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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 25, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaHomes meet Happy families in the inde pen Den t and a saturday no Vimbor 25, we Star n e is classified ads Viller bargains for Christmas new ranch or Contemp or y medallion Homes 3 b.r.-2 3 Baths lamp or in. To k. By .v1jti Kha Mil Nunt Irlar intr Fuhl . At Marquis Devine Al 8-1844 builders attention Rita. ten it. Bah will Nwaki Fiji. A Taj a talk at a trim Russ failing open 1-5 Sun. Xxx n. Son Marino ave. Sirju Oiom make bargains to. Iff. Kx1 j k j be d. A Feenstra Petschow realty modernist to Nde for i pm Job duplex Mac Cuatt. in in Jami. Each. Sep. Pruim a 8 to 113.000. Deeds wan Ltd boat trailer i960 performer Ruh a bout it la. Kronn Xor to . Or Flor. Allo Factor exr Juv All a Ulm Cru to Al Cotrill Kolii ready or Complete Steine r Pontiac inc. no. Ink. St or 56 Ford v8 pickup a a somatic . Pc Ltd. Sacrifice l Tajc t fill _ acl tic. 152 Tor i 5 or cic.,or Luau pin fl1 Joal 700. Al let . Make offer. I 4-w15 or it r.i37j West vhf x vat you la like the location a. Yaj i mar a t 3 i id filth 111 la vat. Ash a Annily St la Irr Tai n if. f f of by Kuqi Tieb Gilmore realty rec vill for. Kulp still Tyr Lihr. Ii i Dow a i Ivin. Ink i Hui r i Mia investors with Yiu can a Jet in Lex uni 11 or. Kowm by Lar very . It Lurl realty impair Lurf . A Allen realty . Kyj. to 2.1 a B.R.. Corn 10 i in . A. Ija Rort. Syl i openly or. Fixer to first Lime offered 20 unlit r4 per unil Cost 29% Down i Nevue Nebeker co. A gracious Home to. Income Caylor r. Warne ykah8 of a Krejck Raymond a. Dorn co. Virgin Liln. Hox main j o. A my. Dezeil 11an.v Lini Rij. not Ersnt Lleni t t it 116 Eso j 3w r a r. E e a r 0 r. Eos Mead by mob. Llyl lit. . A Del. . Heat. . Tharr will Lra 2 . Iii to. Kyj. It i Rull or Fri. 2 a Lin. a 2-Br. To i a .1-Iju. Air 2 bedroom move in condition a i Roll or re s Jack him Tkv 7.272 u.k., irar.1i a Etore. Or ulale j a ,1x Lunf in .4r j Rwy sigh Gabriel Al Monk horse 11ji irn . Rel Alfir Mene it Secor a Ltd . i 6 Piunt of. Oato i year fully Frt Iai Nevue Nebeker co. 240 a i trill i my i Only. N Ove. Mijol Kerr Lenl in rom. Unit 1 of. 1 n. , itnt.jf--. Puts n cell Rutn Linnille. 1 in s . Duplex 2 Baths each 3 sep. Houses Sierra Madre a let. Location by 9 i Carefree income make offer Iran Ferrol a ii Hiu null. Conrad Ralty. At 9-5009 North tic. Liny of Den Berge at 2-1h9 pro Utkin xxx Celtena Roni Lyllo t of till by Encl if at 1lri Irilan it my nov of n Vili a ii 1fl no Tay mint ainu it to Vaai i Nova. Tiik total of Orr to Adivi . In on Jay Ilfra. That s am Golf i a Wmk Tot a i xiqnt1ii.y i a mints in pin Cipani. Ami inti kit Ark j 17.03 Ani in no in Thust Delaney la Verne owner transferred Ier Milne Larch Vuht a full t i t a j Stanley a. Smith a j. I t near new 1711 1 ill Iii u by. Morr Vii it on my of for. Mc3nrovia realty Mart Monr. Valley View . It a pm. A anti Knynn we. Sam o in p. . 2 Wii for a 1n . Jim sikh Jujj Jothi 4 Den estate Foj Var food in. Ii. Nil n love re Rij 1u-. L if it ii i inc. Room i l ill Nir a Hon. Lin i Onur Only Flamingo properties Ida it Rikuta it if. Knolls i . V1 w Jinx Ira. Pm. Win take a i that. A ire Iii Lintt Harry a. Lange Al 5-7196 Home guest House the Kirk co. 357 cooler ave. New hex Virv Vlra Linn. Rulh r i Iii of Len Kex carry is 71 Funta . By c-m1 Down for s Hal i City drive Byi Trail l c Lar in he own of to pm t Yah a i nine a hic tiny Sofio. A e. A. Raap 122 k Union. I asap a ? so 7- 3 Beautiful units 1 ant. k this to Jav r. E. Johnson co. What do you have7 do you want. We Exchange inner cily and Nalion wide. Indus trial com Mercial and apartment House for Sacro Menlo real is Lyle. My Aiila. Kif Ink i. Lacuna for Pasadena . A lir. Lute no War , in n Vieve. Hii Liloni. Rover real . Will King Robenco. Srp Ini .1-11 k. 3 Lai . to. So ,-7 _ 9 units Yrle. . It. Or .11 of i if ill it Rel will f r More than in Irani lie Ironie. Millon h. Mobert Assoc. Ton. By a Hka t. Iti y in 7 units i or. Of Arcadia Monrovia realty the right investment o Iri a Ille Kiir for. Omer by location 1 Elk he it Kkt w. Nil i Ilu. H1 k c 24 units t n. Or in1e_ a i utile. Zone ii. . John e. Grech Tif 2nd Irwin Melon Len i a Ali if or. Stu Iro . At tar Kurtli e.1 Arlo in . Wk1 Hrlic and. I time clock. Bicycle big discounts year end Saie on All ii skin Odijk a tors am makes in a . Sjoni at m k Oahu by. Mont Khov tic. Slut Stan is Roii Lur Irti 5fj fat a to a Ujek pros so kill cil Tift Holt Wijit l inn. Iliou. k. 55 Dodge v8 pickup Lia Llo. Overdrive Cimer Tody Fafael Model i Tell Iron new. Terms Are no problem since be carry our own contracts wedge motors Dodo thu Cluj 1040 e. Colorado Fil 2-6111 sunday kit Clit. Tda. Up to i200u. Tiki new. Sir. All my Nam. Cool Coilet i. 7-0021 iika3. Fiir House to life Rockol con a. He 60chev. A ton air hip mn-1 Oam Peh. A Irner. Willi Rullo Hal Greene 01 w. Or. Slon Roma Al 9-8202 Altos wanted we need clean used cars Wegge motors sir Jpn. Ran Gabriel for 40 1040 e. Colorado so 2-6115 open Best paid Koil clean used cap.3 icon Kingsley by n-31 a . Pay it Chest Mah Kkt Cash . motors ii a r. Colorado ii junk cars wanted it Lytic a nah pall 21 mrs. Or . By Alj vols v a Host motor8 by ft-1.1.13 Only k. Loi e _ at 52 inferno Fonal 185 1 re Cut w 21 h Moli l trailer All Alee a Irwin. Co in Mecoli Taro m ti3 .Ulll Rorr. Tri Frk Honey to Lute re la res. Tor Rai pm fail Lvii. Iberl it new. Slot rail uf--i1ni to i u it fat St i ii s 11 a in or . .1-Joo. . S Silbis v by i . 19.10" it came no heft Vii. It full. . N2 k Orange re trucks to it. Hull o k. Colorado _ by 3. S to Lance or also. Call or. Ninr.f._av_9-7nn. Nir. Is Rel Kolte Luke c 3 11ohok Ion to mfr. Shoo. By r iu3-j i Lickun. K. Inn or a Tiv by 5-Jo-u 57 a i i inn fit c-7ho. of the by . Trank across t san Llor surface on Moon. 5 ilor Lorr. 0 Sunli Ilioiu o yrs lordly s pii77le at 2 B.R.. Conv s units Famili or. Sanjor inc. Writer. In ask. On u-7 lit 1 Urivi a owner no full Ltan 7-3 v Triplex Pas 1 Ouner mini it it nit Iso t Olton. 17 17 . Cell la a. Ascol. I in Kalvins claim scr. I Ity it in Emu hit r ra.-? Rui pincer. I. 3-ltm Upland Rran . 5i 3l army officers. If shit lil Llvine Fly pm. Medallion i Flor ii pm. -.1 in. 1.0 in. O i la Valur lot site a. V for . I.1 Al i nil of Iii Cut. Brown s Micro. Oppi Jinp. So mount Kiln Jakc. In . 60 k saves it ill Illta. Of Nolc Inglr. 67 to Vonarn Nicini inf. B3 to oink pfc Myrto of life Down Iriri in Rani. .1 Asiatic plant.-. 1 Orff Iuis of 5 try of in Lumli. 0 l so refs. 7 Century Plant a fart of Skeleton. 5 b unhappy. 10 assumed name. 11 Antenna emanation. Vireos. Tweti Lionial. 22 Smehil a Stoner. I run Ami. 2s in cyclic ining Rel. 2f Sil for pm slurp. So i Lam my. S2 grows old. 33 Fjar inn apr. 31 in.ikn7.lnc4, mils. 55 Domini. 56 clan car. 37 fill. .18 fun Rolson. 10 split err a 13 4 Melody. Or w Al genre of speech in competitor. Fl2 of oafs. So Snurr Niimi. 51 Kolher. Pc asian poet. Experience filers. 50 weapons fit of envies. 63 observe top truck values Dodge v8 1097 town Wagon 57 6 pass. Co v6 . It . Black instr. One. Owner dual Rebera i o 57 Ford wagons Auto trans. Alt or Pov Tki. Blk Khlar Iive Al to Aho f rom blur 2-dr. I ove1idkive 3 Dodge 4-dr. Wag. I 1 Auto. Trans. T full i Weil t. Lyell pucker since 1913" 1959 Desoto 4 door Wagon Milne Bros. Sports car Center 2000 e. Colorado Pasadena so 1-97sj by 3-3im my 1-5m3 featuring a Beautiful election of Brand new 1962 Renault Peugeot i Triumph automobiles. Prices Start at Low of to Liege Uail Liat re Art truly lady of the Kjear. Lou can Rel Lesl. Tul you car v1i.nk . Arr Lahl now Irmi in locket lot to air morn n. Want to la Kiln Ivl tar the Al h-1-. In Irlar in a l yid -.pat, Ira Vetn i or i 1 1 or of Soine Oil m k la sports cars Jart lil hit of our i Poi 0 Ean a not one 1 sort Jan is very hid to us War. X10 my Milne Bros. Center 2000 e. Colorado Pasadena in i-97gi so 3-ih04 3 59-Mga roadster thes Bukuts mgl i a i Moil of a Kunj. La Wilt Thi wac Fly to Nero Vetrul it in a by i uni in int engine Fibril iwo Worth of no Williea Liloni it. Comp intr Bilin Conr. Vol vile t 1 arc worm Over 5750. Trill a foil Al Moi the Ihn an Haiut of pm sure Hal is. Afler ill. Could be fun i Nan parti Tulius if the fun i for 2000 e. Colorado my l n sports Cor Center 2000 e. Colorado St a Stosl so. My 1-Mqj 53 gtd roadster it s Verr difficult to talk or Ahtl a car a Nim be pies no no surf rally for to Many Ciri. Vat tit driven very 1 you Ilou l believe it. Down it my Chirk tvs Over. 2000 e. Colorado 60 the Noor Verj conv Ernie Porter r Mikva Colet t67 one r. E of 3._i" Ford 4 door-9 passenger country Sedan Jack Symes your auliinrize.1 Dulfer 1h76 col Haijo a a Ima my Ronda is k. Pm Hawk Chev. Is Irvin nil Suhon War fun. Ailef Trent full and Rako Anu Clay ?gj7 k. Colorado. Pas. By 6-3s-j9 Ford 57" Sla. Wag. Ivlin a o. . . Clay 2627 k Cocorulo Pas. By station wagons our specially Washington motors 115 k Tunas ban Gahr Lettl at to a or. Or Aulo. Only Plymouth. .ient i. Tunas. Temple Cuy 10pbx Kuks. Sundays at to soil Only s99b avid k. Tempi 10pkn a _ Mil it ski 2000 e. Colorado Bob Knapp motors Milne Bros. Sport car Center 2000 e. Colorado n Wii Jion ii slim. Dion " 1. Ray Llnore heft. v.r-., w a so3h Sti com ill tvs i p Altol f. Much much Morr. Much i we i to if time Hai r a Rev Orr Ltd irom 11., Jet of air name liar just p in 2000 e. Colorado Austin hea1et j Austin Healey Iff Sph sur Nei at Chr Box . Sun it Ford 60 i 111 inn a c on Ieon Kingsley f mail Ltd 9 . Haul for a Kitaji for Only full Virr Ilou non Ai a. 5i a 2 top. New lir i. So. . cd life Nimr. 01 Reir. . Karl. Elf. Foler custom rant ii 1vagov. Auw. Irani one run. Clean a f6p.i is . Tilv my. Hen offer of till Ait or. Borgward 33. Daily. 906 k. It js93 Toffi Crft Petitt while. Soo ii. V. Kirl . Rr.1 by. Rom. Cam. 1981 Xot lad in icon. _ ciii5v 60 All pc nor Lue St i-37s f so Pontiac . Etc. Conj. By t i Fiji my. Tik. Nver to. A cols of n oakum Milne Bros. Porfi car Center 2000 a Colorado fifi Jim. By my i my 54 Jaguar a Dir. M a a i2c it my a parts lloyd1 Pearson 2025 e. Colorado .1 my i of my him Faaiu Armit. Clay my 56 roadster Leon Kingsley ?1p1 r. Cocorulo so i pm . Factory Aik Hollied belts a Covina 3poht3 cai1h ave. Up wheels to other re loan. . Cino. Ifni o Al. Sdoia or Otter. By Ronal. I Rev. A 3-f.7i7 opel oi1 Fott nor Al turn clean t of in. So 2-704 i Rill. Peugeot Kef. Cond. Ill orly. In nor. At i Wal r. R. Extra Lead driving Hies it. P trunk r pm Slonki. Can Pic. S2ftoo. 1 Al . Renault Renault buyers but Tir tvs tub Roomy All. New 61 Simca 20t11 Century 1c2a w. Main Alhambra Renault my Paui Iriline. Annil. I Hrinik. Is goo to. . .5495 or so 2-704-1 Ulm. R .1 owner or. Tennit or Nir. By 2-Jj j20 Hau Phink. Eva Aamot Eoven so 3- i sprite sprite 60 roadster Leon Kingsley Taurus vain is Loci. . 3to k. Ivor re B.R.. Ulta. A Triumph tit.-3 59 Ilo Disier. Al a tacit Al nth Inkerl Rwjr. Wfv.-. Exc con. A Jav. 7-3v.2 Volkswagen Etc. Coot in rout. Must by 2-704j. D1r. Yolk s i l 2 or. New mini Iel 31505 or 8y 2-70h. Dlr. _ m. Oryk. _ oort Chi 334 new Voth t vow Runi oof. my. _ v c3ll by c-8.81 Volvo sv4-mis oj__kj57v Boick Buick 1959 Bivi Fra Tol pm Slih Auto. Rudlun. Linhar Aweh Vinyl . Padded dish Lor icer safety Poy 2 Small payments and _. By j-s1 53. Rani Etcar Jim by 5-90k phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 i of Lull in Way. It i or r Kin 3 rat inc Itjen. N j i o w hurls. To mini i 11 one n air non ill try 2000 e. Colorado Meicedes-1enz Milne Bros. Sports Cor Center 2000 e. Colorado adj Yadeno by so 3-6j04 my l-3i03 56 Mercedes Benz 300 so on of Tukhi Iraq tin of Lrtil Tould treat to. Is titter re of. Or to a Well Lunil 300 the deep Nett Tel rumble i one of the of lir utri warm or up will right Down to Nui Itow j n Prtrt ten win a trite in no it v just the pm. H i a rough k Chr cure. 2000 e. Colorado ?t_si9jsi__pa idenn__ajy_j-3jo.t so. Kos 4 mfr sri in Elk Init for. Vrelin of crts with Mil leu Fucai Niv. K-7. I Vii Sherlock motors s ukr Bjk. Earl Iii in. St. 9 c to a-os5. Miss Lee will while your result pocked real estate for Sale

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