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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 22, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaOf a Salina Indian Dow it new View of science it s better than no the average american owing to his ignorance of things scientific saw rus Sia As a race of supermen after the so Viet Union shot sputnik i into orbit. Fear pushed America. Luckily it pushed the country toward greater understanding of things scientific. Luckily it pushed it toward greater achievement in education. But these were Happy by products resulting from Ouy widespread scientific illiteracy which is frightening in retrospect. These Are thoughts inspired by a speech made recently by or. Lee a. Dubridge president the California Institute of technology at his Alma Malert Cornell College it. Vernon Iowa. The hysteria and Hullabaloo touched off by the first sputnik and the earlier fear and suspicion of scientists during the Days of the invention of radar proximity fuses sonar and atomic bombs were cited by or. Dubridge As Hall Marks of the Public s scientific ignorance. All he said was because too few people understood the nature of science understood that it was often True that scientists in different parts of the world interested in similar prob lems came upon identical solutions that the Only True secrets involved were secrets of nature secrets which nature gladly gave up to any inquiring mind regardless of race Creed color or a then came sputnik. For sound Mili tary and economic reasons the Ameri cans had decided to build rockets of pounds thrust. The russians had built rockets of pounds thrust. The russians decided to use their big rockets to put sputnik into orbit. There was an outburst of criticism in the United states. Our scientists our Engi neers our schools were no Good for the reds had beaten us into space. We could have matched the russians if that had been our goal or. Dubridge says. But in 1956 no one in the . Felt any urgent need to launch a satellite. The scientists engineers and military people Felt we did t need one. Propagandists might have told us we needed one for propaganda purposes. One of the by products was an improvement in attitudes toward the schools which in reality had nothing to do with sputnik. At Cal tech for example freshmen Are now entering with credits in trigonometry and calculus. The old freshman courses in physics chemistry and even English had to be made tougher for these better pre pared students. This Type of change is widespread. Liberal arts colleges Are beginning to recognize science not As something materialistic and inhuman but As Essen tial equipment for the educated Man. Scientific institutions see the other Side of the Coin. Man is not an automaton but a thing of flesh Andl blood. Yet it is frightening to realize the separation of science and the humanities that existed that Many of us had be come isolated from the everyday world of science. Our education could have become soft. Instead former College fresh men courses can now be completed successfully in High school. Walter Lippmann German s situation much has been changed since or Adenauer was Here last april. There have been elections in West Germany which took place shortly after the. Building of the Wall which Lias completely sealed off West Berlin from East Germany. Or. Adenauer has lost his Independent majority and he comes Here now As the head of a coalition founded on agreements which Are not known publicly and explicitly. coalition was being formed in West Germany the German ambassador in mos cow or. Kroll was talking with or. Khrushchev and despite Public criticism by some officials in the foreign office at Bonn or. Adenauer has confirmed or. Kroll in his Post and has sent him Back to Moscow. If there is a common Factor in these events it is that since last summer in fact since aug. 13, West Germany has been engaged in the difficult business of Facin the realities which for the past ten years have been deliberately and artificially ignored the official fiction has dissolved that East Germany would he liberated from the soviet Iwer and absorbed by a free election into the existing West German state. In place of this fiction there is now the real German question which is How to make a workable German policy out of diver gent elements. One element is the solemn commitment to the Western Alliance. Another is the perennial desire of the German nation to be reunited. And the third is the need for an accommodation with Eastern Europe and the soviet Union. If for the time being there is consider Able confusion and doubt and disarray in Germany it is not surprising. Here rather than in West Berlin As such is the Field in which the discussions will move and eventually policy will be formed. The naked problem of West Berlin is to insure it against Conquest or blockade is no longer perhaps was never crucial. Khrushchev has been Able to change hip situation of West Berlin radically without invading it or blockading it. Now that West Berlin is separated from East Berlin by the Wall the problem is not How to defend its Freedom but How to save it from a slow but certain death. Was Young men leave the future of West Berlin As a living City is a poor one if West Berlin can be saved at All it can be Pone Only by a successful negotiation of an International agreement which gives the cite something definite to live for. This is what the school who want to stand Pat and stand firm have never understood. Barring accidents and irrational impatience m Moscow the Berlin crisis As it was during Tho ear y summer has subsided to the Point where it is negotiable. What really concerns us All Are the larger consequences of the German situation As it what. Now old fiction which has pretended to be a policy is gone in what direction will the German nation g0? we have Many reasons for supposing that the German nation will move in some variant of its historic National policy it will move that is to say toward one of those accommodations with Russia which have for two centuries followed its Many wars with Russia recent events in West Germany sup port this hypothesis. The free democratic party which is conservative and nationalist was the chief gainer m the August elections. It has never Jost sight of Germany s interest in the East. The West German ambassador in Moscow or. Kroll is an avowed believer in a Russo German rapprochement and the fact that he was scolded by the minor officials in he foreign office but upheld by or. Adenauer is to say the least a Straw in the wind. There is Little doubt it seems to me that the purely Western policy of or. Adenauer is going to give Way to a More Bismarck Ian policy. The problem for the West is How its ties with. West Germany can be maintained against an. Abnormal and dangerous pull towards the East. Reunification the rectification of the Eastern frontiers the opening of vast markets in Russia and in China will exert a Strong pull on German policy. While it is most important to recognize and understand this problem the wrong Way to Deal with it i am sure would be to Force the germans to choose Between their role in the Western Community and an accommodation with Eastern Europe and rus Sia. Germany As a whole is by its geography compelled to face two ways and we shall be less than Wise if we do not use our Power and influence to work with the germans never forcing the Issue and never demand ing that they make an absolute Choice. We can afford to be Cool about it. While there is a great likelihood that the West Ger mans will eventually make an opening to the East there is no real and present Dan Ger that they will suddenly Surprise us with another Hitler Stalin pact. There is popular support for the policy of Alliance with the West. In the nuclear age Germany even if it were reunited could not be a great world Power. Moreover the reunification of Ger Many is now possible Only in the Environ ment of an accommodation with the East and a German government though perhaps not this one is bound to pursue it. Knowing this we should not adopt a position of our own which causes us to try to make water flow Uphill. Nor is there i think any serious danger that in seeking an accommodation with the East West Germany would withdraw from the common Market and from the still larger Market which is about to come into being in the Atlantic Community. What is More Likely to happen As Germany maintains her ties with the West while moving toward an accommodation with the East is that in new and unforeseen ways the Iron curtain Between Western Europe and Eastern Europe will be breached. In Short faced As we Are with a new German situation we should look on it not As a catastrophe hut As an Opportunity. York Hiram inc. Editor s diary Ralph de Toledano reasons for thanks in this sad and troubled world it is Good to know that there Are some Lor whom thanksgiving Day is meaningful. Item Nasa s Man in space program is being moved from Field va., 1o Houston a Cost to the Federal government of 5100 million. This is vice president Lyndon Johnson s gift to his Home stale. The Story is very hush hush but Tex ans can rejoice in the added Revenue How Ever much it May Hurt the average tax payer. Item the chinese communists can be thankful that in the words of state depart ment planners it is Only a matter of time before the free chinese Are knocked out of the Security Council and the reds seated in their place. The free chinese conversely can be thankful that they still have a few months of National existence and that Uncle Sam has kept his Promise of Aid and support this Long. Item in California gov. Edmund Pat Crown can give thanks for Goodie Knight former governor Knight succeeded in Tor redoing his fellow Republican William f. Knowland in 1958, and in lipping his parly to shreds. He is now Busy attempting to re peat that virtuoso performance by encouraging dissension in gop ranks with his shot gun attacks on Richard Nixon. Or. Knight will gain Little but he May have the Satis faction of being the architect of Republican defeat in 19g2. Item Comrade Nikita Khrushchev can be thankful that most americans have not read Marx Engels Lenin or his own speeches. He can still talk about peace Ful co existence and convince from the Federal acres to the smallest Ham he is sincerely Lor an agreement with the West. Comrade Khrushchev can also be Happy that his wildly extravagant boasts get More attention in the free world than the careful statistics of experts on the soviet mess. Item in new Jersey democratic governor elect Hughes can be thankful that governor Nelson Rockefeller and senator Clifford Case sandbagged the Republican organization into nominating former labor Secretary James p. Mitchell As the Republican gubernatorial candidate. The political Advance men claimed that or. Mitchell was a shoo in but he proved to be a shoo out. Not Only did new Jersey remain in the democratic column hut or. Case threw away his reputation of being an All time Winner and May find himself ejected from his Senate seat in 1m6. Item prime minister Macmillan of great Britain can be thankful that the soviets exploded 31 nuclear devices. No one knows just what effect the fall out May have on the world but at least British pacifists Are picketing the soviet embassy in London rather than no. 10 Downing Street. Or. Macmillan moreover can now Stop explain ing to the British people that one . Polaris in Scotland is less dangerous than 50 Megatons in he atmosphere item Fidel Castro surely can be thank Ful that the . Government has hit him just hard enough to enhance his prestige in latin America not hard enough to Hurt. He can be thankful too that Nikita Khrushchev has furnished him with a full set of bureaucrats equipped to fit Cuba in communism s procrustes a bed. Item the mortal remains of Joseph Stalin can be thankful that they have been removed from that Chilly mausoleum on red Square to the privacy of the Kremlin Wall. The stares of the thousands who marched by every week must have been disconcerting especially if he could recognize them As sons or daughters of men he had executed. Item president Moise Tshombe of Katanga can be thankful that Britain France and the United Stales do not like him Lor he has Learned that with friends like these he would have no need of enemies. He can be thankful that he has kept his powder dry his Spears Sharp and his troops on the Alert against the smothering embrace of the United nations. Item but what of the american people they can be thankful for High taxes that keep them Iron wasting their Money on frivolous consumer goods. They can be thankful for the rising crime rate which keeps their unemployed youth gainfully occupied instead of just sitting at Home to Brood. They can be thankful for a prevailing economic philosophy which holds that you can get something for let future generations pay. The men and women on the cold Snow covered coast of new England had some what different ideas. They believed in the self sufficiency of the individual. They hoped to create a nation of self reliant people dedicated to ils conscience rather than to its pocketbook. In the Many thanksgiving Days that followed As the pioneers pushed out of the East into the Prairies the mountains and the Golden Pacific coast they dreamed of a nation Strong enough in its sense of Mission to do what was right not to submit to others whose Aims and actions were destructive of the Republic. Today s american can be thankful that he has put aside this childish nonsense and become a cipher in the statistics of the United nations. Inf Krit Urei Phil Sci som Ghana Republic not democracy Bernard j. Bidder publisher Gustal a. Norden general manager Elwood r. It dirty do Rector a 11 Miriam editor wit to g us incr Etc Yuri editor Arnom Pusi editor was Essl not film Iua it lit to Colon do when the White Robed fetish chief splashed Gin upon the ground to insure Queen Eliabeth h s Safe visit to Ghana there was a suspicion that the Queen s Host needed Protection More than she. Under .-educated president Kwame Nkrumah Ghana is a Republic but not a democracy. Scarcely More than hours before the Queen s arrival for welcoming ceremonies at Accra Airport four gel ignite bombs had echoed through Ghana s capital of Accra. One of them damaged the foundation and blew the feet from a Bronze statue of Nkru Mah standing before parliament House. It was visible evidence of opposition which exists to the Iron listed one Man Rule of Nkrumah despite imprisonment for scores of his political opponents deportation for others and courts empowered to order the death penalty for political offences. The Queen s visit authorized with grave misgivings by Britain s Cabinet and Parlia ment also provided evidence of the disproportionate influence wielded by Ghana on african and world affairs since on March 6, 1937, it became the first african nation of this Century to win Independence. Britain s decision risking the life of its Queen against possible embarrassment to Nkrumah soon must be matched by the United states in a decision of another sort. Weighing also against the Queen s visit was Nkrumah s Frank and brutal disregard for human liberties. But on the other Side of the Coin was the blow o Nkrumah s pres Tige should the trip be cancelled and the possibility that he would be driven further into the arms of the soviet Union. The same considerations face the United states in a decision soon to be made on Ghana s request for Large scale . Aid for the construction of a huge hydroelectric project on the Volla River. Involved Are possible . Loans totalling Well Over s100 million. Ghana pins its economic Hopes on the Volta project. It is expected to generate 76s. 000 kilowatt More than 20 times the Power available to Ghana today. A huge Lake behind the dam is to create cheap water transportation and an Abun dance of water for irrigation. . Aid for the project seemed assured last july when president Kennedy wrote Nkrumah that All major issues in connection with it seemed resolved. Then came Nkrumah s visit to Moscow and an increasingly hostile attitude toward the West climaxed by the Belgrade Confer ence of uncommitted nations. At Belgrade Nkrumah supported Moscow on most major issues. With that came a . Reexamination of its own attitudes. Nkrumah once described himself As a marxian socialist i am not a com More lately he has described his administration As applying guided Una Ltd Prii revolt against gobble pm 111 boys off and on i be been lampooning the super government boys specifically on the shaky Fate of their Dade county Florida fiasco. Chortling comes from. The fact that the . City gobble pm up boys had so hoped Dade county s metro would work brilliantly so they could Strain anew brainwashing . County to try the same thing. Did a piece when a referendum vote saw Dade county s metro squeaking through with a paralysing with a note supervisor Frank Bonelli sends a Wall St. Journal edit. Recruits to sanity Are Welcome so this space opens to them. L. M. I can Sny amen to tie Adacher reprint of editorial in the october 20fh edition of the Street journal. I have strongly a advocated to whomever would listen to me hat we must Jana Fri Nepal psf the inherent danger of metro poll Nii government under any it disc be it centralization of government. Multi per Post distracting act or any other metropolitan Iype of government. I again reiterate the cities Anil county of this and cars ran meet the challenges confronting us via the Levels of government we now have and hat local governments Are Tetter off when icy Lay plans and them us cooperating hut autonomous units. Continuous vigilance ii City Imd county Levels of government is imperative. With kindest personal regards. Frank Here s the journal s comment Experiment in super government one of the most persistent illusions of our times is that problems of local governments can Imp solved by passing Plieni along to a Lugger governmental Mill. Thus we have seen the slates surrendering their responsibilities and Many of heir sources of income to the Federal government. In the process they have become dependent to government for substantial amounts of Money and us a res ii hey must accept directives concerning How that Money can he spent. Today much study is being Given a Type of administrative reshuffling. Jinny metropolitan areas Are made up of local government Jungles if is suggested that sort of local super government rutting across town county and even Senle lines be established through which local units and financial problems could to handled More efficiently. A Case in Point is Dade county Florida of which Miami is the Hub. Many cities Miami is surrounded by a Complex of Small local governments each with its traffic Law enforcement and municipal housekeeping problems. Almut four years ago the local Mills formed a larger Over All governmental Agency called metro designed to assume control of and unify mos services previously provided by the fragmented local governments. Yet however workable this plan appeared on paper in practice it Lias shown serious defects. One argument in ire half of this super government was thai it would serve the municipalities at lower Cost. But metro s operating costs have risen with corresponding in creases in axes from ss-1.2 million in its first year to million in the current fiscal year. Besides the super govern mint is not actually replacing local units services hut Radier has teen Many of them. Residents the other Day voted by Only a slim margin to keep metro indicating unit numerous Dado county taxpayers have income disillusioned. So the Aniie county Experiment suggests Ilia local governments arc better off when they Lay plans and execute them As cooperating Hill autonomous units. The Only real obstacle to his is local inertia. The Joel to plan also demonstrates an old historical truth that lie farther government gels from the people who sup port it the less it will be concerned with hem As individuals and the less efficient More costly and Moro domineering it tends to become. Keep faxes Down this we re All for. Yel super government s a Booby trap. Politicians close to Home can be got at science at work until men or probes can actually explore the Moon scientists can theorize about its puzzles based on observations and deductions. And one Moon student Harold Urcy. Thinks the major features the Moon its great seas or Plains and its mountains were formed about billion years ago at a time of great collisions with meteors. The bombardment he believes lasted a relatively Short time meaning probably less than one million years. Other hits have been scored since then but Urey thinks they have mostly produced Only Small craters. There was at least one tremendous crash he adds. H hit with an Impact equal to about 1go billion medium atomic bombs or More than 100 million times the Energy of the largest known earthquake. It apparently happened about three billion years ago the University of California scientist writes in the annual report of the smithsonian institution taking a 10-year look ahead a general motors corp. Executive predicts cooking will be done in seconds dishes washed and stored in minutes and completely automatic cleaning devices will seek out and evaluate the cleaning problem and then place a program into pc ration to Cope with fantastic not says John j. Ahern. It is Only a simple step from our Industrial closed circuit television equipment to a Home television system which watches Chil Dren in the Yard and controls All entrances to the nov. 22 today s almanac today is the 326th Day of the year with 39 to follow the Moon is in its full phase. The morning Star is Venus. The evening stars Are Jupiter and Saturn. On this Day in history. In 1775, the Continental naval Fleet was actively organized under the command of Hopkins a former new England sea Sapt Aln. In 1869, Congress passed an act which stipulated that the state of Georgia must ratify the 15th amendment to the Constitution before she could be readmitted into the Union. In 195-1, the Council of ministers of the european Coal and steel Community approved a draft of a treaty for closer cooperation Between the Community and great a ritalin. In jfl60, the . Navy s most powerful atomic sub Marine the Ethan launched at Gro Lon Conn a thought for the Day the american statesman and inventor Benjamin Franklin said experience keeps a dear school but fools will learn in no

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