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Independent, The (Newspaper) - November 15, 1957, Pasadena, CaliforniaOutfielder makes big catch1 owner in about Fate. Sells . Home to Mays san Francisco. Of Willie Mays who has made Many an impossible catch in Center Field for the giants hauled in a three bedroom Home yesterday after the Sale was held up because of his race. Walter a. Gnesdiloff who had first claimed that pres sure from neighbors had kept him from accepting the negro Star s bid. Later agreed to the Sale. The Home for Mays and his wife will be located hard by St. Francis Wood an exclusive residential Community Here. Earlier in the Day. Mayor George Christopher had invited the Mays family to stay at his Home until suitable housing could be obtained. What s happened Here is not in accordance with san Francisco said Christopher who played a leading role in luring the giants from new York to this West coast City. Mays disclosed that he also had been rebuffed in his bid to buy another House about five blocks away. Willie said that he had made a Deposit on the Home but it was returned with the explanation that it had been taken off the Market. They told us they were withdrawing it from the said Charles Turner a real estate broker who has been House Hunting for him. However it certainly looked Gnesdiloff a builder and contractor the offered to sell the Home at the asking Price to Mays through Edgar Howden of the Council of civic Unity. Gnesdiloff. Describing himself As a Small scale builder and contractor at first explained his rejection this Way i m just a Union working Man and i d never get an other Job if i sold this House to that baseball player. I feel sorry for him and if the neighbors say it would be Okay i d do it Mays now owns a Home on Washington Heights in new York and after being turned Down had said he would continue to live there and Only stay out Here during the baseball season. I m the say hey kid said before Gnesdiloff decided to sell. But i m not mad at anyone and i Don t want to cause any trouble. There s no use living in a neighbourhood where the neighbors Don t like i Willie then greeted the news that the Deal would go through by saying that s wonderful i m glad it s All feel very said his wife Marguerite. We wanted to live in san Porcu Willit pictured with charming wife Continental boy Birds How Are things in the City of new York now that it has forfeited its two National league teams still bitter very bitter. Take the words by Arthur Daley of the new York times As an indication. The dodgers and the giants will open the 1958 baseball season against each other just As they be done so often in the he reminds. If you want to see it though the Cost will be than the 30 cents for a couple of sub Way tokens. For the trifling sum of any dodger fan now can Root against the dodgers or. Any giant fan can Root against the giants. This will make for the most expensive booing in history but it undoubtedly will be Worth it. The change in venue from either Tri grounds or ebbets Field to seals stadium in san Francisco also will mean a total reorientation in the thinking of the Large Dele gation of new York writers when they descend on the Pacific coast for the openers. In yesteryear they normally were torn emotion ally trying to Root for both teams at once. But now they can speak with All the bitterness of their deep resent ment and even go shakespearean. A plague o both your houses they can say hoping for the worst. The news that the dodgers would open against the giants in Frisco emphasizes anew the fact that this ghost town of ours has lost two Ball clubs. What once had seemed like a bad dream which might go away is much too real. Nor is there any solution. It would t help to bomb Chavez Ravine in los Angeles. Besides Brooklyn no longer has an air Force the record Bugaboo with the referendum movement having succeeded and a Public vote in the offing such bombs May not be needed to drive the dodgers from the Chavez site. Irate citizens May do it. But Daley went on to bring out another subject we is causing concern in across the nation. It is not just a whimsical note of bitterness. It is Plain Cool and frightening fact. There s one aspect of the switch that alarms the chroniclers of the sport. The two California teams will be playing in makeshift Parks while messes. Walter o Malley and Horace Stoneham await the construction of new stadia where they can leave their carpet bags. Willie Mays will find All san Francisco fences within Range of his Straightaway Power. Suppose he were to break babe Ruth s record reports from los Angeles say that the coliseum will provide a Chip Anc putt course Down the foul lines. Suppose Duke Snider were to be inspired by the air of his native California and go Over the magic Mark of 60? either feat would have to be regarded As a tainted assault on one of the most sacred records in the Book. The dodgers and giants sure messed up they Haven t yet. But give them time word now is that they Are expressing the idea of playing All Home games in the coliseum. That As pointed out previously in this Corner should be quite a show with pop flies bringing All kinds of migraine results. Holland claims Victory continued prom Page one arted another big Batch of petitions arrived without fan Are in a private car and four men lugged them into the clerk s office. There the formal filing procedure took place just 45 min utes before the deadline with councilman John Holland the eader of the referendum drive beam ugly accepting congratulations from 15 or 20 of his supporters who clustered around. O Malley telephoned a state ment from new York saying we will have to meet his Challenge. It is unfortunate that the referendum will delay construction of the new stadium with resultant icon Eniece to baseball the statement went on we believe the fans by their vote will resent the Spe Cial groups who have financed the petitions and will support the advocates of major league sponsors of the referendum action claim they have be tween and Signa Tures on the petitions and feel confident there will be at least valid ones among them that being the number Necer sary to put the matter to a vote. Referendum procedure gives the City clerk 30 Days to Verity the signatures and if there Are enough the or Nance approving the Transfer of 300 acres in Chavez Ravine o o Malley As a site for a baseball Park is automatically suspended until an election is n so old it s dear Bob i see by this wednesday morning s paper that red Smith credits our own Bob blackmail for original thinking of a High order Basing his conclusions on an on Side kick developed and used with much Success by Bob and the Dartmouth football team. I hate to take any credit away from Blackman since i rate him among the top dozen coaches but the facts Are that this idea of having three kickers converge upon the Ball was used successfully Many years ago by Pat Page former u. Of Chicago Backfield Star when he coached the Butler College team. As of fact he May have been a copycat himself for i never heard him claim ownership of the idea and it could Joist be that the gent from whom he copied the trick was none other than that renowned thinker upper of Slick football tricks Amos Alonzo Stagg who without doubt successfully utilized Many formations which when sprung today bring loud Praise to their supposed inventor. There was t much that the wily Stagg did t think of and what was left was dreamed up by Fop Warner Rockne and Williams of Minnesota. So with All due respect to Blackman and to red Smith let s keep the records straight and pass the credit along to the old timers who deserve it my guess would be that any old coach collegiate or professional could embark on a tremendously successful career using nothing but the plays and methods dreamed up Anc used Over the years by either Stagg or Warner. Between the two of them they came up with a fast about everything worthwhile except the shift first used by Williams and later improved upon so successfully by Rockne that rules were passed which legalized it but of existence. What puzzles me these Days where the emphasis is on offence is Why this outmoded Rule continues in effect thereby preventing one of the greatest crowd pleasing styles of play Ever invented. A team thoroughly schooled in the used of the Shif formations in the Days when the one second Rule had never been heard of was something to behold. I d hate to think what Oklahoma with its stress on team Speed would do if the one second Rule was removed from the books. Their string of victories would never end. Maybe Blackman can originate some enthusiasm to Abro Gate the senseless Rule. Butler Grad Monrovia Why would Blackman As coach at Dartmouth stump for a Rula which would extend Oklahoma s winning Streak into an endless commodity besides such Fina gling might produce rash of 9048 scores. Myself i get More enjoyment out of one which ends 14-13. You know what happened to basketball it put All the stress on offence and now we have comes which finish 135-123. I be seen better 19-17 games. This stuff keeps up and the Day will come when certifies Public accountants will be re Quinzi to inter pct the news o the Day in sports. And psychiatrists will be required to explain it to readers. Anti dodger filed at la. City Hall Independent Page 21 Friday nov. Bob Shaft editor Aaron selected most valuable new York. Hank Aaron who snapped out of slump with the clutch hits the Milwaukee braves needed to Clinch the Pennant yesterday was chosen the National league s most valuable player for 1957 in a close race with Stan Musial and red schoendienst. Aaron the 23-year-old Power hitting outfielder who led the eague in Home runs and runs attend in was voted the Honor by a margin of nine Points in an unusually close contest that asked Musial s bid to win the season with a Victory take of up the held. That the Duck Cost at Best the election can t be held until 90 Days after it s authorized and the chances Are the City will Duck the Cost of a special one is put the Issue on the ballot in the general pro Mary elections next june. By that time the dodgers in the thick of the rational league Pennant race. But where their future Home will be is at this moment anybody s guess. Eaton Robison tied for Lead Gardena. Veteran Zell Eaton Chino cal., and Gary Robison Houston tex., pro who played his first big tournament last May shot six under Par 64s yesterday to share a one shot Lead in the opening round of the 54-Hole Gar Dena Valley open. The second half of the huge Field plays its first round to Day. The Field will be then Cut for the second round tomorrow and the final round on sunday Over the Western Avenue course. The top 10 finishers i Eaton ferry Robison Tommy Jacobs no Ion Jones red Wiley Ralph Boom mils. Chartrand. Walter Keller Charles Siffort Jack Mann today horse Hollywood Park High Mckinley at Marshall. Eliot at Ivah Arcadia at Monrovia l t rom bowl. 8 . Hotly Wood bars at Ter Hartjen Paramount lot at Para nit not Iceland. At ii . To 7 Orne full m r vhf. From new York s fad lion Squire Garden. Radio Hac a boxing on full or. Natl Rivera from new Vork a 3u4lsoa Garden. C. A. Owen Confer and George Stra Ria Han left unload dodger pcs Muir Battle tomorrow Arcadia Monrovia vie by Mike Spencee Arcadia s determined scrappy. Apaches to close out the with various Zogg in banking is chances on the Poss Bilty of Monrovia going through a letdown stage after coming by Doug Mauldin Al flushed with the Sweet smell of Success after picking or Monrovia s shaken wildcats tonight while Valley s game of the week Between Pasadena and Muir in t scheduled until tomorrow night. Monrovia coach Dink Walker reported last night his team including Ace Back Carmen Dipaolo the Valley s second highest scorer was riddled with injuries and the boys were pretty much shaken up after dropping the Pacific league title to Whittier last a their first win of the week. But they seemed pretty eager in practice he said. They definitely Don t want to lose the last game of the season. The Only thing that really worries me is the possibility of 5ipaolo not playing. He got met pretty bad last week and has been Kinda Gimpy All this week. He says he s going to Start though and the kids de Jend a lot on Arcadia in t exactly in top shape either says head coach Bill Zogg. Well be walking onto the Field at about half even or i Fht players out lancers seek 2nd win against Pierce tonight son last week Pasadena City College s Grinders tie into 107 to 181." Pierce tonight at Horrell Field tent on More of the same. The Kickoff is set for 8 . The contest will afford Pasadena a Chance to Cement its hold on fifth place in the Western state Confer ence standings ahead of Pierce 1-3 and Ventura pc is 1jl-4 for the season Pierce 3-4. This game appears to be a tossup any Way you look at it. The Only Mutual foe the two teams have met is Ventura. He said. We be got the brahmas won out 13-7, two weeks ago while the Lan cers tripped the pirates 12-6, last week. Pasadena has scored 85 Points this season against 154 for its opposition. Pierce Lias one tiling is certain. They won t be Able to accuse pc coach Al Learned of trying to run up the score tonight should the lancers really explode. He can sweep the Bench with one wave of the hand. He has two units and that s it. There Are but 27 remaining on the squad and chances Are a couple of these won t be suiting up tonight Moody Danler Huntress avg of Jug Ford i diet Houser award a record fourth time. A special 24-Man commit tee of the baseball writers Assn. Of America made up of three from each league City gave Aaron a total of 239 Points compared to 230 for Musial and 231 for schoendienst. This was the closest three Man race since 1952, when Hank Sauer of the cubs was voted the Honor with 226 Points Over Robin Roberts of the phils 211 Points and Joe Black of the dodgers Aaron was the no. 1 Choice of nine writers Musial received five first place votes and schoendienst eight Musial finished runner up ahead of his close Friend schoendienst on the strength of Preater port for second arid third place the remaining first place so close to the Champion snip. It s Tough to get Back up after a game like they had last he said. The to the. 24 of the giants the 1954 map and left hander Warren was tonal league s most valuable players from 1931 through Spahn finished 4-5 in the Vot ing. Each member of the com Mittee voted for 10 players in order. A first place vote was Worth 14 Points second place nine Points third place eight Points and to on Down to one Point for a loth place vote. The writers voted be fore the Start of the world series Basing their choices strictly on regular season performance. The onrushing cardinals. There court of sport with Mike can dodgers get by voters the committee to save Chavez Ravine rolled to a halt in front of the . City Hall yesterday in an a Mored truck and hauled out almost signatures of citizens who Don t want the los Angeles dodgers to occupy the valuable site. The great number of signatures will be gone Over now for authenticity and if the committee has accepted the referendum will go before the Public at a special election. But can the bums get past the voters Bob Hathaway Engineer. The election just seems silly to me. It s like Oklahoma play ing Pasadena City col lege. You know who s going to win before the game starts. I can t see a landslide but the votes should be convincing. Norm Ben ton photographer. I really care myself. It probably would be bet Ter if it did t pass hut right now i can t see How it could possibly be stopped. You have to admit the people push ing have a Point. Fen smythe poll taker. I have taken a poll made up of a great number of citizens and my Survey shows 61.2% of the Populus greatly in favor of the dodgers settling Down in Chavez Ravine. I predict a land slide vote Neil Hereford. Restaurant Host i certainly Hope the voters approve the measure. After All i think we need tote dodgers out Here and Chavez Ravine is the Only logical place for them. It will be a shoo in for the bums. Jack Swift sales Man. Considering the tremendous Advance Sale of tickets for the game i d think the people Are in favor of the dodgers and therefore will go to the polls and support them. I personally Don t care. Hank mod valuable. I s award winners York. A 1931. 1957, As selected by the base writers association Triatik Frisch St. Louis.65 1932-Chuck Klein Philadelphia. 78 1933 Carl Hubbes new York 77 Duzy Eean. St. Irala 78 15 Gabby Hartnitt Chicago.75 in Carl Hubbell. New 17 Joe Medwick St. I Xmas 70 j8 Ernie lomb Urdl. Cincinnati.229 1939 Bucky Walters Cine .303 1940 Frank Mccormick. Cine. .271 1941 Dolph cart ill Brooklyn .300 Jorton Cooper. St. L. An to halal. St. L. .267 arty. Marlon St. L.190 1945 Phil Cavaretta Chicago .279 1948 Stan Mullal St l.319 1947 Bob Elliott. Boston i.205 1948 Stan Muscat. By. L. .303 Jit Kle Robinson. Brooklyn.261 k Jim Konstanty. It Roy Campanula. Brooklyn Sauer. Chicago .22ft 1953 boy Campanella. Brooklyn .297 Willie Mays. New York .283 i Royci . Brooklyn .22a be. Brooklyn .223 1957 Hank Aaron. Ill wacko 239 different scoring system used first Aaron who started the 1957 Jim Don season at a spectacular clip that found his average at .352 in mid july went into a slump after that chiefly because of an injured ankle. But he proved his clutch touch by producing just when the braves needed it most As Aaron s Bat Tilg average dwindled to .316 on sept. 15, the braves National league Lead shrunk to 2% games Over Thalia s Davis cup selectors Australia Davis cup team set Sydney Australia. Kab aus stopped trying to figure out were whispers that Milwaukee their unpredictable Tennis play would fold once again under the pressure of the fiercely waged Pennant race. C. H. Brown Engi Neer. Although i would t vote for the dodgers myself i can t see How they could pos Sibly lose the election. After All they be become quite popular with the fans and they Aren t even Here yet. Marilyn Kasian office worker. I follow baseball very Little but i m greatly interested in this dodger hassle. I m afraid the Bill will pass but i agree with the group that circulated the petitions and forced the vote. Fred Buccino advertising. Of course the thing will pass. It s a great waste of time and the taxpayers Money to even have the vote. The dodgers Are probably the greatest thing that s happened to Southern California. Ers yesterday and named Ash Ley Cooper Neale Fraser Mer Vyn Rose and Mai Anderson to defend the big Silver trophy at Melbourne dec. 26-28. Australia will defend the Symbol of world Amateur ten Nis supremacy against the win Ner of the inter zone final be tween the United states and the Philippines at Adelaide dec. 5-7. Capt. Bill Talbert s yanks headed by Vic Seixas of Phila Delphia Gardnar Mulloy of Denver colo., Barry Mackay of Dayton Ohio and Herb Olarti of Beverly Hills calif., Are favored to reach the Chal Lenge round by defeating the Philippines. Mckinley goes after perfect record to Jay by Mike Parish Mckinley Junior High Al ready having clinched the title seeks to finish the year with a perfect 4-0 record Tom wow when they face Marshall s tigers in Eastern league foot Ball action at Marshall. Eliot s huskies go after their third straight Victory to Morrow at Washington. Western pet of a 33 7 Ellon Canada Washington kill tvs Canada Washington Loop 1.000 .133 .333 1.000 .t.j3 or Kunle Marshall Eastern Riik 3 0 1 c .333 12 to in 32 3 o Mckinley 3 1 .7m1 0 t .000

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