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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 30, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaConf Dot living you can never know when you Are going to have an unforgettable experience. I had one on a cold blustery morning last january in Muncie ind. I had made a speech there the night before and i arose Early and went Down to the dining rom for breakfast. Everyone else apparently had the same idea for there was t a free table. But one Man sitting alone looked up at me seemed to recognize and j courteously asked if i would sit with him. F had never seen him before nor have i seen him since but i was very Happy to join him. And i m glad that i for he certainly had something to transmit. It s a great morning in t was the Way he started out our conversation. It i looked out 1 he and an swered it sure is that s the greatest rain and slush i be seen in a Long he said but it s Cool and fresh. It s really a glorious How s was the Only question i could think of to change the subject. Business is he said and s Ted to Tell me enthusiastically about produce he was Selling. Tell me about your was my next suggestion. _ and then lie told me about How wonderful his wife and children Are and got me to talking with equo.1 enthusiasm about my own. In no time at All i forgot about the cold Rainy Slushy Day outside. This Man had real vitality and dynamism in every sense. It made the morning seem Good. Do you know my i told him you actually do me Good. You re a real tonic. You re alive and you re making me alive also. How is it that you re so full of he then pointed to a Long scar on his fore head. Not too Long he said i had a How to be alive by Notman Vincent Kaie bad automobile Accident. They took me to the Hospital and i heard someone say he won t live that thought kept turning Over and Over in my mind and i kept thinking i m going to die but in that Daze More than anything else i knew i wanted to live. And then one Day i heard a voice say he s going to happiness that went through me. T knew would see my children grow up. H e More years of happiness with my wife see my friends and move about actively in the Good world. I was going to live it was so wonderful. Cardinal liked Nixon comment Philadelphia. Rns Francis Cardinal Spellman archbishop of new Yorken Dorset a warning by vice president Richard is. Nixon Here that the soviets Are right now launching a Mas Sive non military offensive to overthrow All free govern singers religion Amtey Amden monday Phil weekly concert you have no idea of the Sharp burst of or Nix be a a iness that went through me. T knew Tjun convention Hall that closed the five Day National Catholic youth convention. Cardinal Spellman followed him As a speaker. The vice president said that monday night at the Pasadena civic auditorium will feature two musical aggregations to Talling More than forty musicians and singers. One participating group will be from san Diego representing the youth for Christ organization in that City. The famed pfc chorale directed by Otis skin ill offer the combined _ of Twenty five youth Ful voices. A male quartet really lived before. And issued Severa Days in i had to my full a. Then i began to think and to ask Khrushchev manifesto self whether i had i had to admit that est. So i decided to dedicate to god this new life that i had been Given and i asked him to help me make More of it. And he did. Now believe me i can ii ardly wait to get up in the morning to enjoy this reprieved life and actually i hate to go to sleep at night for fear i will miss something Moscow by the communist parties of 64 countries Reaf firmed their ultimate goal of world dictators of Moscow will shortly step up their economic psychological and subversive this remarkable Max had Learned How really to be alive. Like hit some people Are very much alive but others seemingly Are crawling through life on their hands and Knees. Now of course i am not primarily re Ferring to being physically alive. That is Only part of it. I m talking about the Quality of being alive in which every element of your body mind and soul Are in vital Harmony and communion with the creator and the world and people. How do you get to be alive in that com plete manner the Bible Point the Way in him we live and move and have our that Means of course that you Are incomplete unless you Are in tune with god that you be never been fully alive in leis you be found god and experienced spiritual Vitali nation. God is life and Only in him can you profoundly be alive. Distributed 1357 by the Hall Syndicate. Inc Mil Kights reserved a lift for living can we love our enemies ? by or. Ralph w Sockman As we enter the month of december we begin to think Clety it Rose of Uma de Paul society to elect at Maywood election of officers will take place at the annual meeting of the St. Vincent de Paul so from san Diego will sing. The second aggregation is a group of talented musicians and singers from Pasadena College including Tenor John Mcclellan violinist Beth Batt Cher pianist Cliff curl and begin again the ambassador male Quad i come now and let m reason together Saith the though your sins be As Scarlet they shall be White As Snow 1. No Man should Ever lose heart hate himself for the wrong things he has god our father is Ever merciful to forgive his truly repentant children and to give them a new clean Chance to Thi Independent my l he predicted that the they will emphasize again the popular front tactics which have fooled so Many Well intentioned people in times or. Nixon said. He added that ruthless control and Domina Tion of communist govern ments and parties everywhere by men in the Kremlin will again be the order of the to meet the Challenge the vice president urged that the free world in general and the United states in particular avoid extremes of panic or complacency. Or. Nixon praised the roman Catholic Hureh for recognizing communism for what it is and being unalterably opposed to it from its very beginning. One of the most remark Able examples of historical he said was Given 20 years ago by Pope Piu Xii in his encyclical on i atheistic communism at that no inn mfr of the 60th St. And Atlantic of Christmas the season of Goodwill. We shall give greetings and gifts to those who love us. But what will we do about Christ s command love your blvd., Maywood tomorrow. Some would say at once such a command should not be Bishop Timothy Manning obeyed because it would be the height of Folly and weakness Tju celebrate the mass at Goodwill for treachery and kindness for cruelty. Justice Thomas p. White society president will preside t the breakfast meeting in the school Hall. Rev. Maurice j. Ryan Pas or and members of the Par would ask How can you Call a person Manly if he does not try to crush those who would crush him intimate family affection does not take away All tension. We can love heart to heart without always seeing Eye to Eye. And would we want it otherwise it would be rather Dull would t it to live with a husband or wife who always agreed with you Well i say it would although i have never had that experience personally Loving one s enemies As Christ commanded would not mean agreeing with their Point of View or approving what they do. The Christian must stand resolutely for what he thinks is right and that Means resisting what he believes wrong. But in resisting he would hate the sin without hating the sinner. Whatever he in opposing those whom he thought to be in the wrong he would do with a sincere and intelligent desire to promote their highest Good. But our lord Points to another he said love your he hot leave it standing alone. He follows it with this injunction bless them that curse the effect of meeting curses with Wessing is hard to measure. There is an old hebrew proverb a soft answer turn eth away it often docs work that Way. When a Man is cursed and refuses to curse Back he surprises his attacker and May set the latter to wondering about the secret of his serenity. Yes and Christ added still another step in learning to love our said for them that despite fully use when for out enemies we get a better View of what is for the highest Good of them and also of ourselves. We see them As a part of goal s family. We May still have to oppose what they do for even in families members May have to be restrained sometimes even forcibly. But Force used in a judicial family spirit is some thing far different from the revenge of War. And unless we lift the use of Force up into some Legal United control we Are headed for suicide in this age of sputnik. 195t, general features corp mrs. Daniel Mccarthy gets Catholic award mrs. Daniel j. Mccarthy of South Pasadena was presented with a seven s a award this week at the november Institute of the Pasadena Dean Ery archdiocesan Council of 325 Catholic women from the parishes of the san Gabriel Valley area have Given hours at the canteen. During the same period of years mrs Mccarthy has also arranged for the traditional thanksgiving Day Turkey and trim mings. Catholic women. The Cere Mony was held at the san Gabriel Mission and was witnessed by a Large group of women. As Uso chairman for the Pasadena Deanery mrs. Mccarthy has arranged for Host esses and refreshments at the Uso 1106 s. Broadway los Angeles for seven years. Under her inspiring leadership you Are cordially invited to attend Christian science Church services at any of the following churches of Christ scientist and to make use of their Reading rooms so conference will osts. Representatives of St. Vin ent Parish conferences throughout the Southland will attend. Turn to Page 6 additional Church news will to found today on Page 6. Soviet Union As a weak am ineffectual tyranny. But wha this great religious Leader said in his writing still applies to the communist menace today we preach love and forgiveness theirs is a message of hatred to the religious per son every Man is sacred be cause All were created by a Loving god. To his fellow Man is but a tool to be used in the Effort to seek be t h e total Power. We seek peace they prepare to Cardinal Spellman said or Nixon s appropriate warning makes us conscious o the need for constant alertness and Irene actress and a . Delegate to the unite nations was presented wit the Council s highest award the pro Deo it Juventud for god and youth Gold medal. Assurance for living by or. Tom a. Williim mini Lar Pasadena Church of truth 690 e. Orange Grove Avenue if we were ill wholly conscious on the other Hind continued con or the True Meining of that tre Lemp lotion of Good produces Good. Mendouse statement of Paul to tinkle we Are worriers this Means thit Othy ii Timothy for god Hith we must reverse our thinking in not Given us the spirit of Feir to overcome worry. It is is of Power end of end of but p. My your mind Day by Day night by Lound there would be very Niah wok by dem of Little time lost in worrying about Faith. Tike your Lible ind underline things ind conditions in eur daily in red Ink the positive Stile ments of Faith. Memorize some of them. God hath not Given us the but people de worry for Werry spirit of but of Power and of is considered by Miny of the mod love cd of sound then pm psychiatrist i i. Be the Grilles Preble m with knowing hit the eternal Almig modern plague. First Church Paw Deno Oakland at Green sunday services ii am t s pm sunday school 11 am room 550 Lott third Church Proem 2103 Oil Colorado sunday services u am sunday school t 11 am Reading room. 1491 i. Colorado downtown Reading room second Church Posa Deim 814 East Claremont sunday services it am sunday school heading room i t. Washington first Church Altadena 94 i. Altadena drive sunday services t 11 am sunday school t Reading roam 941 e. Altadena or. 771 t. Colorado Street. Pasadena our sunday sermons Are comprised of selected references read from the Bible Kins James version with correlative passages from the Christian science textbook science and health with key to the scriptures in Mary Baker Eddy discoverer and founder of Christian science wednesday me Elmas at 8 . A Clodt testimonies of Christian science Healing. Mighty Power of god is bringing divine of the i lunge and powerful Law and order into your mind your Laws of the universe Stiles Ihil w. It will. Take in the color of the thing we contemplate. When we Werry we Are contemplating the possibility of something evil happening to us or our loved Enes. This repeated contemplation of evil produces this week s Sermon subject evil in seme form or other. 1 beholding perfection worship with us sunday or 11 . Children s Church same hour Jim Bond All american has netball Star will give a per govern sent gratitude Geneva Switzerland. The German government has Nal testimonial. Presented its order of Merit Kerr s Pasadena concerts to two world Christian leaders 11 continue w. A. Visser t Hooft oliday season at the Pasana civic auditorium. Using e slogan every monday get the year Kerr s Grams have been in Prog is in Pasadena since 1945. Though of a religious nature done for us in Germany Dur Ere is no preaching and j ing our most difficult trials faiths Are greatest distress of the med. Admission is free i Post War general Secretary of the world Council of churches and or. Carl Lund quist Secretary of the world federation for All you and your organizations have executive lutheran first Church of religions science 277 n. Al Malhio Ernest Holmes founder e. M. Stifford minister sunday . Sunday school at uie Shakespeare club Shakespeare club Robles make use of your fears for weekday services and classes Call by 5-4216 tuesday morning meeting at the Church 11 . Santa Anita Church of religions science 778 South Rosemead blvd. Ethel Barnhart. It Linster two worship . And . How to create your tomorrow today two Junior Church and . Youth activity . Weekday , . Creative , . For further information Call Church by Pasadena Church of religious science Hal d. Crain. Minister Palm room hotel Green. Sunday at u . Subject god in a modern world Homecoming sunday City a Nuncio 42 n. Raymond Claude, minister a place of Comfort in a troubled w a service 7 Urc Molnr by Mission Ary report of the Rev and mrs. De cur a. Trims a i Furlouch from . Lake Avenue congregational Church affiliated with die National association of Evans Ell cals James Henry Hutchins d.d., pastor the Call to Chris Tum or. Hutch fans . Ordination service for Arthur g. Riewald the glory of the 3m North uhf Avenue or. Everett f. Harrison Church school. . Society every Abe . Wednesday. Us Bible study the coming of Christ in or. Harold Lindsell Throop memorial universalist 300 s. Los a tables at Del mar Home it. 5ehr, o.d7 11 . Holiness is wholeness or. Gehr 10 . Or. Robert Hodges will continue discussion of the psychology of family universalism strives to integrate reason and Faith science and re Lurlon. Str set congregational los Robles Avenue and Walnut Street cup of the new covenant or. A1.den 8. Mosshammer preaching Hutch school and Nursery care tame hour u worship Frances h. Altoes. Dir. Of relic int education Plymouth Bible clan ., Rev. Robert Mcclure Leader and or. Youth meet lots House of prayer for All is West California Church of Liberal Rel lion sunday worship at or. Curtis Beach a holier music holy communion this Church welcomes worshippers of All races Sissas Oneonta congregational Church Gartlein and Oak Streeta South Pasadena the reverend f. A. Barnhill d.d., minister and .-Church school and worship men who knew barn ii 1. The Rich Young ruler evening youth groups _ _ san Marino congregational Church Huntington drive Del mar ave nut san Marino Bertrand r. Crist min lifer Church and . Morning piu3rim thanksgiving Day directory of lutheran churches in Pasadena and Vicinity Trinity lutheran . 997 e. Walnut at Catalina Carl h. Moter pastor is 2-1j1z school classes Tor All Atef worship the Messiah s communion Nursery care pm Small children to Liht potluck supper Bethany lutheran Church . La Terra St., at n. Venedo and Sierra Madre blvd. F. A Rasmussen pastor school and Bible classes worship and holy communion salvation nearer Leanne. .104 Wapello St Altadena mount Olive lutheran nod Martin b. Zariel pastor 1111 North Allen Avenue school Hill ave. Grace lutheran Church . 73 North Hill Avenue Victor r. Juelio Asto by 2-4169 school 11-00 worship. Service of holy communion Nursery facilities available ate group and or. Leagues first lutheran the lutheran Synod 101 n. Los Robles Avenue pastors Rev. George e. Thess Bev Richard z. Meyer and worship school and Bible classes Nursery can provided a urine. All services Immanuel lutheran Church nth. Buren Raymond and Villa Omar Gjerness. Pastor school worship Nursery care Lor Small children service Welcome to Immanuel Messiah lutheran Augustova Corner e. Orante Gruve no. Madison ave. Sycamore 3-4937 the Rev. Curl b. Anderson. Pastor school worship. Sermon by the Nursery care in the Parish House Leagur adult Thor Lav. Calvary Baptist Church 1555 b. It onto Ltd Phadeu Kcjr attend besi fall latino fun vices or. Nine i. Olson. Ask. Star or satellite Over Kohl bpm Omec Ted b bout a text . The Bible i Niue answers to pkg questions hear the tfeble.tk1q and Cal Vatt chorus detected by Bobbt b. Peteti ample packing Nursery All set vices first Baptist Church Pasadena 15 n. 1-i1m or. C. B. Bell Patoe . Stand your ground of. Charles r. Bell. Job preaching at tub heart of the Crown City Immanuel Baptist Church Wash Ancron it Holliston or. Edward b. Hart. D a. Pastor school a class for Tatry it and in Terest. Your Opportunity for fint Bible study. St Vic. Reception of new members hour youth and adults car i live the Christian is there second work of a Mes Sage on the deeper work of the holy spirit Junior Church All services Tremont Baptist Church 1140 n. Raymond ave., Pasadena Frank a1. Rof Eert Church school clues Hope of the Fellowship groups Junior society. Word in Man s language Trinity Baptist Church 1141 cordon Street Pai Seeni h. Bison Mccun Tcheng minister 4s school Lor every by Rev. William Bowman by Rev. George Johnson to Fellowship with the of at a. And the . Bethel Baptist Church Rev. Henry lord pastor 1h so. Oak Knoll school godly couple Waits for Christmas hindrance to the gospel affiliated with Baptist general conference of America hear Maurice Johnson saturday 4 . Sunday . Station 1jk on your dial res memorial Pilgrim holiness Church 1497 n. Hill Are. John m. Newbie pastor school service service Central Church of Christ a cml service service w4 e. Wasmih8toh. Fairdina it 4-oni y 4-an Brethren in Christ Church school . . 1434 Pasadina in 3-9331 the methodist churches we Welcome worshippers of All races my t. Washington St. James and . Worship service meditation mighty oath All even uni Irons to Bollywood first methodist Church minister r. Hyl Terji Sanders in 4-m31, it 4-4717 Holliston Avenue 1305 East Colorado Street Bev. N. Robert Keller minister the Friendly family cent Rcd Chereb. . The Good news of god s action Rev. N. Robert Kesler preach of school and Nursery Washington methodist 111 e. Washington Street Rev. Roland h. Corr Luht minister Ages recovery of prayer Nursery care both Houri and or. . Trinity methodist Church Villa and Summit Fred h. Ko88, pastor of service in German language Sierra Madre methodist Sierra Madre blvd. At c. C. Mcpheeter. Pastor duplicate and . The forgotten Factor Rev. Mcpheeters school child Ore Durler Church a Church with a future Tor people who first methodist Church Colorado at Oakland service or. K. Morgan Edwards. Preach or subject strength to the fearful Nursery care and extended . Church school . Fellowship groups . Hartzell methodist Church 2421 Eam Colorado Street William r. Hrs sell Man Star i 11 a Worsnip services meet the master Rev. Hessell preaching to school or children to for youth and adults Nursery care throw about. F Lincoln Church Avenue methodist Corner Orange Grove and Lincoln avenues Christian brotherhood in action worship service take a letter chaplain Neyman Ruest speaker school evening Daniel l. Towler minister Scott methodist Church 55 Mary Street d. Dewitt Turpeau jr., minister Church school All Are groups communion service emphasis on Imit or to provisional Nursery Ore provided during services

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