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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 29, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaLyle w. Nash Navy stretches the Dollar aboard the . Contrary legend and Rumor the Navy does try to make the 1957 inflated Dollar return top value to the taxpayer. I in conf hered several examples of such Dollar stretching and Wise use today in my tour of this vast Gray Hulk of steel that is now cutting through the water at a 31 mile an hour dip. This ship maintains an excellent machine shop. Lathe operators and top flight machinists work for to a . One Young Man told us he was making before he entered the and was now working at the same Job. It would seen he Navy is thus saving a in gaining the services of one machinist. The fabricating of Vari Ous machine parts Preci Sion gears aboard ship saves valuable Lime and is much cheaper than buying in the open Market with contracts bids Etc. Personnel men often work from 7 in the morning until 9 in the evening with a lunch break and perhaps time out or a cigarette. Wise Navy pos and officers compensate this Loyal work session with Short generous Liberty leave when on and the for such work weeks the College trained men earns s30 to 535 a keep. plus his foreign repair and maintenance bases operated by the Navy in the Orient Are Money saving projects. A huge Navy repair base near Tokyo can for example replace an entire Teakwood Carrier for a fraction of what it would Cost done with . Labor and private Enterprise overhead tacked on. Roaming the big shop aircraft Crew chief told use Are of poor Quality and that often he uses his own private collection of Preci Sion tools. He said that he waited 90 Days to obtain a relatively simple screw Driver personnel regulations Are being compounded and con fused at an alarming rate. In 1950 when i began work in this Section there was just one manual of regulations. Now i Luve nearly tour times As Many manuals to guide me. Our department is becoming involved in a greater mass of paperwork All the so spoke a personnel expert the officers had one salad for lunch while the enlisted men s general mess had Choice of 10 types of salads or the makings. Best food seems to be in the men s mess am that of the chief Petty off cers eating preserve. Short shorts More than is million in currency is carried aboard Crew is paid twice monthly whether a a or in Home port pay roil of this ship per month averages i saw a movie in one of the mess areas last night that was shown on a screen area of the reason the ship has an escalator is to As Sist flying personnel to reach heir planes with heavy flying Comfort of the Crew s not considered when buy no escalators average landlubber can expect to smash his head into a bulk Lead or other Obs tade at least twite a Day. Tomorrow the rare skill me the tools he is forced to of night Carrier landings. Robert s. Allen . Dropping suit Washington the Justice department is in the process of calling it quits on that Long pending anti Trust prosecution of five companies. A proposed consent decree for that purpose has already been accepted in principle by two of them. According to Justice insiders they Are Standard of new Jersey and Gulf Oil. The three other defendants still considering this backstage plan for an out of court com Promise Are Standard of Cali fornia Socony Mobil and Texas company. A two Way Exchange is the basis of Justice s far reaching offer As follows the five Oil corporations 10 agree to disband joint marketing Price fixing practices throughout the in return the government will drop its Cartel charges against them and also Promise not to question from an anti Trust Point of View the joint activities of the Oil companies relating to foreign production refining or transportation of crude 011 and refined this yet to be announced settlement formula is being credited to former attorney Gen tonally ordered by president Truman. In the lengthy complaint filed by attorney general j. Howard Mcgrath the giant companies were charged with operating an International car Tel for the purpose of con trolling Oil prices both in the . the Case never came to trial owing to a Long drawn out Battle Over preliminary issues principally evidence demanded by the govern ment. Subpoenas for the production of certain records and documents have been vigorously fought by the defend ants. A Federal District court in new York is scheduled to hear further that Dee. 17. Arguments on latest inside word is these proceedings will not take place. It will be cancelled out by an official announcement of Cral Herbert Brownell and As-1 the consent decree agreement Distant attorney general Vic 1or Hansen head of the anti Trust division. You be got to know to Zig and when to Zag real enemies regarding the cartoon in Friday s paper entitled soft it is excellent but Here is something missing. Pictures of smug educators should have been included. For some years parents have been labelled enemies of education who have protested the soft education program. Is it possible that people Are becoming aware As to the Iden qty of the real enemies of Edu cation . Altadena smog free Blaze Twenty five thousand acres of Forest and Brush were Burn no just North of Here bring ing smoke and ashes to foot till communities but not a Trace of smog. The wind blew Down Trees an branches around my House jut even while this great fire blazes i am not allowed to Jurn branches and leaves in the incinerator lest i create smog. Altadena George m. Adams a plan of life i believe we All should have a plan of life from which we can formulate a personal philosophy by which we can happily live. In a Little Book Long out of print i believe which contains Brief bits from writings of Robert Louis Steven son entitled r. L. S., is a favorite of mine and i give it to you. Said Steven son to be honest to be kind to earn a Little and to spend a Little less to make upon the whole a family happier for his presence to renounce when that shall be necessary and not to be embittered to keep a few friends but these without capitulation above All on the same grim conditions to keep friends with himself is a task for All that a Man has of fortitude and to live healthily and happily is a very simple thing. It demands selflessness consideration for others and a desire for the happiness of others As Welt As for ourselves. We All feel better after we have encouraged someone else. Living to oneself and not sharing our thrills and Lave of the Many things in life with others is bound to make any of us lonely and unhappy. A plan of life should include a love of books nature and other human beings. We should learn to appraise human values and to set our thrills and love of the Many things in life with others the mind and the heart. We cannot be whole human beings and not be concerned about the happiness of others and the things that add warmth and Luster to each one of our Days. Quotes America secret weapon demo cratic colleagues of senator William Proxmire d., Justice authorities Are saying Brownell ordered this Oil suit to be settled by negotiation instead of by trial and Hansen drafted the plan for doing that. This policy has the full approval of recently elevated at Torney general William Rogers. He knew All about it As Brownell s Deputy and now is directing the private discussions with the five corporations. Those deliberations Are being conducted by Robert Bicks special assistant to Hansen. Some attorneys of the anti Trust division who have been working on this Case Are scribed As far from Happy about the backstage plan to Settle it out of court. They argued against that but were overruled Rogers. The big monopoly prosecution which made nationwide headlines when launched in the summer of 1952, was per by Brownell and Independent publisher Bernard j. Riddei general manager Nutt editor m. Merriman associate editor a. O. Sumn i managing editor Arnold Hub by Nosi manager .e.k. Wui Ianu wire services United inter National Newt service. Uni fax Holm associated Prew a wire photo. City Newi service. National advertising represent a Tulve re Eldor Johni. Inc. An Celen san fran Olko. New York cd Laraio Detroit Minneapolis St. Paul Are bluntly telling him to pipe Down 1 or. His loud mands for the ouster of agriculture Secretary Ezra Benson. It s contended Benson is one of the Best political assets the democrats senator Hubert Humphrey d., advised Proxmire if you keep on Yelling against Benson Long enough the White House will get rid of him. And if that happens Well lose a powerful Campaign weapon. There Are plenty of republicans after Benson s Scalp so Why help despite Kremlin Czar Khrushchev s frequent warlike Huff ing and puffing the soviet rulers apparently Don t Antici Pate it is not to him reason Hie Justice that the fairly in Elligen american lacks the capacity to think things Oul or himself. It is simply thai e has t the time even if the inclination. His own personal problems Are closer to him Han those of other countries r even his own country. Asne Man is reported to have Aid after being asked a Little testily by a Friend from what source he took his opinions. Where would i take them from if not time and it is essential to remember that for survival and Leader ship in the nuclear age wis Dom will be As important As f. Fleming. In passing Nashville mrs. Sally Trammell decided on a Surprise visit to her Sis Ter who lives in Parsons. She stopped her car at Linden Tenn. For Gas As her sister drove up to the station. The sister was on the Way to visit mrs. Trammell. Hostilities for years anyway. The a few russian embassy in Washington has filed application with District officials for the construction of a five Story office building As an Annex to the embassy. Work on the new building is to get underway soon. Switzerland and Denmark also Are erecting their own Offlee buildings and new zealand Venezuela and the Union of South Africa have notified the state department of intention to likewise. Wig tax Chicago. Tit wigs and toupees Are considered cosmetics for Pennsylvania sales tax purposes and arc so taxed according to Commerce Clearing House. Service smiles news note How soon can we expect Competition from other planets in the miss uni verse Boer hey Ain t he Doin enough without you taking a poke at air born Okmulgee okla. Up when col. Maurice Bottinger Sook up his air plane for pin he had two passenger Tenn. He landed there wer eight. With him were Roy Youn and Blackie the Airport a cot cat while in the Ai Blackie gave birth to six i tens. Word a Day mortician a professional undertaker. Problem beef one Tough problem on the White Sands proving group in new Mexico where army Navy and air Force missile Are being tested is Chasin stray cattle Back to neighbor ing ranches where they will b out of danger. Doodles political straws show which Way stacks. There s a Cloud on the horizon no bigger than the Back of a Man s hand. Democrats racked up scores n new York and new Jersey and Are Back on the franked aundry route. Well to remember that All alterations Are not improve ments. And that rubber Stamps have no opinions. The november Hus Tings were protests against the in tangibles of interstate Shak Ings of the Plum Trees. This is what they Call an off year hey re off in new York wis Consin Michigan and new Jer sey. What happened to the fun zionists they blew a fuse. We waited until the Turkey one into croquettes before bringing up politics again. We Don t want to spoil your tur key hash. Next step into the future is creamed Turkey and califor Nia. Veep Nixon has ironed out the Republican quarrels so the wrinkles Are straight. The dead past takes care of the past. And the future. Sometimes of Tough change in Greenland school Chil Dren Are taught both danish and Greenlandic. The latter is a most difficult language. One of the few classics translated into this language is Pil scratched grim s shirt. Says you keep Sheryl let s take a Happy Little look at the morning mail. What have we Here dear Leadabrand How come you Don t run any articles about Rock hounding any More we used to find them most interesting. Fellie w. Schwartz la Puente. Dear Leadabrand please run something column beside Roc Ticle about Lound trips. We Are getting pretty tired of them. Borthwick Pease Pete Moss Legal lottery if we should Ever decide to it the american people vote of make it Legal to hold a a ional sweepstakes in America am almost sure we could pay the National debt. And i in sure if it was left out of politicians hands without any one but the american people to decide on this idea by Vot ing for it we could lower taxes not raise them. J. L. R Pasadena millions of gambled dollars Are leaving our Borders Ani shores. When of when Are we going to Wise up. Jack l. Robinson Pasadena All your cards have no spots on them dear Leadabrand i want to take exception to the remark in the paper the o Lier Day that it will rain on new year s Day 1958. It won t. I know. I have a weather of recasting method that has been accurate 99 per cent plus of the time. New year s Day will be Clear and Cool. There will be a Light fog. It will not rain until about four Days later. Mark this Down on your Date Dock and see if i m not right. Always am. Orville bubbly Highland Park. Universal Handicap i Challenge e. H. Wbb Dard s definition of the value of the game of if As he says the qualities needed to win Al serious chess Are vision Cour age and then How is it that the current chess Whiz in this country is still in knee pants to me it is at once Clear that this boy is simply a gifted chess player and nothing More. Perhaps in a decade or two this same boy might be in charge of a guided missile program. He will still be in there pitching with hundreds of oth is dedicated to the same deals but his Powers of extensive thinking won t be Ive of serving the party like those of the russian single minded scientists. No matter what the Poten tial in every single being on Earth is born with a Handicap and it can t be erased with a flair for chess any More than t can with a space satellite. C. L. Skelley Pasadena perils of Ben Capps Middlesboro by. Up it looked like a scene from a movie. Ben Caps was Halfway across a narrow trestle when a train bore Down on him. He did t have a Chance of getting off in time not unless he lumped to almost certain death 75 feet below. The Engineer applied the rakes but the train did t Stop until the locomotive and several cars had run Over Capps. Several trainmen jumped off and began looking for the Ody. It could t be found. Finally someone spotted Capps in a crowd of Spectra hrs. He had escaped by squeezing Down Between the Cross ties then crawling from be Neath the train before it backed off the trestle. Capps Only injuries were a Thi inn Nunt. Miday. No Vimr it. 1m7-1s Russ Leadabrand mail Call in i m always wrong bib my. We ought to get together sometime and compare Mats. Dear Leadabrand we read your interesting a Duarte. How can you win when out into the country and picking wild seeds and pods and things for Christ Mas decorations. Boy did we have a time we were scratched on a barbed wire Fence chased by a Bull stung by a Bee and got a Flat tire when we ran Over a broken bottle. We came Home with seeds and pods stalks of Corn gourds and a Small Snake that scared the lard out of my wife when we unloaded the loot the Snake got under the House and has made one fran tic appearance under the Kitchen sink. My wife now refuses to set foot in the Kitchen until i prove to her the Snake is dead. I somehow wish that we had never gone Hunting for seeds smog and an Early evening and pods. The Way things Are going we Aren t going to have a Happy Christmas anyway. Distressed Lamanda Park. Tell her that snakes Don t eat much. Of Considine ravages of War Warsaw. Ins the hand of world War ii still lies heavily on the capital this wavering people s democracy. A Block from the tip toeing residence of Cardinal Wyszynski is an area of ruined buildings whose Drunken and neglected Walls Are held upright the Warsaw opera House is still being repaired More than 12 years after the last bomb fell. The residence of Bishop Chorma Insky where Cardina Ratti later Pope Pius i lived As the first apostolic Delegate to Poland Between 1917 and. 1920, presents an ugly Brown face ravaged by the smallpox of at City s Best hotel the Bristol stoutly ended by one pendent As the world s worst Lotel no matter what anybody says or whatever other claims rained on the single object Are there is Only spor adic hot water. People sit in its browned out lobby in an attitude that souls consigned to Imbo must adopt. Yet curiously it is a Gay or place than the great and confident Mecca of the communist world Moscow. At least to the Western Eye and ear it is Gayer. Perry Como suddenly be Gan singing on our radio As Ive started writing this piece. What a Beautiful voice he has for a full in Moscow during the 40th anniversary of he bolshevik revolution great Mil voiced loud speakers in the Square outside our room boomed Only martial airs and vigor Ous polkas. The Only Ameri can music selected during that period was a Medley from that smash Broadway hit Rose the dining room at the Bris Tol is lighted at night like the Yard of a concentration Camp but somehow retains its Calm Ness. But off to one Side is a Friendly Little cafe clubroom of the Eastern european world. People warmed it with their body heat a Man who looks like Jimmy Mchugh Holly Wood composer and pianist played american including one of Jimmy a Sun Side of the we my asked him to have a drink. It Back and torn try of health. This is just an extra . Bill Hearst Frank Conniff Serge Slegers and i flew Here from Moscow in an Il-124, a kind of russian con Vair. It is a six hour trip with an hour on. The ground at Vilna which once belonged to Poland. The runway at. Moscow had been a Sheet of ice at Vilna it was covered with an Inch or two of Snow and there was a bit of an in easy skid when the Pilot first touched his brakes Ter touchdown. But it was a comfortable flight much of it at altitudes Between 500 and 1000 feet. Rus Sian pilots believe in flying under rather than Over the weather. An hour or two out of Moscow a strapping Stew Ardess served lunch a thick caviar Sandwich a Salami Sandwich a package of Cook ies and a Glass of very Strong Tea. There were also magazines to read including the russian Type life or featuring a painting of the Lynching of two negroes by a horde of Kun flux klansmen one carry ing an american Flag. The Man seated ahead of us read from Joseph Conrad in polish All the Way. At Vilna Airport the Ameri cans startled the ground Crew people by staging a snowball Battle. Once inside the hand some terminal we were told that Aeroflot the russian air line on which we were travel ing had free lunch waiting for us. The dining room was All but deserted and a Young waiter was the picture of mingled dismay and amuse ment when we told him we did t want All the luncheon even though it was free. In this same terminal three years ago Hearst con Niff and Kingsbury Smith in route out of Russia heard seemed to frighten him. I russian broadcast of their in can t drink Here he said. I with Thi can t drink he said Iam an employee of the minis better health Wood alcohol Jack not so nimble Methyl alcohol also known As Wood alcohol methanol Columbia spirit Wood naphtha Manhattan spirit and sterno is responsible for a significant number of severe poisonings each year. The danger of this alcohol is Well known yet the problem still remains particularly among per sons in military service and those with economic hardship. Some persons have died after drinking us. Utah As Little As three Teaspoons of 40% Methyl alcohol whereas others have i i n k much As a pint and have lived to Tell the tale. After drinking this alcohol it can take one 10 two Days before the symptoms of the poisoning begin. The part of he body affected most is the eyes. Dimness of vision in a patient after a drinking bout suggests Wood alcohol ingestion. The person May complain of brightness vision m. C. A. Dean dancing spots before his eyes or a Snow storm like picture. Poisoning from Methyl alcohol can result after prolonged Contact with the skin or through inhalation. These methods of poisoning Are seen most often in Indus trial situations. Following visual disturbances the victim of Wood alcohol poisoning will frequently develop vomiting abdominal pain delirium convulsions and then coma. The blurred vision May precede blindness and then frequently death. Question is soybean bread Best for dieting How Many calories Are in this bread As compared to the other answer i not feel soybean bread is too helpful in dieting. A Small amount of bread is All that is needed on a diet and the Type is not too important. Most breads have similar amounts of calories per slice. It riling or. Denn self and dressed envelope. All letters will be personally answered. Ter View with Khrushchev. This Day we went through the radio that blared in the dining room contented itself with a chinese soap opera. Plainly this expedition needed Smith. Still they somehow knew a terminal guard in uniform asked Fliegers in russian what kind of a Man is thru and the moment after we had been seated in the Din ing room a Fine looking Border patrol officer came in looked at us called Over the waiter and whispered to him at some length and marched out. It was about As Subtle As the squeaky shoes Guy who had followed us in Prague looking elaborately indifferent. But it s interesting. There is a saying Here that goes the further West you travel the better things we re trying to Book passage for Honolulu. A r family Stewart Tenn. In or. And mrs. Garr Markin like the letter their 11 Chil Dren arc Rachel Rody Ralph Rosie Roby Roy Robert Ray Roe Ruth and Ruby

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