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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 19, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaTo to Mem tent Toi Uay. Noviski if. Prep Michigan makes Hayes forget Rosl bowl Lookout Mike Spencer Muir did t win the Turkey tussle the other night sharkskin suit did. At least that s what several of the foothill league Champion players maintain. They Call it their winning suit and have As an incidental coach Don Hunt buttoned up inside to see that no mud is splattered on it and the proper care is taken of their sacred secret weapon. Seems that while the shimmering attire is patrolling the sidelines during a game they Don t lose. Or at least they Haven t lost yet. The Mustangs fell Only once this entire year guessed Hunt was clothed in Black. When the boys clamped he says and so now i Wear this thing to All the the big Mustang Mentor seems to take the not too common attitude in stride knowing As Well As anyone else that his clothing has no bearing whatsoever on his mighty squad s fabulous showings or his ability As a winning coach. He just does t want to take any chances. Odds ands ends department Jim who handled the sidelight coverage of the Gigantic City struggle saturday night gathered some colourful dope on Hunt and his Mystic regalia. Jim stuck so close to Hunt on the sidelines that Don almost put him in at quarterback when he was Clearing the Bench in the final period. Here Are a few of Galbraith s observations gathered through chattering Teeth immediately after he left what he termed the Arctic i be heard that Hunt was an extremely durable football player during his collegiate Days at Urcla. But he surpassed those moments tonight. It cold on the floor of Horrell Field and Hunt with that thin summer suit was t bothered a bit. He paraded in front of his Bench As if he were Waltzing through an incubator. Protected by a Topcoat and Woolen mittens i almost froze while standing at Hunts Side. At one stage of the game i wandered Over to pcs Bench and watched coach Dick Simmons. He could t freeze up. Dick was Yelling and wildly waving his arms spurring on his team but keeping warm too and the band played on besides that Pasadena High s behind the bulldog sending out torrid heat Waves in Large measure the bulldogs loss might be attributed to the loudness of the bulldog band blaring into the cold night air. I heard n couple of the Fps players Waddle off the Field complaining they could t hear the quarterback s signals because that Bass tuba s tones were still singing in their ears. Speaking of the cold this might serve to illustrate. I noted one player shimmy up to one of those portable water tanks and shy away in horror. He pressed the Button appropriately marked press and out shot a steady Stream of ice. Anyway next year i la know to bring my hot water Jim thought he had troubles. He should have been in the press Box with various school and City officials several hang ers on and a Lone member of the press. Someone had taken upon himself the task of carting half of the chairs in the place and when mule coach Don Shoup arrived to spot the plays and relay them via Telephone to Hunt on the Field it was suggested he Curry out to super Market and pick up in Orange crate. He did t have the time. Besides All the markets were closed. So Shoup was forced to stand throughout his important Job. _ off to one Side were what appeared to be a couple of juvenile bookies perched on the valuable chairs. They were joined at half time by a couple of their footmen who Evi quoting the latest Odds. Somewhere near the end of the third Quarter they grew tired of the game and left. Coach Shoup realized what had taken place someone else had grabbed the seat All in All it was quite night Columbus Ohio. Of Rose just concerned about our next opponent them one at a that formula apparently has Tian proved a Blessing in Dis two Able bodied halfback on better than their highly touted we always Tomk our no mistake about turning to Michigan Hare. A lot by that Early season beat it Hayes is going All out to said the main Job would by try. Bowl or no Rose bowl Ohio state s big ten Champion by that Early season Nayes is Guing on , against arc Nevaj Wigan it made then appreciate beat the wolverines at Anning to Stop Swift halfback this saturday in order to put worked wonders for Ohio state every win they got. A team Arbor saturday. That is some Jim race the frosting on a glorious the outspoken Hayes that can take those whippings thing Buckeye teams have t pain. Who has produced three big and Bounce Back is a Mark of been Able to do Only the game at Ann a Bonten championships in the 1955 in the last decade. Won t mean a thing As far As four years and 23 victories in Hayes said Ohio state we Are tremendously Happy Aua is the buckeyes title and conference games. In much better shape phys lat winning the title but at the bowl Hopes Are concerned.1 we have made improve Cally for Michigan than for same time it could be our it will be they Are already in the bag. Ment in each game and Belowa. The Bucks were with doing this week Vetari to Sta coach Woody Hayes said the Hope to show it just one More out their top ground gainer said. You Are either getting second Towin t Lotta. M big Ien Crown i seven defense. Only looking ahead to the Rose Hayes said. Bowl he s done was to order Wear in Pasadena. When we started this sea go this far. But we just tried title and Rose Bow trip. But Clark was t my big worry last he said. Woody not looking theod. Hayes said. I m ing 18-14 loss to Texas big problem was to put other than that we Haven t to get better and any interest in the Rose bowl he said the buckeyes open and scorer Don Clark against better or getting big standing still because when conference victories. The other sports Coats Lor the squad to son we did t think we could Ful Hawk eyes 17-13, for the you Start slipping you was Hayes 1954 in Lowa but still edged the Power _ aft incidentally if Ohio state Hayes thought Iowa was a magnificent football but the Hawk eyes offence was beaten powerhouse. Spartan coach Heads All stars Miami. In the shrine named Michigan state coach 3ugh Duffy Daugherty yes erday to head the North team n the annual College All Star football game in the Orange bowl Christmas night. Daugherty coached the northerners to Victory Over the South All stars in last year s Charity game he will e assisted this year by Illi Nois coach Ray Eliot who accepted an invitation from Fame director Andy Gustaf son Miami coach on Satur Day. The South team coaches have not been named yet but one of Bobby add of Georgia tech if the engineers Are not invited to a Post season bowl game. Daugherty has kept his Michigan state eleven in the nation s top 10 teams for the past several years. Muff men s Handicap by Mike Mckibben tuesday Kov. It 1967____ 1 Trot cum c. Ann Modulf 3-1 Bellini Lus 7-2 Guy flare 4-1 Llesi to Valies 5-1 Clyde Bonne Wiley Tasa Gernler shy Scott Wheeler silk Losolis Morran Nua Axworthy Luther pay Wayne my Murray Ann Mcduff placed in last 3. Bel Lini labs closed Well. Guy flare just missed. Miss Ilo usually Cloae mile. Pace class c. S13j Bonnie Lee 3-1 i sign 7-2 Brise tout 7-2 Helca. Trust Smiley Frost Valles key Queen a Glamor Bei Asinger or. Ton Short Colleen Woollen Crawford Lily chief Madill mob by Peter Bailey miss Bonnie Lee had Early Speed. Hal sign Driver change May help. Brise tout not out 01 it. Helga Trust raced evenly. Mile. Trot claim Lar. Rio Visti 5-2 senator Comet 5-2 Lincoln the great Joaquna 5-1 sister Tass Tass Gloria Tasa Hansen Logan Bell Rio Vista better Post today. Sen Ator Comet forget last race. Lin Coln the great real contender Here. Joaquina beat . Golden Gate race entries Cloudy Muddy by United press 8 Furlong is. 2-year-Olds, mans. Claiming. Greek Bossy 110 Rose p. Lit Cisco Centavos 115 Grey cup 118 River Sand 118 118 con Jan Bell Ertile 115 rack of san Anle Mcgee 115 Able bound Ella Talina 110 , 3-Yetr-Olds and up claiming. Stars return 112 eumenides Pat s Hope Roukh next Penny 109 11271 Jarrup 112 i hoop 112 no Conlan 115 Cha Litick 112 drum drum 109 112 112 115 112 Furlong a. 2-year-Oldi, claiming. Hoops Bellfw Ine valedictorian fast Down Roll to sir 115 Royal Pasha 113 118 con Van us 118 Victory spark 118 118 parti Royal. 118 Sweet trip 115 Ronnie s baby 115 i furlongs 3 com. Hii Toloui boy 112 doubt maker 112 taboo 115 bibles e Bond 112 a Early Choice 107 Darling Ruth 109 a sea Horn 107 beam Sierra 115 Man 112 direct current 112 Bart f tick 112aabercon 112 Good ruling 112 mile 3 claiming a Bunny Bueb. 112 Golden Rock 112 Fleet 118 existentialist 110 smart Apple 113 colonel Pipit 112 a regard Fra 110 Milt 2 or. Opt. Claiming. Ardent love i Calla Pade ill tree 114 x Flanders 109 Yard Bird 117 Jim Manikin 114 hard Brook 114 mud it free pkg nth Al furlongs 3 1fo2 122 i let Reid 117 i mile. Mcc class c 11900 Ruth Hal m. My Murray 3-1 miss Cash key Irving 3-1 Diablo Morgan 4-1 hat s off butt 4-1 Orvy c. Baker senator Prim Shank chief dal Yum Williams or Cracker Jack Redden Peggy Gray Mcclimans Armor Cronk Ruth Hal m. Score today. Miss Cash key has beaten top horse. Diablo fits with these. Off can mlle. Fart o. Adios Princess Pownall or 3-1 Little Ralph Finney 7-2 lyres Hanover Irving 4-1 King Gaines t Cronk 5-1 Hamilton Luther Beulah counsel Williams or Santa Alicia Hansen she Candace a gel Royal Ensign my Murray Lyris Hanover May be ready. I Gaines showed improvement. Mile. Pace. Clec. Widower lumber a. Victory Parade Jubilee Hal imprudent Lane Ken abbe Gernler tip Beattie general Tompane Wheeler Toby Barry Balley Hal Bales Williams or Rilma s widower very Best required. Lumber Gal fits Here. Vic tory Parade Down in class. Jubi Lee Hal beat slightly mile. Trot b. 12000 Ethan Morris Payne Hanover David 4-1 Laura Lynn Excella or Jimmy Lybrook Lybrook Jamb Ethan Morris Lait wow Foft. Payne uan Over broke in the stretch. David Carey Hunt on Well. Laura Lynn blk class drop. Pace Cisson a. Lisco Nyland Hanover i Minnie Jean Betmon girl. Little miss Judy Hilo s bomb Man 1 Adios Queen Pownall. Or Nita Rose Croft Chappell a honest Jerry butt Ozark Gal Dennis Redwood boy Boring in time o Brien Nyland Hanover Good ride Willin. Minnie Jean closed willingly. Little miss Judy draws a poor Post. Hilo s bomb May need a race. Mite. Pace claw b. Sum. Sissy c. Joan s commander Hal i Peg e. 7-2 double imprudent Belwin Yates Irving Jackie Adams Redden Power Grenier the Black widow Mcilmurray Boomerang Ackerman Indian sign Dennis Sissy leading Driver. Joan s commander ill recent Good. Hal s Peg e. Won fast double imprudent Gur posed in opt. Cim. New 111 selected land Hanover in 8th. Spot Mcduffe in 1st. Lon shots Willy Tass in 1st, or. Tom in 2nd, sister Infin i-8peedy bund 112 Gold Rill no Loloi 115 amleto Avilla 118 Arsine sinners away 112 Mountain 112 Tass in 3rd, hat s 0 Sineni Jjo Beu a Coli Sci in dts Imru in 6lh Excella in 7lh, in 8th, 112 misty , in Buckeye Flash to wed before Rose bowl trip Columbus Ohio. Opt Sophomore fullback Bob White whose touchdown gave the buckeyes a 17-13 Victory River Iowa the big ten championship and a trip to the Rose bowl plans to be married before the an Nual Jan. 1 football classic. White of Covington ky., plans to marry Glenda Brown 19, a commercial Art Stu Derit attending school in Cincinnati. She is from Flor ence ky., and was Bob s High school sweetheart. They had planned to be married in White s Mother said at her Covington Home. But be cause wives of football play ers get to make the Rose bowl trip they decided to get married championships opening Fri Day at Brookside course rep James b. Fee memorial Tro ing Champ the biggest Amateur Phy Tom London will be one play tournament in of the More colourful participants the 77-year-Oid mov resents match Southern California says Brookside pro George Hea Ney. Medallist Bobby Boughner will be shooting for a Pasadena sweep the youngster from Candlewood country club won the City Junior Amateur lest year hell have to reckon with old pros like san Gabriel cd s Bruce Mccormick and Bancho s Gene Andrews however you can t pass off Mccormick s bid for a fifth City Crown he s one of the most Active amateurs of the South arid in his most recent a tongs he fired even Par to Ivin Lakeside Amateur -3 and 2 Over Jerry Priddy then shot 37 Over the holes the new Crystalaire cd ear Pearblossom where Alex Sandahl sex san Gabriel is the head pro by Don Johnson the Silver anniversary re Newal of the Pasadena City the City championships tees off neat 80 Buck Weaver of flight finals summary Holly Park results 1 mite. Clit. Mario Tass Tusl 6 b. J. Scot Eastman 7 1 1.85 i fc.15 Butternut merge 4 18.80 dutch treat Hansen 3 4" 3.80 pit me 5 51 2.60 Sarah b. 6 i 30.0c Chela Luther .8 7 46.20 Champagne Mattle 4.10, 3.20 6.10, 1.101 1.10. Mile. Trot Clui 0. Hanover Al sky .2 1 1.85 Dolph Hanover 9.65 ahls do 3-i 5.60 skedaddle 9.8 rave Regent amour yrs 6 51 3.5 or. 13.25 duplicate 23.7 Al Jay 8 19.85 4.00, 3.70 8.80, 7.10 4.40. Daily double mile. Pace. Mem. .8 Black Betty 21 7.3 Geod Frost 3j 3.s Terry Tass 41 9.0 Petteb. Baker 51 93.4 Celestyna Hanover pagcd.5 81 21.k Starlette Tass 12.4f Cindy direct 8 27.00 3.00, 1.40 1.30, 3.m mile. Class 0. 11 .80 Adios Marian 9.4 Ancy Mitt 3" 6.8 die time 4" a Jean 5 32.80 Butternut abm 25.80 Debby Dew 2.9f Black mini 10.95 season s Calll 31 10.0 Faye 2.75 Joy Hanover 5 l 6.10 reims Hanover 1.91 Jack Fombelle Lane .4 14.15 our Scotchman 8 36.10 a disqualified and placed sixth. 9.30. 4.70 9.90, .80 3.90. Of tuft Rose Croft pc Suppelt 5 Chatawa Brewer hansenl.4 21 Hanover for Vonc .2 rocket exp i Valleskey 6 41 Vel vet wllllam.i.jr.i.1 Luck freddenl.3 61 Jet tale Ross malay Pace 8 7 miss Bell Grattan s 5.50. 5.39, 3.50. 4.20 3.7s 4.10 10.10 4.65 4.50 12.2. 31.75 mile. Face Cis b. Hal Frost 1" 13.20 Danny Byrd 5.40 Stabilizer 9.60 Ftp Bales am Joy Hack Rico own Byril Cleo counsel 8 15.05 in Lurli. 28.40. 10.80. 7.60 6.00, 4.00 4.4ft. 22.75 51 4.k 61 1.15 14.00 mile. Pace class b. Over Boynuk 8 1 nut Kller .4 4.20 scottish Princess wheel .1 double me Ackerman .2 Carolwyn Grattan Madill 3 51 9.60 Cal Morita .6 61 14.3 Alswor inv lady penal is a Blackstone Cartnal 7 _ . 3.m, 1.60 t.70 mile. Pact. Clui c. Guinea Leata Morcan .8 11 15.95

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