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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 18, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaFutures Tell me Why s.4m Hill by a git Spur Lomg and world with the Beltle to by Carl creator Irton i i Witer of the Earth to in w or tit mfr iffy. I. Tar .1 taif Cather of try me will term a tar. L if you think it will can use my make up i Dave Gerard j Soj promised wow i would t leave the rivets by How does a tree become lumber lumbering was one of Thi earliest industries to be Starl in America. In fact there is legend that Leif Ericson who was supposed to have visited North America about the year 1000, brought Back a cargo of Timber from the new world we do know that one of the first products shipped to eng land from the Jamestown col ony was Timber from the Vir Ginia forests. There Are Many Trees used for lumber in the United states. The leading softwood Trees Are Southern Pines Doug Las fir Hemlock Spruce White fir Cypress and Redwood. Hardwood lumber used for furniture making flooring and certain other special purposes comes from such Trees As gum Maple Poplar and Wal nut. After a tree is Cut Down hand saws or Power saws Are used to Cut the trunk into logs. Then the logs Are hauled to a Sawmill or where there is Vater transportation they Are sometimes floated to the Mill. When a log first enters a Large Mill it May be Cut into two or More lengths. The log is then rolled onto a Carriage which is mounted on wheels and runs on a track., while the log is held fast the Carriage moves toward one end of the track. This brings the log into Contact with a saw which cuts off a slice from one end to the other. This is continued until the log is Cut into several slices each of a desired thick Ness. The rough boards Are then trimmed planed smooth and sorted. Now they must be dried before they can be used As lumber. This is because the weight of a newly Cut Board is almost two thirds water if it were used at once it would dry out later and it would Warp and shrink As it dried. Some lumber is dried by be ing piled in the open air which May take from one month to More than a year. But this Way of drying still leaves a water Content of from 15 to. 20 per cent. Another method of dry ing uses heated rooms called Here a Load of lumber can be dried in two Days to two weeks arid its water Content is reduced to Only 6 to 12 per cent. For floors and furniture it is important to have a lower water Content though for most construction purposes 15 per cent is considered All right by the Way of the lumber that is used in the United states 18 per cent is used As fun die the Riddle Box 1. What keys Are too big to carry in your pocket 2. Why do you forget a tooth after it s pulled out 3. What is the surest Way to keep fish from smelling 4. What kind of Trees should you use at night 5. What is the biggest jewel in the world answers i just cot Back from Funky Towjs-1 harm two xxx to nets _ ogs go too opt the a Yates n080iv with am Swise Mould Testa Mem recipe of any Boot bit the India indent it. Ii. In Puzzle of the Day by Marguerite w. Vaules Tibia Seq v 5 3ou.s Faasou it air Jjo w5-g Isaq to no sao3 i As Traag put b Cai jump v i the Puzzle Box ask your Friend to take guess on this one suppose we could take a big Sheet of thin paper and Cut it in half then Cut that in half to make four pieces then Cut those four pieces in half to make Eigle pieces and so on. If we coup i do this for 52 times and then stacked All the pieces on top of each other How High 1o you think the pile would be the answer will amaze you Miles High 1 we Lille 5 texan Citadel 10 draws 14 Kiln 15 car Ltd 16 crossbar Ink set to female Nti rep 21 Haze 22 Coll fat 23 vibrant Brut 31 brusque. 35 Kwh adv or Ohi. 1 Nen Hyfred in Modle Eastern rein non. In straighten ii Stiak Wear it Nii ii meet let 14 1 air Nair to drink Tim old Anu 17 killed m Del Rene. J4 in Send in , 68 la Eraldo Star Lar 59 Struc lit to in tense 51 is profitable by a onlys by italian in moly Down 1 Orivlee. Solution to saturday s Tazzle 2 declare openly 3 Eatn and 11 rain 4 Compass dare ration 5 come b free 7 Border h mules 9 eccentric 10 Small Dromi 11 13 morose. 13 defeats at Brodse skilled 21 deep mud 24 Clynis fruit z5 evade Sledov . 17 Loi tent in pronoun 9 Flint ?0 musical instruments 11 Lull or window 12 station 14 Saline Nln Tenn it Symbol on radar screen 18 Bird 10 make reparation 11 tear 1h Steps Over fences 14 matures 10 anon 17 in Tirl s 10 Confederate in respiratory sound 2 close i ill Lyrl Lingo i hiatus i Island French 37 Cumi Mcd Why we say hard work when we Mick letdown Loday we arc getting net for hard work. The expression begun with the process of buckling Down the Armor u he prepared for Battle. Miss peach the bov5 will now Tell us about their Gopher of Tirol last month we collect up six old toys found Homes for three stray d06s Rychart what do in thc56 mean four old Lapies who helped us cr055 the Street. We have a Mutual assistance with All the old ladies Ini town., a Mccu to your mrs Lance by Warren Tufts a. Supp6n Rojic lanc6 As the truth comes hcw6-. The Sumair lies a Fife of in Miles amp now the ion6 turns impassable. Are Jeff Cobb by Peter Hoffman that Foo whatever he s running from can t be As Pap As setting hit by a i knew it was too much to expect our daughter to turn in at a reasonable s my Coats i Tell Sou Teddy s not in her room her bed has t even been slept Mortimer it ims a boy and he rvs born Deap pave we dip All we could but the Little fellow is gone. Meta ecu Tuut today for everyone conv plete tasks solve problems rive at a basis of better under standing with those in your environment keep Busy Dis Patch Odds and of in fire shed matters. 21 to april 13 Are Strong with part ners and people and gain through getting together with them for Mutual gain or pleas ure. 20 to May 2ft is a Day when bit of Luck May come Way. Your work counts much. 21 to june 20 native character is revealed As you Forward some pet aim or goal ii can free to move about and enjoy life. 21 to july 23 tend to smooth out on the Home front. Ettle any thing that can be brought to 4 conclusion especially to mid evening. 23 to aug. If you think of something pleasant to write or say to others go ahead by All Means. Improve understanding win favor. 23 to sept. This period is Good for Mak ing the most of almost any element of gain. Things can work out in surprising ways 1 if you Are enterprising. I 23 to oct. 22- your personal life and j feelings mood and moves May be accented. 23 to nov. 21. Up Odds ands ends of just rest if you can. 22 to dec. Together with friends or people important to your realization of Hopes and ambitions. Be co operative. F ,22 to Jan. Position pres Tutje credit standing with those about you can be boosted by the right moves and attitude. -20 to feb. 18 the Long Range View of life and situations. A mat Ter linked with a newsy person i can be satisfying and Fortu Nate. 19 to March ready for a helpful change of trend. The business Day favors settling building up assets. Planning november 18, morning of evening of 22, 27, morning 30 december 1, 2, 3, 5, 6. Curly Kaye by. Sam Lett opening sell is about to ring in this bout Between Mike Mason and Vince Reed sure you me know when Wendy arrives i Don t know what it is Windy but there s some thin about that suy with the whiskers yeah. I know what Yam mean. Happy. But a just can t Freddy by Rupe what s the weather report say Komey j it rain possibly mixed with a Little Slushy Snow sounds pretty Sloppy and miserable Mutt and Juji f i 1 got a Roval Al Smith its against the Law to Gamble for i Fine you each thirty but judge we were playing with chips not with never chips represent o.k., Here s my i thirty Dollari words wig Wisdom f by Wiliam Morris animal language As All the world the. Russians have launched their Jav promised second Earth Lite this one containing a the idea of course is to learn from the physiological reactions of the dog just what the effects on hum ails Are Likely to be when they through space. Wits ready named the new Mutnik and it s being sent out into because the first sputnik lonesome without a dog to Bay at. And that s the last sputnik joke you la find in this column. Assuming for purposes of. T this wholly unscientific inv Quiry that canine life already exists in outer space would you agree that the Mutt on Mutnik could comment Catalf with other dogs he might find on other planets that Woulter seem logical for As c. A. Cas tie of Washington d.c., writes Don t dogs bark the same language everywhere in tha world cats Mew cows Low or Moo identically in All the 103 countries of the world. No translator is needed for a bos ton Bull to talk to a French far As i m yes it sounds logical that animals the world Over should use the same sounds to com. Tunicate. But at least to writ ers and speakers of the Vari Ous languages of the world the sounds of animal talk vary greatly from country to coun try. Since my Good Friend Charles Berlitz of the language schools which Bear his name is uncommonly Well versed in the languages and dialects of the world s Peoples i asked him to Tell us what common Domestic animals say in France Spain and Russia. Here is his report the dog in America of course says Bow wow but his French Cousin says Wah Spanish pups say goo while the russian dog growls an America pig says but in France he says in Spain too and in Russia the properly reared american cow says but in France she says in Spain my and in Russia likewise the mice Are really Pesky troublemakers though. They apparently Don t sound the same to humans anywhere. In i America they say squeak in France Kwee in Spain ant in Russia any that s bettor than beep j

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