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California Pasadena Independent Newspaper Archives Nov 24 1961, Page 5

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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 24, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaHome front. I m marines. He does t think the leathernecks need to be 110 -------1 Mareness 01 me tar vol of aught Anil communism and communism More appreciation lie Lins innit it morn Minn Ofifi _. Lie has made More than Ioc speeches without using the word communism. The majority of military commanders operate some where in Between. The real Issue Between the defense department ant Walker however is not so much on the amount of emphasis to be placed on Antl communism As on the Way in which the threat is defined. All the department s Antl communist material is based on an Assumption that the threat of communism comes irom abroad. Walker organizing his own program emphasized the threat of communism from within. Katzenbach said the depart ment is going to try to put More Quality into its program not change ils direction. The Rnald headings under which kal7onbach s program is organized Are democracy is. Forces for with emphasis on the contributions of allies code of con including proper con duct for a Soldier taken Pris Oner world and describing the Soldier s adjustment problems where they touch the political sphere. One film a documentary on soviet expansion titled the Anatomy of has been listed for compulsory showing to All troops. This was done on orc lers from Deputy defense Secretary Ros Well culpa Eric acting for de sense Secretary Robert s. Me Namara. Katzenbach puts the objective this Way in the Case of a Man about whom Here is no question i would like him to know what he stands for and he should be Able to answer intelligently the questions raised by the communists. We Hope the results of our programs will show up in bet Tor behaviour fewer Beer House brawls involving troops More awareness of the threat of of Pur allies and in Short bet Ter soldiers and the Olhorn Side of the Coin is the outward reaching propaganda warfare conducted by the government and Bolh behind the Iron curtain As Well As in front of it. In this Field the United states and Russia Are intensely fierce competitors. Information Agency director Murrow skimmed up ils activities this Way in a speech recently we broadcast radio. We make films. We produce Tele vision. To wire service local papers print magazines and newspapers and circulate pamphlets. We distribute Hooks. We run libraries and information centers. We teach eng Lish. To package Raveling exhibits sponsor exchanges seminars and Cukuras groups. To seek to persuade foreign editors. We consult foreign Cabinet ministers. We talk to University students. In the process we seek to convince that the goal we seek is a guide for enrichment and not a Guise of when president Kennedy spoke in october to the University of North. Carolina at Chapel Hill he summed up his views on the Overall problem Vith these words in times past a simple slogan described our policy 51 10 or fight to make the world Safe for no in Angling alliances. But the times issues and the weapons ill have changed and comply and endangered our it is a dangerous illusion .0 believe that the policies of the . Can be encompassed stretching As they do world atrocity from i m Llos watches Noncy ovary a Ifni. When sovino of the italians resisted they were clobbered in the Back with coir close Rifle Butts. Blood squirted irom the cars of Ono of them. Hie congolese pushed two tall ans outside tied them to the rear bumper of a truck and drove off dragging he bumping bodies triumphantly through the town of kind to Miles away. The Malayan at the Airfield arc angry and humiliated. They say they wanted to attack the congolese soldiers and even had a plan for a combined air and ground operation i galust kind. At one Point last week . Ets actually to. S. Jetliner ool Nuftul from of russian cosmonauts Yuri Gnu Nln and a Hcrman Titov. Gagarin was rocketed on a one orbit trip around Earth on april 12 to become he Chris Gopher Columbus of the space age. Titov made a spectacular it orbit flight in August. The flight in store for the american astronaut will be a Cross Between the Gagarin and nov trips. The . Space Nan will be hurled into space Side a Bell shaped Mercury capsule atop an Atlas a Modi led intercontinental ballistic Var rocket. Viil i Luvorne rom abhor Tville ready to astronaut is exacted to airborne continued from i Iki cause. Some exp certs expressed the belief the Jet engine trouble on Takeoff and the Pilot was attempting o make an emergency Landing. Officials set the time of the crash at . The plane Cut 600 Yards through the Trees before Slid ing Down a 20-foot slope. Officials said Only two of the bodies were recognizable and they appeared to be crewmen. One of the witnesses told of seeing the plane As a Ball of in the air. Later person Nel of the control Tower told newsmen the Jet reached an Altitude of feet and began dropping rapidly. After taking off tie plane was not in Coin airline manager s Kin victim of plane crash United Argentine w tween each Telephone inquiry be answered yesterday morn his own daughter was in broke into Spanish cup Lana ions of grief. Outside his of fice Gay signs advertised a among the 52 dead in the of his line s Comet Jel near Sao Paulo Brazil. The office Telephone rang often and Alberto smart -10, a native of Buenos Aires lad to keep choking Back tears for two hours until an assistant arrived. It s so he said. My wife and 1 were up All night intake three circuits of the with Lluc Tower. Getting things ready Martha. She was so good.1 for flight to. Bari Loche where you can fish now brag . Fleet icon Linurd one ample of Cuba where they also began combating Batista cuban dictator Fulgencio Batista Pasadina 1noikndint. Mixay. Nov. 34, m 1 ing we will have obtained Noth if we replace that state of collective oppression of the Trujillo dictator shop strike. Make three circuits of the us lower. Martha 17 was the oldest then the operation Wasl glow at an Allidice of a Lillor a Tho built Chaco Postof smart s five children i0t Home railed off. The Malayan save lore Thori 100 m 1 air is surrounded by Flat she had phone Shi he Honor of their country Miles above a no obstacles in thu Mould miss to t. Esdie Luik i if s it stake is lost. A 1 " Ned. Vice Ltd. Airline officials said from Buenos Saul with later reinforcements Here Are More than 700 a ayans and ethiopians Here Lut the United nations Mili Ary buildup to round up the italians killers looks like a waste of time. A . Patrol slipped into hindu just after i got Here the first to do so since the Mas Aero. They returned to say a j i by Ulvi hey found very few congolese As a full scale test of rooms anywhere. At the air iced we heard a train pulling Cal cd lives. Wide under varying and Dif Ferent conditions in one slogan or Ono adjective hard or soft or otherwise or to believe hat we shall soon meet total Victory or total jul headed South. The word around kind is Liat the congolese murderers already have left for a new attack on Katanga. We heard a radio broadcast of a . Report that kind Airfield was sealed off completely and under . Control. We had to laugh. We were the tops who were sealed off until two Days ago congolese were guarding the italians two cargo planes on the run Way in drenching rain. They finally went away. The . Troops control the entire to will be brought Back to a Landing in the Atlantic Ocean about Miles Southeast of Cape canaveral. Mercury scientists Are ready ing a Mercury Atlas combing lion for an attempt expected next week to hurl a baby Chimpanzee on a rehearsal Orbital flight. The Chimp flight is designed the plane made a Normal Fligh from Tiu Enos Aires and the Pilot Roberto Mosca indicate no trouble Iii his final Contact with the Tower before Takeoff. Tho weather was Clear. The crash was the second major air disaster in Brazil this month. On nov. A Bra Zilian Airliner on the last leg of a flight from Portugal crashed Inlo a Hillside near he As a full scale test of lie a Hillside near he Ilio Sands of parts and myriad in incl fifty Sivc of 88 per components that must work Kons por shod. O perfection if the Man is to make the dangerous voyage safely. It the Chimpanzee makes the trip without mishap the first . Astronaut is expected to Board an Atlas rocket for his trip Early next year possibly in Jale january or february. Shepard is the Only one of the three candidates with space flight experience under ills Belt. Lie soared to an Alti tude of about 115 Miles aboard the Redstone rocket and spent Airfield now whereas earlier 3 01" be minutes in weight they were confined to the con is Ness. The astronaut in orbit the disaster plunged officials of the British do Havil land co., builders of the Comet Inlo gloom. An official said the Comet 1 now is in serv ice All Over the world. They have flown 125 million Miles and this is our first serious Tho Comet four was devel oped after disaster overtook two Comet is in Italy. First a Comet took off from Rome and disappeared car the is land of Elba. A few months later another Comet disappeared near Naples. Essential parts of Comet 1 were Sal a from the Mcd Itoi ran rom research showed hat the Abii Uleu Mac me in in a weightless state for plane s pressure Cabin failed about four 1 because of Metal fatigue. From Buenos Aires. 1 said to myself i won t Rush her life takes its own course perhaps something would go wrong Wilh the Early but it was Josl Crilly s flight Argentine s i i to hut met Disi Isler mid smart at his Rockefeller desk breaking info tears each time lie n ills Wallet photo of Miu Slih. A Friend of mine in Argen Una visited me almost a Mondi ago and As a joke he said to Martha when Are you com ing Down to visit your grand my wife did t want her Loo but i let smart said. How am 1 going to Tell my wife i will have logo Home and Tell her. I Don t know Mallia who had travelled to Argentina 20 Days ago missed he tuesday flight because smart had to Send document Ary permission for her to Cave Argentina. Smart a Silky Man about 250 pounds came to this country a year ago after 14 years with argon inc airlines. His family joined Lim Here in january. Yesterday he called his Solher in Buenos Aires and with another no less nefarious for the anguish of seeing Homes constantly menaced by subversion in the to would Noli resign As president and Indi catch that the leftist Mill of june movement. Which had been the loudest in seeking his ouster would not to included in any coalition government he formed. He said he was meeting with two other opposition groups and that there were some moderate elements of the Mth of june groups which also reflected he popular will. He also said he had taken Over not in name Only but in fact supreme command of California tops in car deaths by United press International the Holiday traffic toll climbed Over 100 yesterday As the thanksgiving weekend entered its second Day. The peaceful nature of the Holiday was reflected in the Highway toll. Traffic averaging about four an hour no worse than the nor Mal death rate for a november Day. A United press International count at . Est. Showed 101 traffic deaths. The Overall Holiday death break Down traffic-101. California Long used to Long traffic death lists. Led tie nation with 15 traffic deaths. Illinois had nine mid new York Highl. The National safely Council maintained that thanksgiving _ ution of the country. Balagur said at no Lime had the u. S. Ships entered dominican Waters. The u. S. Ships took up positions just outside the three mile limit when it was reported that two h others of the assassinated dictator were planning to reestablish a strongman regime. Defending the action Balaguer said it was logical to expect that a crisis for Loiti mate authority would expose us to chaos and favor the desire of communism to place its foot firmly on dominican Issue its usual pro Holiday Esti mate of traffic Ever the Council said a total of 450 persons could be expected to die in traffic during a non Holiday november period stretching from g . Wednes Day until Midnight sunday. There was no Lack of holi Day tragedy. Four persons were killed in each of two accidents. Three Young persons in one car and the Driver of a pickup truck were killed when their vehicles came together at Penfield . Two men and two women died in a head on collision near new port Ark. Pasadena s famous climb in the sports on your bicycle. Rhe station Wogon with the neighbors Ond come to Pasadena s South Lake Avenue to discover How much fun Christmas shopping can be. The Christmas Trees we Fine shops Ore bulging with unique and tempting gifts Ond our merchants who Ore always Friendly Prock costly look like Santa they re so filled with Christmas spirit. So come join the Holiday whirl. You re sure to meet o lot of your friends because practically everybody knows that part of the fun of Christmas is shopping on South Lake Avenue in pos Odena. South Lake Avenue is ready for Christmas Park in 45 Fine within walking distance. Camera shop Barker Bros. Richard Bennett Bayne Bullock s Pasadena c. H. Baker Burton shop Wallah Dedrick s Desmond s Faye Renee shop Gump s Luggage shop Grande Maison de Blanc Haggarty s Harry Cooper Heron teak Honker Remi arrant b. D. Howes and son Florist shoe Box Kloke s Lane Bryant i. Magnart and co. Wanders shoes Manhattan other tvs mob service restaurant Page boy maternity shop Phelps Terkel i orto cafe Sara Gurm of Silver Portland the stuff Short a Fob of company . Bank Youns maternity South Lake merchants association

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