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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 16, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaU. 1m7 karts Tell me Why Sam Hill Tough pud world with you. Toe Berrys by Tyrl Timber but Peter. He was just practising to be a news wer by Dave Gerard will Yum anybody want my by George Sixta there s nothing potatoes laundry soap rest is do6 food the was you May As Well 61ve rivets his Dinn now. A More 4cusitive, on the Orfeide pushed the Button that forced the out of e Center of the Earth rare i tilt paper Junior a tool mid awarded fur tace alb a the ease of duplicate aut Fuir of Tell me flu select Ute by Cal Alley tue Roatis i sure am glad its Glo she toes t ammo Gettin squished. And we. Still tuve miss peach a hero you re just time to see your in Ota a Fuji Puzzle of Fate Day by Helen Bernard what is a Mineral there Are about 1700 Dif Ferent known minerals and i More Are being discovered every year. So you can see the study of minerals is a rather complicated science. A Mineral is any substance which has a definite chemical composition which is found the Earth s crust and which had an inorganic origin. That Means that i t s immediate origin was not in Plant or Anima life. Home minerals How Ever such As Graphite or Lime Stone were Plant and animal hundreds of millions of years ago. I a Mineral can be in Many forms. For instance liquids such As Mercury and Petroleum Are minerals and natural Gas and the gases of the atmosphere Are also minerals there is a difference be tween a Mineral and a a Mineral is uniform in its chemical composition while Rock is not. Rocks Are usually formed of mixtures of Sev eral minerals. Granite for instance is made up of the minerals Quartz feldspar and Mica. A Mineral will always have the same Quantity of the same elements in it. How did minerals originate if we go Back far enough most minerals were formed by the crystallizing or hardening of a melted mass of Rock. Other minerals were changed from the original Rock mate rials through the action of great heat and pressure Over millions of years. There Are still other minerals which were deposited in veins along cracks and Fis sures in the ground Ages ago. Hot streams trickled Over various materials and dissolved the minerals which they car ried along with them. J How does the mineralogist identify a specific the most important step is to study its Crystal form. When a Mineral is made into a solid molecules and atoms at tract each other along certain definite lines. It results in a regular form of Crystal. The same Mineral always shows he same Crystal form and Dif Ferent minerals show different Crystal forms. Other ways of identifying a Mineral include studying its j color hardness the Way it be i haves with heat and finally a chemical analysis. Fun time the quiz Box presidents 1. What president signed the emancipation proclamation 2. What president helped found the league of nations i 3. What president ordered the first atom bomb to be dropped in wartime 4. What president is called the father of his 5. What president was once a police commissioner answers Adopo Aux s woj g u o o u i q Reir Ejov the trick Box Here s a mathematical trick that will amaze your friends. Show them a Calendar and ask them to draw a Square in such a Way that it includes nine dates. Now ask them to Tell november v it mall Tut lace by Warren Tufts the snows which hit at Ine. Stricken settlers Chi hit at to each the Summit. Each 0v, the i More at last even lands forces to arut 17efeat. The Tsanges Cam no it Joo late to Tufi Back.1 by Peter Hoffman jew Cobb you startled me Comins out of the shadows that you re holdings Why it s a. Away from me keep Baib Crane by j. Winslor Mortimer 1 6 i 10 i t 11 35 is 17 55 to it the smallest of these numbers. In a few minutes you can give them the sum of the nine numbers Here s Hie trick when they Jive you the smallest number in the Square add eight to in and multiply Limo result by nine. Puz7.1 your it t o Deeth or your a Odilles or to my Why Alvo numb. Ape and . A f Luo Beautiful picture mtr. Or trill an Antr a he letters Bolec Ltd each we cop help me doctor what aka you trying to Tell me we be acne Allie could but hopeles5 David t have some Veuy Bap news Coj Tilv Kaye he. That s Odd Wendy promised she d be Here tonight. I Don t see her 1 say look Happy Daye and Windy me Call. Yeah its the first fight they be come to since curly Kaye was killed in that train wreck you re on next Mike. Ready Don t worry pal. Shell show up soon saturday for everyone go ahead with matters calculated to bring you greater accomplishment and gain. Buy or sell. However make sure that you Are proceeding on a prac tical basis. Enjoy some rest Ful contacts relaxation in the evening. 21 to april 19 from a give and take of assistance and guidance. Make Progress regarding in come budget clothing. 20 to May 20 for satisfying achieve ment. Apply to pals dear ones key people for favors. 21 to june 20 within easy reach of others in your customary quarters. Secure favourable adjust ments. 21 to july 22 Down to Earth Bene fits via Brief trips neighbor ing Folk recent acquaintances. Dispatch correspondence. 23 to aug. Seek clues to Basic monetary advantages. Put present assets to profitable use make Neces sary purchases. 23 to sept. Use your ability to express yourself Well to put across concepts or projects today. Alter surroundings. J Libra sept. 23 to oct. Ferret out required data or monetary Aid. Mark time with affairs which demand the Lime Light. 23 to nov. Engage in Parley with Back ers Counselor or associates. Confide your desires Aims. 22 to dec. This As advantageous a Day As possible in the commercial credit and vocational Fields or with higher . 22 to Jan. Philosophical look for changes or surprises. Establish Contact with Distant persons Kin in Laws. 20 to feb. 18 no time in ironing out differences regarding finances. Capitalize in sagacity on credit items buying. 19 to March 20 to advantage the actions and opinions of associates relatives Counselor. Planning ahead Good for entertaining sociability Etc nov. 16, 17, 18. Morning i of 20, evening of 22, 27, morn ing of 30. Words wit Wisdom by William Morris weekend word quiz today s word game is de signed to test your ability to recognize words opposite to one another in meaning. Below you will find two groups of ten words each. The first group is numbered 1, 2. 3, Etc. Ithe second is lettered a. B c Etc for each word in the first roup you will find a word of almost the opposite meaning an antonym in the second group. Thus the word numbered 1 May mean practically the opposite of the word lettered f. Write this Down As 1-f. When you have written Down All the answers Check against the Correct pairings at the Bottom. 1. Radiant a. Merciful 2. Mendacious b. Somber 3. Ruthless 4. Fickle 5. Grave 6. Influx 7. Erudite s. Discreet 9. Eulogized 10. Static c. Staunch exodus e. Veracious f. Untutored g. Belittled h. Trivia i dynamic j. Imprudent iffy Wev by to Type in Cdr information m. Narket place. I Jive Forth. Without end. I Hrubo. Likit. 3 the Aluir Tat i Alan. I imm Mable. 63 judges it pm Ell us. 4 5 so inc g Attr Acala. 7 so be it. to i esterday s Metal. A 10 take off. 11 athletic fold. 12 Perlman 18 Tater let. 13 Early explorer. 18 water est. 23 sunburns. 3ft a accrue err. 28 air. 27 proofreader Mark. Worst up. Few sore. Throw big of fat reihe i Ven Raos never i worser. P even when i a Snewin lower these first pwt Etc up St Hili i Ana eff i r i by Al Smith i happens my Cal on eol Liui. In Roll african the unit. Intr. I taper no Saltre i Marine aft naive Call. M . Ivs Coit something lightaul id the Rye Midlil lir t Tylli d Boll of . Word Bounty though is derived from in a or someone suitable to be escorted. I just dropped the sunday ii on my pc 3 i have such sensitive feet000hthat hurts ouch of of ouch of of of of of Ahoon let me see it Yow we my other foot you gotta i j a note each Correct pairing counts 1 Point for you. A perfect score would be ten eight is Good. Below eight better Check each of these j words in your dictionary and use them As often As possible Jungil they come easily and correctly to your Tongue and pen. Answers a 2-e. 3-a 4-c. 5-h, 6-d, 7-f, 8-j, 9-g 10-.i How Large is your vocabulary How Many thousands of words can you use with Confidence for the answers to these questions just Send a stamped self addressed e i Jve Lope plus ten cents in Coin to William Morris in care of this paper for a copy of his i new self scoring vocabulary lest. It will show you How Many words you know and How to increase your word Power almost immediately j admit it made you forget try Branch Camp Pendleton Calif. The . Marine corps 5th regiment is like a military Man whose Chest in t big enough for All his medals. It has been authorized to add 1.1 Silver bands for korean Rombal service in the 28 it Al ready has on is staff. The state has room for Only 10 More and it can t he lengthened. That would put the regimental colors higher than the National colors

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