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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 24, 1961, Pasadena, California70 per cent rain Chance a Noier is news on c2 Tetra Rockefeller holds Hope . Fleet May Aid. I nge 2. To cents Telephone ail 1-x871 Pasadena calif., Friday nov. 24, 1961 , scenes o tumult and cries of in the brazilian Congress Brazil and the soviet Union have resumed diploma Ltd relations after a 14-year break. Page 2. New president Dwight d. Elsen Hower in a pc re corded to broadcast has Denoun err Colre Mlls who set themselves up As super he did not mention names. Page a-8. Top of the news inside it Green eyed Mother of Hryce from Detroit mich., has Boon picked As Winner of. Amelca Lille with the Ludan armed troops have in arched Cli Idad Trujillo to break up roam ing Street gangs threatening to attack Trujillo supporters Page a5. Fort , Dave a Janner and his son reported missing and the subject of a search in desolate areas of West Texas have turned up Safe la in Slarks la., about j50 Miles away. Page b-5. Santa Bau Haka John j. Hollister. Rancher dem of Raul Leader Jor Pas scvci1 Iep event Long Santa Barbara county has did of a stroke suffered two Days ago. He was go. Page 4 jetliner crash kills 52 plane Falls in Brasil Sao Paulo Argentine Comet Jet liner bound for new York plunged Inlo a peaceful cd Cal plus plan Latsiou seconds Nufler Takeoff Early yester Day 52 persons aboard. Witnesses said the plane seemed to explode As it crashed and Hurst into flames one . Citizen ill Beljean j Liy -17, address unavailable was Lisle to by Argentine air lines As an nor six non Argen lines aboard. The others were Rose Larrca Luy 31 presumably Luy s wife who was listed As a peruvian a belgian woman an austrian Man and a hungarian couple residing Joti Brazil. The plane a Comet 4, car ried 40 passengers and a Crew of 12, an air Force communique said. The flight originated in Buenos Aires with a Slop at Sao Paulo s Virago pos Airport some 70 Miles from he City it self. The still undetermined the first serious one Tor the British made Comet 4 which replaced the 111 starred Comet 1 after years of research coasting millions of dollars. The crash occurred about 1wo Miles from Virago pos air port. Wreckage and bodies were scattered for hundreds of Yards. Only a few parts of the charred wreckage were recognizable the explosion was so tremendous. Brazilian air Force investigators began looking for the turn in 5, column 5 five in alaskan plane crash Anchorage Alaska persons were killed in the crash of an air Force car fio plane near the Yukon territory Community of White horse in Northwestern can aria the air Force said Here Motherless thanksgiving the Floyd Chenoweth family sat Down in their farm Home near Perry Iowa for a thanksgiving dinner prepared by his Mother and older daughters. Mrs. Chenoweth was killed crash last month. Floyd s 13 reasons for being thankful Are his children. They in age from 1 5 to one year. Candidate list trimmed . Chooses 3 for Orbital test last night. An alaskan air command spokesman said 10 persons congolese by africans Malayan fail to save us i James if australian Latini Igral to Fly ,2 Roii Ince Andricich of inhere on Doc. 11 re Belliny Congo Lese troops slaughtered italian airmen. O w a r d reached Lindtt one week Nufler Hie massacre lie is Back in co Goldville from where Jim Dixon tilted tins of Lii to lie the first in port of n Iurii Shirm from the a Olifur. By James Howard kind Kiva province i flew into Kiva province last saturday. A week 13 italian airmen. Mas sacred by. Congolese troops. . Righting War on Home front with Battles of words and ideas the. Censure and Resigna Tion of maj. Flen. Old with a growing out of his of indo Corinn Tion lit ivc focused attention on the wants and ideas in. Hie . It showed in addition to the Jiro in and n Buttle Brodd b Chi Eccli. The free find Cuini Kuniai world la Ali arc is a Battle at Jimonie on Horii to identify the in Emy and defeat him. The ing team report on this subject prepared Rell lurid Oil if us l x pent stuff Ali in Spinak Tussi Yard to the , Mill Jitni i. Cull Smillir rear run semite re Porter import Ritu Ignell to taif Kunle the. Zdilor. Washington will future wars be fought not with bullets missiles and bombs but with words and ideas will Battles be. Won when i got. There i found were aboard the plane when bewilderment fright crashed shortly after refuelling j a a strange silence. I i walked with an ethiopian perhaps this new age Sling with the mind mailed is differs Ferarri in elite corps cold War act u ally world fought will War i being words Mac arise not when an enemy or .__._. In chains but when he changes by never of the fact. weapons have become too Des to Yhetive to use two men in Washington Are doing More than just consider it questions. They Al ready Are fighting words and ideas alone or. Senbach a former Marine Cap runs the Pentagon s troop indoctrination program. His concern is die Home front Battle of words. The other is former Broad Caster Edward ii. Murrow director of the u. S. Informs lion Agency lie lights his Bat Les abroad. This is the Way k Atze Nabeh describes his fight i was in command of a 200-Man, rubber boat scout reconnaissance outfit which operated in the Pacific and got shot up at Saipan during world War hand if we need i any indoctrination i certain alive the spokesman no while horse on a flight from Elmendorf air Force base Here to Houston Tex. Two of the 10 aboard were re ported missing and three were found sail i. A spokesman at while horse general Hospital identified the survivors at Leroy cot ton Galena Park Tex. Air Man j. R. Conklin Genoa Tex., and Cloyd Nich Olas Pasadena Tex. Cotton and Conklin were re leased after treatment for minor injuries Nicholas was admitted with bruises and suffer ing from Shock. A coast guard spokesman it Juneau Alaska said an air a orce Rescue unit from White horse found the survivors of of Bui you have to consider Lai a draftee differs Volunteer that a mass from such As the marines and that peacetime War time when we arc fighting for our Homes and this is the Way Murrow describes his fight we Are engaged in thai diff Cut to define area of Tell talc abroad and put Ting our policy plainly but pre Ciscley in the primary terms of this Conn try believes that the end of the Day will be carried not u Force of arms but by Force of persuasion the Job we do is a s to our very Sui Vivyl. F for one am persuaded that we have no alternative . Fleet defended by Balaguer president lands ships presence Story on Page a-5 Santo Domingo . Up president Joaquin 5alagucr told the Nalion ast night he had not asked or . Warships to be Sla toned off the shores of the dominican Republic during the recent crisis but that i heir presence helped guard against cuban subversion. Lie warned that communism already has infill valid Itsell in appreciable sectors of the National Balaguer made his radio address shortly after a 6 to 5 . Curfew was to end a wave of looting and violence. Balaguer asking a vote of Confidence from my fellow Cili said talks already were under Way with opposition leaders and that agreement would he reached within the next few Days the next few tile dominican govern ment did not solicit the United states Fleet but it has not pro tested and does not propose to Eala Fluor said in his 25-Minntp speech. He said the government considered the u. S. Ships at kind Airfield where the italians sat eating the week before. Tie room was com go Lese soldiers. Tiie Kwh ionian commander approached a group of them offered them cigarettes and Shook their hands but they shifted nervously and eyed each of her. We left in. A flurry. Imet some africans who said they saw what happened to the 13 italians who flew two Silver painted. . C-119 cargo planes Here with scout cars for 200 Malayan troops. A put one o clock while the italians were eating lunch Ter a civilian plane 300 congolese soldiers seeing the c119 cargo plane ii to the Djoni Down about 17 Miles South of and arrested the italians. Some the Yukon province tried to to in Canada. While horse that the italians were near the Alaska Highway. Not paratroops. The the coast guard said the congolese weren t listening Pilot of the civilian plane re ported that he saw five Para chutes open As the c119 came Down. They stripped the italians of their belongings a turn to Page a column 8 the Independent Bridge .bi3 classified .c2-7 comics.b1h crossword cd Dawson Sam .12 editorial .12 Hon Frickson Joe .b2 Kay Lawrence David .12 Lead Ahra nil Russ .13 Mcmann doug.13 Merriman Lee. .12 Nason Leslie j. .13 opinion .13 prof. W. F. Libby .13 readers forum.13 society .a2-4 sports .bl-4 theaters.a7 to radio today s almanac .12 vital Slali tics .c2 we must persuade or in the Why do you have to con Vince i american Soldier that communism is wrong the korean War which added the Ivord brainwashing to the i Oca Hilary answered that. Katzenbach s Job of running defense department s indoctrination program is a tick Isle one. Lie has to steer a course Between two widely army views. One View is represented by the Case of maj. Gen. Edwin a. Walker now resigned who was removed from command and admonished for attempt ing to influence the votes of his troops and making derogatory statements about prominent americans. This was while he commanded the 2-Llh division in Germany. The opposite View from Walker s was expressed recently by Gen. A v i d m. Shoup commandant of the turn to Page. 5, column 1 presence healthful for reservation not Only of the the dominican Republic bul also of the entire Caribbean Are against mass infiltration organized it Cuba to subvert a Lional he said the Era of Trijillo is that the dominican party through which slain Dic Tator Raphael Trijillo ruled for More than 30 years was being broken up that the armed forces were been purged of and the machinery of terrorism was . Congress passed a Law yesterday changing the name of the capital Ciudad tru Riillo Back to Santo Domingo its original name. Condemning the mob Vio Lencz which began As an out Dick against Trijillo support ers but increased to threaten order and drop crts throughout the City. Balagur warned if we Don t course we will follow the sex nags saved Queen Heedt Appeal retiring Blacksmith William Rice s to the Queen Mother to help him find a Lor his three old horses has succeeded. The horses Are All Over 20 years old. The at 74 is one of London s last an Appeal to the Mother of Queen Eliza Beth if. He said the Ada and Best friends i Ever unless something was done to find them a Home he wrote they would have to be destroyed. The Queen Mother appealed to the Royal society for the prevention of cruelty to animals. As a result John Ada and Jim will be moved sunday from a stable behind Rice s Blacksmith shop to a farm in nearby county Surrey. They will live out their remaining years in the Green it easy. The Farmer who came to the Aid of the horses asked to remain Anonymous the Royal society Salt. Rice said he was retiring for two reasons age and Loo Lille business. . Judge Dies St. Louis Ltd United states District judge Randolph ii. Weber 52, died last night of a heart attack. Weber col lapsed at his suburban Clayton lome after returning from a Liu riling trip earlier yesterday. Flight set for Early next year Chimp Chen sur expected soon Cape canaveral _ up three members of America s team of seven Mercury astronauts h a v e been selected As candidates for the first manned . Flight into Orbil it was Learned yesterday. The Field has been narrowed o Alan b. Shepard jr., John f. Glenn or. And Malcolm Scott Carpenter informed ranges said. One vie three will be aboard a Lle Cury space Cap sule when the United. States makes us first attempt to rocket Man into orbit Early next year. Shepard is the 38-year-old Navy commander who Rode a Bedstone rocket into the sky last May 5 to become Amer Ca s first spaceman. Glenn oldest of the seven Isle nauts at 40. Was the Back up Man to Bolh Shep Art and to Virgil i. Grissom who made a similar Suhor vital flight to become the a Ion s second spaceman. Carpenter is a 36-year-old Jeule Nant commander in the envy. Scientists in America s s 100 nillion Mercury Man into Pace program selected Glenn Carpenter and Shepard from he seven candidates on the Asis of mental and physical on Ditton. Shepard Glenn and Carpen r Are bidding for a Chance o follow in the space trails turn to Page a Rii limn 4 weekend travel guide excellent skiing seen o Lor Mammoth area by Russ while the last storm dumped measurable amounts of Snow to the local mountains it has melted fast and about the Only place in our nearby mountains null i where skiing is even fair is Al i rebel Kir turn to padre column 7 fractured. A. East of big Bear ii Here artificial Snow is Manu stowaway causes 15-hour halt soviets delay . Train Berlin soviet troops it was the army train that made. 80 including leaves West Berlin every Day women and most of thanksgiving Day to Frankfurt i aboard a . Military train because a 20-year-old East German stowed away on in. The closest thing to a Lur i key dinner the train could1 Supply were emergency c a and noodles. I Many those aboard were army and air Force personnel and their families including 11 children. Afler leaving Wesl Berlin station on the communist Side of the Iron curtain. The . Army said the East German conductor led the train and after interrogation the russians Learned the Kast however up at Mammoth Nonh of Bishop skiing is excellent with a three foot de posit of Snow having been dumped on the area last week and More Snow promised Over the weekend. A warning the Road North from Bishop is icy and in some places requires chains. And it is cold. Tempera Tures at Bridgeport this past week inched Down to 4 below. In the desert country it is Coo and Crisp. This is the big season at death Valley Borrego Springs and Palm Springs. At the latter there Are sports car races this weekend at the Airport. Closer to Home there will be a Granddaddy of All band the train has to Cross 110 Miles tenant in charge refused in a Granddaddy _ id Man was aboard. The so parades at Long Beach slur Viel officer asked to search Day when 65 High school bands the train. The american lieu get together for a giant review. Of red ruled Kast Germany before in reaches i Helmstedt As if a major Issue were in the making with the soviet on the right of travel Between co dance with standing orders. The soviets to pass the annual toy exhibit at the , Jollu if Luau la Foi Nethyl i hours it looked i he Raili Mph tenant California museum of science it but not radioed Hack to Herlin that has opened at was being held. The Irain and exposition Park. The event the 80 americans s Ood continue through january wednesday night. At about 0 . The train Wurf photo from arrived aboard delayed train two children of on american army sergeant walk from Irain Al Frontc furl West Germany after arrival from Berlin. The train Wai delayed some 15 hours Al Marie born easy Germany by soviet troops. The lot George 11, Patricia 8, Are on and Moughler of Edwin Macrossin san Antonio

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