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Independent, The (Newspaper) - October 1, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndik dint. Tuesday of toil i useful life main goal an Opportunity to Lead a useful life is the goal most often expressed by physically handicapped people a South who knows yesterday. In our Plant xxx Are pro opportunities for 152 handicapped explained Paul x. Ban on of the California industries for the Blind. I Barron. A who is super mini Dent of the Plant at 840 Santee St. In los Angeles reported that men and women Vith handicaps which a another1 age would have doomed them to a life of idleness Are turn ing out a vide variety of manufactured products. he added quickly i this is no Charity project i it s strictly a business enter prise Vith the products and services being sold on the Market in a competitive hid musical geniuses had Little fun study says Hollywood yells foul at British fat charge inc lure was obviously distort Jack a. Ileal i abrasive in greatest composers w Hose Ciden Lally. Were human a to can make one of Ginger Lor Norton co. Of now dominates concert1 in an introduction he Points Vine Niph the front Nae of those lean mod a Ester. Mass. Supplier of the Nalls. Opera houses and the out this is not the usual tabloid sunday look the fat lady in a grinding wheels reported i i recordings. Of of Genius that the usual who a quotation from i the Quality of their work 6, not More than 10 is that Genius the caption. It read men this reporter interviewed 10 w better than much knew Chr Over All is superhuman. His Pur now like to see girls walk Jayne before she left of the tool grinding done by happiness which Many non pose is to show what the away Anim them if you know i for Europe. The visit was people Vith Normal vision. Seem to achieve Cas geniuses were As men. A that what i Good is hip product that rather Many of them they did As men and a that Xmas Charles main a who Tkv bran Crown in err u Al month Jiw in Irlda and j silk Oaks Man in the state i Mukit artists i la Kunii Brothers err oxen Silt Wash Soto fire Down Shirley Jones prepares for a Brief dip. Out the number a which amounts to a musical Soliloquy. She. Of course offers no grinds or bumps normally a part of the strippers act but she should excite a Fexy cries of take m at that. Shirley has been Xvan Ting to graduate into More mature roles and it looks As if she is doing so. Watching a rehearsal Pat Boone remarked one More movement there Shirley and april love Xvi Ulm be banned from maybe Boston familiar look of pain it s the time of mysteries by to atm led that in v. Ii raid Tribune Smicz could have detected running. Case Tuli Lull. Jayne won t measure off says Sabrina London. Ins Britain s blonde and curvy Sabrina has challenged Jayne Mansfield to it the tape measure deter mine the Vinner of the 1957 Battle of he bulge. The top heavy British favor the 42-18-36 sighed regret ully last night Hove Var. That America s gift of Art lovers every there has refused to terrific double hit it crosses a new Boundary in screen entertainment the most challenging Story of Faith Ever told Eva Marie Saint Don Murray Anthony franc10sa Lloyd Nolan Frank Sinatra Mitzi Gaynor Jeanne Grain Eddie Albert doors open it noon last Day look see it now on film better than ringside Jet thrills i in slow motion Irani Woi ii Joan Richard Basil Collins Burton Sydney introducing by Grant Crown wednesday Mii Unm on the same program l Purdom Lupin strange intruder Eitra Walt Disney s society dog show last Day Darryl f. Zanuck s spectacle it up nut its Wro m nun the Story of the West a show tonight 1st la. Run Heip Caich the world s most wanted woman unto Tarn met in iwo massacre the season of mysteries upon us. Within the next four weeks approximately fifteen transparent of lavs in demonstrable Turkey ought in and next Broadway there Are probably certain duds and no certain pick up the Gauntlet. Louici Ove to meet her to i prove my Sai smashes. Who s to say at . Honesty to Shell out sin o pal or credit when the Miracle the greatest Man alive show is sweep confidently or at least courageously up Over the horizon and into the heart of toxin. While at the edges of the City a virtually in rail Little comes off. Hov in heaven s they might properly say did anyone have the insight the foresight the sheer creative countable number of to know that this Comers vill Peep shyly across not very Likely script could be the off Broadway threshold built into an attractive i Don t want to give Avay As i say you Don t any secrets but it is possible hear that kind of comment that one or two or three or very often but it s As Lair and four of these mint fresh reasonable As the first guests of the Community will few absolutes for the truth of the matter is that on paper there Are might t have in a Flash of reality imported from some mystical source won out Are ave sure that auntie flame or no time for sergeants could never have missed do the Basic ingredients invariably Tell the final Story Knovs the various routine faintly contemptuous explanations that Are offered men Xmas that Jayne is a whenever a noticeably wobbly script rides Over its oxen open manholes and manages a com Vercial Success. But she has refused.1 although it appeared that a that could have been meeting of the Century never come Down to the tape Sabrina was not bitter about it London is a big she said with enough room for both of where it counts consensus of British nexus heavy a there it counted most. Cabrina. Who in recent months added one Inch to her bust measurements not Long Lago Xmas asked for her be failures. Each failure will bring a familiar look of pain not so few absolutes. The script that much to the people woj for them As the people who Hal have sat in sobering disbelief net Ore them. Why in heaven s mime. The sunni in will Sun. Do von i As things undeniable masterpiece Are prise in which All sorts of portent than Quantity she think it cold pos Silv whirl tricks Are possible Ami plied. Ducer goes to work with is that saves a play possible prompt Book a text s Shady. Anyone what made beginning. Ivc the same Merit. A ame of by its stars of Jayno s measurements. May. In the disguised by its director pc what s she Gol on Pill to much sold by the Salute con Sabrina asked. Who produced it. The theater a half she Vns told. In Lime is a vast collaborative enter Quality is More inv How do Toliese obvious dogs on the funny thing about plus Ithal a certain degree we fall finally into a kind Tankard plaint is that it is and trap of contempt we feel most never an lied to the itans Obj dolls misspelling Jan outraged superiority to the Standa never applied to the it could be. The herons armed robber found stabbed san Gabriel chapter . Presents Barber shop quartet Parade lads of Albund Treur i ij7 into rna Lional five of weat s finest quartets san Gabriel haywire orchestra and Barber shop Chorles san Gabriel Mission playhouse sex oct. 4 5 is. 50. J 30 at j.3277 Pelling Jan outraged superiority to the but that is clearly not that fails and a cynical pure poetry not dismissive superiority to of duh i doubt thai anyone in if of most of the j contemporary theater is Cal. Ins j really much Richard d. Meyers 2-1, a san More common is the state of mind i i n Quentin convict from los an that is reported to have pro Limi Teti kuf1 is county was hospitalized failed Early last season As an yesterday after being Slabbed expensive contender lurched unlimited i n 1hp prison Yard into rehearsal i Meyers was found and i a Lac pris6n Vanl with this we re out has become associate to. A said the refused to we should t i Cmunt Lias become the s. Signed Otic theater is Houkal York for prisoner our Trici itch Jinnies arc sold name ins attacker. The Wea rehearsals went the i Tirl if f a sum ably win inc Manasc Mont Brecht work of Iiene in i 1 to King the other Way. And alter of s a sentenced to san Quentin on a arcs 1 and to give up the 1r la-6 1 Urr lion us lease tie following soul Emir it was Alile to return to the has since rolled1 up nearly 900 performances sea thrill of living history capt. Alan Villiers in person color film voyage of Mayflower to life term j for armed f arrival Al piymou1h never of to. Pasadena civic Aud. By 3-5385 wed. Oct. 9 now Coconut Grove Johnnie Ray Freddy Martin s 7-70111 diners tip for that Afler 1h. Snow la try Dino s Crown pizza Dino s italian inn face newest new York. W add next laces on the Broad Vay stage Ellen Mcrae cast in the leading feminine role in fair a comedy due in no i vember. Aside from a couple1 of years of Little theater work in her Matix o Detroit. Miss me Fine s performing career has been limited television. She has appeared a Vita Jackie go Chron. Kline Allen and on several spectaculars. J mime ugh Teisi pickup starts tomorrow 1023 Oaks so. Pasadni Box office opens y. 2-7139 by. 1-03b5 a motion Fly tort Book lob Vera mlle Beau James passionate Liff of Luis pro Cunt. The Brothers Torero is times Richard Conte Dianne Foster Kathryn Grant show starts at dusk plus a scree Ful of thrills Columbia pictures Piura John Mills chafe Coburn Barbara Bates town on trial Jet Pilot Jock Utho Nev Putnan Joe Dakota drive pm theater i at 4-6038 Rosemead so at Garvey All Bob Hope Vcra Multi Beau James unconquered Gary Cooper Pauline Rodj ref on the screen Iov. Thru Fri. Open and Sun. Open inc Olop by technicolor Jean Peters thru Artisti Robinson Basilio fight hound by round blow by blow see a show tonight continuous from 1 . Sal. Sun. Now showing from 3 big horror features Box office of exp show starts 7 Tont. Sat. Sun. 12 noon Debbie Reynolds Leslie Nielsen silk stockings Tammy Stu the Man on a stick 7 a captivating new comedy drama playhouse if 6-5358 re 1-6418 Washington Iii Illyox Otth Robert , fire Down Pat Bonn Trrry Manuri both in Conein Surope Enlar i in Lunil fam ii i Kiu my. . Am Pride and passion silk stockings 2nd top hit Bia Jamis sob Hope Vera Miles Paul Douglas

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