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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 26, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaRed my most valuable to whom new York. Back before world War ii when Ted Williams batted Over .400, the committee of baseball writers electing the most valuable player in the Amer ican league passed him up in favor of Joe Dimaggio with the possible exception of pitchers who do not care deeply for hitters of the Williams Stripe players All through the league kept asking in bewilderment what does a Man have to do to win that chances Are they re asking the same question again now that Mickey Mantle has been chosen in preference to Williams the batting Champion of major league base Ball. It would be a rewarding experience to overhear Ted s inward comments on the subject for up to now he has in a startling reversal of form had nothing in particular to say out loud. To get it on the record right off there is no firm conviction Here that Mantle was t entitled to the award. There is however a suspicion that May be it should have gone to Gil Mcdougald if not to Williams. To Clear the record further there is no Especial with the voters who chose Hank Aaron As most valuable in the National league. At the same time one can t help wondering whether he was More deserving than red schoendienst or Stan Musial stand up and be counted except in rare instances such As last year when Mantle won the triple Crown in batting and was a unanimous Choice As most these elections almost always stir up rancorous argument and regional accusations of provincialism. Frequently there Are dark suspicions that the balloting was influenced by personal considerations especially when a controversial figure like Williams is listed no better than ninth or tenth on some ballots. It begins to seem that there Are imperfections in the system which might be mitigated by a couple of changes. In the first place Why should a secret ballot Why should t the 24 men appointed by the chair pan of the baseball writers Assn. Stand up and be counted the question is put Here by one who no longer qualifies As a voter but who did serve on these committees in times past and never Felt the last reluctance to express his judgment openly and defend it. It is altogether unlikely that any of the men now on the committee would object to an open ballot. Certainly would rather declare themselves in meeting than be exposed to a suspicion that they voted for a Man out of personal favouritism or against one out of spite. Los Angeles. Outfielder Duke Snider and Catcher Roy Campanella yesterday signed 1958 baseball contracts with the los Angeles dodgers making them the second and coach Forest Evashevski will be Back As head football coach ten by sports editor Gus Schra a salary Cut because he had a at Iowa next season the Cedar Der said Evashevski still has Light in dark Corners remember when Hank Sauer then an outfielder with the cubs got the award in the National league there were widespread charges that the election had been the . Gaffer by the Chicago writers that a Cabal of westerners had stuffed the ballot boxes in retaliation against easterners who had been accused often of collusion in backing a candidate from new York. So loud and angry did the debates Beebe that Sauer an altogether innocent bystander wound up All Cut and bleeding. All the poor Guy had done was play Ball Ashwell As he knew How and win an award which should have been a source of Comfort and Pride and he was reviled As though his Hobby were burning Down orphanages. Well if the ballots were tabulated and published under the names of the voters it would be an end of suspicious whispering. Expressions of sectional loyalty would be shown up when and where they existed evidence of impartiality would be equally Patent. If a Man knew his judgment was going to be subjected to Public scrutiny he might think twice before ranking a Williams ninth or tenth As two voters did this year. If having thought twice he still believed the ranking fair he would be prepared to defend his opinion. Down with arithmetic Williams is not the Only player whose value has been the subject of wide disagreement. In one of Bobby Feller s finest years his name was left out of the top ten on at least one ballot. The same thing happened to schoendienst this year and May have Cost him the prize. On a count of the top votes alone he led Aaron and Musial it was in the tabulation of Points for the lower places that he lost out that brings up the second suggestion Why should each ballot have spaces for two or ten or Twenty men to be ranked in order according to the voter s judgment the voting is for Only one Man the single most valuable player in the league. Why not then have each member of the committee name his single Choice and be done with it if a tie sometimes resulted it would indicate that the committee could t split out the contenders. When that happens in other games it goes As a draw or a dead heat because that is the Only verdict that s fair. A Muff in bums sign Duke campy third players to come to terms since the club moved its fran Chise from Flatbush. Dodger capt Peewee Beese Tondt Tomaly the tint player to Riga put f Mil stay of Lorn scribe says Cedar rapids Iowa. Of rapids Gazette said yesterday. The Gazette in a Story writ about his plans but he told his of a Bow contract a month wan the dodger organization officially moved to Loa Angeles. Signing of Snider and Camp Anella was announced at a press conference by vice pres ident e. J. Buzzie Bavasi who indicated Snider would receive in the Vicinity of a year As the highest paid player on the dodger roster. Camp Anella s exact salary was not disclosed either although Bavasi indicated it would be about Bavasi said Campanella took personally disappointing sea. Made no Public announcement son last Snider similarly received a Token players before last week s notre Dame game that would be Back. Don t you sophomores and juniors go getting your Hopes up because i la be Back Here chewing at you next the Gazette quoted Evashevski As telling the team with a Grin. Don t believe everything you hear or read because you Guys will be the first to know league for their top 25 play ers because the boys have Forest to Michigan Talbert picks . Foursome for cup play Adelaide Australia. In Captain Bill Talbot of the . They Davis cup Tennis team yester Day chose the four men who will meet the Philippines next week in the inter zone Semi final in the Wake of a discouraging doubles defeat by Vic Seixas and Gardnar Mulloy. Seixas and Mulloy consid ered Likely Challenge round qualifies to meet round of the South australian tournament by a makeshift runnings team composed of cutt of South Africa and Gra Ham Lovett of Australia 7-5, 2-6, 3-6, 6-3. The match was interrupted by darkness sets last saturday and completed yesterday. After the matches Talbert solemnly announced Young Ron Holmberg Brooklyn will join Seixas mul Loy and Herb Flam on the team that will play the Philip Pines Here dec. 5, 6 and 7. Lancers continued Back but it has been respond ing to treatment. Other injuries were Douglass has a banged up knee As a result of being clipped Doshler also has a knee wound and halfback Charlie Bradford has a bruised shoulder. Chances Are All of the ailing will Start tomorrow however. Center Don Huntress and halfback Chuck Magnuson were named lineman and Back of the week respectively by the Lancer club yesterday. End Homer Greene was selected player of the week by fee quarterbacks club. We feel that we did t win Heithe and that the boys hould take a Cut along the Ine even though Duke had a Good said Bavasi. Hat if the dodgers had won then Snider would have been entitled to an adequate the dodgers were paying the foot 3% Inch giant from Paris highest salaries in the National been winning and they deserve Ood Campanella the Way he could account for his poor season last year was that every time i hit the Ball it went to if there s any he was quoted As saying. Evashevski has told newsmen he would decide within the next few weeks whether to continue As head coach at Iowa. Evashevski who coached Iowa to a championship team in 1956, said his health will be a decided Factor. He has suffered from colitis for some time. There has been speculation that Bennie Oosterbaan plans dodgers to retire soon As head coach Snider appeared at the sign Al Michigan Evashevski Salma ing Fallbrook Calif mater and Evashevski is one of a handful of coaches who might succeed him. Oosterbaan has denied he plans to quit. Evashevski made no men Tion of Michigan or any other school and indicated he is considering quitting football and not a new coach ing Job. Speculation about Evashevski s future began a week ago when he made his celebrated asked about his ailing hand perfects working in under the he said it was Fine i Don t hink it will give me any Trou be unless it s hit by a foul the 1958 season will be the catchers Lith with the Tome where he is an Avocado rancher during the off season while Campanella flew rom new York. Were eliminated in the second comment that the Sands in my coaching hourglass Are Muni basketball 18 fire dept a 2 9 Musi of. Speakman 12 6 . Dau Gurty .7 Dosse Fato of. Dick 2 Grain of. La 1 Fin 4 scoring that 2. U Al score by quarters of . .5 Brest 40 boys c.1. 48 a Winter of. E. Green 8 2 Mcc Actium of. Steve 6 26 Little. C a. Hampton 2 15 Mallicoat a. D. Halftone score no. Scoring subs bc1 to. 2. Jim utes Bob Lauester Francis Hamp ton Bethany s. Mad. Bal 37 0 Dyke Don f Fullbright Jim 2 8 Guyer ran f Huny Gary glazers seek 2nd aau win Pasadena s Mirror Glaze tethers will be looking for their second straight Victory in As Many outings in the los i Angeles major aau race when i they tangle with Wickland a o Neil tonight at on the i los Angeles City College court. I the glazers opened defense of their aau championship by i Downing United insurance 48, last week. Of Monte 5 romps Rod Heymen Buck eted 16 joints to spark Al Monte sigh s cagers to a 55-30 Romp i Over Baldwin Park yesterday i at Al Monte in a ame. I Cass. Car c Tully. Dick 12 0 Tiarks Ralph o ropers Don 0 Eastwood Dick g Orsbur. Bui 9-16. Score or nubs Bethany Ower a Bax pms. Fray. At. Co. 39 4 Coombs. Powell t. 0 4 Seeger. . D. 4 16 Bowen. . Hancock. B. 12 6 Schinzler Woodbur Lugt. J. 6 8 Merrle. . Malcolm. T. Half time score Pai. Fru., 15 ave. 21. Scoring subs pay. 4 Hult Saui. 6 Lake 4. Ramont lit 33 Bulno. 1 3s 8 1. Lamn of. L. Martin 1 3 g. Walsh of. B. Barbello 6 r. Lohr a. M. Lasance. 9 0 r. Thompson of. G Frontus 2 4 Hauptli Robertson a me score to 1 m. Dowd 13 remont Baptist 1c, ignoring Bubs Tremont Croft. Miller. Bavasi then pointed out that coast leaves poor open for future Denver entry san Francisco. Of Leslie o Connor president of the Pacific coast league said yesterday that the Welcome mat is out Lor Denver it it wants to join his revamped circuit but that there were no present plans to take in the City. O Connor made his statement in answer to published reports that the coast league had Given up its designs on Denver but Only for one year. We think Denver would be a Good addition to the Pacific coast said o Connor who is faced with a big realignment Job now that san Francisco and los Angeles have been drafted by the giants and dodgers. We always would be receptive to having the team in our league. But i repeat that it does not figure in our present Denver is a member of the american association. Reports issuing from the nov. 12 baseball meeting in new York were that the pc might merge with the american association into a 12-team league divided into Northern and Southern divisions. French giant May Aid Gonzaga s Cage Hopes Spokane Wash. Capt a a real threat. Gonzaga had a the club official pointed out Frenchman who is America s Good Veteran team before be tallest basketball player could be the difference Between a to add his spectacular Frame Good season and a great one and his Mere presence in but we did t he said. Lar Gonzaga University Irish. Jean Claude Lefebvre the 7 key will ease the Burden on i. Teammates Anderson says. Never held a basketball until two years ago but he is rapidly mastering the intricacies of be Dunk and Zee he has a lot to learn but he already has a Good jump shot says coach Hank Anderson. He should shoot More instead of passing to a teammate but he u be hard to beat once he Lefebvre 20, is remark ably agile for his 275 pounds and probably would be even More nimble if he could find some size 19 shoes. He has been practising in size 17s until a special order is received. Anderson figures Lefebvre out although inexperienced and guarded by at least two ends will score enough to be feb re journeyed from France Ernie Porter Matti m. 1w Pilof former fighter Lee Savoy Ana be s Light heavyweight rank Weissberger of Leban n. A. Skeeters we Whit it sell open evenings rut forking across Pimm stump Mph John s bicycle shop 42 n. Kali Oil at Oriti Pai Feu Colliau Chevrolet for car service All makes the Valley s leading Chevrolet Furuye 711 fair Oaks South Pasadena by 9-4101 keep pm honest if shopping for 1958 Pontiac see before buying Park motors Pontiac 1130 e. Main st., Alhambra at 9-5177 cd 3-1715 there s a sure Reward when you say make mine with 7 Crown they knew a Good thing when they saw it that s Why to Many 58 can Are mowing right in the wheel tracks of Dodge. To imitate the Low swept Wing look they lowered their roofs some but had to leave the High. They reduced Windshield area too while Dodge enlarged its picture window up see so Tel Wing 58 by Dodge at Wegge motors others Are trailing engineering wlm aim. Most of them Itell Don t have push Button driving nor anti Sway anti dip torsion Aire suspension. Competition May be catching on to Dodge but they re not catching if the other 1958 s Don t meet your idea of a really new car Stop in and see the new swept Wing 63 by Dodge. 1021 e. Aak for Seagram s 7 Crown and you will be rewarded with a Quality flavor and dependability that have passed the sternest test of All. 10 full years America s overwhelming favorite say Seagram and be sure of american whiskey at its finest toil gut. In Eineo Oki Sut. 9 Hoof. Esh Iii Tull la 6puiis

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