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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 22, 1961, Pasadena, California. Wednesday nov. 22, if l to log wednesday wednes0ay us this my report and news of the air class room c Hemingway College credit course conducted by or. Kennett Morlitz of us. Kangaroo John Chancellor hic stand reports word John Chancellor cartoons Pacific lifting Runge Africa Tel copier pole review c la Lanne married Joan 9_movle storytelling service film daytime Light Hay Scherr and Allen Murray c John service film the world Turni Young show the Continental. Renzy Cesana a face education love Lucy Holiday c room Clooney variety for health Village is right c Milland court service film package adventure miss Brooks for you the cat Reasoner of life r consequences drama service film Palmer Coates for tomorrow could be you c Europe that Bob Del Moore wednesday 2, cartoons and costello Gordon sales Bill Hickok diving Malone almanac Latham c the Clown de Fleming patrol Baxter Ward sports c John Willis Fishman i big news Massey c 7000 express time Latham c George Putnam Valley Days the Odds of diamonds and jeckle to travel railroads thru France s Riviera Doug Edwards show cartoon train court Allen show Claus Lane Parade Zobel Madrid City of contrasts knows Best hearing or. Malone Tel copier in court dramas service film Alex drier House party these roots Little Margie Ben Hunter hosts education millionaire room for daddy please Thaxton is yours Hollywood keys quiz Tel copter 2, Day when Gardiner for a Day the cat cartoons storm of night your Hunch c Frank do you Trust Hunter show for you n Andy bandstand news quiz stooges of Riley 13-it s Chris evening Bishop skating Al Monte cat Como c Eye last town Claudette Colbert g. Goes to College theater North american air defense Newhart show c weather sports City Fishman Brinkley s Jour Nal c adventure Coates Morgan show o clock report Latham c final weather and sports Willis and Brundige patrol 2, Paar show c reported Fleming East pm West. Almanac us this Day to movies 9 a girl a Guy and gab Lucille Bali 9 prisoner of Zenda Ronald Coleman o Lloyds of Madeleine Carroll id rendezvous William Powell zip 0 Johnny Apollo Tyrone Power 4 Rill Williams 2 orders to kill Eddie Albert 9 Iron sheriff Sterling Hayden 9 Alvaro Fernando Tamas 3 sealed , 11am Gurgan 2 standing room Only Fred Macmur Ray 0 Gene Lerney 9 Xavy comes throw Mph Pat o Brien let s see now Christmas Lane Parade tonight the favorite pc thanks gov. Ing Day event in the South land the Santa Claus Lane Parade along Hollywood Boulevard will be broadcast live tonight on cd. 11 at . Bill Welsh will be stationed at the Corner of Hollywood and Vine to provide commen tary and to interview the participants along the Parade route in the 90-Mlnute telecast. Over 100 motion picture and television celebrities 30 York floats 14 bands 50 horsemen Drill teams and american in Well As Santa Claus take part in the 30th annual event. Hollywood personalities expected to appear include Jack Bailey Janet Blair Bulah David Brian Lloyd Bridges Joe e. Brown Peg Gie Castle Hans conried Robert , Jim Davis Connie Haines. Marjorie main Jayne Mansfield. Pamela and James Mason Erin o Brien Duncan Rynaldo Robert stack Welk Roger Wil Liams Sheb Wooley Patrice Wymore and others. The Parade will be rebroadcast via tape tomorrow at . On cd. 11. Olhorn highlights ., St Kab Allan cd. 7, songstress Joanne som mers is a guest on tills show which was taped in san fran Cisco. Other guests include the smothers Brothers Louis Nye Buck Henry and Joey Forman. ., top catch. 7, a visit from Mother Benny the Ball is worried about his Mother s impending thinks he is mayor of new ., ii Eckmark cd. 2, Vera Miles and John Keir Are guest stars who gel involved in the forging of Art masterpieces in the Crimson Al ., Pokky Como cd 4 on hand to help Perry Cele brate the thanksgiving holi Day Are musical comedy Stai Gwen Verdon Singer Dorothy Collins comedian Paul Lynde and the Kane triplets a vocal group plus the regulars. It ., hawaiian Eye cd. 7 the Queen from Kern Beauty contestant Teiry Crane has a pair of Man Agurs named Agnes and mar tin Rondell who Are planning a few surprises for her. Radio highlights pm la 100.h . Ethel selections from kiss me Merman Dick Haymes. And Oklahoma in Gordon Jenkins on Call me 4 orchestra. Hilo s on album the Hilo s in 7 a dramatic presentation starring Judy Anderson. O vis Brenda Lewis. John Reardon Muriel 0 Malley Flora Jerome Kern by the David Rose and or Chino strings. Selections in Chestra Kola 7 .-John elude the last time i saw the Way you look and the touch of your Scott Trotter on album thou Sand and one 8 Johnny on album pol . Rhythm in t civil defense notice to be informed when sirens sound tune the radio dial to 640 or 1240 kilo cycles. Radio wednesday Abc-ka8c lbs Knox Abc Khz i70 Khz kk1vu 12jo Kher 1zw Kali i1m 1430 a j10 Hhd 530 Kcf a pc "2i1 kgi1 1010 Fox us pol 1310 Kwiw 1300 Day 1510 11so Kutac 1j30 know ism stations listed but dial number daytime5 . Matinee selected albums news Hack Mac i record . I . Farm hour Bill Radics Dav Mcmillan to emphasis 610 . . Overture music music. News 1330 with a lilt in Hollywood weather Lime 1020 Ralph Story 1070 Jim Hawthorn 9801 Earl sikh lineage 790 Wilt Martindale lilo . Robert q. Lewis 830 John spirituals Chapel. I Edwards emphasis or. Cook 110 new to news Dick Haynes s70 serenade pleasant Kennel it ii . Music 1.15 p or Flash game report news 1070 Pamela Mason Calalina bandstand s news i 1-30 n m Boh Gare 740 Calalina bandstand 740 your Man in Paris in ., Circle the Katar cd. 2t track an the Story of North american air the documentary drama examine the activities of Nohad the . Canadian organization that works to protect our continent against enemy attack. 10 ., Bob Newhart cd. 4 the Ward Ellis troupe Are Bob s guests. Targets for fun Are wire tapping parking lot attendants and Thomas Jef Ferson it naked cite cd. 7 show me the Way to go a neurotic Young Man seeking love and companion ship Falls in with a girl and they get involved in a series of mishaps when they try to help an old woman find Hei Way Home. News Pat Bull ram 1070 Jay Sims. Quincy Howe. News 790 news take it easy ass Iho Roger Carroll 710 . Editorial Roundup 03 . . News news 700 _. Us Ingin years emphasis i . Breakfast Canh 7101 . 540 Goldberg continued from Ono United states has no need to apologize to other countries for its record on civil rights hut should eliminate this blight of discrimination because it is morally right to do so. In our he predicted we will see the end of discrimination in the United Goldberg was introduced last night by gov. Edmund g. Brown of California who also introduced Abraham Elbl coff Secretary of health education and welfare for a Brief talk. Ribicoff Pul a Slig lil tarnish on Goldberg s claim that the conference was no sales Pilch by openly pleading for Coli zen support for president Kennedy s program of medical care for the aged through the social Security machinery. The findings of this Confer ence translated into action in the next session of Congress will mean Success for the pro Gram of our great president John f. He declared. Domestic needs aired at Parley economic problems of communities automation and employment problems of youth and opportunities for youth were pondered at length yesterday in second Day of the White House regional con Ference at the ambassador hotel in Angeles. Panels of Federal officials Holster cd by regional experts n their respective Fields presented their viewpoints on the Arious subjects Ihen submit Ted to questioning from the audience. In the panel Section on adjusting to representatives of both labor and management agreed that Auto is a fact which must be lived with and to which and must be made. Labor s concern was with minimizing the Impact of Auto mation on the labor Force Anc proposed that this be done through education and be training unions Pat Beltram . 1070 Pat Bull ram 1070 640 1070 1330 news emphasis . Worm news news. Music . Lied Mcivaine 700 hit the head news 640j v v Crane Goss 1070 a Elf. Arthur Godfrey . 1070 640 . T.4s . . News hit the Road Crane. News i . Sports 1070 living should be . Crosby Clooney 740 noon in news. Martindale Christian 1230.marine weather Imi Calalina bandstand 740 music. News Laio Nelson hic Fox James j. C. Swayze. News 930 to listeners digest Noble 190 . Channel weather Jim heal world Bible voice o Blind j. Engle . Financial report Bob Crane 1010 3-15 do Paul Harvey news spam Harvey 790 open line 190.soundtrack music t i movies. To 1020 n r if personal Story Iso 3ob Gage 7av Sims j. C. Swayze news 780 . Wendell Noble 730 8m1 . Women s washing 790 ton Nancy Hansch 1070 Man 1070 opportunities Catalina bandstand 740 Looi .Phllip Norman 1070 7901 . I Jim o Neill. News programs. Some it was revealed Al ready have carefully set up training programs. A panel on meeting Basic human dwell mainly on the areas of unemployment insurance and the am coverage of minimum wages which vary from stale to state. Concern was expressed Over possible federalization of in insurance thus run c. Fredericks control from the states Garry Moore fam touch my Rwjr lamp news. Johnny Gran Gene Werd . Music time emphasis . Richfield reporter weather. J Stout music health. I or. Richards turn Back clock. 1 news a Wyndle Nohle i Wall Street report 1 . News Crane i Lucky Pierre Johnny Magnus Jay Sims John Rolison news Roy Elwell Ted bund Al . News. Weather. Bill Bradley . Red Mcivaine a Lancer than 570 science. Frank or Izarov Catilina i230 handstand Holl 640 and Over Lack of coverage o Domestic and migratory Agri cultural workers by the mini Jjo mum wage Law. Mobilizing local initiative1 to maintain the economic Well of a Community is a Loca it was dec Lopez during a panel on that subject 1070 san Diego was cited As an outstanding example of rom Weiner. A Catalina bandstand 740 Unity Effort in this direction. Although Southern califor . Channel weather i ing a air Lea told pc forum from the Stone age to the space age in one that s the Story of Africa in if Only in part at j Jim o 740 j b Olds sports news farm report j air 640 to news Story line 1070 oils areas in the nation a panel and growth Nia is one of the most Prosper . I bandstand Paul Harvey Zim i Mer. Weather 7ho Gene Lowell Thomas 1070 Edward p. Morgan staffed or show i Nusich financial review from Browy hits 1020 Roger Carroll Bill Stern. Sports news. Calalina bandstand 740 Georfe Church Richfield reporter Gene Sherman pm. I financial n news sports Phil rlizulol070_wm Winter v1 p i Bob Ferris Pat Michaels reports Carol Alcott Chapel be joke weather. 90 Ray Briem n news Ira Cook 1070 530 Mcninch a cwt . 790 Pat Bull ram 111" . 380 heart to hearted Hart . 570 Central 1 with Allan a so Ricail Jim 1070 710-nt-wi music j sports 1070 . 750 news. Carroll Collingwood Story line sports stereo to . Doctor s House Call i Brown Jackson music Manle. Bob Holden 1240 n news r. James b. Leonard news 79 10 frosty Harris 1110 i news. Jerry Dexter 710 570 news music org Guild news news . Carol Burnett. Richard haves 1070 news emphasis 1070 night line. Reed i a Browning _ devotions 1240 sport session 90 Geo. Church. News 570 103d p or report Starlight Salute or 3 viewpoint 1070 called life . Point Law . Headline news "90 Harmon Goss. News 1070 Bill Stout reports s70 cavalcade news sports g40 . Sam baiter s sports Book s7n . R. Clark. News . Crowell. News news. Paul news. Music Milch Reed fish game Hunter. Hancock sports de Sam Riddle news j. Rollion subs Kelley j sports Cio . Business news this is l. A. C. Alcott 1070 stereo . Alex Dreyer Ralph music James. News world to Leht 1070 Rort win unit Val Clear Al. N news lib Scully sports in Cord caravan editor ill Bobby Dale emphasis . "90 opinion please i . 1070 Candrl session 710, fat Michaels i . Izmir Frost Harris. S70. 1330 news . I Travis. News 1240 mlle la x music found that there is great con Corn Here Over what will 9m pen if peace Breaks this Altitude results from the de ,070 sense orientation of Southern 740 California Industry. I the los Angeles White io70jhouso conference winds up 1230 the 12-City program initiated by president Kennedy. Helen Berkshire services set Helen Berkshire wife of Stewart Berkshire at one time collector of internal Revenue 1070 for Southern California died suddenly sunday at her los 780 Angeles Home. She had Many friends in the Pasadena area. The body will lie in state at 1130 Pierce Hammock mortuary 921 potential or. John h. Furbay Antiro apologist and authority on Africa told the Pasadena City College forum last night in Sexson auditorium Llinat Afri cans Are changing More in one today than their ancestors did in years. The world has never changed As fast As it is doing Furbay said. He attrib rated this in great measure to the tremendous Speed which ideas Are transmitted today. Air travel ant the invention of radio transmission spurred the rapid Pace of to Day s communications he stressed. Knowledge today is instantaneous around the Furbay declared. The african people Are emerging on a continent in natural resources a continent four times the size of the United states with 200 million people Furbay Sal. Studies arc proving that the african right out of the hush Vith no civilized ancestors at All can learn just As much is ust As intelligent As any eur or american with generations of civilization behind him Furbay said. Education is the key to Civili cation and intelligence has nothing to do with civilization in said. A baby is born uncivilized Heathen with no traditions and no morals just a ittle Savage and has Lobo Housebroken like a fur Bay said. So you see there s very Lillie difference Between a civilized and uncivilized Man at the beginning. The african is Given fun exposure to the ideas of the world he will become full civilized in one dentist ordered to sell tale Casino interest or. Robert a. Grant a i Asa Dena dentist was ordered b the Nevada gaming commis Sion yesterday to Slop Partick paling in a Lake to file Casino or. Grant of 1250 it Mira Dor dr., could not be reached for comment. The commission upheld a recommendation by the invest Galve gaming Board that or Grant s holdings in the Churchill Downs race track came under a ban on out of state gambling by Nevada licensed operators. A spokesman said Tiffer the commission meeting in Las vegas that or. Grant would be Given the Choice of Selling his in the Kentucky race track or giving up his application for n percentage of Barney s a tilt of South Tahoe. Or. Grant and other Barney s club investors were emergency permission to participate in the club last August after the control Sowani discovered they had Money in the operation but no. Licenses. The others were granted licenses by the com Mission. Name Swap asked for Trujillo City Ciudad Trujillo Joaquin Ger last night asked Congress in change the name this capital Back to Santo Domingo Cle Guzman the name to slowed on it by Christopher Columbus More than 400 years symbolize tie end of the Trujillo dictatorship. The Cap Leal was renamed Ciudad Trujillo in 1036 years after the Lale Generalis Simo Rafael Trujillo became president. Soon after the announcement of Balagur s re quest Cable office workers be Gan marking All outgoing Ca Bles with the words Santo Domingo de Balaguer told the dominican people in a radio address last Light that his government Lias the backing of the nation s armed forces. He said rumours that a new against him the City was overjoyed by after 32 years of Iron listed dictatorship. Deli rious chanting crowds swarmed through downtown streets. The dismantling of Monu ments of members of the tru Illos continued unchecked. The City became a Forest of headless statues. A Balaguer decree also ousted finance Secretary Jose Mauel Maciado and named Lim an observer in washing ton of flip expected dominican military coup was imminent Ola in the us. Alliance for 3rogress. Government news tapers made the end of official by Delft in Era of Trujillo slugs rom i Clr mastheads. Advertisement How to hold false Teeth More firmly in Doy oui of Tow and tra 3irrfcmbjr Orlob Ling Whin you in ugh or in rankle r Little pay Teeth on your up Dir Holdi firmly and comfortably. No Tummy. Or nor our. Chicks out Ras Treth today Rue cowl to for competent pc professional television service look for this Seal c s a Call Dave Wyman s san Marino to million si., son Moi no by 9-1451 recommend advertisement rebound slut j the prise you May nay far taking Lathi once chemical laxatives thai can out Rowcli and Mart other Laia Tive Hao Iii. For delays we circular in or inner of doclcxi1 c months leu. Tell Hoir Iii Hejbal preparation won by 71% on combined irom Lent Lentis Ami of her poin i. Write Lodr. Chive Tartu. Dent kc5s Memphis 1, Tenn. Or Ftp or. Edir Ardy Olive Taliu it the rare in drug note. Car radios repaired Whilo you wait. F Sylvania Quality tubes used hire radio 1mm is3i a Walnut. Pas. To service a Lyhl hew in out 3th it. A ail makes All i Mercury to by 7-4920 use Soufl Lanka Hedican _ advertisement dental plates Only the Lints materials obtainable used. We feature All types of plates Best suited for your individual requirements or if you Ore unhappy with your present dentures and looks of your old they can be used in such a Way As to you one half the Cost of a new plate. Extractions a Ray i fillings movable bldg work or. Morton w i Colorado or 3-3452 Park free in rear or Omee Stop pm in instantly cuts Burns scratches even Minoi injuries can be painful become infected in Dulcet longtime j to Hail. Tim s Why any time you get a Cut scratch or minor Quick apply camphor Pmj Nique it s i soothing Cooling stainless liquid Antiseptic hit 1. Stops pain instantly. 2. Helps prevent infection. 3. Promotes rapid and mothers because it stops pain in i tingly and does t bum like iodine Campito pee que is the perfect inti septic for children. So next time anyone gets a Cut scratch or minor 1l Ca inc Edcil family first Aid. Always keep a bottle of ammo shenique in your Medicine Chest ready for instant use. Gel shenique today plastic plywood exterior pre primed for mint 00 Eft. Xvi 10 pm. Or More 9x0 6.72 each Pasadena s Complete building suppl Fai Psi Lincoln ave. Pasadena by Mill Juliu Mill . Olt unit sat. Air Khz is , s4h Green Stamps 1070 1110 s30 Rolney 930imusc maj a in Ooris guest Bonk i co. Church. 570 w Venice blvd. Today. Old . View 1070 City editor 1110 news Frank Hemingway ?9o . 510 Muile milestones a stand ,070 1070 . Merry go round 700 . Mull till Dawn 810 . Earl Jujj afternoon at Newcastle by. Homr. Berkshire and daughter june will accompany the body w East tomorrow being joined there by another daughter 1070 Rose. 640, r Yule Parade today will be televised a Hollywood cons television station a Tiv it will televise the 7mjsanla Claus Lane Parade to from thieves get Only in Russ Safe new liberated the Safe from the soviet government Agency the amt org trading corp., but did not become capitalists for their efforts. Am org officials told police the Safe contained Only s54 in Cash and some miscellaneous the theft was reported Mon a Day but apparently took place Over Tho weekend. The thieves apparently rolled the Safe which weighed several Hundred pounds from amt org s i Tii floor office and took it Down an elevator. Finland president in final talks Helsinki the government held a last minute conference yesterday on the eve of president urho Kek Onen s trip to Russia to try to get Premier Nikita s. Krush Chev to ease his pressure on Finland. We specialize in. Knit Wear hand an bloc Cid rat Mafli of you spice Cicalione. Evening Wear. Gowns d i n n r Drill Tel carefully hand cd toned and expertly hand final had of your Salil fac Hon. Bring them in or phone for our representative sycamort2-4618 or 2-5216 our shirt laundry Piant 631 North pair Oaks Sycamore 6-3939 with humor c from South i act. Side of Day. 1230. Ron Mccoy Fnu not r 980 Roner Christian to 5 . In 1 pm. Kick Koncen will leave by the Channel 11 station will train for Moscow this morn the telecast for view.1 ing Ihen Fly to Novosel thanksgiving Day f rom brisk in Siberia for his Friday talks with Khrushchev. Cleaners and dyers since 1930 main office and punt 328 East Walnut Street in Allan la 6-js4s 2345 Hull Nylon Mutual savings

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