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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 24, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaI 1 ,1 f Independent and Star news classified ads get More readership faster results a xxi at nov. A Albenis Wiur. 49 Pinios to apartment famished 80 april mull these truly Beautiful custom furnished sales. 1-, is 10 up free ulily. No leases had. Pool Lush Patio a1h 3 320 Sierra Madre blvd. Rasa. Or. Colorado by so 6-hw 1030 w. Huntington or. Arcadia i 6-9149 0pp. Al Honcho i hopping 6932 Rosemead blvd. 3 Rika. E. Or Hunt Nelon value in town enjoy forced air hell healed Pool air conditioning Large 2 bedroom apts. I Oiin gilled of unfurnished built in ranch oven a refr1o Otlea Kfaft Par the Park Chester 1 20 Chester or Call mgr. By Organ buyers enjoy Nee of one lop Iri Ophir. To Teaa Tunteri. Try. Compare r makes u under one roof Ummond Conn Thomas Nuh Lizeh. Gulbran5en. Baldwin. Lowrey. Estey. Model tried from to your for As Ai 523 Doun. Hammono of Pasadena 2499 e. Colo. By up no transportation pro81emsi walk downtown Bright cheerful apts. 1 Bdrm. Furnished or unfurnished Thermo heat 2 heated pools child Welcome 576 Node Marengo manager by top Cash for tour piano Gould music co. E. Colorado by any cask dlr. I 1-Alsb up Kree Tju dec. n. Child close in 2 locations 375 a Hakula no. by 3 apts. Sos-s110 j disposal 1 it 5-Bdhm. Aih cond. Tappan ranch Rapis 4 close to All busses 5710-5716 n. Sultana Temple City at to est. 15 years. Sell at inventory Cost. Friendly radio site 30 Colorado blvd. By 3-3435 test equip. Molm gi2 Teller Rii Cailoa in oiled a Doc a Ocsai of Sylvan a 221z . Klco 1010 Hailey . Share wants to i Waif Coll up. Civje to wonder. Hell. By 3-i51s a Flor completed Best rental value beaut. New l-8drni. Apis. Resort living inter. Tacor. Air cond. Heated Pool i i music snack bars the Zodiac apts. Up. 390 n. Garfield bet Ken u Alnut t Buckeye at i. No 2-Blt Ikic i Atio by rooms for Best costs no More luxuriously a Unrein. 1 bedroom apts. Orange Manor Ami conditioned 11eatku i ool ii creation area 707 e. Orange Grove 1 Block Veit of by Aell . By 61- 62 color to sets Liberal Thade in All Markt. Liberal on Model Eoula. . Room Balcony. C1o3ci3. Trunk Cal. Share Bath a hot Chen lady. woman r Mon i. A tells cd. No or Euclid or. Sales. Service 4 Jfe tals Wing co. 7451 e. Colorado by you can afford Akkas most kxclus1vk Vukon 2-Br. Apts. C air cond. Pool Patio dbl. Wall soundproofed parking for 2nd car utilities paid 5 min. To Colorado blvd. Pine Terrace 1631 n. Alien Pasadena apartments apart me nil Unior. Gardens 64s a Bonita City of Claremont 1 2-. Apts at moderate rates Dulu in oven it tils dose 1. Thor Ynosia t a sir , i be. Ward Tot drapes. Facilities a a Necort. Scr Rumion Wlllie b Liea idl Pool. Adults Only please , Apt. A or pi10nk you eur Oaks san Gabriel s luxury apts.-2 ., 2 ba., fireplace Pebble entry. Medallion All electric . Drapes air cords inning private ratios Pool 1-Br. Jj30 0l k. L1vk Gabriel 1 Hiccks West of san Gabriel 1 bloc i South of 1-As Tinaa rent reduced Beautiful 1 bedroom Apt. Air conditioned private Patio or. Coif Road South Pasadena near Indiana Safe to sets s3s.50 up Recorr. Like . To k. 3. E. Washington or. Lahe buit a country he. Or shop. Sep. Ent., kit. Previl Mali Flo. Sierra. Al 6-51co n. . Newly Rie Coralde. Hoorns so Ria to 21" console tube sos . Terms c. Taylor 5ehvjce Centko Iii n. Lake by 2-5100 def s Dabolt we car cur or radio. 255 k. Colorado rent a lowest rates on Loti in nov. Silm a Fern Lee Lake Kautio to. Alta. By Pas a. Nice Inis. Kit priv. Maid so Alta. 1 or a Rooma. A Jill. Lath pc ent. By buy ?10 Ink. By Best value l Jour loin a f incl shrill a i mourn. 1 bedroom apts. Oak Manor 1ikatee 1 ool e tropical Patio Many de Lux extras 260 n. Oak just a. Or foothill my. 1 Ulk a of kure a by apts. Annex shout walk heart of cite or. I Urr Mil. Shop utile. Inc. Fine Pilot a. tar excellent Mana Emest 237 Marario. Ijar. Apt. Kent w week. A or Del ill a Neil night anywhere. Suneil a fral . Inc. I 0-60js. 51 Home Root a. Or. So ten. So 4-0301, Cath. Ciskie ctr. Nerf bus. ?30 Rno. Cd 4-4030. A tic. Rm_., Crisp Cool flon atre apts. Large 2 Hal Cuny. Wool Carrel. Air . lpns. Built in a rib 4 oven. . 2 blk to Diu Coxs. . 5150. 233 Catalina by ranges refrig5. Roger w. Brigham 40 n o. Last by or. 5e in Man. Capri apts 810 Fairview ave. Jovest Arcadia Tropic seas a per month Pkt tinn Lull in heated 5l 5 so. 5lh. Arc i 7-2 Sij 77 room Rance and Refl Tralor unit. 5 ".a. Also Isope o Keetch a mar rat Ranee. S51. By Stop looking 1 bedroom reasonable rent Pool Patio i i air conditioned 550 n. Calolina White Silver modern 175 Ila Oison Char Monk l or 2-Br. Apty. Cream Carpeta in. Draperies. Pool. 3 to Bullocks. Lorraine Anderson exclusive 21-hr. Service so 6-9275 by serve 1, refile. Ami Apt. Stove. N it . He excellent Cinti Tiriro. Very e. By Lovely room to eau Ellul for 3 to f leeway shopping Nhue iches hiding Golf 310 Pasadena ave. South Rufi Ilenin my ccjn1t.ollkl adults. Wolosk shopping itt ficus Loyk d of eur 437 so. Rabies to pc to Solan a inn. Beau Kul area Crl Ceil to fit budget. 450 Grand men a Good to Park. Or. Tim. Etas. Sy2-m20 60 n. 2332 e. Washington kor these who Root eclat be eix Fol instr. 1 for form a j. L Uriani. To 5. Al Amo in of Storar. Cur. Or. St like k Jio Woltal. cynic it never used. Sacrifice or Best offer. At Brand fun. At t. E ool r03emead blvd. 6715 Vista san Gabriel luxurious 1 2 by. Apt Early americas furniture. Tropical landscaping recreation room s110 and si35 to. Adults Riitto your Dat weekly monthly Elf till sender heated Pool. . Mil kit in on Kolni. New com Neimy a Urti Laneil 597.50 Oakland hotel Winter rates on Pool apts. Brand opem Virlous american furniture . Sound proof. A natural . Also . Bbl nuts. You la enjoy Elvinp .1 303 At 4-920 glamorous while Silver modern 17.t Manson charming 1 or 2-Dp. Apts carpels . Iff Pool. 3 a Kochi to Bullocks. Lorraine ant Kinison so tos s 1 2 by. Penthouse apartments a modern eat str. Flir cond. or Vale lantus in cd. It. As Ana upright Good Earl. S12s ranters l. C. Taylor Sevick Center Turner 2 oven Prill 2 broilers. By in imme Cookevl to Prtrt men. Dr., so. Charm come led with features. 2 or. 2 Impf priv. Phi own by App t i a Jit 1 1103 a Huntington dr., of. Pisa by 9-6515 by 9-4g70 a lire a priv. Home. I. 0-1491 Len jims. in. 3s2 n. Eucl lil. So 6-3343. 8 sanitarium rest 1 2 by. Apts. Was carpets i drapes Stock Rekig. Air cond. My w. up. Jyh 7 like atmosphere ii offered in this 2 Kilmr Al r Rea j. To adult so met 1-474" de Las Flores chronically in. Fou s heart pallens so Moir in. . F special cl1el a arts. X Lovely so local Len. Mode rate o Keepe Merrill Ranne. By s-221 Opportunity Choice 1-. To attn s52.50 up. Fil plea 1-Btt. Muules laundry uni. A close to Root Rev a . Fit trere a pc Vlcan Ltd. Child of. Hillview apts. 15j9 n. Hill. A Suletia. By sol. 1-Br, up deluxe Pool air cond. It i. Enack Dail. Huilt ins cats. Barb. D1sp. Extras 85 n. Mar Vista a by of. X. Of Colo. 4 blahs k. Year. Your near Lakira a a and . Id Fol or woman alone. V52 k. Lentor. Ant 3. Cal nor. By 1-Litilroom. 27f, Oakland my 1-01 10 s3s.m. Used Kwh Sis. So a a. A. Appel s.3_kalr_oak5_s. Paa. Riugi Dachk Cross too. A a Ter Mir. Oust to. C. Taylor Seh vice mansion a for fit pro ladles a sent Lumen. Conv. Cell. . Hell Brand deluxe 1 2-Br, ads. A Jolt Ltd is Hunsher. a oven. Al coloured fixtures Ulius Tho a mar hic filly carpeted 4 draped of ail its Only. Sloo Sulli 20 k. Re fran Vista. Garden Apt. A parlous. I diet. Tropical lifts Capling prestige 12tq a Marengo by 0-otoh Park Lane apts. 1760 Stata St., so. Pitsa. inn. Luxurious i warm film a in firn apis or per. Heated Pool. Prev. Of Talos. 319.96 Asza Kukst pleasant Hinr for Tell Eli Leonle. Quiet residential Neocles. Or. a Morfi. Priv i Noorna Del Cilcus food. To. Exp. 1 2 Fireside Manor t n a s., a 1 r Coti in. Y Njo private Ini ifs. Sun. 2-4 fi04 Orang a Grove 2-Br. 2 Bolhs Farnsworth by 5-5505 Lor. S2s. 3y sewing machines any Mac Lutse oiled adjusted 53. M used machines from us n. Jones by 6.-7119 roof elec. Consoles Tzi Pasa sewing machine co. E 3-6533. My Center Pooi. A1i extras see these Farsi. By 285 n. He. T . Switse in Sharpe. Silicic is rrr.3. Blic. To shops. Jim 6-10sg Home exc. Cod Kooi care. Is lease req. 100 p. Am on so Sib a find or 1sqo stale it raft. S Culli n n s v 1 heated Pool turn. Bachelor aph a up. All 276 s Sierra Madra Olvil. Between Colo ratio Calif. Res do by Madre 2 by. Air coins. Dim. oven Range carpet. 39 Mma. Elyj tos Large single in court up Separak area. Walk in close Fro n l a cd Backen . I Arlin in Lanuti Rioin a held of 16s3 n. Raymonn St Mei Malhon tie luxe an. 2 air cond. E ool. Captis cd rape bit. Ins. Pri. Palius. 5120 h my. E. O blk. S. Of Huntune ton. 9i3 Fairview. I 1-2 Br., but ins Cut. Refile. Urns. In snort 3700 k. Drande k to guest the col Hurst jul by. Dup., col. Danlin mod. Of turn air Cynd. Pool Pitlo Lily. . A joint to. Adults 236 k Oakland by 5-Hiia 1e6s Brogden re. Pas so 7 .fi41 81 apartments 1 by. Apt with air i grapes. Dlsp., stove Refl of. Tickets at Trie office for t. K. Young. 1h Crsp. At the trn Arlins tinier. 6m East color wed. Pamler.4. B Choice California St. 1 by. . S 5 by. Diirr. 395. Ritlop 1-deluxe Apt. Hullt los Isaac. Rma. Clean. to 0-en Sal. 336 n. Euclid 2 fit. Nice let Fultn. ., Cut. . Kuril in stove re Frig. 1n a ajl. Cios t ?1? , c. By "j.-Jiu. Cd 6-oij3 so. Pasa Pool Patio Over lore. Mission St. N Lee real Aak for so 9-7h6 is heat air cond 2 by Cpl. Raptis. . Avail . 709 e. Rio eat. By 5-671 Brand 2 by. Apts air end. Pvt. In loj. Near nil. 10 Oaks by 7-3556 West Side single spa Toua. Off r. Ronnee Grove. Cut. Rnpe._refrk., . By 2-3521 Apt. 3 cps. I Lisp. View j blk. Sterrn made blvd e. To Hawk. By b-0561 by 9-2 203 centrally located 309 n. Los Robles ant cuts a tells t _ _ _ Pasadena court a by. To was. No cell fac ulsted. Said to n Al mull no. Lev tie room. So. or Cornu. It 6 2 Sui Tab for l o n. Ull Willrs 1555 e. A furn. Studio pc. Disc a rpt. S. up. Male a a s5.93 up. I0rf discount in a a Lih Bird. L. Or. Sos Southon backing my nah blurt greater Hill Indian. 10 350. By 4-370s kl5-si01 a read i _ 11 1_ 7-032? 575. Close in. 1-Br. Uly p8c.j573 . By 7-6 utilities paid a 6 1 560 sol. Util. Pm. Lady _ 370 p. Kirl it sy_5 in exert re exile punt Piej. "1 Pattri i i a Fps Fawn apr col Audi i. Itt cac crts no. Cal p-0151 i 771 e. In on. Air foil i it. A to. 3 rms. Bathke n by d eco n Ted. Upper front. For Larty alone. Ava. Mrm. Irnes. Oven. Air cond. Pool. A. Vej 449-1711________________sy fi-x345 bras n i . Urine bit in oven. . Pool. K nicely ref lir. Air. 1-mrn clean. Atari Etic a Lincoln a. By Jieke comp Leiv him. L m tile Al Thea it Bali n Lull. Pm. Bartult. 45t 10 2-bedroom 272 so. Markets go 1 Birn. Or hopi Tran a. So 1-Bk. 3 or. By Fly. Celoni knotty kit. Stick Nylon Cpl. Pat och. At 7-5s01 modern Contemp Oraw 1 Bdrm. Earlmany Apt. St so i Assi deluxe Apt., 1632 n. Lak 1 Winner pm. On. So Susan apts. 2 by. To cred. pm. Arpi1 1434 Erveno. By s135 2 bedroom delude feat Urti All Fum. 2 was. Free rent heated Virn. 1-wow cps. Al i r. Court Taiin try. To Mats .i3.- m a a _ Washington mar Vista Skuly a cop. 2 Bdrm Lake pm Apt. Puppies. 285 n. Los Roble i by. 5100 a. Sue so silk. Sti service. Vilem _ so 0-5 drapes. Part Siti 4-room cot Tage. 555. S7 in. Null flue or. Pas or. So. Pas Moho re i Apt. N e7t i Upsi Alojs 1s5e. Mount in. By 7-35 . Mr.-. 5-lfi3 1 Bdrm adult s50 by s-761s no car Newerth. 1 a 2-hr., mixed tenancy. Mol. Apu. Sf.i3 or i ?-lxltrti3. Stove a refrlg., u needed. To st9. 3f_x. Orange crr Vve. By if 296 n. Oakland a affirm. Carpel n1r stove. Re Folk. A fed lr.. Car. Pool. 5-1sw eau of bed room Apt. Spa Large Kin Catilde a. I Steele. I 3-s911 2 by. So. Pas. Tahy of. Mod Ile Luxo. Stove cats. Indy. By 9-31q1 2 Br., scan. Front it Dick intr Irv. Rents. 1b46-50 amen void or. Rajtr Ond his. B. I Asa. By it by 4-s92" Del mar upper come. Pep. Kit. K Mph. Walk in it Rig. Gar. By 2-s7s up. Luxury houses goo a Loc. Pfc my . Brand Dix. 1 Air Conj. Found pro. Arcs. Pallo. 410 Euclid. A to. Modern. Beamed ceilings ample clog Fly. Carport. Yoter Pasadena. By Fri so Pasa. Si05. 2 Bdrm if my. Chilli of. By Bachelor Apt. Torado. A this you must see 2-. Studio Apt. 1sdq Olive or. Syr it Lei h8 n. Chester window. I i. I sy9-3s16 by 2-vs. Altadena gardens . Lovely Carilena jt65 vacant. Cor. It . lilt n 9, private Patio 1-rr. For Enlace Tilv. . So s-21 to no Kra no 1 by. ret Etc. Auto was Florra Indro blvd. Mad . Annandale Art. A a mob to i by. Stove 435 n. 1iejdson-. 2 uhf Tel. 505" of tvs re Frog. Dial l or. 259 mar Vojt key mar Natl prov. L Flat to 3-3p i Tull. Alia. By _sv_-4-ii5i _ child it cd a Canada attractive "2-rp deluxe i 2-mvv._gar._ji10. Sep morals. Esq it j30-Ed 5-59w i go. I Ion or. So. Ill 2-2u5 300 n. Orange or. My byt7.73 Doorn upper. By 6-sooo e. . Air Cood. Kotc x. Holli ton. 273s Lincoln consult Peti Lam try Tutei Tlsty 80 info free. Ca 1 Lac Ash tend Brown Mare 3 a r i. Old. 120.______________el 5-2633 71 5. Nor Lleti. Cor Bova 1-bdp.m. Carmine Rifin Locc. N. A Transo. Il06. 3613 Hill . A. A. To. 1 by. Apt. Newly dec loaf to 1172 _4 567 n. Oakland Milf Lar furn. Single Apt. R close shopping so 5-1 child of s75 or. Lake by 114 n o. Noble l by. Poolt i 310 ave. S. Pa5. 101 North be sin Eie carpeting Hullt in Ranee over., Patio. 121 no. Jim _ so vacancy the Glen Monterey 623 n. Monterey St., Alhambra 2 blocks South of hunt1ngton or. 1, 2 3 bedrooms vi1 to iwo so. It. Mural lion Kitchen Hanee it oven i built to Wood Imine or Cottrel it Draper 1 Bej Tuul hath suit ten "2 air pit 2 3 Antr. Larga Pool area in heir of build Lar Center court Milvala j Attu rental from for information Call at 2-7285 the Glen Oaks 400 e. Live san Gabriel i South of Tunas privacy luxury 1, 2 3 bedroom 2 Bath 1ieatbd a Pooi 1iedall10n award kitchens renting duplexes we specialize in rentals sales Taso option properly a emf 1-2-3-4-5 Bdrm. Apts. Duplexes furnished or unfurl. To for Friendly courteous service see Hawkins Ralty. In a Kaduna 337 e. Go fun 5v 3-3171 by 3-1105 my 1-7119 2 Hil rim. Naili str vice i Neh. 1 Akk Nice Street. Wal come 237 M Unur. Available sow Comfort convenience Huntington Heights 12 deluxe View units Quiel nele3iborhoo.l Nezir Krenzul stun Winslon Cen alas flute i Rivaey. I Shioji 89 Ujj Lor a Ilonie bbl l. Deal of for real live no fusion Drapea a Aljulius 4co ranae.-. 2 Bedr oils s12j-su5 1724 Meridian South Pasadena builders closeout 10 Homes in Lovely la Canada to on Upun to 3 i -1 ski Model. 5147 no. Crown ave. Ohn w. Dawson co. 3436 n. Verdugo re. Glendale cd 5-6674 by 0-71 21 Del mar arms 275 so. Marengo Mok. Apt. T Arcadia Fairview Gold medallion 2-iir., Ivy Balli. carpels. Clan in. Nor conc Pool. . Close to schools t chopping Irea. Cell in of. T tti3 Fiji View Arcill i -ul3l ent or option to buy to room 3 he rooms. Lev lip flan lip room nun Rooni. 2 car Corner ice. Exec tent oppor hint y an i i Arm S y 4 privacy pro Valga a Fillol j Etc Irennia 2 a nth to Ballon All Klec. Illch. In w. 1-lf. I 7-730. I a a close in a a ult Active aft. 1 pm. Pm than Wjt Tove Itna ulaia condition. To 1 Oakland Glen Cove i 1 2-b. I in Leif Foci s105-513.v n. Una Bleul. Alliati Byj. At 4-9311 . Carpels Arcarola ave. Duplexes unfurnished rentals realty 607 mar Vista 2-Rel Elsp. Nat. Khz. In Cutie Monr Tii Call Halls 4-34si in sect. Large 3-i Patio. For pirate rni., Bali. Us. Cai fun Eil 1n exclusive country Clu Arm. Will lease is Ith option t buy 6-6117 Al c-11fi Lxix Ixl Iniel oils de p fireplace dear 1 tear dec. Llano cupids. Or. . Stores. 341 4 . Alia in i mrs. Thru Sun. By i Avail. 10 rare. La postal 1 by House _ by House for for "f.oufe. Chilli urn of. S3 air v urn. Apt. 1 a nil Jok. By 1-1s31 area. Or. By re Folk. Gar. By 7-172 above 1111 Monrovia 5165 . By. . to Carport or. . By j Ard Inlet Yard Kela. M. A no. Of. Water up _ bus _ for Tom 1 Efad. 2 a dim. Close to Chat . Porch a four Rich a Lacer. Chlor 5. 2 Llyl Glen. Very . Elec. Or e83 Al i room. A a p. Ill to if Litif much docs a email Yard Heferle. Small Cal let of. By 3 brim. Carpet Are flirt. Ij25. My 1-0316 to or at Vijh Cottar 1 n. Mentor s55 3y 4-92 585. It Radove 1 by Tori. Cream o1 the crop 3-n.r. 2 mini malt in kill Chen. 1eav Roul. View. With Pool care for 1x3tuiaine and Kelson it 2-2033 by g-037.5 2-bedroom modern Dore 1n, Short is woj to Thoi Crater. at front door Walrer nil. By Appl. By o private Balcony overlooking Arroyo Golf comic. South no Luft. Upper cond clip. Arbulu. 4125. By f-371s Hock . 1k. For Pinniah. Be. l Arror vie r by. Hii. L Xhu. Al met Lyhl school. to j. P. U . It eff. Avail by fl-6211 country quiet clock. v ii by 3-Moa Duarte Monrovia 7 it yanks. Waya. Norm a Lyle Nils inn of or. Oa1.15ky. Fenced v. T j s s i Jive t is 1 2 i Par to Pijie. Mtiv., Itce. Furn. Very 64 1 Bdrm. House 1 is no. Sierra 8v 4-9722 1-nn, of Trace or. "51 Lenl a in so a Cloie in. Child or. Yurt Duus. 212 Rel Vale. I12r so 2jvl Br., Bungalow court. Kurnice. Near bus nil Stoita. Adulla. ice Nitt lat. K. S 1945 Monte Vista 3 men Hiitt Ralmo. A Parl. R. co. So 3-m2fi is 00 to. 3-ttp Lioti p. Very clean one 3 on Garnce. Near Syj-0161 _ u i Roosevelt Clenn. I Tutlo. F 1 10. Adult h is y 3.6f-c3 by 2-20ss or. Finer i Deco. . Or Rrt furn. G fsr of pm acre. J145. Avail or 9 ing. Is. 5-7mi we. Tiny _ i Linnsey. Yil. A i a. Rel p.clm Etiopi in scr. Adnis Only owner fun premises. Ftp. It pal Only. Oho i Al ii flew in rms. Fire Plarr. Hard Rev Llo trs. Larce lot. Close in. Is 10. Vinyl trash Dan Roaal paid. 331 Coli Forniti is. Arci idiot. _ air 6-2a2n _ san oaf Alfir Village newly dec. 2 by. Din pm. Has. Alone on lot. Sl30. Jaar or. 311 . Pet of it 2-osig_ Atj-t29 buy on rental basis i i kit. If Poss double p Bdrm. Lev pm. Rtin run. Fan 2-Bdrm. Mod. Duplex Nispon Al. Chit syj3-b2.1 of. 33q.i. 7 k. Sacramento err fat Mailer. S Rezec. Rear hse t kt., stove a Reung. Opi free rent for Roedern Iviline Louit in heat Rhonl Roll court Bungalow Cliff in Furr Are. Hea for Cnance. Nil. Far. Adwill Detor. Unfurl e furn. 6 acre. Sm5. . Refi. Re the dec. 2 up. 1h Ninf. To ii Nar. Exc cd. Family welter Lake Washington 4-rr. Fireplace. By 9 uni. But Iron h Jpn no few. I 1ss e. Glenarm Leaa . Shown by appt clean Merle 1 it fact for owls. C9 3. .d of ate i. 1 uple. X 2 by. Slope or acts Furnace. A i us. No Drin or e Cost you if . Area 7-Br. St lilo o. 5v class Kent per month loss Pek week Jjo. Orang Orovet in. By near 5c Large 1-2s7 it t Mar by fl._________3y 3-3722 k avs lord i5c Large 1-95 s old j sip a utus. Raid. A of Jav nor i has. Ruurt. vim foes. Pool. Arius la. By 2-s017 saw. _ at Carton us. Rel. 1 . K. Orance cry 2-193 i a 5-Fyl so children . 1-Jol Only 68c a Day on a 7 Doy Start Slop plan for a 2 line and o Day for 4 lines Etc. Independent Stab news Don t allow your vacancy to stand Idle and Cost you Money. Why hesitate any longer gel fast action Independent Star news ads convert losses into income Rel ref a

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