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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 21, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaM-1miinnfwmnt. Thursday. Notum it ii. If it red Smith the proper bostonian Chestnut 10-7 pick to Stop Moreno tonight new York. Tom Weston was a member of the class of 1895 at Harvard which Means lie was sprung More than 62 years ago. If he was 20 or so at then he s got to be rising 83, at least. At this age the under graduate fires have a tendency to Cool. In some bosoms that is. Recently Tom Weston wrote from his Boston Law office to a Friend in new York Between College and the Law school for one year i taught school at Michell s boys school in Billerica mass. The teaching was easy the Nursery and police duties were hard. One Day at recess i heard shrieks and cries and found that one of the Little boys in the school was lying on the ground with one of the big boys sitting on him and pummelling him hard. I pulled the big boy off comforted the Small boy and dried his tears. He was a great cry baby. I have often wished that i had let the big boy Pound the life out of the Small boy or seriously and permanently injure him. The cry baby was Tom Shev Lin who some years later went to Yale and was one of the Best ends and Hammer throwers Yale Ever they next or outgrow it there it is again. Somehow they never outgrow it and that is Why the Ivy league s biggest crowd of the year devout parishioners will gather in Yale bowl saturday piously uncovering As they enter. I a Man in new York remarked to an acquaintance the other Day that you re going up to Truckle and Fawn at the altar this where the other asked for this of course is the week of the game the 74th meeting of Harvard and Yale the rivalry that has exerted a greater influence on intercollegiate sport than All the bowl games and major conference championships rolled together. Ricardo Pajarito mor Eno the Little Bird of Mexico will try to return some glitter of his country s tarnished boxing reputation when he meets Feather weight pro Ike Chestnut to night. The 10-round bout at olympic auditorium be tween Moreno and one of the game s Best ring generals wll not go the Dis Tance if the mexican idol has his Way. I be been training extra hard for this one. I realize that poor condition Cost me the fight when i lost to Jose Luis Cotero last May the Little Bird said. Chestnut favored at 10-7 Odds acknowledges Moreno packs dynamite in either Glove but will depend on Classy footwork the Dusky Ike. Rated no. 2 to Hogan kid Bassey of Nigeria has annihilated three mexican fighters locally Lauro Salas. Kid Anahuac and Ernesto Parra and is tabbed by ring experts and some of his victims to win. A sellout crowd is expected Lor the bout with ringside priced at and the House scaled for slightly better Man the no title record set by Art Aragon and Chuck Davey in 1954. Both fighters should go away with their pockets bulging. The bout is scheduled for . Post and will not be televised. Urcla Over us 3 top ranked teams favored this week new York. Millard Cam Hal j Champion Crawford -5 7 3.90. 4.10, 3.10 8.80, 4.70. Time 1.95 9.30 11.45 1.45 8.30 30.6 39.0 5.40 Trot. Cd Ftp so Foo. King Darnley Hansen .1 Nita Axworthy 6 or. Paul Finney .5 3i 13.3 vat him a lady Eastman 4 41 20.0 Lis Bee Belle 1jo mile 3 Traup opt com. Gran Vino 114 a Euxine 107 rewarding Len mile 3 claiming credit dancer 111 Heller to All s gift 111 a cipro 106 Cosmo Lea 111 condemnation 114 Strong sue 114 Mary Darlin it my Jezebelle 111 Miracle girl 112 Hority lilt Kinc 111 i Omboy 106 a King s pass 106 seventh the searcher Den notes 119 North end Ord Book 117 mile 3 claim link. Mrray 7 5 21.1 _. Ftp Delmi Nancy key Stover Selma boy Shank umber miss Corley _. 6.10, 5.20 1.10 8.80. Time pure. C. Santa Primrose Eastman 2 11 be Bonay Tisher .5 ceo. Primrose 3 31 Luth Prudential Hansen 7 4 i 2.4 Wood Tass 4 fi1 11.5 miss Beaumont Halden i 6 i 8.2 3ella Tasa planes 7 12.1 9.00, 4.70 3.80. 2.80 3.50. Time j Traup. 109 tribal Wai i approved 104 Majill 112 dark n phar 112 right Bra kit 112 a Amble Klip game race results chief win Gay Williams 2 i l 2.9 Jacobs a Peter Bailey .3 Mckinley shone key 7 4" 1.9 Lral Bailey .5 i Black Stover .1 6 3.3 miss Prim Szto 4 7 32.0 4.40, 3.60 11.60, 8.50 4.70. Time Clrar and full 3 yrs. Up 6 fur. 52000. Paquta 9.20 2.80 Vars Costa 5.20 mute Fly Dominguez _ time also Dudley night act Graceful Eye. Fast tartan Dinah sea. Our Merhl. Lemon ton. Ultra Ultra. Roatcap. 2i 6 31 12.-i timely Way Boardman 4 4-1 s.6 Myrtle sue Askernia .7 51 8.7 Jip and tuck 2 b l Defiance Dennia 37 Mutmhv-8.00. 4.30, 3.30 4.80, 3.40 5.60. Time it appears that he Shenk Man thought he was operating on Roy s Shenkman held that this was an implication he had per formed an unnecessary opera Tion and that it reflected unfavourably on his reputation. Shenkman s suit to colled the fee had been settled by defensive coach of the Chi previously. A state supreme Cago bears and be kicked up court jury set the fee at stairs in the packers Organiza for the operation and treat if Tion. Ment. I have no idea where a re a port like that could have said Vern general manager of the a i tonal football league pack ers. We Arp not interested in contacting Shaughnessy. It s the Chicago american which carried the report in yester fur. Elf. 3 5t. Man. 52000 Queen Cole York 4.70 2.90 2.50 going West 3.70 2.90 Quene Alice Petite ruler smog free. Deaca Mara. Uriah Call glory burning Ayr Dale Trabue 1 Nolan sign Dennis my Quinto Uncel also daily double paid 6 or. Fillies. Elf. 1211 Timber Tony in trial 6.60 4.20 3. Up in smoke Trejos snack time fax relm 3.40 time Alsa Sandy Dot. On take. Tony s Bell. Lydia a. Bess and Honey. Alale Misa. 6 fur. 2 cog. S2200. Lall Van Cunil Schaim 4.00 2.20 Pasadena slim Volzke re armed Bim far Holm also latin Romance. Bar Nice a. Bull Justice. Time Kaver. Scam web. Ahead. Fifth-6 fur. 3 yrs. Csc naughty Ike York i .11.50 5mo Hemet Star Maeser. 13.60 s.30 5.30 lira s Jet. Destroy. King pal. Mladar by. Flour. My. 3 ferret diary lie. Kerchief. S2400. Chison hit Best against senators Chicago. He the Chicano Perm it Dave Psi Coyet solid Here Goldser also ran special Best hit Washington Bat .300. And their Day redi it Learned against Baltimore of the purported a-216 worst final seventh i 3 or. Up. Bethard vol Kei .13.70 5.40 Alao ran eur. Fly wheel. 3.90 3.90 4.00 change from a reliable yesterday. Next most troublesome sox batters were the new 3 up. Cle. 52200 flying venture Dominguez 9 20 Rowdy Teal Rholl to Dine s.20 face. Cal mint. 81500 Trot Quai c. Cams b. Is 800. Sign Ddll 1.0 direct addle Grenier 6 10.3 or. Blackbird Mcelmury 2 3u 12.0 Ackermn 3 5.2 Irving 5 6 11.2 2.50 3.20, 2.30 3oomerang Ackermn 3.10. Time Trot. Cml a. Moray Parkinson 1 1" 5 21 Rish Graham 5 air Hanover Bessier 3 Model heir Crawford 5 Jim o Flaherty Pownall 6 Mudge Hanover o Brien 4 s.10, 3.90 .70 3.10 1.10. Time mlle. Trot. 87500. Corleyt-----5 1 us Hal i major Hoot flt a Butch Hanover Vici Novar key 1 2 o Bri key Ark Ien 3 8 2lynn 4 .11 1s.s bold Rodney Parkinson 2 8. 7.4 Ras Matz Sugg .7 7 33.5 do Deadbeat for second. 4.00, 3.60 2.40 2.70 2.40. 2.80. Time Parr class c. Shoo. Tune Byrd Bels Singer 4 1 Brewer direct 1 2-1 24l9 Cofone l Lynehan Irving 2 3" 4.6 Tommie Tass a Echmond 6 4" 12. 10.1 Evest me s 7u 10." Scotty Adam Eastman 7 23.1 Muinelo 4.00, 1.90 19.7 7.70 3.40. Time York Yankees who yielded 1711 Blind Erbar hits in 751 at bats for a total of .227. Far East hails ring Champ Tokyo Cut Kenji Fukuchi of Japan produced a major up Rick Over foe tonight 3.90 k.2i out 4.30 also ran _ Little Ruth one selection Rook Kenmore set last night by wresting the far Eastern welterweight Box ing title from Somdet Contra kit of Thailand. Oakland an Bob Sattur Field hard punching Chicago favorite Phoenix Ariz. Tit Zora Folley of Chandler Ariz., one of the top ranking heavy weights yesterday was rated the favorite for tonight s bout with Duke Sab Dong of Hawaii. A crowd of 7000 tangles with Fukuchi floor Ynn trait there Howardl Kinc of Reno nov., imps and emerge with a Zivin he 10-round Fon lure it to animus a Cliflon in the 12 Oakland an Liln Riim tonight. Bout Fukuchi weighed Salt Oriold. Winner of fight pounds. Yon Frakt his last 10 boils. Is a slight was defending the title for to whip the eighth time scaled 146u. I Nevada Boxer. Batteries used rebuilt new it up i 12 Voltl rower House Matt inv co 9m e. To of a unlit in open Kundayi electric shavers if la i for electric shaving we have it by 3-9171 35 so. Loi rom Pir Kmit m i i. Juu May forego operation on supped disc Cincinnati Ohio. W re leg first baseman Ted Kluszewski indicated yester Day he probably never would underp.0 the often discussed Back operation for a slipped spinal disc. Kluszewski said the slipped disc was less painful than the clinical tests that produced the diagnosis last Spring. He said his Back feels real Good now. Mithen s Handicap by Mike Mckibben tint. Treck. Foil my c. Jos Edile real Scot Jay Watts t Morgan Trot Bond Hanover o Brien 2-1 Castle song Leonard 3-1 this Ibel Singer 4-1 California lad Tilsher 6-1 Karl s Rodney fairy Boardman ter Hoot Jessie Bay Hoyle Primrose Sioval Rodney Vrouir. A Kilt Steve Bel Simcer and or. J. No Esbun mrs. H or entry. I Boll Hanover. Pom. Castle Soso Danterrius if will Loti Williams. Or use i Bivins i chief if Nevi Iri Abd Froit k key i Black Letty Bertsle Ross Maxey Ipa Sei Jose Dale real Scot could there. Jay Matts set a. Late Pace. Wire. Cal Torma lad some races Peggy Okay dangerous my k. Lily chief. Contention runs face c. 11500. Am Young ate. Over Colorado ick Stuart Winter Star Pittsburgh. Of Dick Stu it whose indifference As defensive player Cost him a Lance to play in the major Agues last year rates an her Opportunity the Pitts urge. Pirates were advised esterday. Stuart playing first base Ith the Aguilar Cin Aenas am. Is leading the dominican Public Winter league Bat is with a .386 average. He hit six Home runs two Ore than the league record. 3xy Mentor still juggling starting five applying the scientific meth 1 of experimentation to his Iam Occidental College Bas netball coach Grant Dunlap juggling the team in an at empt to come up with the get combo when the Tiger basketball season opens on de Ember 2. The squad a month of prac be behind it boasts depth and Ood defense As its primary at but the Early hat it would be lacking the offensive punch so Neces Ary to basketball seems to ave been justified. Howard Safier the team Captain has the Best Eye on the squad and is counted upon to provide some of the Point production that Ted Tiffany provided so Well last year. According to Dunlap the earn is showing steady improvement every week. He tentative would e More earn lists Safier and Jim Hompson at guard Bill in Oes a big 6-5 Center Wai Jennings and Dave Whitener t forwards. Keeping right up with these men Are Ken Butler Al rals on Bob Gutowski and pet. Army Back May miss 100 Points new York. Of this sea son s major College football scoring Champion May win the Itle with less than 100 Points he first time that has happened since 1948 and Only the Hird time in the past 19 years. Bob Anderson of army leads he scorers with 84 Points and Las. One game left against Navy. The Odds seem stacked against Anderson scoring three touchdowns against the mid Dies. Jimmy Taylor of Louisi Ana state was second in scor no with 74 Points and also Jar Only one game left against Tulane. Stuart Vaughn of Utah retained his Lead in pass receiving statistics from the National collegiate athletic Assn. Bureau showed with 49 passes caught in nine games for "27 Yards and five touchdowns. Gary Kapp of Utah state was second with 41 receptions a91 Yards and four touchdowns. Vaughn has a Chance at the All time season record of 5" Brown o and 864 receptions by de Fordham in 1952 Jama Don Fowle bubbling Oasis Rodman or. Kurylo Wka Boring Sart Dean Stover s. Thomas Rouse ree b. Bailey Ottle Myrtle it Valles key Victory eve. Class drop Lakedale Sis just missed. Hap1 broke when fas ored. Dama Don going Well now. Ember Wayne Beattle Hatter Hanover Boardman Oby Barry Bailey Spring again Pownall or Scott nut Onla Cartnal Nina Dale Bell charming Knight Blessinger wish again Hansen linger Woollen Cronk Cleo counsel Rouse Amber Wayne could make Here shafted Hanover us missed. Toby Barry Hart some excuse. Spring again closed Somi around. _ Yards gained by de Barker of a Washington state in .1951 Vaughn needs eight catches and 137 Yards. Last saturday against the air Force acad Emy he caught eight passe for 178 Yards. Tom Greene of holy Cross leads in total offence with 1323 Yards in eight games and Leon Burton of Arizona state Tempe leads in Rush ing with 967 Yards in eight games. Bob Newman of Washington state is the leading Forward passer with 90 completions in 163 passes. The leaders in pass receiving punting scoring punt am Kickoff returns pass receiving games c it. To 1. Vaughn. Utah .9 49 727 1. Kapp. Utah state 9 41 b91 3. Ella been. W. St. 9 37 111 4. Dugan. Dayton 9 35 536 b. Glt Bons. Iowa .8 33 518 6. Jamison c Gate. 8 29 412 Navy 9 27 10. Cart fled. Cop. 9 26 ten tub pts. A 1. Sherer. So. Men. 7 25 2. Hall. Idaho 9 18 3. Gordon Tenn 8 31 4. Nesbitt. Ark 9 30 5. Jordan. Vii 9 32 6. Wilson. Urcla .9 509 347 321 All Wayne Seattle role my boy Stewart Little Mil Czar Volo Willumat or. I Jalo Chappell 6-1 reel Pilot Bailey utter nut Lane 1 Monte Hansen Enford Woollen Jungquist Lack minx Pagel cry c. Baker Kati Wayne dead last As the. Charlie my boy Seldom wins Scuor. Good try in last. Maesalo rom Clever stable. Scottish Princess Wheeler .3-1 Alloa babe Pownall Cal Morgan Bobby la Rue Dennis Alley there Alan Bels surer Eddie Towne Blessinger k. Funderbury entry. Little ji1ss Queen Edge. Czar Colo a based Well. Scot Trot. Rimming. Ord Marlon c. Cartnal .5-2 in my duty Redden 5-2 Lincoln the great i-2 Keda Idle Tissier 5-1 Iloria Tass Hansen Yaquina Short Tario Tass Tassi rave reticent Akoury Venado Belli lord Marion c. May have Edre. Mcduff could Lake Rno Lher. Lincoln the great fits Here. See , note Driver scotch late Fitzpatrick i .2-1 hops --1 dels Way to Arlen .2-1 dec Lite Frost Boardman .4-1

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