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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaBruins ranked 16th kid sum i sooner Leal Cut in of poll tuesday. Of Tami 1, 1157-15 two pros easily retained first place in York. Don t look now. But there United press College foot. N new York. Opi Oklahoma., although Idle last weekend. Place from Fiolli to quid Texas aggie second Hie last at Kintli plan icim position. Week dropped to fourth j with Points distributed on a Oregon state Jumi cd Tram j 10-98-7-u-o i-32-l basis for. Its last a Texas dropped to 169 this week. New was a baseball season of 1957. Sixteen major league yesterday while loth to fifth Navy was votes from first to Luth j teams played 1230 games and every single one had some Mich 8an cells Llyd Lis week Oklahoma polled 338 this Quality Good or bad to set it apart from the 1229 others Indiana m its advanced plan from last week and week out of a possible 350. And 7 and make it forever memorable to somebody. Now to Soco f t. Dropped from sixth it margin Over the second Twenty seven of the to eighth. Place team was Cut m half. On the United press Iowa and Auburn were new the sooner were , named Oklahoma 10 the top ten. Iowa Points ahead of the Texas.1, their top team and four chose seventh this week after being aggie this week they Lead to Xii a Ard m Staw Navy Stan a i Ford s defensive corps appears Joff two games to rank with the Best in the school s history but coach chuch Taylor views the situation with caution. J asked about his defensive corps during yesterdays Meei-1 batted Man Williams a Rorn that year taking of the Northern California this in the league was Ted win football writers assn., Tay Liams in 1948. The next Best was .356 in Ted replied Liams. In Spile of injuries that kept him out of 20 Ramos Musial hit .851. The National league s Best since Stan miss in hit .355 in 1951, which was the Best since Musial hit .376 in 1s48. Perhaps the most exclusive club in baseball has a membership of seven the Only men since rounders was invented who used a Bat skilfully and Long enough to make 3000 hits. When Musial gets his 43rd hit next season hell join Tycobb. Tris speaker Honus Wagner Eddie Collins Napoleon Lajoie Paul Waner and pop Anson. When the 1957 seasoned opened the records listed 11 men. Including Williams who had batted in More than 1500 runs. Really have to say i Don t know How Good it is. As yet we Haven t been tested by a u us with a real Good passer. Until that time 1 can t the indians in beating Jose state 4g-6 and Northwest Jem 26-6, gave up an average of Only so Yards per game to opposing runners ranking Thorn High on National defensive lists. Stanford plays Rice at hous ton on saturday night and the now there arc 12. The music goes round and round to be sure none of this bears upon the great matters of urls May Nave a the moment the world series and who s going to win Art Vrbac a in Frank Ryan lord willing the answer will be published Here in time say capable of testing the Indian along about oct. 30 or 11. Defenders in the Aerial game. There la be speculation in the meanwhile much of it profound nonsense. One might quote for a Hgt i Man who esteems the Yankees chances because in Nisi r -.opinion, All the Milwaukee hitters except Aaron and schoendienst can be pitched Bragan undecided on keeping Stanky new ill i Hubby new my Snagor of indians bounced in Troin Cuba yesterday undecided about the retention of coach Eddie Stanky hut positively determined to beat out the new York Yankees next season. Minnies after he stepped off a piano the Peppery Bragan dashed off for a conference with general Man Ager Hank Greenberg. Bragan said he would like to re Tain Swanky s service bin of course i la have to have a talk with him i know Eddie was Kerby Farrell s Choice for the Bragan commented. Kerby toll me during the last world series that Eddie is one of the smartest men in baseball and i agree with him. 1 roomed with Stanky when we played for Brooklyn and i know him. I d like to keep Farrell. Bitterly Alsap Polleti about his Clave Latort dismissal said sunday night if i had been hiring a new manager i would have hired Eddie there was some doubt about whether Stanky would accept a Job As coach of the indians for another season after having been passed Over As manager. There also was some question of whether Greenberg wanted to sub Mit Bragan to the psychological pressure of working with aide who is such an outstanding managerial Prospect himself. I m thrilled about taking Over the club with All the potential it said Bragan. But at the same time i hate to see this happen to translated this Means that All the braves save these two have batting weaknesses that can be exploited by pitchers Good enough to keep the is where they want it. The implication is that Casey Stengel is shrewd enough to be cognizant of these weaknesses and will let his pitchers in in the secret. In this is True it raises perplexing questions about the National league. Don t the managers Over there know that Fellows like Joe Adcock and de Matthews and West coving ton can be pitched to if they do. Did t they confide in their contributing factors in recent i what did they think about All summer when those runs were flying out of their Parks and it comes out Here it is a shocking confession to make but this old National league in no certain knowledge about who is going to win. There is an ugly suspicion Here mentioned with the greatest reluctance that Fred Haney does t know either. Bakersfield. The plastic Holett which has be come popular As headgear Lor football players in recent years was blamed yesterday by j. B. Cap Haralson athletic supervisor of Bakersfield schools As one of 1he main fatalities on High school foot Ball Haralson schools in said three High Bakersfield have i discarded the plastic helmet this year and gone Back to leather. They arc Bakersfield High. East Bakersfield High it is even once Jame. Though Only remotely so this poes for Stengel too. Gad what s the Man ii Ign. Lie Sain several other san Coli i Kern county have made the change. Series Cor inter and club or rib pet Yankees 4s7 Iril 17 is .304 Arock. Braves 20s1 60 32 Torre braves 364 99 5 to .27--Simoson Yankees 40. 109 63 .270 Jones braves 79 21 2 s Collins. Yankees 49 30 2 10 .201 second Kasmen scion nit. Braves is k of Coleman Yankees 137 42 2 12 kill Eoll Yankees 305 7s 0 10 .206 to Iii basemen Matview. Braves r.72 167 32 94 .252 Carey. Yankees47 b3 6 s3 .2oo kilo kostors Mcd Ald. Liti a l 152 la Gan. Braves 494 10 49 ,2i3 Yankees 431 12s 3 w .297 Cov Teton. Braves 21 k 54 Stafko. Braver 220 is s is slam in or Yankees 1 h9 34 .254 Howard. Yankees 3.w 911 -11 .253 cd Nukk Sla Nlle. Yankees 474 173 3 91 ibs Aaron braves 616 los .11 t3 a Kylill t 1-iklilklts in lip braves 134 a 7 27 a 3 Bauer Yankees 179 121 is 65 cat Iran Randall. Braves 97 15 4fl .2r 3 Berra. Yankees 4s2 24 s2 .2m Sawatsky. Braves 106 2s 6 17 "3fl Rire. Graves 144 31 n 2" Johnson Yankees in to t s 217 i dti1.1t1 Yankees 0 11 340 Manollia. Braves Ifil 43 21 Roach braves 7 i re 0 113 batting i Lihr a 7 trim Pel. Yankees Lill 5271 723 1423 14j braves i m 77-1 14 Ray 191 "63 b g to a e do pet. Grave. A 4237 1w 174 pitching Herd Cdr i Ltd her in 11 so w t. mama n. Braves 7 32 t.1 2 3 Benr it. 202 170 il5 r 2 54 furl. Yanks 129 lit is 11 a trim. Yanks 72 60 12 s 2.63 Turley. Yanks 176 120 i i2 13 f Enlil braves 217 191 1 7 2.74-Rii-Olte, yanks a .1.1 2 Conley. Braves 133 Fin i i 3.22 a Leniar yanks 127 6fi s 3 3.2fi Btl Raj. Yanks 169 7s 5. N Trow it. Braves , 117 7r, 7 3. Fit. Burd the braves 2fio 79 17 9 3.71 Larsen. Tank a 140 113 is 4 3.79 Johnson. 41 73 is Byrne. Yank 70 ii i 6 Trade Barone Pittsburgh. In the Pittsburgh pirates have traded shortstop Dick Barone to their Columbus Ohio farm club in Exchange for pitchers Ron Blackburn and Don Williams and outfielder Home Goss. Of the three newcomers Williams enjoyed the Best season this year posting a 15-6 won and lost record for Lin 1 1 1 1 s notice of intended mortgage notice is hereby that Bussell r. Thyret s f f Hazel k. Thyret v3 m 3 whose address is 205 w . In Thiot Glendale. County of los ans Les. State of Cal Torma. Hosp Polize groot intend to mortgage to r Gallardo. Mortgagee whose ad-1 Pittsburgh. Of Dick feta of croat. The Pittsburgh . Los Angela state of shortstop will the personal have his tonsils removed today equipment of a at the Pittsburgh Eye and ear certain Market Groat was the clubs the City of leading hitter this year with a Pasadena county of los Angeles Sutic of California and that an executed mortgage of the same be delivered and the kid cration therefor paid o clock . On Friday of october iding .315 average. Eon 10-00 the at the is , certificate of business Firth trims firm name the in Oer sign de does Here or 20. Russell is. 11hrm Iliou inn name of Clifton s Delicatessen and said firm is compose i of Thi u to vhf to prisons " Hose and 11azi.l k. arps Lolly is. Mortgagor a Martin Fiskratti 953 Thyret. Vetricek. Whose be 205 w. Lomita in the City 01jperson whose name is subscribed bed to is Kinin instrument. And a the to me that he executed properly to thl n in witness whereof. I have All Stock in Trade set my bund and affixed equipment and Seal the Day and year state of California described personal certain Villa Corner Market and located at 182 w. Villa Street in he City of Pasadena county of the City Angeles. State of California. In this certificate first above writ ten. Seal Raymond m. Williams notary Public in and Lor said county and state. Imit that Sale Transfer and As qty commission expires auks sign mint of the same will be and the consideration the refer will publish october 1. 8, 1.1. 2-. He paid at o clock . On Friday Hie 251 h Lay of october. . Al the escrow department of the Pasa Dynit Branch it Sorrl Lilly fam n Lional Bank it los ail Teles Al k Colorado is. In Ilic of in the of anti Iles. State of cart Lima. Dalry septem Hei 20. Ifl.i7 Manly Gallant no largest Selling 4, ale f in. Tie West Polo grounds turf flown to san Francisco san Francisco. In a piece of turf Frum the Polo hounds in new York City arrived Here yesterday for Eveni tial planting in the new Ball Park to be built for the new York giants. The piece of Lurf. 2 feet i Square and 9 inches deep i was flown Here by Amer ican air lines for or Csc i tation to mayor George Christopher. J tiie turf will he watered and fertilized until the new i Park is opened possibly next year it was inspected j i or japanese York and was inspected by 1 state agricultural agents j in san Francisco. I supervisor Francis me Carty who has sparked the City s Battle for major league baseball received the turf at the Airport and then presented it to the mayor. It will be on Dis play in the Rotunda of City Hall. The major league executive Council agreed to recommend the new minimum at the major league meeting in december after meeting yesterday with commissioner Ford frisk and player Robin Rob erts of the Phillies and Kalilic Yost of tile senators. Sox and Bob Carpenter of the Philadelphia Phillies. Cubs re hire Bob scheffing new York. Ii Bob chef praised for having done an outstanding Job in his first season As a major league Man it was agreed that All play was re hired yesterday it is who remain on major to manage the Chicago cubs league rosters after june 15 in 195s. Will receive while those announcement of the for players who Are Cut at that mar Catcher s new contract Dale will receive the present was Macje by John hol Mim mum of . A vice president of the cubs men Clarion by the executive is in town Jor the Council generally is Tanta am Oas Ebal meetings. Mount to approval. The Council also agreed to further study a suggestion for an increase in moving expenses for traded players. In Roberts and Yost those pres-1 pm at yesterday s were National league presi l since 1922 Clay Chevrolet e. 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