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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1957, Pasadena, California youth runs Navy aboard the Hornet once upon a time the idea of having civilians aboard a Navy ship was unheard of. Nowadays non Navy visitors abound on Many of the huge aircraft carriers. It is All a part of the Public relations plans of the Secretary of the Navy. Selected men business executives air a chief Petty officer. All of the Craft representatives come officers flying and adminis from far and near. The mid West is represented by men there were a dozen or Soma from Michigan Missouri and Oklahoma while half a dozen prominent business executives night most of them have from the san Gabriel Valley to tag Smice for run Are a part of the present 32 Man guest list. Since 1943. When this 894 it. Ship was commissioned has been twice modernized the last time being in october 1956. This is the eighth Navy ship to be named Hornet its Western and Southern Pacific world War ii Battle record is one of the greatest in Navy annals. The current weeks cruise is for routine training. The Navy s fj4-b fury pilots practice ing landings and take offs from the three Block Long flight deck. The general pub lie will be startled when they hear the piercing whine of these single engine jets. Ima Gine what that whine May do to the ears when giant Boeing and douglat1 4-engine Commer Cial jets Start operating Speed was around 25 year from Southland airports 28 the High aircraft experts claim that Speed was a part of the i noise suppressors will reduce the ear shattering screech to a Low uproar. Even then it la probably be nerve wracking. Be is manned by Young men capt. T. F. Connolly com manding officer Annapolis is in his forties. I did not see a single old even Tractive were Young. Perhaps Reserve officers aboard for a refresher cruise of a fort first time. Our Host spokes Man ens. Ronald Hudgens is a 1956 product of Annapolis. A Quick glance at a couple of Hundred of the 2800 enlisted men aboard would indicate the average age around 20 years. An enlisted Man unofficial spokesman told me that this ship like every Navy ship he s had about eight years has its sergeant Bilko. Card games for fun or fresh greenbacks do prevail. New and continuous research with Dice also is As popular As it was when Arthur Godfrey sailed with the Fleet in the twenties. Today s log shows that the 41-ton Cva-12 Carrier left the san Diego Channel then steamed Oil burners towards the area of the san Clera Ente never plan to elude a submarine ambush. Admiral Herbert Riley us ing this carried As a flagship of his command and skipper thanks to Moscow for us up today s Navy As it should Connolly for the second time in a Row out smarted the Luv de water Battle planners. Tomorrow the Navy has an Clit merits. George m. Adams Robert Ruark a cinch to loss no matter what happens momentarily to Jimmy Hoffa Eveh tally hell lose. Although now King of the teamster s Union a King can swing and this Guy la swing. One Way or the other they always dance. Maybe it was w. C. Fields who said you can t a treat the Square Bloke for , but he gets hoist eventually from his own Dishon esty. Hoffa can be Riding High right now due to the obviously phony election but i got a feeling he s falling. It would be Nice if our penal code included an Eye for Eye clause from the original mosaic Law but we re a touch too civilized to claw out any eyes As pay ment for the eyes of Victor Riesel who was blinded with add by despicable goons. The Meek May not inherit the Earth but the bums usually catch it in the neck. I cite you Al Capone whom they railroaded on an income tax rap when Capone engineered the murder of hundreds and once beat a banquet guest to death with a baseball Bat Hon est Al died of third degree syphilis after his . In Alcatraz. There was of course dutch Schultz who was shot to death and there was Wil lie Moretti also syphilitic who talked too much out of his Paresis and copped a Bullet in the head. And there was another talker Benny Busty who collected a Rifle Bullet in the Eye. Capone personally gunned big Jim Colosimo who had shot his share in Chicago. They caught Willie Button of course for his final caper and one Man i used to know in Ohio state prison got crisped in the fancy electric chair he invented while ing time before they paroled him to murder again. Diamond collected his ticket to eternity and lately we have seen Albert Anastasia pumped full of Lead while sit Ting in a Midtown new York City Barber shop. And so it filth. Finally preys on the Saddest alumni association i know holds Forth in Naples where All the sex Patriot Burns of the stateside aristocracy of sicilian Hood Lumery is collected. They sit there and worry about new York City and the world series and they because they Aren t Al Lowed in Rome editor Arnold Hun but tin Hun Iii to. H. Charlie Lucky Luciano is the Doyen of the sob sister collection of deportees and i suppose one Day hell be joined by Frank costello if Ever sort out costello s jail sentences. Joe Adonis has at ready left the land of the free by request. Ralph Liguori i do believe has been forbidden to run a Brothel in Rome but i am not sure what goes with the narcotics traffic. Johnny oddly enough his Square name is Dioguardi or god guarded is using humbler guards at the moment in jail for various of lenses including be tog charged with conspiracy in the acid blinding of labor columnist Riesel. If the state plays cards right it can keep god guarded Johnny away for what remains of his life always hoping optimistically that scrap him in a prison argument As that charming Mur Derer Loeb bought his comeuppance for his part in the killing of Young Bobby Franks. For fun. Dil Linjer they knocked off and pretty boy Floyd and a Barker and her Fang and Tite kidnappers usually Fry. Baby face Nelson in t around nor machine gun Jack Mcgurn and it comes to the Point where them As live by the sword finally wind up wearing it inside. The income tax cheaters go to jail and they catch the communist spies and the thieves get caught with their fingers stuck in the cookie Jar. A general named Benny Mey ers went to jail remember for perversion of army funds. Perhaps a few survive but not Many. Hoffa is too hot to handle in his present situation of heat even for any thugs that he can use or the other Way around. He is As they say in the world which lives away from decency not very useful any More. In the world of rats nothing is so useless As an incompetent rat a Union such As the team sters can be a Good thing or a bad thing. But there is one thing very very certain a Union run by thugs is not run for the Best interest its members. Because a Crook is a Crook a bum is a bum a liar is a liar a thief is a thief. And our Friend Hoffa newly elected president of the Iran teamsters Union can qualify and you can add an extra or two which we will leave up legs free quoth through we Able to in changes in a represent racy like ours Taall tied1 up railway now cover 383 Miles. On up rear i. Have known Many people who seemed to Delight in those with whom they had disagreed or had a bitter argument. The person who forgives another takes a seat on High ground. I am reminded of a statement Stevenson once wrote. He said the Man who cannot forgive any mortal thing is a Green hand in it was said about president Grover Cleveland that he was Joyed because of the enemies he had made. This is the american who once stated a Public office was a sacred Trust if Cleveland of integrity we All ought to pay him tribute and Honor. I Don t think any of us should have any feelings toward anyone. I believe in forgiving enemies no matter what the charge. We can t for so Long As we hold a grudge toward anyone. Thinking kindly of everyone is a healthy thing that ought to become a habit. Two Brothers took a trip to Europe together. On the Way Back they quarrel acid separated. One brother wrote and asked me to write something that his brother would see. I love my he said. I did As he suggested. In a Short time he wrote me that All was forgiven. He and his brother were very Happy again saying to err is human but to forgive is divine still remains As a great truth Worth emulating. We can t to be Happy if we have made another unhappy. Ernest b. Pritton. When Charles v. Retired in weariness from the throne in the world to the Soli tude of the monastery Yuste he occupied his Leisure time for weeks trying to regu late two clocks. It proved very difficult. One Day it is recorded he turned to his assistant and said to think that Nave attempted to Force the reason and conscience of thousands of men into one Mould and cannot make two clocks agree. City Temple times. Protection children on chinese Junks have gourds tied about them to act As life preservers if they fall overboard. Service smiles i Tell you recent events have certainly put a Boom in this new Home iv4ry Tower to hot seat a United press Black haired w. Wilson White sees himself a sort of Pioneer in establishing tin government s first civil High division. The 51-year-old Philadelphia lawyer believes Many new Legal questions will arise As he Oaken the Hull of the frigate Constitution other i old look at it this Way. Any one Dopey enough to Start an atomic War is Dopey enough to want to fight it up popular name King Olav who succeeded to he throne of Norway last september was the fifth nor Monarch named Olav or Olaf. The first was King Olaf Tryg Vasson who reigned from 955 to 1000. Rights of All persons regard less of color under the new Law. In his new role White Wil move from an Ivory Tower the scenes Job where he was charged with Basic Legal research to a hot sea Post filled with controversy and crisis. He said he plans to be very Active and Hopes to get into the courtroom once in awhile. The affable assistant at Torney general has never made a specially of civil during ills Law Ca reer. I when he served As attorney for the Eastern District of Pennsylvania he worked on a number of Civi rights cases involving police mistreatment in Philadel phia. White was born in Philadel phia and graduated from har Vard University with honors he received his Law degree from the University of Penn during world War ii he served As a commander of a sub Chaser on the West Coas but was never Lucky enough to make a says you Short secret we taif god Amer he has. These have Wen wonderful years of Proe for us not because we were supermen but because at the founding of our country our forefathers dedicated their Ives and their country to serv no god. The future of America can s still brighter than the amazing past but there is Only one Way. Only As a Christian nation can we survive in these lays of uncertainty and chaos. I m optimistic because god s on our Side. The Bible says if god is for us who can be against we have a secret weapon. It is prayer the most Power us Force for Good in the world. Our prayers will be effective f we come to god the father n Humble and sincere repent Ance for our sins and in the name of Jesus Christ our lord and Savior asking god to help us. Chester e. Fields Al Monte a travesty would t you know it the most heinous crime to come Light since Lizzie Borden ran amuck with her Hatcher and Wisconsin has no death penalty what a travesty How can Justice possibly Triumph in the fact of a lax to born out of either indifference or pity for the human criminal nowadays when such occurrences though i seems to be the trend to trea All such aberrations As re sults from mental stress am if this theory were followed through to its logical conclusions believe me there woul be o insane passion and utter Dis regard for the Law that i supposed to act for Protection of the Community it serves. C. L. Skelley Pasadena animal Lover the statements and argue merits of those Ultra consider ate souls interested and de voted to the Comfort and a piness of household pets leads me to conclude that they con Sider the pet s welfare firs and human s second. These people with but in animal compassion Shoul find India to be an actual earthly Paradise where the cow is worshipped and its excretions held stored. It might even be possible to work Pussies and pooches int this same holy category. I must go now and Chase a Doggie off my Lawn. Alex Degraw Altadena maybe i m an incurable romanticist but one of the most interesting Folk yarns to come out of latin Amer Ca in recent years has been the consistent and repeated stories about finding the remains of giant men in Cen trial and South America. Now just because there Are a lot of stories about a thins does t make it True. I be heard a lot of Lepre Haun in my time but he Only person i Ever knew who saw one was Ella Young. There have been there were several holes a lot of flying Saucer stories of but i be still to see my first Saucer. The most recent Story about wants comes from Mexico. It i a Lulu. Somewhere in the pm Huah iia badlands up against he Steep mountains there is a lost Gold mine possibly something that has been there since the jesuits had All their trouble with the Mother Church. Many men searched for the measure Down through the years. Interest in the lost lode never died. Two years ago m business Man from Durango equipped himself with an ancient map modern took and a lot of enthusiasm and headed for the treasure country. Three months later he was the treasure Bill with a curious Story to Tell. Somewhere in the Mountain vastness of Chihuahua Back behind the Edge of civilization he found an Indian Village. He asked the villagers about their country whether there were hoax nothing so the ufos s Are hoaxes say it with pictures Ai Force just hew can you Fak things like stalled a Tofu o you say the Ope in Texas is a hoax. All right wha about the one in new Mexico Long Cigar shaped thl pfc that glowed red and Pulst Tec explain it please. I still believe in ufos and i will until it s proven other Wise. I Haven t had a ride in one yet but i will still keep hoping. Come on Russ give your opinion. Carol Brinley smog Adena in evolution again i see that the theory of Evo ult Ion is popping up again. If believe in that i certainly would be a vegetarian would t want to be a Canni bal. I will never forget what a nationally known lecturer said. He said the first Grade or top scientists did not be Lieve in evolution. Scientists believed in it and All of the third Grade believed in it. Well i m in first Gradi class. Pasadena period. Jack Carlson better health Tolj do bees Pill inimitable o not capable of being medical scientists have a Medicine to treat Dia betes targe i by Mouth instead of by in Yan a amount of Suc Cess has with several or fortunately they1 work for All diabetics. The first of these drugs seemed to work fairly Well but caused so Many toxic Side reactions it had to be abandoned. A second one proved to be very Lafe and is now ubi Sun being used extensively throughout the United states. This drug has several drawbacks How Ever. It seems to work Only on those who developed diabetes when adult usually age 40. And above. Those who developed the Dis ease in childhood juvenile diabetics have had very Little Success with it. Another drawback is that the drug is not too effective for those who hive been taking 50 units of insulin or More but it has lowly m. C. A. Dean ered the insulin requirement in such patients. In recent months another drug that can be taken by Mouth has had Success with so called juvenile diabetics. It is not yet known How Safe and effective it is. Only time will Tell. It seems now it won t be too Long before diabetes will be controlled by pills. In the meantime Many will have to stay on a care Ful diet and take insulin in the usual manner. Remember one fact after diabetes is detected and treated tet Lovely the patient can Lead a Normal and productive life. Question is it All right to take Vitamin pills if you Are overweight or should one be underweight to take them answer it certainly is All right to take vitamins if you Are overweight especially when you Are on a diet. It is very possible to be overweight and stiff suffer from a nutritional deficiency of some sort. In writing or. Dean Send self addressed stamped envelope. All will be person ally answered. Russ Leadabrand mom on giants and where was this Cliff Many Days that the Indian pointed v it was a hard and danger Ous journey finally the do Rangan found the Cliff the of a Steep there were strange holes Side of a some holes High on the poked into the Side of the Stone can onside. These were High off the ground. Possibly they lad been reached by logs slanted up to the Cave Mouths. They did t look like mine shafts exactly. With provisions running Low the explorer tried to climb up to one of the Cave Mouths. No lock. A wasted another Day clambered up around the Canyon Wall and tried lowering him self into one of the caves. This was successful. It was no mine. Rather a shallow shelter Cave. There were bits of broken pottery ashes and rubble on the Cave floor. The Man poked around uncovered some Bones then More Bones. They looked vaguely human. Then the explorer scuffed a Skull out of the debris. It was human All right no doubt of it. But Large much too Large. It was the Skull and the Story that he brought Back to Durango with him. The entirely reliable source that passed the Story along to me any diggings any old mine City shafts or holes in the area. One old Indian replied museums Are interested. There it is like the tales of leprechauns for what it is Worth. Elmer roessner decision making top management under constantly increasing pressure in its most important Mak turning More and More to committees for guid Ance and help. That s the implication of two new surveys of the Workings of business executives. One by Dun s review ant modern Industry shows that company presidents Are find ing that decisions today cosi More and take longer to pay off. The other by the american management Assn., shows that two thirds of the corporations checked have More commit tees working today than five Casio Nally while 41 per cent ago. Of the top flight and 32 per the Dun Survey concerned cent 6t the Middle managers 111 company presidents with reported such influence often an aggregate of employees and annual net sales of billion. A surprising result was that Many executives con fessed that Many of their decisions Are wrong. The percentages of mistakes ranged from 5 per cent of his Deci Sions by one Man to 40 pet cent by another. The most important Deci Sions appear to have been concerned with expansion. Other vital problems involved retrenchment and decentralization. Two of three presidents said their hardest decisions involved people. Many said that executive selection pro motion demotion and Dis charge tried their souls. It s no fun to remove peo ple who Are close Persona friends of Long standing particularly if they do not see one half of the second Grade one said three of four presidents said they shared some decision making with one or More internal committees but fewer than one of four think highly of group decisions. Forty four per cent said committees Are helpful in fact Ming appraisal and Consul Talon 27 per cent were strongly opposed to commit tees 23 per cent favored them and a Small minority expressed no views. The . Survey found similar not identical circumstances. It covered 79 Ilgah level executives including 51 company officers and general and 28 Middle management men. They were members of 214 commutes. Only two did not belong to any committee one was a member of 30. The Survey found that in general committees have More sower today than they had a Lew years ago. However individual executives usually had Power to de cide in five major areas pric no advertising and promo Ion production volume personnel policy and executive tiring. Lone Range planning and capital investment was Usu ally decided by boards of directors. New products decisions were made by 42 committees 21 individuals and 19 boards Strong personalities seem to Sway committees. Fifty three per cent of the top managers and 58 per cent of the Middle managers said the influence of Strong individuals is Felt of hot meal just drop in a Coin new York up the fast stepping vending Industry has big plans on the drawing boards. Engineers Are working on a single machine which will serve a full meal bringing the food from freezing storage temperature to eating temperature in less than a minute. They say this serve hot food on a plastic tray along with cold salads and be two or three years away. Cooking Speed is the chief unlocked problem. Also in the Pilot state is a machine that can take a Bill and make ing counterfeits. Vending machines in fac tories the enthusiasts say will make the lunch Box and Plant cafeteria obsolete. The National automatic merchandising Assn. Says one out of every five manufacturing plants Are using them today. An automated cafeteria of the North electric co. In gallon Ohio uses 10 vending machines to serve 33 selections of food and beverages available 24 hours a Day seven Days a week. Menus Are planned a week in Advance. All purpose a duct Tot postmen

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