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Pasadena Independent (Newspaper) - November 15, 1961, Pasadena, CaliforniaA wednesday nov. 15, 1961 Hunts innit ill rentals and up s san Rafael area 180 Sierra View re. Jell Cifu medallion award Lux. New Ramod. Homes i1kc.-Jax. Call my 1-5351 men. Karl. 1 shop a faqs -0 x m. Shed or Ace Al. Coveie.1 cab Rig. Noii. 3 e full narc room. Prestige bul dings Vej. Choice to. Or Kadi Art. Lii 2 i 3-s a. Cizik Star . J _ 51" if deluxe office Al round floor. In Aie . development offices 4 till fur is Eli ave. Lake Colorado Ideal for couple two st rip v open wed. 1 to 4 . 464 northcliffe of Cut ii Xie off i Avith lie to Lern with 2 Kiy i convertible Wall to Wall re Wilna Ami him Trowt. Kit Cairn who Arnii in Etc Jet la rial j aim a by a-733s open . 393 so. Greenwood Ideal fam la . Is. J Killin area 3 room. Seriously for nit. Kefu asking Honey n Farj Lincoln i Towle Thompson Large family room st pan led v Olli Brykk a i Groom new Contemp. Medallion Home Ion so. San Gabriel blvd. Boulevard in quiet secluded Selling North of Huntington drive wide lot 2 blocks to stores Iran por lation churches Jison co 40 n. Gar Field Pasadena i my 1-69a1 sy3-8iii1 Trade e. Of Lake this is no mistake Price replace All electric Birch Kitchen incl. Dishwasher 30-ft. Patio fenced cd. Sari Marino schools Beautiful living room Stone fireplace facing the mountains Large dining area 3 bedrooms Wilh Large wardrobes i walk in closely room for Sirri Pool Quick the Check Book sevens Tut. N 3? Rev or Ina delightful Pool a i r t 1 i n. Ai.t.m1kxa by _ behind a picket Fence a coix5n1ai.1 Kytka off Farynk Corn no Falln Conolt. Madera col 51exible terms May be arranged Superb cons Duclion throughout by of More than 100 custom built Homes in this area. Open daily sunday by 6-7961 30 Days to 3 bdrms., . Area i in offices Iov cd. Coji Cis Law pm in 1490 Riviera is Avoca by Vii do Kodsy n so ii Only Bales realtor to. No still May sane fir -4 e. Colo top f Anne Perrow by 5-9143 open wed., thurs., 2-5 915 n. Craig i a Andy b j eve. I re. I1010o-s15001 lot. Of liver feel a full Rice 515000 ii own. I bedrooms of a opportune lies Richfield Oil corp. Excellent location partial financing 6 dealer training Callet 2-5131 Burney n n. A a front. N he. Li.-. Err. Anderson realtor i a i so a children s Paradise j owner sell own your own apartment Home the balls 2 by. O c Balcony o i Del Lipil Orloo Hunt saw Jim Dickson realtor by 5-5054 come Home Lovely Whitney estates new n. 7.00k. . I i w Bull a furl goal asking Down Makr offer 543 e. Mendocino hurry just 2 left columns Mcpherson siaj3 Tho Charm of old English Nal Uril Wim i Kllc Lien Wim Hull Lyre Nilly room Ina room 32 ii ill for room Luji to inn room. 3 Juith a Franz associates 093 or. San Marino y 3-1101 my 1-6709 Ift a Comfort where i n . Art Larce. Mii or Ovva walk re t 3 or tools. Tie. Bil. Pm a a mule Rel 1 or kit firn cafe 3y" -7150 c. Milks 2 Cai Paun a a. Faith John e. Grech aristocratic address perfectly Spanish Ken Smith by 2-ni Al so Northeast Pasadena hamburger hand ouf business Home of Oishi Notton a Pimp j Virris. i t a Tiff in. Uinins pm tilt 111 to aug nor Irr if san n Annn Only Nen pcs. Call Recor. 30 Days to sell make off try a tra.1i Jav Nderson j 2 Bdrm. Den is 950 Down this , j Ricaud to . At Jis Soo Evelyn c. Beeson Noyes school of City lights t Rolf in View. Old. .1 menu. Balkh. Inc View family tin. Wlllie fire Ijiro live no pm. T Len Ink pm. R lilt ins in natural won. Hunt it lift by Whipple it s-m27 k. Or pools pools pools Best time to buy a poof 1--n or a Atn 4 tool. High a Glenn s17 or. Fall Illi inc in a new Pool. Only Doun. Al nil. Reich beaut Roll in svs mis lira Lior open thurs. 10-f High in the Foothills t cont of icky fir Williamson co. 1st time offered Small Home 3 lots on Orhal Omer l or. Oil big itome a owner Nilca or. Oil of. Clifton to Kahn by 7-Mi the William Wilson co. Stock 1ss7" Altadena office 1340 e. Altadena or. By 4-7114 Cape cod Rem Phansin o 2 mrm. Cim Tom Btl fun Lily Honor Ulah Beautiful i a flu floors Rory just inv Lar to is t n is. In a Lely 8nt tie iniello pm e rth of Excel . Feenstra 2111 a. A la Mode i mrm in of ukat. . Urine run country club 3300 m. San Mission. For Ortla to Xiii cd term i a or 11 111.000. Walkky Llev five i in a j. Feenstra 1 18x33 filtered Pool Wirf Sulner pm. 2 Rar nor no Nav . 2 3 Bdrm of r-2 lot 11 or. Of. imn if. I in rvs Jim Snell so Norton Wynn Norton realty Stop buy or Trade 4 t. 1joq Al. 4 a latin. A of Imus pm. I nil. Jhu Jevel. Lonnie in in one of s Ritre Willi la Nim Lew of pc t. D. J. Feenstra it Caiji in builders closeout 10 new Homes in Lovely la Canada j1000 ital in. Ilk. Lent or kill 1 i or la Roosis ski Model 5147 no. Crown ave. John w. Dawson co. 3436 n. Verdugo re. Gienopie cm_5-_o67_4 _ by 4 Bdrm. Homes de Canso or. Jooxl50 into ural new. Brand new. Beaut location. Hawaiian ranch Over i m Stincs Nilako one can to Ere any at Roger aver a5soc. Most talked Aboul Home on to sitar left. It h urn n Sikau Tekl j. Kill nines Sale. An acre my in t lice in leu .1 talc. Lev arc in fort in Ilin Lotf pm. Kex Quisick is the a my Ross Baymiller 1fai.tohs. Multiple listing j f foul Lilli iii________sy.11j131 everything for a Large family shh 1000 s u. Lir Vna Stu Isle i acre to Loti Utji Alful nine a i1 re Joicila evil rum Rui room of car in. A Johnp. Till . Fair 1 a Kvek Pool Hill Olvil. Ino. 00. -ii103 Ancelm Crest Ivy. Call on Irr. So 3-Lfill. R hails. To ha., View. I Rte tall. To Kunky s kn1 711 koot1mi.l of my. View 1-Irce Din. A Ixta l oc-1. Era. Curtis co. Multi 1 1.1st my by 6-0295 1043 e. Green 4 bedrooms ratios hic or Al Yolous it comr ii Rake Art Jim lot privacy Kast can jtnss1 500 by Whipple so 1-Tim f All Aultna Lar. For the first time to d . A Pirn up 1n Hie i limn Alert he pm i it Lien Roin Viril. Fun Aprl for privacy Teucke iu011t m i is or s by Ern 8y 1 pin. Askler san Marino open afternoons 1383 Bedford re. Tran lib an Hitchcock he y co 0 san mar pro by 2-4924 daytime at 9-3784 Day or night san Marino very Ilir Active i inn Incipit a. Tills open thurs. 2-5 1836 e. Calaveras can Minnir Purl Ink Krak Oil i Fin. In fre i Arcadia . 0-Ivn. New live it fire i tie 11 room to Ninny Hrnry. J toil room. Lie 11 Kair Jav room. St fico Thomas company 1 Harry k. Paddock value plus mine pts Al Only 337.tipo. M. Bliss keeper 00 item Tunc in or. It nil ___at_7-96_25______ Lovely spacious i Rtin. it to nah. Cd j . Uii. In or a ii. I-.1.j i 1 f 1 Hicl Guerrant Whipple so 025 k. Ald run or. Vre 1 for in in Hump Arfi d l to a run a s in 51200 Down liquor store 5v_______________________ 2985 Bargen Auni Bov Sal Hep Skatt 16 yrs. 3 bdrms., 1 a. Wall to Wall in Livre room a mini Wall clip hrs a i r. I of . Avail at j. F. Stinson fit _ first offering . on n. n. N div York or. 1 by. A. Riff Lam. Pm. Cir d. it new priced in it Uon l mat i or. so Scudo Zeco. Sy5-995b Nan n. 3 of lid. for yrs. A Rill uni. In Uii i nil Stedfield so "10% in a Mirr in re. Ono Hom Aleene Parsons i he Ien Morris so mrs Hester Riddle sob Down 595 Summit a town Kojs Fis l to of a rain Iliili Chih st town to Aptt on1.v not. I or. A Rath Hom noon Vine. a ref ice l so Uncial noon to to full int no to ilni.p.-. Alt paint Arka a steal at is smart contemporary Sherman by 40521 anytime 100 Cedar Artl . Only c1ias. Rav Kils in pm Baths Carlson Guerrant pop. Prick of Onk Veip. Old ill Jisc la Vitur Mit to of to sr1tc.k Kptatf-1. I k n t i. Off at Glenn Ralty. _ so Here a your Chance to own n nr-1. A f. La Llilas dlr have Birm. It 2 Hitun Nam run Vert. Jen f rival r a cow i any _ Hoo put Rtchard Oconnor by 5-705 ask Fri q Dorothy tay1or duplex Khz by y k i first offering . Pasadena Opku b to cell Tali .1 53ooo by 1-.1." i y Span comr. Nitura by he it a Trepl Jack Redford Cummings 2 on lot a u tie paint Lake Tarca. i p. T so 3-Sis go. Tailor at variety rms. Al. View Apt. Almost Brand new i v. 115.96. Total Curtis co. 1043 e. Green deluxe All electric i m Quality Charm View o . 3 list Nike a to err Terlly Sirr nerf a in urn i a lab of ii h Ruth banned or i floor so ,s-93flri its different to litre Ortii or in. Only 200 Chester r. Pyle co. V ---.in___. . No Down . Oak Knoll District tip. luxury Hir Russ failing fam ii m. L Elk. Guerrant or All for Hilfor i Rel co in. On Huj f s 11 e a in .2 by. S350_ s85 i priv. Like Rar. In Lively is Altadena to privacy of a Muj. Without Zartl exre. 2 i Sis. A. Bart tix neat 2 by. , lot us. Pm. Low r r .j.n. I. I if. I in. Pm. Row Fin goo term needs paint Sloop in j r Jack Redford i offs terms 1239 Pinto Resca is "s500 Down Mayek 1. 3 by. 3 a. Of Pool t .a.jieat. Of civil love Jilji r Tri Ralf a for y Fielty. 2 by. paths. Of .iml.traiyd. Post to firn modern. Millie Coon i Immar. 5-yr., 3-Br, lev inc ill inc Ullh tout Imp Cora l fir wharf. In menu to. Intr Hon rib n of suhm1t ik11vn Barbara filly. By 3-5777 brokers open House 2-4 sky View refer. Wilh fire place Pool of a of will for Cummings Cummings on i . So Cummings by Christmas tree Lane exr write Allie finn Lill s. Irenr or Devi a Riddle t with Miklon Tuvil so it custom bal 3 6r, stucco v 7f- Waihun to Down m c up Khz Huddleston san Makino 2 Corror _ Irttie or Lam. In ilex. , Shooni to Fullil Horne a so 117 by owner Kinq Robey i Al kit cd i a Lin i. Value. By sin Fitl. Only in .1 xxx a. Or Andker. Tnp in in m a q q d so j a . Or. Varin i . Top log. Mac. 3 . 2 on lot 2 xxx Zilfi j 2 a f. . Xiv i so vans by Cummings i in. Or less 54 e. N 5cti n Illi Rary 3 i so limit 2 j Al to firms. Air condition j by " Siik you wish to . Is to miss is is -. Ruth Carlson inn a Vir s for Avni . 142s n. Raymond Vai ant or a Fer a s1 i of Cutie in Rosie to s Oliy. By 3-5777j f , i s Roob Oik 6st w. Lith is. R Guerrant 104 Lan. L. R. La or j31mw. By 8-s5i1 cleana3 a ref Sirj re rat in. .1 ski. . _ by s300 Down . Acl. Casitas st s-5919 Liah Reily by. Chi r.1 Yophet Shefik oct Raj dior. Sv6-Iqsol dec i Al _ rain to 1926 Summit 1-bh of Fri 2-on-lot run j Rin cd a., i. He front kit Trie 2-tip. In . At of a Cummings a u Large inert. Only uni 9, Johnnie l. Ross realtor r . Or in . Phone by 6-0311 or Zenith 2330 i j 10jar in my. C t Prici red fail to 51i.9.w Niriam n today. 3 by. A a ran a i. Frances so --.6-1029 it Wren j t1. Stin son by _.--. 4-71m o. P so John e. Grech above jul a s i is tiros by 5.33.w i Ril. Rita of. 2 open mail 2 mth.-. I to or Complete Freace. 1 v to Tompson k. Orch a lure i plus t it Louis to rom n Ilmo. Open daily v-5 cs03 Moorpark ick by s Vei Frank flick by 3-8181 int living to w Ali Vii r 7.r.3 Foo Hlll i Al s i nov in he lox n f pc p for g in f tap. Is Cri Arlof . Fms la the in Lent Art theater i

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