6 Utility trailer a real Noferi re j tin r live build inc Row Avail. In All s from 20 to 7000 it my see 1 in in 000 Elk. W. Or it 2-6710, a 9-9i1r. You 12-7075 you or at by a soon Jrie a. 145 Auto parts so Cadillac 1959 Coupe factory Aill conditioned local car Trade Bewley Allen Cadillac Soi East main 57 Belv kure a hip. Aitolo Iran. Heller. Lille Walls. Pow Kil Anil Hinkes. 1 added Ilayah fort Tess Kkt Ami vent Hahr pay 2 Small payments and of some 6ver1iaui Moil j7d.95. Myers Auto 17 n. Raymond. Alham. At a. Lake Over pay Irenta 1958 2- or. Home demonstration air conditioned with Iulo. Kanji. Raryk heat. Eltary buy at ss99, full proct. Cd s-50k. V at Ford 1955 58 2-dr. . 110m, Ben Alexander n. 1 la Theroa Al Lithung Pitk rambler Fil custom i or. Full Var s23 4r Lake Over a amur. Dlr. Call or. C70is my 1-2511 or any 2. Houses i rear. J.19.500. Sex Lernis. Prop Rny located 1 i carve v. Al Monte. O truer. G1 with ence pts. Rat vice 3rn co. J. So anti wanted a fat 11 pc. Violet w 4 1 of r Wapon. Aulo. . Tow. It. A Cyl we. No Jonev in. In a buyer. Cd fi-1931. L Ohi its country Selan my 111. Venati Cirii White 4-dr. Hardtop. Air court. Rill Poi for new mile Are. Per Tel a swirl. By mh4 zone. So i no. Leai Mead blvd., so. Al Alonet. Call the 2-7375 stk5xij lot ld5xty.j 30qo fi7 must Folu Ilu 1-Aaiu 117 ranches or r Homes i cloy on r. W 35 years of. S Raymond sy2-5ib1. 1 r paid for clean cars make or Model Leon Kingsley 2161 e. Colorado Corner of Craig pasadena1 6. Cal17 by 3-3123 my 1-6183 "3.% Vears same Auto. . Pov.-. S Eer. la. No Money run to a in Var. It 5-1911. Nir. Four 57 country an Mortlo. Ssler Brov air Jyh o Cadillac 1960 Sedan Neville factory air conditioned 54795 Bewley Allen Cadillac East main Alt Ambita in at Orvetti zip. T ugh. Mod. End. Hak. So ref sleek i Rev Chrome wheels. Likht Blue demonstration Avari Jabur "6" Ryl. Of or trove. Platinum Rray Uintah with Mach Nylon top Al nil a Learlor Mke new in m. Is utri i. A mourn i Tony Over Fot j30ho in. week. Call or. Miller i. .h7s if Studebaker if v 1950 s to Al. motors cd s-h2t it i foothill estate onal in if. All electric 2 halt ii. 7-Slall Yorktown a Hui a cues i Jan Ca s Ier 515 Mosy mortgage co. 1st t 1xd thl St and . A Loans i -j5 conv. .Aulo., Power sleep i Brus. a takes. A enl. Rond for my 61 1-dr. . Aulo. Drive. Low my. 11 80s or or. Auto rans. By 0-3lij7. Eves it Carll Llic 1dco of win flow Sedan Taha. Over bal. Payments of weekly cot unproved Ertol id Auto trans. Radio. Hail Power and we trates. Many More ton. Smi at. 11.49 us. It run to n in nil fled Beach bit . Try offer. Bar to. 8v.-s-. 3 1-1 a Erli Fri con "l.lhy. In i nits l Urilt 330 n ?30, St. Oft let a wer Trimle for t r. So Llor of. 4-.v17j, dlr Cadillac 5 Svall per. Low Dodge Dodge 1959 2-Naor Coronet Vruth Auto Iran.i., Kactro. Heater. All Wiltein color pay 2 smote Palm cols dlr. By 5-9233 Ford Lynn Leno take Over Lor s3iho and s7.77 or. Miller set. After third 57 1iauutop Taka Over your Call or. Miller i. 1.117s Tler. I Pontiac tempest vol lilt bluer Pontiac 27n n Lake 597. Or 3 -07v. Donna Point. A must Sacri flee the offer. Juji Cream t 2nd Home Loans units. A liars. Settle 138 machinery motors a mkt , Power 18 t 7a it. Cord. S350. By 7-s1s1 motorcycles wanted Tif Tiit Cash paid. 24 Bis. Per m Volvo new it usej1 2f-vi e. Colorado by 57 Coupe he Volfe. 46.000 Ort a. My. I Conral my "w7u valiant 00 Wagon. Stick. Rail brakes Tat. Of f fffi1 Oll ill. 7 am St cd. La two for Grod Al Remol 4 or Suttan j Rev. Patev by 7-m3f. N. Dili e5 a St s. Cd Lens. Corina. Eil a largest Renault it tires. S100. By Cut 51 clean 2 owner. After 6 cd 6-1-s-vi. Jap. 57 ill. I. 1961 anti Bobiles Fei Silt 01dsmobile 3 by. 314 Baths on Lien i View it so week stir. Pm we makes of healed Austin Healey fat Lory authorized sales Fern Lee Covina i mkt demonstrator Sale All models All fully equipped this is our w final year end sole take advantage of tremendous savings foothill motors 1339 e. Green St. Pasadena by 3-0645 Munea. Owner. Al Miles. Of Tiland. Pm. Car 59 Impala spoil Sedan audio mrtle . Re ill. Heater incl White Ore o Chevy isl popular test drive in a y Colliau 31 . Set omit or -slterlr.e. . Puzzle of die Day by Ruth at ibs n. Madison. Atli Dix i 5fi 2-rlr. . Slam Park. 01, wilp. 2.iioov. 6n. J200 a Pyotr real Storla cur. By 3 10 u new 61 and s an -4u99. Knox motors. 1300 w. Main. Liver. I. Fl-4oni St or. Wat. . . 11 Over a vols 1i.lman Huik Ysla. Waton to. Ion Pood Cpd. Or. Cross fuck Rah cd. Trans car after 3 or Ford. Kill. Sub a. Over gym Tala. 1 r8 Pas a Dux a by 60 Kan Coltro. Ilin a Ralit of for a vials. Nir 11 or. Crow 5ik ii u3 for sales parts x service Lloyd Pearson 2025 e. Colorado a clan. Beaut f Fiu Lippl Pray Ullh match lip Interior. Up to 35 Miles jailor. Joke new. Fuel Price Only Tom Sherlock motors 1959 he Auto. Tran.-. Radio header. Sakr i1 safety. The 250 kng1nf, or performance. Black nigh flawless while Imp. Pay 2 Small pay Enlis Lykiw Haurice v rim a Floii Anvi i fiffl21 1 a Lake Over payments Nir or. My 1 air m b 18 1 Eti 9.92m conv. A Onlo. Fill own r. To melt ice 0-g.3i or Iff i air. Of cil. They last i b buy stripped Brand new 1961 Olds obites no curves or fait Onei. Jul real straight pitches Over the plate 1 1 someone s Flor Arshel hic Hall Pilch 88 s 1 7.28 1958 2-Ooor Hardtop stick radio if Katar White Walls is 599 m1ano motors Gumc dealer to w Valley. At 6-5h3 fur 11 no Ord to conv. A la Only. T. At Ford main St. At i Victoria. Str a. I 4 or. 6 piss. Rovid. lire. Make offer. Call . Chaples to o it s175. Sort r n a. Tort tits _ trl Nek. Of clean 5150. Priv pay it full per. Exe. Cond. 3300. E. 5 i wised. Tit Kanlier m j3s7.ll or1 Down a b5sume part Nonni ?109 a fms Oaks. Used cars it s a Safe buy b across i thespian i 1950 3 or 210 Mode i. Soot a inning order. Ji3 1n. 1-j7s n solution to yesterday s 19 witty authorized Covi Vam if at Aulo. . we. No . In. To k. Siml laced hover or Nir. on 88 s super include a Vryn Imalle. Steer Lar. Poorer or Tux e Ait h r 2i slate Wlack is Auto. Weekend special Ben Aux Antler Ford hint n. Luchun i t 1 l ass hit n m no it Al Atah inn Nitin 329 e. Edna i 6-s213 13 snip or. Foj 15 to n clan. F 16 make h in in Vornice Way. F 17 decay. I 18 Rii iils. In 21 it tired for he night. a of 2 i vols. Huttt the 2fi Supi hrs. 28 30 Brno if. 32 Garden fool hmm 35 5s so 3-4mg Fly for by Tinl Slais. J2l9.p. Mucu cilsvi.6t.kt ft1? by vol 2-Rfoor. Audio. Re. Str. N o in. Tit Ckeve. Is Over for Del in a c.111 or. Tinier cd years so Here tomorrow to Back this week s 60 Ford 6 location up what we soy today. Best buys Viz t pickup Sta. In 98 s . It Rorm Ivl by Jitter. Hoter nuo outline rear View Mirror a Iii. To nerd Luai Ottar extra i Sti Nearh of Cutlass 3. J Bay m i 3e w super conv. Toufi. Soils new lop. . Clutch Hoisl by Tave Ovet for Down ii2.07 week. . Mint or x.m7.i 8 1. Very c est 60 Falcon 4-dr. 23 Roann Over for j 39 i. A i Hafl. Radio. Loir Low Wales in 24 covering. 25 me re i a Mil so 27 those Holdi office. 28 bicuspid or molars. 29 robbery comp. 31 slender., 33 transactions 34. Immediately Avau Sulc 2 vids. 37 coined. 3d recover 2 was. 41 blemish is. 44 rho e n l 3? Mot p exc. Coil. Ixia , . Or Sun. Only so Bradford St., Chr. Imper pm. 4-dr. . Fuh Tower Auto mall Iran. Factory Condillo Nunt. 58 Chev. Bel air sets. Cape. Radio Heater . Power str. A Etc. We have 60 61 compact Moriza corsairs Valianos at Price to Suil your poc vef. 75 cars to choose from All make and Model. There h a Carlo fit your need and pocket of Leon Kingsley 135 year same location 2161 e. Colorado bid. By wagons 2-doors and a doors Kow on base with prices 1.1ke those Here Home plate Halls Oldsmobile -5100 n. Figueroa in Highland Park . Juit Oil t my 1m a Santna Retoar cd v i cd 5-5147 Oten a Tun. H e t nah Dauphin to r h. 39 cover with Gold. 46 set of rooms. 2 standards. 40 retail. 47 artificial air. 3 Flap. 41 Hanl Rahv 48 cogitate. 4 Milky Stone. Intr 50 military lights 5 memento. I Amer. Signal. 6 most nimble 43 for 51 High railways. 7 notices. . 52 annul. 8 deeds. Hallowed. I soul event. Al mine so info. 48 Speeks of dust. Kiln from 4d Foamy ice w most d Cream str Infix. 61 try Upan. 12 s3 62 Pebble. J3 sworn rep of. j4 minor greek sever so. 1 gymnasts. Divinity. 68 noncom Orer for j39 Art. It xs.20 wac i Milf or. Mlle i. -3775 5s 4 or. Ciao cond Dayi at 60 m air. 1 owner. 12.wo . 2-tone. At 1-s733 i3.s4o Chi. Al it come. Proval j11ss consider Trade or fun err. St co Bel air Pobi or by bet air 4iw fac Lorr Urkiw Finuoli with Whlor will turfs Sharp . A a terms a Tom Sherlock motors Studebaker Uherc tors Beni r Ronjia Iasi Privati conv 567j or Ift Pala Lar to. For Lyte. By 3-6771. M win. r. At 01 4-rjis4 ocl

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