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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 22, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaHomes meet Happy families in the Independent and Star news classified ads t Raj i m 104 of Mem facade in him ii 104 Kimn . _ l colonial near. Cal tech 6 Hailu forma room. N la Vrtik rerun. Omufil 3 on f Mattson Here s Home value xxv cutlet with Crown rat run v will this Ati heal in n a Virv Del rabbi . . Or. Trina. Markets Den j Mattson so i a s minded Woodfi. Con 3 bedroom and Den Horn of inline room of poor Diho. Lent Tai Coli. Small 2 red room Dan ofic Root. Hot Chen a ii it Ltd Rumour room. 2 from Kim a n-ib5i Parker Towle Thompson Ril at Mani Jon so my gracious charming incl Al i in. 2 Ronij 2536 no. Catherine re. Open . Sun. 1-4 Hulti by Mccann a1i1mm Al let 4 berms. In. Terrific family Home 3 Bali Central air in. Complete built in Kitchen Burn Ranje. Carrel a Capet a Blu Trul blah Cellini builders closeout 10 new Homes in Lovely la Canada Koil or 1cxio Daun . Ilk j a bedrooms 8kb Jio Dei 5u7 no. Crown ave. John w. Daw50n co. 3436 n. Verdugo re. Gle Noaie pm 5-6674 by 0-7121 Lii Llla. La am f.1 Tarn pm Wyn cola knew pm. Elf Kar. Retailer. By 0-11cu j 107 Sib Sai girl cd Millev sin Gabriel Voller nov. 22, 196t- Llop san Gib Lel Villi san Gabriel cod classic potential 5 you will nol Mil thai u Offieri Moi i for the thin tiny other in Thea t card or. Tin Hub shop plane in 3 let Mimi. Plus convert. Den live or run. Plus full formal in. Ice. No in Tum Tarn suf finer and fir has or Drin. Till for i very Mort Ilot Lara. 2 More Ani Jiu. Coull Siuk in Tia Hort into Tel no a of i of Welling Bialy plunk Benr Llor 3rd bathroom 20uy it Many Matiy oiled your Sandford Zelkowitz i 3 for. A Niue pm. In Lini in tar Kerfert Vird. Y tit a. To jcbool., As a Cranberry 2 Biles to san Gabriel Mission Grade i sch. Custom built 512 Anderson Way ims to Kas to Mission South to and son wait Brand new 3 bedrooms family Rorr 2 rms. It imn Arteil wa1 i her my refine men is Hrifko Ali Rita i housewives kit Lien it in i eat Urr in a slip Phil Lux Mlo j i with re True Lor null k1nk Naster Bei room roof fenced cd peo Lyhl love la to Annie cd jew mind 421.350. Jiw nov a with an Ravn Vojir Sood credit. Open Sun Dav noon til dark. Roseglen const. Co Days go 4-9245 i t-2520 this Well Kepi Home i if Loir. Pm. A Ltalien feet. Anxious to Arnii inc e a pct. Doi Iboje to leached Kab. Good Aud full jul s tfrvevmr6.? Irlvy. A Fanti Juc View of the Yil Fey mini Kohl not in area t re Chi at Only Kuolt was Lehoui jauk3 . By 5-2337 . Feenstra 21si n. by on a lot hmm in. Pym. Ilav move Vou re rat into Ihl rot charms no rate a Mir til Lialia Canada. I Jerrt la vans a beam cell for a Ritj Brick fire panelled also Iru Wood a Floc Lutc Kitchen. Thai Fynan cab 2 Blum. In Imi Flat Muni be Kom. Own tax to can How in unit. Askler Johnnie l. Ross realtor my , by i y 1 1 a ii35? 5_ s y City lights and Mountain View i Load i of extras now 3 a. 2 . A Whipple by r-0327 925 k Alu Jeni or in Homes Brand new 10% Down Sot c01im1tmkkts 12si Glen Oaks a Sadka 1215 sunny Oaks c . wi1.l track Kruity is Youh Pneski Iii in Jim Reiher so 7-4719 71 he. Nut Ulm Gap for the . . Wlllie Smalt fair ill wants Kra Clous flow tit orca. Arconia an Ati a Clous. Garttner s too Patti Anyo Eft by 0-391s Whipple by s-0.rr27 325 r. Allm Lenn or. In he Naif no Homes just k. Att los. 2 ended conv. Rien. 1 4 Ballis. I Bruml new Mno car lie tank at. To Hack Yard i Myles rear i. Price True summons by d. J. Feenstra 21s1 s. or if n. Harding if unlit air ,1 or in. Reo Arat pm real final. 2 Force a air Suejit. A ctr ass. 2 car Whipple by s-052? k. tar. in Ilene illum is Crin. Or pickup truck. To an enl in Duart eans Luva a ,1 Kkt. Re. 1 Bithy. Includes a financing Avail Abl. Oon i Mem 2205 Lajas i. Our in. Thelis. Davis Baker co. Adorable 5-yr.-old 3 by invt. Hum family uni Wool 4 in rain or mfr. 2 a Stan tile . Cream coloured Kli Clien . New Hua. J35m to. Or to. Ulaki Liy a Long Tain Anderson aristocratic address Beautiful Bunny san Nash 4 3 to inv his pm. A in rent pm ran died. D rated. Lorder of in Reno. Lax.03 Only new pet 30 Days to sell make try l anon Ron a Cal ilium 21 Jar. Berms. E. Of Lake this is no White St. New 2-Cxlrni. Inch Wuh Aro Milln Dwart Fifon to or late hear 3. Foot ii u Lor Jim Dickson realtor Home a income 3 Lovely Homes 1 3.iih Skiver plus poot . Lake. Walnut Call for special Dean v Emily Stedfield 3y 5-59iw Anita Oaks Charni Ink Culon lil in l01 5 a err mini. 3-Illt in Cheji room Ishimi Irown Bulli a pro or . in i Irne Franz associates or. Sin Minn by 3-1 101 my delightful Quality Dan a. On quiet us. Uni. Vurnm Holck Flat Pant Tell Deit. Kit Erien tin Tell Rizw. 2 nor . Witch to in. Burney Laj n. Allan. Raja. If Home for Christmas t nkdrsfs., 2 hats Large Koomso cos her . I an. Cam. Sij k r by 4-7052 Whipple so k. or. Jet Upa useful san mar no contemporary Anil Hutiu Tirol car no and Irarra 3 crtdroo.719. 2 Lillis. J32.ckx North san Gabriel o 2-Itory . 2 Wiko Ofidis up Den Tor location. Immaculate included j32.sou Franz associates he Virnston Marino by 3-1101 mul he. Nice. I Price Mattson 1307 n. Altadena in. 8yj-1sm Elt Lois if Hastings ranch s2000 Down Berils. Shall 121.930 2 a Joy to see bks3 Wai. By s-93so Whipple by s.0527 321 e. Al Arttns red Rancho North Glendora Prunice Loci Lon All mall la jilt l. ranch sly . Ilia i almost smack dab the colourful red exterior Wuh trim Root. Trad a mid Kolne for Llo Mev. Fri error loss s of 1 Lov. H r. L v u n t a to inv Urtel Wall Waivra ule aniline Lin Rila god floors Maicl Ouji Mil to Laree n. F la dlr. Z cub dctail.-. Wool . Natural door. Etc. Stir Kller Halh. Ion Tatrn Ilan Cli a Ltalien Wood cab not a Coze Breakf area window surf room o Park it Anundi Cov Nice Arbor secluded relaxed Ihler. U full to 9nj. Orly . Of her Noum. In clod Pron Cynil a inic reit. No 2nd, Trust Delaney 1s502 k. . A 111w.iv fifi at Cinn ave. In Ine March up 1-Tsy. Charm convenient school re let. 3 conv Fieri. 12 turn. Jovell Kllc ctn Pritchard Oconnor by by. Of family i Pool Lime t link Foin a from m i room look Tifrit a 1 of Klaara to a merest Pallo 4 Pool rear luxury of. Inc Tula 7-fr-Olit Home for 31t to pan key h72 2-.1161 ask your doctor sic Jan Hon at a nor r for Hal Divi Liy a verde and l wic. N. Of t to on Fllch to a Indra ave. So. I to new. Job e. Earll realtors a associates i Marino realty co. Cen Tenally located in san Murfino. Home re Fenily .1 by up plus 1 in in. 2 by. We. Or. Cap Ami new Ulrch Vorih ate Lar sri.500. Open daily 12 to 5 Kanu new Homes air Reri ii 5.m.wo to 53j.600. 3 am 4. Of plus family in. Bit in a 3 a. Air . Be Sheie 5755 calf Fonicia Pasadena v1l syr ba., . Isl owner s sparkling 396 Wenham re. In . Local Lon Corner of Topa Fem is. W of Oit Lirrel it Lori this Iwine tint f3isrm. Brs., Rel Nln carpet no. In dialled. You Dioum it. Contact o or Davis Baker Madre now at you May move in now. Charr Nink 2 Story. 3 bed room. I1 Bath Home with 11 a inc pm. Dining room and la rial Ilen. Large enclosed Garden. Excellent Uren Neir it. Al Letabeth Down inline no. Kex Cellini Mccann properties by .v7277 Teil Lorn my colonial Wilif Fig silly Ilton i pm. Incl Istell. Newly decorated. . Shepard Morgan mural Plim or. By 5-7728 Day or Glen Canyon 20nn in. Ft., room icon. Carrillo. Guerrant so f-7fn urls Lar so House i i vat exp r Cen flu s Cue s for your others ller buyers Flamingo properties want a Happy Home 342 s. Grand Oaks i n Poi u Lah 8. I. Area 1 2 Cun. Pm. Fireplace Dpi pet. Bunny Karlien. Enc. Rent Yil. Pm Krs have. Nought anti Refl Home must i error i Olup Kinter ant irony fax e. Villa 1 Bdrm. A. Side. Very Good condition. Income Cummings so. 1.021.-. Ural Iai 4u-i a. Allf i Brand new Home Ura cd e 3 b Lam. 1 in i. urgent Sale 1380 Coronet Lei Vanir for of Ali. Quick mitts lion. Center Hall Morien exterior. I tial tis Mize family Len set tji pc Mel i Psi w Ken smith0773 on Ite. Lot in Rora. 3 1 i i Atli. Irama. I Semet heat 2 car earmae. Mars Ianc Sci Pooh. Is Good terms possibilities plus for 150x150 Whipple 92s e. or. Sophi scaled Charm Ligh Northeast quiet Tusk Tarn Lerir of Ali a Canyon Jiro Kati Ite cd 5-1192 is foothill. Aus Zjr a a Pwll on a Home Liv. Enc area 11.6x5.6 Lovel v Pat it a Kir. My. Prop. 1.i no Clair f 5 due. Inc. In x very rare Arellono Iryl . Level or w so too Iii to d a int., no. Lon taxes move Leht in. Napier Ellow Lovely this Home i it Jura he floor if a . A orc. Lire to. . Mural Elsp. X. In inc Arpa Jitni 5 yrs. To Ine a. Located in a null o Liana. The Price to Rig it Andersen Riff. 100 s. I hit ask. Acadia i 6-3194 Marino of the in family tier rim. 3 Hall is Ami Orn clubs la Vlaj thu is in rotol con Aumi Blini enjoys Fin excl Lenl in edition. Ilsc Steive arts to. 517.600 Hitchcock realty co. A Iso Kulli Wikton or. by 2-4924 daytime at 9-3784 Day or Independent 3i-is at the Box for Niri Fari it Oan non. I Orter. .ml.iden.i. In United 60s k Orts. Hrlic rip Nln of aril. S pm n Riff St arts feature1 sfir.00 de 9-337 Orange Grovo Lake area duplex while and win. Upper mid ii nub. Room or. First floor 1s 3fl Al. Lone ult covered . Smalt Ini with rho re Rani inn Garnsey in Kiim in lir it. View picture ii Man Loonry. Ill inc pm. A in. Uhl Lake unit in rent. Harr y a Al 5-7196 m w. Madre blvd. . Medallion Home Santa Anita Oaki. Just taks your Trade Yunck by new hied Nchone Jim Dickson realtor by f.-30. To Rill by open 2-4 2262 Oakdale 2 re. J pm Miln. Kraut. Was . A heat in Robinson 8v Tolli Aleene Parsons Roll or my Lupolt by affection from i Well mntitcur.e.1 front town to tie lower inc Lvi re in die a rent sri Nimit Hoo in. Al. Or ii Viljur turn. Ainu Publ ii Ken if Vine Quorn Floc Pace a Oak Gloora sop. Ill Xii Kllc Nen Ali earful pm. 2 twin sire banns. Baths tall Utu. i loin of ule. with i area lifetime tile toot kit. Completely fencer. Spry Navlen. Where Pride of la evident. You will u 11 Well Worth Decamp realty 22 a. Fool he Al. To Florence Mccue Kilt or rvs Dia Down maybe less 1926 Summit adorable 1 by. Den. 595 Summit . T tar term. 1 blah Home. C Osa in in Sifrar Iol Excel condition 2 by. Hmm a in Mucci at Llev by Robey co. Non n. Lake or san Marino on 11 no san Bitch. It ii tour Oliie 3 mrm. A room Jin Pius Anil Alit Ohlf Laid j29.sot m. Bliss Keeler j500 Hui Linnlon or. Pan Ali Reno at Dabney so much for so Little i t Spac of Whipple so s.f.27 d21 k. Allan Enid in luxury . Hullt t Sci for 339.500. Sac for Jil fl-27ri attractive duplex Al Fly of Side. Oct. Inc. Skj.550. 2000 in. Be it Nicklay needs in. Al Wool rum. Lime k-3 Corner e. Of Lake. Vacant stir. By 6-710s by .01115 5v 6.872b of Annandale Linda Visla 2-Br. Hute Den. Lot so Soso Megill so 3-lf-i 10ri in in. Sent. And Low Alert Chunc a. Fly Al. Wide lot in . 2 to in i1 hmh5v family the ust won l my Hans. Rorum. .170. Ona Tkv appoint mint Only Ruth Down coupled Ullh Ati outstanding loan Ink this ii fewer Home a. Hk3t buy 2 Blyn. Deluxe kill Clit. Yard Aulne Beach t5c Flaaten at n. Of Tunas newly Rev. Cut. Filc. Flae ment. Etc. Is 13.950 at Ti-0171 us a Darlin too 500 Bill of Kidik Whipple in Ben Ute fit open Dally. 3-rr a Fain. Pm. 2 has. Owner. Al 3-um lots for Sale to Trade for this 3 f Tarn. Pm. In is. To a Oil Brck a wet in pm Normal in in lne pm. A 1 1 on v 1 new from in loft v. t-7icn Bop Rion by -1-7330 John e. Duplex in. rail Elf no Tel Type 1 or. Racli. Ship in years Youins mix to slip Nanc Cantor a Jim Dickson by close by air. A Bdrm on a lot ill nor run. Helenl for cart Al tint out. Tour com a a lit Ftp. Rice tap. Irli Wotel a Flor. Barbara rally. By 3-5777 kve.1. Cam my Model Home 825 Columbia St. 4 bedrooms Baths landscaped a open daily 1-5 Martin associates inc. General bum. Ding 6-0295 1043 e. P.-3 wx165, room Frt Dot run. Enclosed in every to Thill. Car nor no engr Letell walled. Owner make in. 2-conv. Den recent la in i-71gr by i-17m John e. Family room and Pool Domestic 1 rouble to Rcpt the 3 nut Chles prop on met. At fan task in 3 rp., Fatm. Pm. Sink. A beaut. 15x38 Pool. S20m si1.450. A. Allen s5bco. Of modern Oriental nearly new Jit. 300. Loc. A Onnek car Nett Lyndic a hdrms., terrific i Nelly he _ work shop. In Uia Prover by Rakan Corr Rale 2 in Lam. fit. Wood a Sneh on most attractively lot. Two rooms natural Wood . A Btu wiil h. H. Goddard 1010 Baldwin i fi-1 acre. I Aller by 7-ut Br., Den 2 Baths of i int run role punch Nis older dome in a Taulli coi Luki i. Nihil in Simo at kit 5w2t san Makso Cal Pace so a fish by Vinje by 9-57gc House 1-4 daily 3-rr. Firn. In. . Corner of. I a Ilu Kuh or. a Cyan int. Al. 6-h591 Cotuna Idoft Alt Grilii Creti Iri Ctm Arroyo Rill rect. 4 3y 3.3wi Umi tier. Old. In Loid 3 Al Horr Lerino on 4 i Lam. Co Ntim Poupart on View Ini. Ten yrs Ini Llly. It Oiin st6.coo. Felon a Smith by 7-.s57 d. J. Feenstra Psi to. by s-91r5 Rolls Lidge la a a. Ilarrone. By 6-0.131. By 2 mrm a Lite. Liv. Pm for Lily Nuhlon by r. Pyle co. 8y 2-21 u realtor by s500 Down Maydek lk5is 100 Cedar Nick by Mhz fido i by 482 e. Las Flores spa clan. L in Homo. Sep ire. In a incl. H rlrni5 conv. Ilea at. Family Lunine run. harder i. Floors floor. Air cond. 3y 6-rti36 Down we. S. Johnson so by Vojta i in old j 18.000 Turly . So. Palm 11 or a o. Box 119 English Manor Complete Lorl Ivory firm in Uila sold rail Lont a Arnnal master a. Servants Nim Teri. Iki with Jinn mint to to Tran Jot Bacr. So k. So s-0111 so 6-357.1 owner i Isa. Orter ii in. Trade ukr. By 7-621c1 alien 1-2 la Trail by 7-p.u9 Munith. Inc Ruuti 1 too. Terrr.5 s a melt Agypt. Cd 9-3223 l-7icg 6y" Rita. 2 Bufi. Ell it Bart Hannih by new 1117 Pilgrim Way. 3-H.K. Home has fire Chaee. 2 Baths. Large Julto bulkier hat House in Cadt in attn and sell jfij.300. Fowl t Tonij. Maspn. 8il5-ir53 tier. A Ohnell lit. Thant pen cd Yaft a of 8y 7-s 1 Independent Star Newa Haa Mai Impila. Some paid Tea. No the in led lir air. Colorado it vol. Taski Lenn of Mil Charm Herb 2 nit i Cony. Li4 a jigs 5 yet. Is Only Cha Mali Nulty. Just listed 2s it pro. until Brick Flat re. parture 3 a Ornu. 1h Galliv family kit. A Jack Only Millie Coon by 5-3194 realtor by 4-0625 new modern Hych in on View lot. Brand ,1-mrm Lam lev room Home. With All Elf dlr Kluthen 2 Liichi. Rater Llort 1% of it Tracy Hrim for Rwm. Price a Fil s3d.aoo. Roger aver Assoc. 39 of atoll so 0-55w my sin Gabriel l nth turn Best inc. irl level 3-Hu. H i Baths. Syr. Dott. De 6-Ccoft 7 l nuts must sell to my Fth Trade. . By the Best investment Vou can a Home of of in daily 1300 Oak Meadow re. . . title spot Wlllie to Ratcli. 3 by 4 of non. Pm lire dlr pm n Baths Barcli kit Bonill. Of utile us vacant must rec fucked to Thomas company 5 i fl-7171 a slip Mayer con a. Up value plus 8 or. by. Hemp Deia Cheil . Above 51 Fol vol Only try 4l.fxx o Monrovia realty Mart 4 fam run. I p to in. It. . Orance ave. Oven 10 . To . Artmes. 2 Haik. 522.500, 10 in. 1124 Woyat or. Monr. Al 2-6r units re re. 1-1101 Fly a ids off one by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 Christmas around mrm rom in a roil in 113 7s4 s1-000 Milton h. Moberg i Assoc. Charm House my. 2-on Greet of spam in Ime out a Barm. Earp Ltd of a Loralf. Prs 1 1 y f re. A in Quick Rao. Incl. T. A i., on Exi Mirik Cha Iron. 15 k i of Onk a Corfu i Hsiaw. Nitrel Rob Ai phial Tropas or round Tolx Char mint colonial re tit. U 1 Hydro Waii. He inc room Pifcio it to Sceri close to in Hoot thur Cha a line. Only kkil1ioltz 75j foothill re 2 fam. Pm. Ill to Lovely palk with mar Home now and no Down payment four Klob bedrooms plus a. Larse. Well family room Ullh a Tremer to a massive looking Flatt Fulce St on Ltd Wall. Nearly 1600 feet of Nolua living Sartre thai Iten Otei finest care and 2 full is Ihl. Too one with a stall Shower to spae Jour modern Kitchen of . It work count pm plenty of fishy eat inc careful Slann Lnor the Koncil e Froomin from tit to Lelal Eldit. A chs Pirtz of the e be wih the realty it Fen red Pool Ilia lot with Iti love or Titt. Of hot int for your if Here 115. A no t b but to later equ1tik3 Gilmore realty 1x11 w. win Purv to 2-33s1 open modern in Rhib urn. A Eye Cir c Vic non. Imparata formal ill inc Yard. Real Kul Imil your . In or Kim. Cd flrepl., stall Shower. 1 blk to Murkel. Re Durer for no ilk Hie it j2.0cw . Than rent. S1-u5jj pc e a y s-1013 in. Or less 54 e. Co Lovora now 621 West Sycamore drive nov the sax oabp.1fi, or i Lippy a airy Houie is 3 i by taif. A. Do inc Den. I70o in it. Pin i in part. 60x13% lot. Coolie like a my Slon Rah Fkret. Adjacent ran . The House in r. B. Haney real estate san i us 2a f Lite re to poo Ahja Home on wide lol 2 Batu. Sevante do none room. Wall to Wall Carpel inc Drapea. Fenced Yard. An exceptional buy a this area Herbert Hawkins co. san m. By. Bdrm. By owner 1 i nil or Job klj., ept. No. Holy x ii old nov Ink 1, my. I19wct sni run. I 1hu7 Duples. Me fit i unit has 2 plus Lillne pm. To shops and Iran Kex Colonl area. 000 Elf 6-2iw hi3 one must to area a urine Dunc Accad a property. N. , 3 Bdrm. Appt. Only. A Lee will write your result packed real estate for Sale Only the Home owner happiness peace of mind a to Toije Hij children securely to entertain Hij friends and build an Eit nto. 90% of All fortunes founded on real elate. One inv Eilor Lualdi Good investment is Worth a of consult the real estate offerings in today s big Independent Star news real estate stucco a Beauty. 1 blk. To prior plus Center a Hui. Leai than by Nokwos in 3-Iik i no. Or pitch Ajmat Jour or l Krul. 711 fool la q.sm7 sch in Monk Hie. Euf y 4a-7l 6g by 4-271 20x45 Pool. In ac., vein. A Canada Flint Ridge Ralty it foothill by Iro Letb 4 we. Hitch Anat 15x20. 5 Lay Jap Pool. To si4.500. Kutr. Must Seu Hish . Hilll Lulf a by. . Rep. . Pm Ayr. Kitchen . Brick end. Cd. Req. A. Heat. In jew by Christmas thu loyelr3-14 Bali Home full car cited. Built los. Reverse floor Dun. In jew Low Price 52 75o Burckin 3v_jtu13 fixer upper 3 by. Need daunt a clean 3-Bk, 1 16.000, 50x165. Alley. Sooj Tutt. By 5-Gkia i iwo in i yet inti Jar stir ten fat. Urn Enil i Hoscoe it in to ship 10 or 2 Birm. Fii5., rom. S-s393 cher08ke . 6-1117 a bdrma., Farnley pm. 4 hatha. 2.760 i. Al. Pawl. Mrdja specs. 1mh35. Aak lne Olen Rose null a Home com he Ned. Full Price us limit Hathi lev. Pm. Pido. Your Price your ask Liik j 3 3. 506. Realtor. By 0-61s7. f mis 5 hats. A imply pm. All hit fat. 4 in. Old. Like never me location. . Fly 0-1 i 1 Iluf i 2 Hall convert Ilfin. In pod. 43s.500. The Salem Iran hmm a Mafat offer Ajol nyc . Conrad Ralty. At a Noah Jeroom. J by Pujo. Bbl j10.cmw. Lit 2-Bfl work Voo in Berge w. Dimie 2 a Lep sni by. A ran. I .1 in. int .i2 by. Oak. C of firm Rhael. It a

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