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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaXiii mint. We that. Monum it. My Rawot a wednesday channels and stations 2.knxt 5.ktia 8.kfmb 11.kttv 4.krca 7.kabc 9.khj-tv 13.kcop i daytime7 report. Dave Garroway us this Day farm report Pacific. Cosmopolitan tac dough to reduce am. Of life Milan Cooks Lor tomorrow could be you Light. Miss Brooks and Jinx report Bulle tin cartoons. Walter Cronkite news the world turns Miller show c shoppers the clock room 7-imy hero 11-sound off club Linkletter s House party and Groom woman s diary John noon big payoff theater c question of c Paul Langton Helen Westcott 5-movie Blackie verdict is yours brighter Day for a Day and movie Wheeler show storm Edge of night romances Moore and police Calls Dorothy Gardiner show Zabach Godfrey of consequences Little Margie Laine wanted Francis show Dorothy Gardiner show bandstand Martin pow. 2-strike it Rich Warren Hull Hunt you Trust your wife musical Parade. Fairbanks theater. Price is right. Bandstand late movie j. Bennett Rogers adventure. Bill Hickok Guy Madison serials a Spade Legarde twins mouse club of the atom Cooley Ted Meyers vane b. Brundige Fidler nighttime Clete Roberts Bill Stout Gil Stratton Latham news c cartoons thanksgiving eve Parade express Ward news Jack Blake c Hearn sports c Edwards. News Huntley news 11-Susie Tinney sees love Lucy re runs Massey show Martha Tuton country Washburn c Martyn news in action of the Century cattle Kate Lathman news c baiter sports Putnam news big record Patti Page Georgia Gibbs Johnny Ray Walter Slezak Shepherd Sisters Guylaine Guy Erroll Garner Saber of London Donald Grey Christian 7-fights Pastrano is. Bessenoff on youth Claus Parade at Hollywood Monument Valley Bond Robert Horton Zeke Gary Merrill in the Pacific Pacific in eruption of sea treasure diving family Weaver Corner millionaire Steve Logan Story Flynn theater "1000th night of Don Juan fantasy land How to relax 9-Man called x Barry Sullivan Cletro show got a secret get your Mary Martin and John Rinolt Star in this two hour special Colo cast of the famous musical. Cancels father knows Kraft to theater and this is your life wrestling men the chartered Hiseler legend Riddle of the seas theater have jacket will travel.1. Drama of orphans and their search for love and a new Way of life in the . Territory guns of Silver theater Connecticut weekends squad the place for grandma Harriet "14 mile hike London Captain grief pirate of City Lupino Indian taker 7-Walter Winchell file Semi Windup Putnam news Duggan Coates Roberts news of stars Star in the Joan Blondell Runyon theater Judy the Adele Jergens sports weather news i Lites Latham news Amsterdam Weaver show Heam sports Duggan Jack Paar Midnight Roundup show out of the shadows 5-lt s your Nickel 2nd show j terror by night Basil Rathbone Nigel burp to movies today 2--movie . 12nooa 7 Backet Tom nil Larry Parks pin 7 shadows of Sidney Toter pm 5 Diamond Edward Arnold Jean Arthur pm 9 the foun Ann Harding. Brian Aherne 1935 pm 2 the mar Shal s Daugh Ken Murray pres ton Foster Laurie Anders 9 Call of the boy Rogers 4 Savage Sabu. Lita Baron pm 9 the win Barbara Hale Arthur Kennedy pm 11 haunted Robert Mont Gomery con stance cum 2 Jane Orson Welles Joan Fontaine Margaret o Brien Peevey Garner am 11 haunted 2nd show am 3 the years my Hael red grave Valerie Hobson 4 terror by Basil Rathbone Nigel Bruce writing on air Ameche plays role in Junior miss new York. In Don Ameche has replaced Robert Cummings in the father role the musical version in lint ii Rhino. L Junior miss which lbs will offer . 20 As a Dupont Piper booming in to business Piper Laurie who got lost out in Hollywood after being typed in the Glamour Gal bracket his certainly been cutting Loose As an actress in to this season. She was impressive in the first of the lbs seven Lively arts shows playing three rotes and now she has been cast to play Viola in the production of Shakespeare s twelfth which Maurice Star on Abc How of the month. Sennett plays the Mother and 15-year-old Carol Lynley is the daughter of the title. Cliffs to debut Montgomery Clift is scheduled to make his to debut feb. 5 on Dean Martin s Abc show. Evans will . 15. Program Boss William Dozier a production executive in the past for lbs has returned to that network in charge of All live program Ming from the West coast studios after a session As production vice president for Rio pictures. Annie musical set Lor to by Pat Nokleb All the excitement of aging As grand marshal for the Broad Vay opening will be at i event civil defense notice to be informed when sirens sound tune the radio dial to 640 or 1240 kilo cycles. Radio wednesday networks air Kab pm Knox miss Chi Etc Kif kl4c 970 Khz 930 Kef a 1230 Ger 139t Kif 40 a feb 980 a pc 1240 ka1.1 1430 Kmic 710 pop 1920 Gil 1260 kw1z big 740 Knox .1070 Fox 1380 pol 1540 Kab 790 Kola 1110 Kwiw 1300 Day 1580 Kiev 170 a bad 1150 fac 1330 know 1mi daytime . Coffee concert fac news Mccoy Hemingway Khz Reed Browning Kab Pat Bishop Kif Wnm Nghil Kmic i eng. Rpt Kab Knox Kif Khz Knox bub Crane hit the Road breakfast Gancio Oom 45 . News. B Greene Khz i. Babbitt Knox Pat Bishop kiss . Ceo Crow ii Kra snorts Kif news fac . Stock Market fac Bud Crane Knox news Kab. Kif Cliff Angl. Khz 05 hit the Road Kif i5 . Knox. Khz our Gal sunday Knox . Concert stage fac Kofl Herb Anderson Kab Mora Suratte Knox Newi. Ira Cook Kmic air newspaper .bandstand . A Perkins Tello test to req . Music loom or Malone Geo. Crowel . Road of life news sports report 20 . Freeway i i fac 24 pm pc fac sport utes sports 30 . Bing Crosby Pat Bishop Khz Kmic Knox d what Tinghui Kmic news Kab 3ible Institute Khz fews Dick Joy fac 35 Bob Crane Knox Reed Browning Kab Newi Kab Andy Virginia Kif in wart Matei Knox Unity viewpoint fac . News Kif. Khz breakfast club Kab Wendy Warren Knox 1 morn. Concert 05 Garden guide 15 . Backstage wife earning ways pm fac Khz Knox Khz Lano Parade fac ladles Day Helen Trent Norma Young . Kif Knox Khz Kif Knox Khz Kopac Knox Khz . Pepper Young pm. Jim Backus Kab mews Kyj Bob freed Khz . Feminine touch George crowed . Knox . Miniature masters fac news Knox beat Fleword Kab news Hal. Khz Khz Kif Knox . Gabriel Heatter my True Story right Hap Nesi . Geo. Crowell . 2nd mrs. Burton Knox Queen for oar kit Folk songs fac . Art Baker s notes Kif strike it Rich Knox int l. Music fac Pat Buttram Knox Newi Kif noon farm news Kif Bill Kenneally Knox news Kab lunch concert pm Cedric Foster Calif. Agric. N. Mcninch Paul Harvey . Khz fac Knox Kab mild. Younger Kab id Hart news Art Linkletter album Khz Kif Knox Kofl news Dick Joy fac pm. Serenade news Jim Reeves . Kab 5-Star matinee Kif George Crowel Khz . Woman in House in concert matinee fac Kif Khz one Man s family Kif Khz Ruth Ashton Knox news Crowell pops concert . Or Gentry radio l. A. . Kab news fac Kif Hank Weaver Kab news. J. Grant Kmic Gabriel Heatter Khz Philip Norman Knox Kif fac . Dick Sinclair keyboard styling . Matinee Knox . Hill Voort Khz opera world fac Khz Here s answer pm. Music masterpieces fac Geo Crowell Khz news. Dave Shaw Kif Hilton Lewis or. Khz . F. Hemingway Khz Myron j. Bennett Kif Khz Knox . Tello test Point of Law . Arthur Godfrey Knox . Sam Hayes Boh Green Kif Khz nighttime6 pm. Unset serenade fac ii Brundige Khz de Murrow Knox a tort Kif Bob Ferris Kab 10 . Weather Kif 15 . Rollie Thomas Kif Alcott Paul Harvey 20 . Newsreel Gabriel leaner news Knox Kab Khz news interlude . Hank Weaver Kab 30 varieties fac Kab Sid Fuller Tom Harmon Sitf 45 . Orval Anderson Kab Knox Khz Knox Kif rank Goss Dave Shaw traffic tunes . A Star news Khz sports Keller Kmic Edw Morgan Kab sports Knox Inoru 11u Hawi Orth Kif 05 . Dinner concert fac Bill run age 15 . Behind stir Khz Paul Coates Kab Lowell Thomas sixth report of news Kmic 30 . Bill Stewart Kmic Hickman. Sports Knox music milestones fac Man on the go Kif William Winter Kab v Pinkly Khz 35 . Amos n andr Knox 45 . Kab serenade in sons a pc . Khz Knox j. Vandercook Kab Kif fac Kabo Fulton Lewis or. Khz Gil Henry Knox . Frost warning Knox Khz a pc Kab Al Poska Kif Bill Stern. Music Khz . Pasadena musicians Merv in tin . Echoes. Encores fac talk it Over a pc gangbusters Khz Robert Lewis Knox Morgan Beatty Kif . Life and world Kif news Kab. Khz pm. Eve. Concert fac news Knox Hornblower Khz Bill Kemp Kab Frost warning midweek Devotion a pc . Rusty Draper Knox people Are funny Kif dance Kmic . Radio Best Frost warnings or. Balles . Knox world tonight news. Family news. Theater blah Flint music Ssu . Eric Sevareid weather news pm. Newi Knox Newi kt1. Khz Senate labor Khz Kif a pc Knox Knox Kab hearing Sam Havu financial Art Baker pm. Organ recital a pc . Kab Kif our command tonight As we await the Down beat of the first bars of the lavish Irving Berlin musical Annie get your starring Mary Martin and John Raitt. The so pages of dialogue by Herbert and Dorothy Fields will follow closely the Story of the real Annie Oakley Tell ing How she came about her shooting ways which started through the necessity to pro vide her family with food after her father froze to death. With the passing of time her prowess became such that sitting Bull adopted her and she was invited to join Buffalo Bill s wild West show. From then on Annie was an International celebrity. Annie s Romance with Frank Butler which forms a big part of Annie get your was a real life Butler who was Lead ing Marksman of his Day met Annie when they were mulched against each other to help publicize his show. This was followed by the two getting married and his retirement from Competition in order to be her business manager. Annie quit show business in. 1916, and taught marksmen ship in Pinehurst n.c., during the. Last decade of her life Frank Butler died o Only 18 Days after Annie passed away for those of you who have already seen Annie done on the stage you will find that tonight s production is prac Mically identical with the stage productions which played san Francisco and los Angeles during the recent runs in the two cities. However the musical has changed in Many respects from the original which opened More than 10 years ago. For one thing the in Dian Ballet in which. Mary performs was previously done solely by the chorus. If you re curious As to what makes up a musical contain ing 13 song hits such memorable tunes As there s no bus iness like i got lost in his do in1 what comes naturally and anything you can is the run Down on some of the ingredients for this two hour Colo cast it . On Krca first we assemble a cast of 60 and place them in five studios a hallway and another set in a Carpenter s shop add to that a 30-piece orchestra conducted by Louis flip in 25 pounds of makeup plus pounds of Wood Canvas and steel for sets 3 costumes and feathers for Indian costumes. Then Fork up pounds of Hay for the horses sheets of paper for scripts 80 As sorted guns 10 color cameras 90 engineers and stage hands and lastly a serving of 30c Gallons of Coffee. This in t a Fuu list by far but it serves to give you an idea of the scope of a special television production of this nature. The children will appreciate it if you time in on the Bamberger s thanksgiving eve Parade of at 6 . On Kab this year the floats in the Parade which takes place in new Ark. N.j., will depict the realms of Mother Goose Neptune and the fairyland zoo. John Daly will be on hand o describe the festivities including the appearances of guest celebrities bands fireworks and of course the first visit by Good old Santa Claus Riding High in to plucking spin Ning the this week on the big at 7 pin. On knit is geor Gia Gibbs Singer Johnnie Ray Walter Slezak Petite French singing Star Guy Luine Guy the Shepherd Sisters and jazz pianist or Roll Garner Gary Mer Rill stars in the Zeke Thomas tonight s advertisement stops heart Gas at Paft. On Rhca the Story involves a Man with two wives and a problem to which murder seems the Only solution. A moving Story about the struggle or three immigrant children is told in Circle theater s drama at 9 . Onkst radio Don Mcneelx s break fast club plays Host to Abc stars Herb Anderson Backus Merv Griffin Bill Kemp and Johnny Pearson Between 9 and 10 . In a special broadcast originating from new York Over Kab Dan o Herlihy and Raymond Burr will Star to Khz s Ftp ily at . The Story is based upon the life of one of history s greatest poets Francis Thompson. 3 times faster advertisement now Many Wear false Teeth with Little worry eat talk laugh or sneeze without fear of insecure false Teeth dropping slipping or wobbling. Fas Teeth Bolus plates firmer and More portably tilts pleasant powder has no Gummy gooey pasty taste or feeling. Posen t cause nausea. It s alkaline checks plate odor denture get Pas Teeth at drug counters everywhere. Kif calling Forward March Knox Knox Kab p.51. Music Cross roads fac music moods a pc news pm Jack Wagner Khz news Knox news Kab . Tom Hanlon to forever say with music Kab music called life Knox Kif Khz Kif Knox Kif Philip Norman . Al Poska show pm. News wheel Khz Newi Kif. Knox . Newi . Merry go . Kif Knox sports. R. Ziomas Kif p. M. Mitc till Dawn Knox Al Poska kit . Night music fac Huumo party line Kab Ben Side of Day hours kt1 cd Koency modulation stations and hours 11 . To 2 . 7-9 . Tum. Tanura Kuen-su.7 Ksch-uo.7 . 4-8 . a duly . Dally 5. Al . To . Daily m-83.9. 24 noun Dally . My to nun night to i . Dally noon to Mlyn Lurhl Dally -80.3, 24 Man Dally 7. Ii to ii . Him. 3-8 . . Khmu-87.1 14 noun Dally Krcw-----97.s. 2-11 . Dally . To 12 .duly Kcbh-88.7. I . To 13 . Dally Hoit-8ii.6, to . Dally Kmla-100.3, g to Midnight Illy. . Kutb-101 s. 21 in dirt dully m-.102.3. 24 a Nurmi Dally r . To 10 . Dally 03.b. 7 . To Midnight 3-11 . Dally 11 . To Mlyn Lechl Dally, 24 Houri Dally. On a Tiv annual Santa his Sleigh. At 7 . Hollywood s Claus Lane Parade gels under Way with such favourites As sheriff John Rovick Walter Brennan Linda Sherff Eugene Biscailuz Roberta Ynn Sabu Riding an ele Phant and Art Linkletter act Aladdin on lbs Cyril Ritchard will play the role of the magician in the musical version of Aladdin which lbs will offer feb. 21 As a Dupont show of the Barry to move a new series on lbs this fall will move to the Abc network on fan. 5 sundays at . 5arry Sullivan is starred in the series. Parade on Kab Abc again will present de Roit s thanksgiving Day Parade to 11 . Nov. 28. The finest in it n radio Hospital to service prompt expert service within the hour Call by 74920 Home service Call includes All la Homi Monalu 01 All parti replaced. Complete scr Van on All make and Model. Every checked in your Home Mercury to service by 7-4920 open room i . To id . Aug open at. Sun. Holi Tyi advertisement Book condensed where did you out what did you do kids have a world of their own like we had any of pm know How to play humbly Peg smoke com silk borrow lumber for clubhouses in december Reader s i Robert Paul Smith lovingly recalls for you How it used to the Days when you could do a lot of nothing with out being bored get the december Reader s digest at Newsstands today 36 articles to insure livelier beat from leading magazines and books condensed to save you time. Dental plates Only finest materials obtainable Are used at Well As the integrity and Pride thai i have for Over 30 years associated with denture service. I earnestly solicit difficult plate problems. You will find my personal service conscientious in All branches of dentistry and at reasonable prices. Extractions fillings removable bridgework plates repaired and delay or. Morton 474 e. Colorado by 3-3652 air conditioned by refrigeration pork in Star of Fofiu patios Are wonderful Christmas gifts cd til co Lii mfr 31 137 Oil nun Tut Pasadena s Complete building supplies my. To Fri. To i . Setu Reav m 4 . A Folva us sumps 19 n a Vox Jln from Trade ins. Direct factory dealer. Modern Bacio. 2s5 e. Colorado is Yew components tuners amplifiers am pm photos wifi and television television 1353 n. Lake ave by 8-7823 Dumont Packard i Portal to Poi met engineers 154o varicose ulcers new methods offer excellent results consultation without obligation or. John l. Manley 1200 n. Lake ave. By 74186 Only at radio Hospital 12 in. . Records Reg. Value for Only. Radio Hospital 2405 Lincoln ave. By 4-1138 your Pontiac dealer invites you to see Mary Martin in Annie get your Chin co starring John Raitt 13 All time song hits Channel . Wednesday nov. 27 5 examination for the next Wen payt. 5 we can assist you As a result of our examination to find a possible Correct treatment that will Lead you to maintain Good health. Since 1936 our offices have examined thousands and thousands of this proven examination is Given to you by licensed doctors and our scientific diagnosis is conducted with instruments in general use by doctors and found in All recognized general hospitals. No matter what we find you will be told in simple understandable Lan Guage not medical we guarantee our examination. If not perfectly satisfied your will be returned. Read the following very carefully it is what you will receive for Only i scientific diagnosis i head to toe observation of the sinus. I ears nose and Throat lungs and re i Spir Atory tract spinal vertebrae and i Bone Structure pulse and heart i action blood pressure stomach i kidneys Colon prostate female i organs glands nervous system i liver and Gall bladder. I this examination May by Worth thousands of i to you. I in Southern California a dict 1936 i Basic diagnostic office i or. R. L. Cozad i member of . County diagnostic association i so. 6-7107 i bring this and with you i 9 . To 5 . Won., w.d., Fri. Til i . Sat. M i bring morning i i

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