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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 27, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaMph Nunt. Whom pm. 17. Iw7 diary. Internal Revenue is a Jerk Bui Sumner one of the troubles with working or owning property is the red tape and fuss involved in paying taxes. It s not so much the Money As it is the bother. A person could become a Gypsy and avoid All of this but i Don t like to travel too much i hate putting up tents and i d be afraid to steal. It has always seemed that the decent thing would be the establishment of voluntary taxation. In a Good year the taxpayer could mail in what he thought the government deserved. In bad years he could Send off a Crank letter. This plan would serve to put the arrogant Fel lows of the internal Revenue service in their places As. Mere Public servants they. Would have to wheedle and beg to tickle the latent patriotism to Campaign with slogans. They would learn at Long last to appreciate us. Either that or adopt the systems of collection used by private business. It is always a pleasure for example to be indebted to the Edison co. Edison has a Little cartoon character called Reddy kilo Watt who jogs the memory by Many devices All of them Friendly. Reddy has to be fed Etc. I be never tested Reddy to the ultimate so i Don t know How he views the Prospect of a disconnect. Probably he is Friendly but regretful. But not Only does the internal Revenue serv ice refuse to warm up to be Friendly and human it adds crushing Burden after crushing Burden As with the current movement for strict accountability on All expense accounts Large or Small. The fact that they gave up on this for the current year in no Way adds to their Luster they surrendered under pressure and will lie in wait Veng fully until the coming year. Put it in a notebook Here s the plan. If you Are reimbursed for one meal or one gallon of Gas next year you be got to put it on the form and be Able to prove everything in Case the feds decide to visit you. I Don t know about you but we Fellows on the editorial Side Are what you might Call a Gay impecunious lot. We Don t know How Many meals Gallons of Gas or High balls have been expended in the line of duty. We Don t even know what happened to last week s salary. Some body has it that s a cinch. We Don t. I would like to think that the internal Revenue boys might View us writer types with a Friendly More under standing Light. Of what the i d like to imagine one of Vliem saying laughingly. Here s old Charlie s form again he s on the copy desk at the Independent always Good for a laugh a line. Look what he a put Down for a dependent Haw fellow by the name of i. W. Harper. Send it along to the chief. He always likes to read them and Send a Little thank you instead they come around demanding trick or and you d better treat seriously we. Liberal arts types weren t trained Tor this sort of bookkeeping. We were trained in literature language history anthropology sociology. Perhaps higher mathematics not arithmetic. The big picture not the Crummy Little details that seem to make life a fright. What Good has it done you to have pondered the teachings of Plato if All of your valuable time is to be spent entering Nickel tips and so Forth in a Little Mack notebook and who can save a Little Blacer note Book for an entire year How can you keep books i once had a Little Black notebook in which i was going to Jot Down my Auto expenses As they occurred. It s the Only sane i pointed out. We have to know what this car is costing for an entire month i entered mileage Gas con sumption Oil consumption lubrication. System system system. That s what we try to teach at Home. Anyway the notebook disappeared As Little Black note books have a habit of doing. You could put a Little Black notebook Safe have witnesses a cordon of armed guards. And when the grand opening took place say in a week it would have disappeared. At any rate i did t Brood too Long about the loss but took up another Hobby instead. After All it was reasoned what would the Book have proved in the Long run simply that it was expensive to drive around but what was i going to do about it because i had to drive around no matter what the Little Black Book said. Why be tied Down to i asked myself. The Book was found a couple of years later in the children s Block Box. It had been used. In a Broad Uncertain hand for example was the notation. Sail is a i d be afraid to turn Over a Book such As that for Federal inspection. Internal Revenue men Don t have children bogey men never do they just scare them and i am certain that they would demand an explanation of what obviously is a Martian drawn in Pur ple and Green Crayon slightly smudged. On the other hand you could scrawl in Brown Crayon the internal Rev Enue service is a Jerk and blame it on the children. Stolen Safe recovered who in checks South san Gabriel. A Safe was recovered this week from a Field on Arroyo drive about a half mile East of Potrero Grande drive and in checks were still in its compartment a county Road department superintendent Lowell Wop Schall notified the Temple City sheriff s deputies of the Box. It was found to Guys and had been stolen by burglars. Wopschall told Deputy e. H. Little he had to evict several boys from the Vicinity of the Safe. They were going through it but apparently took nothing. Little said burglars had opened the Safe by prying the lid Loose with a wrecking bar. To the Universal commercial investment Trust credit corp., flames hit Lucky v Lodge fire yesterday burned Lovla. Through the roof of what is three pumpers put out believed to be Lucky Bald blare at after it had win s old Hunting Lodge at 129 burned for less than 30 Man w. Orange Grove ave., Mon utes. No Turkey part for escapes Turkey role Butcher held for theft of valuable cockatoo a Beautiful cockatoo kidnapped sunday and found Only monday was still upset Over her harrowing experience. And yesterday Only a few Days till thanksgiving the ruffled Bird Learned that her suspected kidnapper was a Butcher. Jailed last night after1 admitting the theft of the 65-year old pet of the Blake Nursery at 1065 n. Lincoln ave Pasa Dena was Nicholas m. Stupa 20, of Huntingdon Park. He was traced through a License number of his car by a witness police said. Albert Blake owner of the Bird said his valuable White Bird was taken along with her stand while he was at the rear of the location. The Young Butcher offered no explanation. For his act police said. As for Star of Many a motion picture she was certain that playing the part of a Turkey just was t for her. Who almost Hob title insurance except a Man whose uus ton need it if you own any kind of land. A Tutto Invar act and Trust company policy Nivea you Sun Protection at very Little Cost specify to rely on our Large staff of trained title specialists and Complete land we be been serving California landowners for 64 years. Title insurance and Trust company i Turgut tits Tome 9ffke 413 South Jet tit is anus m a Robinson s won t1 Rob its rivals there is More disposable residential income within 20 minutes of the Pasadena Busi Ness District than in any other area of Southern California barter Mcdonald manager of he new j. W. Robinson store told members of the Pasadena Central improve ment Assn. Yesterday. No Bobbing that s Why Robinson s decided to locate Here Mcdonald said at the noon luncheon at the Green hotel. Enough of this income is not now being spent in Pasa he said. That a Why we eel our store will be support id successfully without Rob King any of Bur competitors n the immediate area. There s plenty for he explained that by Dis Posable income he meant the amount of a family s income which is not taken up by fixed expenses such As rent or House payments grocer is and taxes. Freeways he said will make easier to entice out of town customers Here but Are by no cans a guarantee of addition business unless merchants o put to get it. Most import ant Factor Here he is of All recently Indi iting convenience As the Rea in Why they shop in one Ore instead of another. They ranked it far More important than even Price or Section of merchandise he id. Asking lots thais Why plenty of off treet parking and easy a. Is Sivility from streets and a ways Are so important he explained. Week end coming up Don t forget Coke sign of Good taste tune in spotlight on youth Khz to Channel 9. Wednesday . Shooti talk Queen Victoria frequent exchanged letters with Shar shooter Annie Oakley after their first meeting in London Public places Mark Holiday just another reminder that All schools Public offices and most stores will be closed All Day thursday thanksgiving Day schools closed All Day tomorrow but All other offices and stores will be open that Day. The Independent Star news building will be closed All Day tomorrow but the circulation telephones will be open until 1 . Gift offer positively ends november 30th when you open a savings account for or More or add or More to your existing account. Limit to toe account must end this free gift offer on november 80th. 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