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California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Nov 27 1957, Page 4

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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1957, Pasadena, California4-tmt mme mint. We Murat nov Imit 11. W7 Virginia Kay father knows Best Virginia i am worried sick about a two sons who Are Only 12 and 14, because of the a. Their father acts in front of them. He makes a game i looks like of doing things which Aren t very right o honest. I come from another coun try and i Haven t influence Over them As i should have be cause every time i try to Cor Hope someone else has some for her and the other cell Dren. Mrs. Joan Dean is doing rect the boys or show them Fine work in her slim trim the right Way of things their classes for fatties anon father makes Little of it. And Mous and i enjoy it ver tells the boys his Way of see much. Hope you May visit of ing it. He thinks it s smart class some evening for we a to Are anxious to meet you an break All the traffic rules he express our appreciation of can get away with and that is the Fine work your Colum one example of the Way he does in our Community. Pleas likes to show How smart he is i Tell the boys it s just Smarty but they Don t listen to me but try to copy their father what can i do or can t i do h. B., Temple dear mrs. . You can talk to the youth leaders at the school which the boys at tend. Also your religious Leader. It May be that they will recommend a family coun Selling Agency. What is your husband try ing to his own sons into delinquents his examples of dishonesty Are a Good Way to accomplish it. At a recent commit pity co do not use my j. Deal mrs . Perhaps by now mrs. L. Also will hav received some clothing for he children her address went of today to another inquirer. Left information. When and where do find you at fatties anon dear Virginia i am 1 and i love Elvis Presley by my Mother won t let me coordinating Council hell at the see or hear him in los an University of californian at los genes and i can t get Over it Angeles some of the facts my boy Friend was going to brought out about youth prob take me. Lems delinquency and the number of incidents with the police were serious enough to thing and refuse to listen to make adult hair stand on end. One of the decisions handed Down was problems of youth today Are a result of adult citizenship deficiency. Something for every Parent to think about. Their childrens Side of it i almost ran off that evening and went anyway but i never have disobeyed and could t quite do it. Miss Virginia please Tell parents that they might act to us As if we Are people Christmas in the air to mrs. Lydia a Many thanks for your offer to pro once Elvis pres vide Christmas help for some Jey is mentioned in the col of the column names and addresses Are on their Way to you and your Fine organization. Deab Virginia Kay took clothing up to Mother of seven and she said she had re. The reviews. Cei Ved quite a lot of Nice cloth ing in answer to her request and could use those i had brought so i was glad i got the right family. Mrs. L. Said she had t received anything from her request her daughter is waa too Small for the size 14 cloth or i had to five. I see him. Will you please Tel her that other mothers be their children go see him. Don t see Why mothers Are like that. She would t let me Why do mothers just make up their minds about some dear disappointed urn it sets off a letter Epi Demic on the subject. I m sure your Mother Felt she had Good reasons for not wanting you to go to the los and doubt Ess Felt justified after Reading today s pattern i talked to a Young girl who had gone to the controversial appearance. She is 17, popular Retty a Leader in Many youth groups. This is what she said miss Kay like All the kids i have been interested i Elvis Presley but not sure what i really thought about him. At is concert if Yon could can it that i tried make up my mind what i do think and feel. I decided that in my Opin Ion he has More personality or personal Appeal or whatever Call it than any other Young male Singer. I had seen his second movie too so i Felt that he had movie Star Tal is a natural ability which any Good director could bring out and make him really great on the screen. But i hated a lot of his actions on the stage and what it did to kids in the audience and it made me feel ashamed for him. I Don t grasp Why he resorts to All that because he has plenty without perhaps disappointed this View by a 17-year-old, will help you to understand your Mother s stand in the matter. Hobby of weaving pays off by Mary Hampton if i could weave As you can and went to so Many parties i d set about making those perimeter fashions which Cost a mint to buy and then you can t always find them. May be first of All for Holiday Par ties i d hand weave a beautifully textured Wool for a cock Tail coat. You might make it a Royal Blue and then lightly work some Jet beading on the big pockets. This worn Over your new Handwoven Black Wool Sheath will ensemble into a super atmospheric creation. I Don t know How Long it takes to weave these Beautiful things but also nothing is More suitable for Christmas Day dinner than a distinguished skirt with equally distinguished top. That certain Cash Mere evening top now on hand although not hand loomed is of the exact Quality to Combine with a hand Woven skirt. Also Black and White Are always distinguished so Why do you not Echo the sparkly Pearl beading of the Black top in off White skirt. As an artistic Weaver you no doubt have Dar no designs you Are eager to Start upon. I would introduce Black somewhere in the skirt maybe just one luge Motif toward one Side. The coming Spring frocks in wig maker Mary Donnelly says she has three women clients to every Man. Woman sees artistic Challenge in her Job Santa Monica. This but today they present an May come As quite a Surprise artistic Challenge. Much As an to men but there Are As Many Bald headed women As men. Statistic is 43-year-old mrs. N the Best possible Way when heir texture is Rich and unusual. Why then after completing these other things Don t you begin weaving a texture for a Day and town Chemise Sheath in deed if your figure is better flattered by a moulded Lipe. Also make fabric for a Box jacket to top the Sibly striped or in some other ways Are which explains Why Way imaginatively textured nobody sees a Bald headed and finally either after woman. They do something Giese Are done or working for about it and Quick. Variation upon a different Oom Why Don t you weave a tout and distinguished Wool occupation. Or next fall s travel in eur Ope artist gazing at an unpainted Canvas you see the Heads As authority for that random forms on which to create at he Chemise design make sense Ruth Mary Donnelly a wig maker known professionally is m. Ruth. As far As her Trade is con Tractive hair lines. It is very rewarding to see your creation restore the Confidence of men and women who have lost their hair. It is a re corned she has three1 women warding profession too Finan clients to every Man and the men who come to her establish ment to have a Rug made Are for the most part under 30 years of age. At that age men Are quite sensitive Abou he loss of hair. Women Al mrs. Donnelly says she real y enjoys her rather unusual Bald Heads used to make me she explains homemaker s Corner m. Ruth charges from up for a woman s wig where As the Price for a Man s sky piece ranges upward from mainly because there is More detail work. Many women Wear partial wigs know As Crown Falls to cover thinning hair at the top of their Heads and there Are Many Young women whose hair thins out due perhaps to some deficiency during preg Nancy. Disease worry a heredity factors contribute to baldness wig maker Ruth says Young men who replace the receding hairline with a by Elizabeth Hill w g find that girls at dances Start saying yes for a she laughs. I like my work. I enjoy making people feel their real age instead of their apparent age. I became interested in this yield when i met an elderly French studied and practice with him for some time before i went out on my own. It s hard and exacting work. There s Only one Ivay to learn it and that is to study on the Job with a proficient wig maker. There Are no schools Here that teach it. comparison Germany s schools Lave three year courses. Why barely manage with a few the room More of them can be spread out to hold More and to be better decoration this May mean turning a Orner and Here it also Means helping to use the Corner space very wisely As Well. Handsomest shelves for the location would be of the same Rood As the desk and in the ame finish. Metal stripping the desk that might fit to else in the room finds Lis Corner adequate and the Helves on the two Walls above do much to make it look s if it beings there. The plies the lumber or from a and brackets to support the shelves can be had in brass As Well As steel and aluminium often from the dealer who sup Well stocked hardware store. With these supports shelves Are easily adjusted to fit the varying Heights of the books. For fall vacations in Lovely Lajolla hotel Ritton Atit 44178 la office of 8-1181 wrought Iron is pretty in Winter san Francisco. Ins wrought Iron is pretty in the Chandise Mart stays with the into the quilted spread Pink tones. The Metal curved dust ruffle the Cushion on the into a breaking wave design swivel topped Stool and the Winter too. Headboards Glass topped san Francisco Western Mer water and stain repellent foes bedside tables stools benches Mirror frames and dressing tables Are among the wrought Iron items you can use inside the House during cold weather. Sturdy enough for a teen i Ager s room the Metal can change mood with color. Petal Pink for a feminine Bou Doir Ebony for an All male atmosphere soft Blue for a Young girl or chocolate Brown for her brother. One Glamor presentation of a wrought Iron room at the exactly matches the Pink nub by silk on the padded head foot of the bed. Board where buttons create a textured surface. The same fabric which is Pink and White Princess. Pad on the Long Bench at the add White drapes and Rue and it s ready for a new necklines Many of the new suits and Coats have Cardigan or Collar less necklines. Mother s Helper something different for your thanksgiving table is a set of Small Cornucopia. For each place setting fill an ice Cream Cone with nuts gum drops raisins Etc. Lay it on its Side on a doily so its con tents partially spill out. The children will enjoy making these. Week end coming up Don t forget Coke sign of Good taste Oci no in spotlight on youth Khz to Channel 9, wednesday . Yes it s Canada dry Bourbon whiskey Canada dry Bourbon removable libel Ronika this i perfect ready wrapped sift i an aristocratic gift with a gracious Bourbon at its mild Mellow Best. As much fun to give As to receive it s Superb so you can afford it try some soon. I 189 jul of pint i pint 5th Canada dry Bourbon 9015 step in classic the dress you la reach for every time you want to look your smartest. Step into the easy Graceful lines note the scalloped pockets Button trim. Printed pattern 9015 mis ses sizes 12, 14, 16, 18, 20 40, 42. Size 16 takes 4% Yards 35-Inch. Send 50c in Coin no Stamps please for pattern with name address style number and size. Address pattern Bureau Pasadena Independent Box 42, old Chelsea Sta Tion new York 11, . Advertisement helps children s misery of colds and asian flu it. Air Iron for Jur Flam Atli filling at your child i firt symptoms of asian flu All your doctor and let him Tell you what to do. Mil Lions of now finding St. Jotch aspirin Tor children a bigger help than Ever during epidemic Liery. More Doctora approve thai Pec aliud it rain Tablet More Mother nut us Alt action accurate it s easy for you to give your child became of the Pun Orange flavor. Demand it. Jompp a Piria for Chi Diw. Tot hit Imam Stu int i huh Wii Siet t thus in n Hoof Cai Iada in i ice tie. Ii in 1.1 firs in the world to have All individual life insurance service records controlled by electronics people insured. Billion of life insurance in Force. Accident sick Mem Skoup Ioka of loj a noels California a3a v. 1.1.1uknitt, Rulf tent

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