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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 16, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaIndex Dent thursday nov. U. Mi-l-1 s h timer s it port vests have comeback troubles Bill Sumner Pasadena population Pasadena became tit c largest City in los Angeles county As of oct. 1, the regional planning commission estimated yesterday. Popula Tion of Pasadena is 118-729. Population in the county Rose to a new high1 of increase of during the first nine months of 1961 j and 2.i2.15 l since the 19fio, . Census. We Are at the height of National Vest week and have had some observances of. It locally. Several merchants Are wearing waistcoats which Are not so richly speaking vests. We Are being asked at any Rale to return to the Vest. The Vest As an accompanying item with the ready made suit disappeared along with the extra pair of trousers around the year 1941. They were needed Lor the War Effort and never returned. Few tears were shed for the Vest As i recall it. Most of the Young chaps of the Day used them Prin j Cipully to hang in closets lacking the pocket watches and chains or elks Teeth that made the Vest a smart item of apparel. During the past few years there have been at most populated City la the county except for los Ange Les was Long Beach with followed by Glenda in Pasadena Torrance Burbank nor walk Downey 88.067 Santa Monica and Inglewood rotary program lauded one of the 18 original Fel lows of the rotary foundation yesterday testified to the value of us Tirol in study program rotary i whore club. The Pasadena Purchase of pc car lot land okd for major Purchase of the new Pasadena land City newly elected architect j. Earl Trudeau has been elected 1o the Board of trusted of the Queen of Angels clinic and research foundation j. Norman o Neill president announced. Trudeau is a member of the Pasadeno Chapler served on Llie committee of the building found in mils at a revival of sorts. J get to e impression through Magazine ads that College boys in the East Wear Waist Coats smoke pipes and walk Boul with their hands thrust into their jacket pockets. But that is the mysterious East. College boys in the West seem to be about the same As they were a few sea sons ago and can be accused of putting on the dog if they Wear while shirts and Slacks on Campus. That May be exaggeration. They is probably Safe to say Wear jackets ties and Waist Coats to class. If none of my family has Ever heard of National Vest week and i assume that it has been going for some time on an annual basis but there have been attempts to smart in me up a bit. At various times i have been Given waistcoats. T have a Dandy hanging in the closet now red with brass but tons. There is Plain hanging there. There is another a reversible Cor Duroy. One Side is fairly conservative but with tiie other you d Sharp. And Here is the trouble with a thing such Asna tonal Vest week. When 1 heard about ii i went 10 the closet and. Looked at my vests. You know. You feel if you should join in with celebrations such As this. To one after All has ordered to grow whiskers. But you Chicken out. T wore a. Waistcoat to Stork our look like n poker Plain Olive number come in pretending nothing was different As you might if someone had blackened an Eye. There were a couple of whistles and a couple of com ments about my being a sport or something. And that was the Way it went through the Day. A person would come in to my office and say Llcy you re wearing a or something like that. And i would say yes. I was and finally got to saying so whal and so 1 Wear pants too. That was the last time around in Public. Once in awhile i la sneak Clown to the living room with the red Waistcoat but that is All right. The kids think i look neat in it and say so. To promote the wearing of vests or waistcoats then is going to need More than a proclamation. What is needed is a Telephone Campaign in which a lot of supporters Are enlisted. The organizer is going to have to Promise Joe that John and George will go along if he does and that if they All agree the rest of the Guys at the Plant will go along and you agree on a Day. And a place to meet to walk in together and that s the last time you la Ever gel into something like that. It takes a bit of dash to Cany off such a tiling. It is like wearing a hat or More particularly a Lial with a Feather in the band. K St match population of cities in the san Gabriel Val i american Institute of arc ii Ley As of oct. I arc Alhambra j Teclu and bos previously Arcadia Azusa Baldwin Park Bradbury 616 Covina Glendora Dunne 173 Al Monte j Industry 813 liw Indale 118 Kuenle Mon Ovia san Dimas an Gabriel san Maino South Al Monte ,897 South Pasadena Copic City West Covina Castro will be project Alert topic lose Norman a cuban or 11 years will expose Fidel Castro the communist and gangster when lie Speaks to project Alert planners and guests attending a noon luncheon and planning session tomorrow in Tho american Hall 131 Marengo ave. The announcement made by George h. Coffin area chairman for Sun Gabriel Valley citizens for project Alert. The British Bond Leader pianist and columnist of the Havana Post and times will Trace Castro s wholesale communist an Archy vandalism and destruction from the revolution in the Sierra Maestro Maun transit operator Courtesy safety record r. A. Crabill of Lyn Road Pasadena has worn s50 and the title of Meta of Crealor of the month for his Courtesy and safely record Wilh the transit service. A 35-year Veteran with Meta and its predecessors in and near Pasadena Crabill and his wife Esther have been married 37 years have three married children and 13 grandchildren. Crabill was praised recently by a woman passenger on his Pasadena los Angeles line 71 bus for his Aid in recovering her suitcase. He once received s500 Cash and Christmas presents for 10 years from a Wom an for returning a shopping bag with in Cash and other valuables. Salinger appointed Washington Herb Rrt e. Salinger younger brother of while House press Secretary Pierre Salinger has been named a part time Consul 1ant to the labor department. The younger Salinger 3 a is principal of Ridgeview Junior High school in Napa Calif. Meeting postponed South Pasadena a joint meeting of the Cit coun ii and redevelopment Board scheduled for yesterday after noon has been until tuesday at 2 . In the coun cil Chambers. The Progress of the Monterey Hills redevelop Mem project will be discussed. Gains through his successful purge to Power. The normans suffered from both the Castro and Batista forces As the family Coffee Plantation was entered be tween conflicting forces. Norman s eyewitness Testi Ronny of Castro s admitted communism and the Vit Ifica Ion Irea Clichy and criminal Iru Kalify meted out to anti communists is expected to Point up communism As i attempts to enslave a fre world by subversion and infill coffin stated his group of citizens is planning local participation in the project ale i i Day anti communism school o be held at the shrine Audi orium los Angeles dec 11-15. The Effort is being pre scented by the Navy league Marine corps league in co operation with the american be curly Council and other patriotic groups. The Friday noon meeting s open to the said Offin. He directed queries concerning either Friday s by 2-5181. So Council continues meeting o Sierra Madre the City Council will hold an adjourned meeting tuesday nov. 21, at ., to Lake up matters that were not Cov ered in this week s Agenda. Among the items upon which action was postponed Vas a proposal to regulate the seeping of fowls report on Suffolk Street opening escrow on architectural and engineering study Lor proposed expansion of the Library and on proposed expansion of the commercial zone. The Council held Over until Jov. 28 a Public hearing on proposed abandonment of ale aria Avenue. O n recommendation o f Fern chief Charles Brown Hie. Closed fire area a Roll Nanee was amended to in elude additional land in Oliree foothill areas. Good deed Day was set for dec. 2. On that Day Boj scouts will collect old cloth no for various charitable or Lucky Bucks Here Are big Cash prizes s100, just 1 waiting for you to claim them. Check the Dollar Bills in your Wallet or purse against these Lucky Buck numbers. That s All you have to do. If you have a Lucky Buck claim your Reward by deadline at the Independent and Star news circulation department. Tot Lay s Lucky Bucks 8100.00 x 96896191 a Good until it ., wednesday nov. 22 s100.00 q 37033740 a Good until 5 ., wednesday nov. 22 b 86603436 j Good undo 5 ., wednesday nov. 22 s 50.00 y 01246088 a Good until 5 ., Tite Day nov. 21 s 50.00 82095942 c Good until 5 ., tuesday nov. 21 s 50.00 b 9704146s a Good until 5 ., tuesday nov. 21 s 20.00 x 42620412 a Good until 6 ., monday nov. 20 s 20.00 a 44122681 a Good until 5 ., monday nov. 20 s 20.00 x 84171019 a Good until 5 ., monday nov. 20 s 10.00 q 12047103 a Good until 5 ., thursday nov. 16 10.00 a 45518031 j Good until 5 ., thursday nov. 16 s 10.00 q 36620553 a Good until 5 ., thursday nov. 16 s 10.00 n 65125581 a Good until 5 ., Friday nov. 17 s 10.00 b 39657003 ,1 Good until 5 ., Friday nov. 17 s 10.00 00306744 a Good until 5 pju., Friday nov. 17 How to win at Lucky Bucks 1. Eveir Day. Monday the Quill Friday. Index indent and kill Publ Lih the Lenal of rive Hwi. Each of Bolln will be Worth from Sion in 10 mid each redeemable for a azaled length of ume. One or More new number him null shed each Day 1. A Gnu Nave to do i the Sepal Nam Teri of All the Oce Touar you have. Of one cof Reynonda to a pit jul hed number by Lar it in by the filled time and Date to the circulation near tent. Pasadena inde pendent and . F.-.1 Colorado bid. Pasadena. It will irame Dairty he redeemed for the i ale amount. 3. There ii Anrol Ulerv a Othlar to . R poor in tie publication each that Mil Acu ulv be 1n time where in the Curc Nucion of the pied Tea and stir Netri a. From Llone to mite Durick Blocki dam. Dicu Ali Iii and Hutiu Artrea Mav he announced. Bikic it further the an be until Thi an animations. The two fire stations in Sierra Madre were design ate As collection agencies for a books from America pro Gram which is under the u.5 information Agency. Book will be sent to Asia afric and. South America. R. Bailey was hired As tre Foreman at a salary of a month. Public hearings were Selfo dec. 12 on formation of to additional sewer assessment District s. On that Date a hearing also will he conducted on forma Tion of a Street lighting District in the downtown Busi Ness area. Sopas attorney found dead a 55-year-old South Pasa Dena attorney was found dead of apparent suicide in his apartment last night. The body of Evan h. Sweet of "100 Raymondel ave., was discovered in the bathroom of apartment by South Pasa Dena police. A Shotgun was our in the room police said. He had shot himself they said. No notes were found. The Ody was removed to Pierce Brothers mortuary in South Asadena pending arrange College parking lot for i has been approved by the Pas Adena school Board. Since Jack Cressman Public cd nylons Manaker at Consol Latch corp. And yesterday s speaker was a Boscn As one of the original allows in 1di7. Students ave been sent abroad by the foundation for study in foreign Oun tries. The Cost in contributed funds has amounted to million. Pasadena rotary Iroll did on the basis of per new Memler per rear plus per Moulier per rear. As a rotary fellow. Cross an Al ended uni the Bonila land at 196 s. Sierra ave. Is now the site of a 10 Nihil two Story Brick apart men building which will be rated along with other apart ments and Homes in the area lol. Easily in Canada for a year. Or. Edgar c. Egly assistant Superino curlent of business for this is the first major is not Piini Iascu by the Chase in what is known As the do work Slaith. South Block of the proposed 12-acre parking lot area. Construction of a portion of he Lolik due to Jed underway sometime around the first of he a car. This k known us the North Hunck area. Ii will provide parking or Elkint 431 cars. The North Block lot is located within Sierra Bonilla ant Bonnie avenues on the West and East and Kim Cissi and win slip streets on the North and South. The South Block is Between Sierra Bonila and Bonnie and All land except one on the North and Del has been purchased in inc mar Boulevard on the South. North Block. Or. Egly noted. But he added construction Pasadena City schools said will not be held up if this Par Nevada plans to rebuild disaster r in Tercha nge Las v e g a s the reconstruction if a when completed the lot is expected to Park about blinkers and flood lighted i proved is expected to Lake he was assigned to won t be enough a six to eight months. Nit cd nations in new Vork slate official says and part s an intern under rotary of a fatality studded Section i r he spent six 0 Highway 99 will have to be arc Kulil 1 Ai cell Progress meet set by Chest sponsorship. Eck under the program at Delphi College with 5-1 rotary allows from 35 different countries. In All of these activities 1 reconstructed to Cut Down on traffic deaths. The eight mile stretch near the California Nevada Border called disaster has an ambassador of Good claimed 18 lives in three Colli from the United states to Sions since june 30. All the Anada and to the other rotary crashes involved autos head allows. When i returned towing the wrong Way on a four be . 1 brought Back with i Lane divided Road be a knowledge of Canada and i j. Ottini stale traffic canadians Winch contributed said he rec n of Lull inf Lenl ten rom cd n _ _. O our Mutual understanding e stated. Chessman was introduced by lot Arlan Willis Stork. Frank Vei Riek rotary foundation Hairmon presented a Banner o the club for 200 per cent Artic ipalion in the program. School gels classics the la Canada kiwanis club Las presented a 51-volume set t the Harvard classics to the la Canada unified school Dis Rich. The indexed set was add to the Library of the Junior High school. Ommund spending Aboul to rebuild in inter change near Jean. The revamping lie said would Cut Down on chances of motorists getting in the lanes. Otolini said authorities have proof that a wrong Way Cai involved in a three fall it collision last Friday entered the incorrect Lane at Jean. The interchange was de signed about three years ago he added with an idea o helping Roadside businesses in the area. Croup elects chairman j. Huber. 2231 s. Third ave., elected chairman of the a luncheon to provide Community Chesl leaders with an Opportunity to hear Progress reports and plans for mopping up has been scheduled for nov. 21 at the Blun Ringlon Sheralon. Kylix s. Smeby Campaign Par Schuirman for the enl s committee to plan 1962 Arcadia High school Grad nation party at a meeting this week. Hugh Livie and g. K. Glover were named co chairman mrs. Howard Ducr Secretary the the feul As most important one in the entire lie said the Public was invited and he meeting would be also and mrs. Jerry Luboviski treasurer. More than parents of senior students were present for the first general meeting of the group which or by the coordinating Council. First objective will be to de Loraine places available for Ito the Community. Tickets will be available at the Fiall room of the hotel for . And senior graduation party which will he held off the Campus by the students Choice. The graduating class has been invited to Disneyland where the 1961 class held its All night graduation party last june. Invitations were mailed tucs Iii to All volunteers in uie drive in Pasadena and Almaelena to raise for ,13 red Feather agencies. Others wish ing to attend were advised to phone Chest Headquarters by. 2-5mi before 5 . Nov. 17. When is a suit a suit drinking o Driver to be scrutinized the Drunken Driver w i 1 come in for special attention next month a Holiday Lime from the Pasadena claim by of Commerce safety and fir advisory committee. Special plans to Deal Wilh this problem particularly in its aggravated seasons aspects will he discussed Dur ing the next committee meet ing 10 . Tuesday in the chamber offices. The project will be con chilled through december in cooperation with the los an Geles Chapler of the National safety Council. Emphasis will be on discouragement of office parties in which alcohol flows freely. At this meeting Bob Beedle also will report on the novem Ber project moral emphasis on Safe look to the right. That sir is a suit look to the left. That sir was now steal a glance at what you re wearing. 7s it a suit or was it definite style changes have recently separated the near past from the present. If you Are wearing one of the new suits. We doff our hat. If you Are not. Why not come in and see us then sir you will the reputation of a Man who knows when a suit is a suit Cameron candidate for new 25th District Ronald Brooks Cameron democratic assemblyman from Whittier announced tuesday that he will run for Congress from the new 25th District. The not unexpected announcement was made at a press conference in the Covina bowl Covina. Cameron s decision will pit him against former Congress Man George Kasem of Baldwin Park in the party primary elec Tion next june. Tic Winner of that tilt would Likely run in the november general election against the incumbent Republican congressman. John Rous Slot of san Gabriel. Rousselot has not announced his intention of re Elc Clion but running Lor Tho recent moving of his District office to Baldwin Park is considered significant by some observers. Cameron who was elected of the California legislature in 1958, forecast a peaceful party Campaign against Kasem. I intend to wage a positive Campaign and avoid dogfights with other he slated. He added that he is not counting on outside help such As might he rendered by gov. Brown or speaker Unruh but will run on his own record he said he expects Rousselow to run As the Republican can Didolc. Asked Aboul his Alti Lude Loward Rousselot s John Birch society affiliation Ca Meron replied thai he does not intend to indulge in any hut that he does intend to give tit Lor this was a suit of yesterday. Nole heavy shoulder padding Over full drape wide lapels Long coat length wide Panl legs. is the suit of Loday. Observe the natural shoulders trim Cut narrow lapels Shorter coat length slim trousers. By America s finest makers Louis Roth Hart Schaffner t Marx society Irand worsted Tex Don Richards Paim each 55 155 h dels Cher s men s apparel 615 e. Colorado by All Means use Helicher t extended payment Plon months to Fay Wilh no interest or carrying charges. Always plenty of free parking in Bank lot off a Madison is

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